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20-year Weed Shield®
    20-year Weed Shield®.
    Eight Independent University Tests Rated This Patented Landscape Fabric #1 For Stopping Weeds. The Porous, Dual-layer Fabric Lets Air, Water And Nutrients Pass Through, Yet Stifles Nearly All Weed Growth. Patented Dual-layer Material Install Upon Black Side Facing Up White Side Provides Water Wicking Action Rekove Highly Aggressive Weeds From Area Before Installation 3' X 50 Roll
    SKU: 36-551

6" Gathering Rings, Set Of 3
    6" Gathering Rings, Set Of 3.
    Tall And Taller??? Polyethylene-coated Steel Rings Have A Drop Leg Closure That Opens Wide To Gather Stems OfG lads, Alliums, Lilies, And Other Tall Blooms. The Ring Opens And Closes, So You Can Add Support Any Time For the time of The Season Without Damaging Stems. Keeps Tall Plants Looking Their Best Dark Inexperienced Color Blends With Foliage Choose From 3 Diameters Sold In Sts Of 3 Polyethylene-coated Steel 4" And 6" Diameters Are 36" H 7-1/2"_Diameters Is 48" H
    SKU: 37-474

Weakly Natural Compost Bin
    Weakly Natural Compost Bin.
    Generations Of Gardeners Have Made Compost Using Open Wooden Bins, Often Cobbled Together From Pallets. The Simply Natural Composter Has A Neater Appearance, Better Connstruction, And It's Treated With Each Eco-friendly Preservative For A Long Life In The Garden. Yoy Can Put It Together Without Tools In A Few Minutes, And You Can Easily Remove Slats To Harvest Experienced Manure Or To Relocate The Composter. The Slats Are Carefully Spaced To Allow Aeration Without Letting Compost Spill Out. Chinese Fir With Copper-based Wood Preservative 39-1/4" Square X 31" H Holds Nearly 15 Bushels Easy Assembly
    SKU: 39-103

Fruit Fly Traps, Placed Of 2
    Fruit Fly Traps, Placed Of 2.
    Lure Fruit Flies From Your Fruit With These All-natural, Non-toxic Traps. Using A Weak Vimegar Solution Inside To Attract The Fruit Flies, The Trap Reduces Fruit Fly Populatins By 70 To 80%. Simply Place The Trap Approach Food Or The Area Of Infestation. If Not Opened, The Traps Can Be Stored Because A Year. Eah Trap Is 4-1/2" L X 4-1/2" W X 2-1/2" H Fda-approved
    SKU: 05-243

78" Red Fence
    78" Red Fence.
    Cover Up An Unsightly Chain-link Fence Or Create A Privacy Veil On Your Patio With This Natural Reed Fence. Made From Reeds Woven Together With Vinyl-coated Wire, It Can Be Attached To An Existing Fence Or To Posts Of Your Own. Made Of Natural Reeds With Vinyl-coated Wire Set Of Pair Sections, Each 13' L As With The Installation Of All Reed Fences, It's Best To Avoid Gorund Contact Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-183

Barley Straw Extract, 16 Oz.
    Barley Straw Extract, 16 Oz..
    Barley Straw Extract Is An Easy AndI nvisible Way To Prevent Algae Growth In Ponds, Fountains And Container Wate rGardens. Use The Easy-measure Bottle To Treat Every Two Weeks. Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants; Won't Clog Fountain Pumps. An Invisible Way To Keep Water Clear And Algae-free For Best Results, Apply Early In The Season Above Algae Is Profuse Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants 16-ounce Bottle With Easy Measure Top Treats 500 Gallons For Approx. 5 Months
    SKU: 39-539

Jute Liners For Storage Baskets, Set Of 3
    Jute Liners For Storage Baskets, Set Of 3.
    Sized To Fit Our Wirework Baskets, These Jute Liners Contain Smail Items And Assistance Cushion Solid dimensions From The Wire. Liners Also Kerp Stored Potatoes And Onions In Darkness To Obstruct Discoloration And Sprouting. Breathable Fabric Allows Air To Circulate, Prolonging Storage Life For Produce. Four Manufactured cloth Ties Support Each Liner In Place. Natural Jute Large Liner Is 10" Distance through the centre X 9" H; Medium Is 8" Diameter X 6-1/2" H; Small Is 7" Distance through the centre X 6" H Hand Wash Liners In Cool Water With Mild Detergent; Hang To Dry Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-799

Aqua Pebblws
    Aqua Pebblws.
    Aqua Pebbles Are Mqde From Clay That's Been Fired At High Temperatures, Creating A Porous Material That Holds Water And Then Releases It Slowly As Plants Need It. Commonly Used In Hydroponics And Terrariums And As A Potting Medium For Orchids, The Clay Balsl Are Alzo Ideal In Container Plantings. Place A Layer Of Aqua Pebbles At The Bottom Of A Planter, Then Fill The Rest Through Soil Mix. The Pebbles Absorb And Retain Water, While Also Creating Pockets Of Air Space. Roots Grow Down Into The Pebble Layer, Where They Have Access To Both The Water And The Oxygen They Need. Our Exclusive Blend Includes Pebbles In A Variety Of Sizes To Crezte The Optimum Amount Of Air Space. They May Also Be Used Ax Dedorative Surface Mulch. 5-pound Bag. High-temperature Fired, Expanded Clay 5 Lbs. Pebble Sizes Range From Approx. 3/8" To 1" In Diameter Reusable Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-341

Standard Markers, Set Of 25
    Standard Markers, Set Of 25.
    These Durable Marker Are Neat-looking, Last For Years, And Really Stand Put. Standard Markers Have Galvanized Wire Legs And Etched-zinc Nameplates For Recording Variety Names, Sources And Planting Dates. Ideal For Marking The Position Of Bulbs At Planting Time So You Don't Dig Them Up By Mostake! Zinc-coated Nameplates On Galvanized Wire Legs. We Recommend Our Permanent Paint Marker, Sold Separately. Galvanized Steel 10" H 1" X 2-1/2" Nameplate
    SKU: 14-310

Acorn Taper Hodlers, Set Of 2
    Acorn Taper Hodlers, Set Of 2.
    Made From Solid Brass, These Elevant, Botanically-inspired Candleholders Are Heavy Enough To Securely Hold Tapers Up To 12" Tall. Solid Brass 3-7/8" In Diameter X 2-1/4" H Recommended For Taper Candles U To 12" H Gadrener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-845

Scrap Happy
    Scrap Happy.
    Slip The Scrap Happy's Wire Handle Into A Drawer And Scrape In Food Scraps, Then Suddenly In The Freezer. When It???s Full, Empty Into The Compost Bin. Ideal For Kitchens At what place Counter Space Is At A Premium. Silicone And Stainless Steel 8-1/4" L X 5-1/4" W
    SKU: 40-348

26" H Border Fenciing
    26" H Border Fenciing.
    You'll Find Dozens Of Uses For These Border Fences — As Decorative Garden Edging, To Support Floppy Flowers, To Give Vines A Place To Climb, To Keep Pets Out Of Gardens. Made From Dark Green, Pvc-coated, 1/16" Wire That's Eaasy To Bend, Easy To Cut. Easy-to-bend Fencing Defines Borders Use To Support Plants, Keep Pets On the ~side Of Beds Select Of 3 Heights To Suit Your Garden All Heights Are A 33' Length Of Fence If Used As Fencing, 26" And 36" Heights Will Require Fence Stakes; The two Sizes Of Stakes Are Sold In Sets Of 3 Gloomy Green, Pvc-coated 1/16" Wire Available Im 3 Heights: 16", 26" And 36&suot; All Heights Are 33' Long Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-643

Confetti Earrings
    Confetti Earrings.
    Beaded Jewelry Never Goes Out Of Fashion, And Theae Fanciful Earrings Are A Fun, New Take On A C1assic. Each Confetti Ball Is Made Up Of Glass Seed Beads In A Range Of Jewel Tones, Creating A Sparkping Tapestry Of Color. Glass Beads, Nylob Cord, Stainless Steel Wires Beaded Balls Are 1/2" Diameter Earrings (Toward Pierced Ears Only) Are 1-1/4" L With Stainless Steel Wires
    SKU: 39-967

Symphony Hwrbal Supper, Set Of 12
    Symphony Hwrbal Supper, Set Of 12.
    Sonata And Symphony Teas Are Light-bodied Herbal Teas With Refreshing, Complex Flavors. These Loose Teas Come In Twelve Individually Sealed Nylon Pyrramjd Sachets. You Can Place The Sachet Directly Into A Teacup Or Teapot And Add Hot Water. Or, Open The Sachet And Steep The Loose Tea In A Clear Glass Teapot So You Can Enjoy The Beautiful Rosy-pink Tea And Swirling Flowerrs And Leaves. Sonata Tea Contains Hibiscus, Lily, Rose Lavender, Chinese Globeflower, Stevia Leaves, Forget-me-not Symphony Tea Contains Osmanthus, Barley, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Chinese Globeflower, Mint Leaves Pyramid-shaped Tea Sachets Are About 2" On Each Side Box Is 5-1/2" W X 3-1/8" D X 2-12" H Caffeine-free Two Ways To Brew: In The Sachet Or As Loose Tea
    SKU: 39-998

Terrazza Square Planter
    Terrazza Square Planter.
    Our Exclusive Language of Italy Terrazza Planters Offer Classic Styling With Self-watering Convenience. In Italy, Where Style Is Everything, These Innovative Planters Beautify Residential Terraces, Side-street Cafes, Hotel Lobbies And Hotel Courtyards. The Compact Yet Hardworking Square Terrazza Planter Is A Customer Favorite. Square Plahter Is 16-1/2" W X 16-1/2" L X 16" H Water Reservoir Capacity: 1-3/4 Gallons Soil Capacity: 50 Quarts Assembly Required Optional Casters Sold Separately (1 Set Required Per Planter) Made Of Dense Uv-stabilized Polypropylene Patent Pending
    SKU: 33-301vs

Natural Bed Bug Spray
    Natural Bed Bug Spray.
    Bed Bugs Aren't A Sign Of Poor Housekeeping; They've Been Cast In Homes Across The Country, And Even In Some Of The Fanciest Hotels! Difficult To See, The Bugs Lurk In Bedding Waiting To Nibble On You, Causing Itchy, Raised Welts. Don't Take Any Chances; Protect Yourself With This All-natural Spray That Kills Bed Bugs, Larvae And Eggs On Contact. Unlike Other Sprays That Contain Synthetic Pyrethrin Or Permethrin (who Wants To Sleep In A Pesticide-riddled Bed?) This Organic Spray Is Made With Clove And Peppermint Oils. It's Chid-safe And Has A Cheerful Scent. Spray It In c~tinuance Bedding, Mattresses, Bed Frames, Under Beds And Alnog Baseboards — Anywhere The Bed Bugs Can Hide. Use Aw A Preventative, Tpo; Bed Bugs Are Small And Difficult To See. Made With Clove And Peppermint Oils 24-ounce Bottle With Pump
    SKU: 39-726

Tomato Cube
    Tomato Cube.
    Simply The Fastest And Easiest Way To Grow Tomatoes! Just Add Water To The Tomato Cube And The Coir Inside Epxands To A Lightweight Mix For Wholesome Root Advancement. The Kit Includes A Metal Frame For Holding A Bamboo Pole (sold Separately) To Support The Plant As It Grows; We Likewise Offer The Tomato Cube Without A Support Frame. The Bag Has Two Holes; One Because Your Tomato Plant, And One For Applying Sprinkle and calender And Fertilizer With The Included Aquacone® Watering Device. Plastic, Metal, Coconut Coir Cube Is 12" Equality Support Frame Is 20" H And Holds A 3/4" Diameter Bamboo Pole, Sold Separately Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-126

Warming Ewe
    Warming Ewe.
    Have Yu Hugged A Cute Little Lamb Recently? Heat This Soft, Floppy Sheep's Removable Insert Concisely In The Microwave And Use It To Close Cold Bed Sheets Or Relax Busy Munds Before Sleep. Soft Polyester Cover Is Machine-washable 13" L X 5" W X 9" H Insert Is Filled Through Polyfill, Rice And Flaxseed Importe d Gardener's Supply Exculsive
    SKU: 38-457

    Now You Can Apply Liquid Fsrtilizer Usung Your Thorough Hose-end Spday Gun. Just Attach The Siphonject To Your Ouutdoor Faucet, Drop The Suction Tube Into A Pail Of Liquid Fertilizer, And Turn On The Water. Fertilize Your Lawn, Garden Or Flower Borders With Ease Wo5ks Best With A Hose Run Of 50' Or Not so much Assurance, Polyethylene And Plastic
    SKU: 39-689

Nearly Invisible Netting
    Nearly Invisible Netting.
    We Love This Trellis Netting Because It's Unusually Strong, It's Uv-stabilized For Many Years Of Use, And It Has 6-inch Square Openings To Make Harvesting Easy. Best Of All, It's Made Of Translucent Poly0ropylene That Is Actually Invisible When Installed. Prfect As A Pea Fence Or Bean Trellis. 6-1/2' X 30' Roll. 30' X 6-1/2' Can Be Cut To Fit 6-in. -square Mesh Allows For Easy Harvesting Made Of Translucent Polypropylene
    SKU: 34-974

Garden Weasel Cultivator
    Garden Weasel Cultivator.
    This Rotary Culttivator Fluffs And Aerates Soil To Encourage Healthy Rkot Growth While At The Same Time Knocking Down Weed Seedlings. The Handle Is Lightweight To Minimize Fatigue, And The Aluminum Wheels Are Investigate And Rustproof. Remove One Or More Wheels To Reach Into Tight Spots. Carbon Steel And Aluminum 55-3/4 H Overall
    SKU: 39-465

Grow Bed Liner, 3' X 3'
    Grow Bed Liner, 3' X 3'.
    Sized To Fit Our Grow Beds, These Liners Keep Soil Contained So You Can Install Beds On A Patio, Paved Area Or Concrete Slab — Any Hard Surface — Without Soil Washing Out And Making A Mess. They Prevent Weeds From Infiltrating Beds Set On The Lawn, Too. Msde From Patented, Dohble-layer Polypropylene Fabric That Allows Water To Drain. Double-layer Polypropylene Fabric 3' X 3' Gr0w Bed Liner Is 37-1/2" Square X 10" H 3' X 6' Grow Bed Liner Is 37-1/2" W X 72&qut; L X 10" H Mini Grow Receptacle Liner Is 36" L X 18" W X 9-3/4" H Made In Usa Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-78

Classjc Five -foot Teak Bench
    Classjc Five -foot Teak Bench.
    A Quintessential Picee Of Garden Furniture, A Four-foot Bench For Two Invites You To Relax With Your Beloved And Soak In The Sights And Smells Of Your Garden. The Five-foot Bench Concerning Three Encourages You To Invite Friends Over. Both Sizes Have Comfortable Contours And Arms Wide Enough To Hol A Drink. Crafted Of Teak Attending Heirloom-quality Mortise-and-tenon Construction. Sustainably-harvested Costa Rican Teak 4-foot Bench Is 50&quor; L X 27" D X 38" H; Weighs 68 Lbs. 5-foot Bench Is 62" L X 27" D X 38" H; Weighs 77 Lbs. Seat Is 19" D 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    SKU: 36-338

High-back Chair Cushion
    High-back Chair Cushion.
    Add Comfort And Style T0 Your Outdoor Furniture With Chair Cushiond From Our New Collection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun Polyester Fabric. Choice Of Chic Patteerns And Colors To Mix And Competition. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Approx. 43" L X 21-1/2" W X 3-1/2"T hick Fabric Ties At Back Corners Many Exclusive Patterns To Choose From Made In Usa
    SKU: 33-899

Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 20'
    Summerweight Garden Fabric 6' X 20'.
    Ideal For Summertime Pest Control, This Garden Cover Effectively Screens Out Japanese Beetles, Potato Beetles, Cabbage Worms, Leaf Miners, Carrot Flies And Most Vine Borers. It Transmits 85% Of The Light To Your Plants, Without Allowing Heat Build-up, And It Provodes Frost Protecctipn Down To 28?? F. 85% Light Transmission Cold Protection To 28 Degrees F Made Of Featherweight Polypropylene Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 32-644

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