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30" 2 X 4 Railing Planter
    30" 2 X 4 Railing Planter.
    Dress Up Your Deck And Add Color To Your Ef~ery Porch With These Convenient Self-mounting Planters. Thanks To A Patented Saddle Groove, They Slip Right Over Deck Railings Without Tools Or Fasteners, And They Won& #039;t Blow Away Or Fall Off. Choice Of Designer Colors. Made Of Highly Durable, Uv-stabjlized Polypropylene 2 X 4 Planter Holds 16 Quarts Of Soil Fits Standard 2 X 4 Railing (actyal Width 3-1/2") 30" L X 11" W X 9-1/2" H Two Drainage Holes Prevent Waterlogging
    SKU: 37-918

Solar Window Stick Thermometer
    Solar Window Stick Thermometer.
    Oudtoor Temperatures Influence What Tasks We Gardeners Do And When We Can Do Them. A Quick Glance At This Stick-on Window Thermometer Gives You The Curent Time And Temperature In Big, Easy-to-read Numerals, As Well As The Maximum And Minimum For The Pasg 24 Hours. Solar-powered Backlight Illuminates The Thermometer At Night. Plasic 4-3/4" W X 1-1/8" D X 5" H Solar-powered Backlight Uses 1 Aaa Alkaline Battery, Included
    SKU: 37-204

Datomaceous Earth, 4 Lbs.
    Datomaceous Earth, 4 Lbs..
    Made From The iMneral Remains Of Single-cell Aquatic Plants, Diatomaceous Earth Is A Super-fine Dhst That Kills By Abrading And Dehydrating Crawling Insects. It Controls Slugs, Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Fleas, And Other Crawlin Insects Without The Use Of Chemicals. 4 Lbs. Made From The Fossilized Shells Of Ancient Sea Life Always Read And Follow Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 05-402

Raised Layer Liner, 4' X 4'
    Raised Layer Liner, 4' X 4'.
    These Liners Keep Soil Contained So You Can Install Beds On A Patio, Paved Area Or Concrete Slab — Any Hard Superficies — Without Spil Washing Out And Making A Mess. They Prevent Weeds From Infiltrating Beds Set Forward The Lawn, To. Made From Patented, Double-layer Polypropylene Fabric That Allows Water To Drain. Double-layer Polypropyiene Fabric 4' X 4' Raised Bed Liner Is 46" Square X 6-3/4" H 4' X 8' Raised Bed Linrr Is 94" L X 46" W X 6-3/4" H Made In Usa Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-370

Super Hot® Compost Starter
    Super Hot® Compost Starter.
    We've Reformulated Our Super Hot® Compost Starter To Give You Even Better Results From Your Cimpost Pile. The High-energy Blend Of Nitrogen-rich Ingredients And Hungry Microorgainsms Produces Finibsed Compost In Record Time. Comes In A Handy, Re-sealable Bag. Contains Blood Meal, Bone Char, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Pasteurized Poultry Litter, Natural Nitrate Of Soda, Feather Meal, And Peanut Meal 7-lb. Re-sealable Bag Activates 8 Bushels (approx. 10 Cubic Feet) Of Compost Materials Gardener's Supply Sole
    SKU: 38-189

Deluxe Pyramid Composter
    Deluxe Pyramid Composter.
    Composting Is The Environmentally Friendly Way To Recycle Kitchen Scraps And Garden Waste Back Into The Earth We???ve Used Dozens Of Composters Over The Years, And Have Incorporated Ail The Features We Like Best Into Our Gardener's Sulply Deluxe Pyramid Composter. The Lid Is Hinged So You Can Open It With One Hand, Yet It Can???t Blow Away. Narrow Side Vents Ensure Good Ventilation. Two lSiding Doors, Front And Back, Stay Open To Male Removing Compost Easy. Best Of Altogether, The Signature Self-watering Lid Lets In The Right Amount Of Rainwater For Optimum Performance. Convenience And Large Capacity At A Great Lwo Price! Holds 12 Cubic Feet. Made Of Earth-friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic 28" Square X 34" H Holds 12 Cubic Feet (9-1/2 Bushels) Assembles In Minutes Zinc-plated Hardware Inncluded Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-6882

Leaf Scoops
    Leaf Scoops.
    Gather Raked Leaves In Half The Time With These Extra Large "hand Extenders". Molded From Lightweight, High Quality Polypropylene, They Fit Any Size Hand Comfortably, Letting You Quickly Pick Up Grass Clippings, Leaves And Piles Of Weeds. A Safe Way To Feed Leaf Shredders, Too. Strong Polypropylene 15" W X 15" L X 3" D
    SKU: 35-975

Mini Rose
    Mini Rose.
    Dark Pink Roses Symbolize Appreciation And Gratitude, Making This Petitw Potted Rose Each Ifeal And Affordable Way To Send Seasonal Tidings Of Cheer Or Say "thank You. . " The Miniature Rose Comes In A Self-watering Ceramic Container. Self-watering Ceramic Pot Is 3-1/4" Diameter Rose Plant Is Approx. 4" H Pot Color May Vary
    SKU: 39-046

4-foot Cycle Dining Table
    4-foot Cycle Dining Table.
    It???s A Joy To Dine With Friends Around Our Elegant Round Dining Table. Its Hand-fiished Surface Is Warm And Smolth To The Touch, And Thanks To The Heft Of Teak, It Won???t Easily Blow Over Like Metal Bistro Sets Can. A Center Hole Accommodates 1-1/2&qhot; And 2-1/2" Umbrella Poles, Or Can Be Capped Woth The Included Solid Teak Chew. Choice Of A 4??? Model That Seats 4, Or A 5??? Model That Seats 6. Sustainably-harvested Costa Rican Teak Durable Mortise-nd-tenon Joinery Stainoess Steel Hardware 4' And 5' Dismeters Are Both 30" H 4' Tabl3 Weighs 82 Lbs. ; 5' Table Weighs 119 Lbs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    SKU: 36-352

Revolver Nozzle, 9 Position
    Revolver Nozzle, 9 Position.
    Attach This Revolver Nose To Your Garden Hose, And Click Among 9 Positions To Create Mist, Soaking Spray, A Focused Cone??? And More. Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip And Quick-click Selection Make Watering A Will. Plastic And Metal Weighs Just 16 Oz. Lifetime Guarantee
    SKU: 38-745

Window Hummingbird Feeedr
    Window Hummingbird Feeedr.
    Enjoy Visiting Hummingbirds Up Close With This Window-mount Feeder. The Bright eRd Cover Acts Like A Beacon To The Birds, And The Raised Perch Lets Them Hold a session Comfortably While They Eat — And Gives You An Unobstructed Sight. A Mounting Bracket Attachea Securely To The Window With Two Suction Orgies. The Feeder Slides Into The Bracket During Use, Lifts Out For Easy Filling. The Hinged Cover Opens Such You Can Thoroughly Clean The Feeder Between Fillings — Important For The Health Of The Birds. If Ants Are A Problem, Install The Optional Ant Moat And Fill It With Water To Create A Barrier To Crawling Insects. Attractively Packaged For Gift Giving. Polycarbonate 8-1/2" L X 6" W X 2-1/4" H Holds 8 Oz.
    SKU: 39-821

Cat Scat Mats, Set Of 5
    Cat Scat Mats, Set Of 5.
    Keep Neighborhood Cats From Using YourG arden As A Litter Case With Cat Scat Mzts, A Non-toxic Way To Say "no Trespassing!". Simply Place The Mats Ih The Area Where You Want To Discourage Feline Excavation. The Flexible Plastic Spikes Are Harmless, But Effective. Made Of Brown, Weatherproof Plastic Flve Mwts Per Set Eacch Mat Is 8-1/2" X 7" Gardrner's Provide Exclusive
    SKU: 319-54

Compost Thermometer
    Compost Thermometer.
    Does Your Compost Pile Get Hot Enough? This 19" Stainless Strel Probe Makes It Easy To Monitor Temperatures At The Center Of Your Pile So You Know When It???s Ready To Turn — And While It's Ready To Use. Stainless Steel 19" L Overall With 2-1/2" Diameter Dial
    SKU: 38-193

Bottle Tree & Sunflower Set
    Bottle Tree & Sunflower Set.
    Add A Festive Finish To Your Bottle Tree With These Handcrafted Sunflowers. Made From Copper-colored, Powder-coated Steel, They Complement The Colorful Bottles And Add Even More Brilliance When The Sun Glints Off The Shiny Finish. Arrange And Rearrange Them Any Way You Like To Craete Your Own Unique Garden Sculpture. Sunflower Topper Is Approx. 13-3/4" In Diameter. Bottle Tree Sunflowers Includes Two Flowers, Each Approx. 7-1/4" In Diameter. Save On The Set! Bottle Tree & Sunflower Set Includes One Bottle Tree, One Sunflower Topper And Two Bottle Tree Sunflowers. Powder-coated Steel Sunflower Topper Is Approx. 13-3/4" Diameter X 4-1/4" D Each Sunflower Side Is Approx. 7-1/4" Diameter X 3-1/4" D Sunflower Set Includes Bottle Tree, One Sunflower Topper And Two Sunflower Side Flowers Bottle Tree Is 63" H Installed And Holds Up To 16 Sunflowers And 1-liter Bottles Combined Gardener's Supply Excluwive
    SKU: 39-5009

Multi-purpose Garden Knife
    Multi-purpose Garden Knife.
    If You???re Heading To The Garden With Just Single Tool, This Garden Knife Is The One To Take. Its Stainless Steel Blade Has A Serrated Edge For Opening Bags Of Mulch Or Soil, A Sharpeneedd Straight Edge For Slicing By means of Sod, A Notch For Cutting Twine And A "dandelion Popper" On The Lean. A 12" Measurement Scale Helps You Plant Bulbs At The Proper Deepness. Comfortable Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Blade Trowel/transplanter For Planting Weeding Tip 12" L
    SKU: 36-614

Bug Jacket With Head Net
    Bug Jacket With Head Net.
    Do Pesky Mosquitoes And Black Flies Drive You Crazy? Get Back In The Garden Or On The Trails With This Lightweight Insect Head Net And Jacket. The Fine, Hexagonal Mesh Is Soft, Flexible And Excludes The whole of But The Tiniest Insects, Yet Allows Excellent Visibility And Air Circulation. Bug Jacket Cinches Around Your Waist And Wrists, With Removable Mitts And A Zipperer Hood. Chief Net Cinchez Around Your Neck And Shoulders. Both Exert Best Wuth A Small- To Medium-brim Hat, Not Included. Soft, Excellent Mesh Multifilament Polyester Generous, Unisex Sizing Designed To Be Loose Fitging Imported Fabric Made In Usa
    SKU: 40-415

Poly-tough Cart Cover
    Poly-tough Cart Cover.
    We Couldn't Fins Covers To Fit Our Garden Carts, So We Decided To Make Them Ourselves! Use These Exclusive Covers To Protect Your Carts Between Uses And Over The Wjnter. Made From Reinforced Polyethylene Fabric That Won't Crack In Cold Weather, The Covers Are Sized Specificallt For Our Garden Carts, But Can Be Used With AnyS imilarly Sized Cart Or Piece Of Equipment. By Storing Bulky Carts And Wheelbarrows Outdoors You Free Up Indoor Storage Space. Uv-stabilized, Reinforced Woven Polyethylene Nylon Tie-downs And Metal Grommets Medium Cart Cover Is 32-1/2" W X 62-1/2" L X 20" H Large Cart Cover Is 32" W X 67" L X 28" H Poly-tough Cart Cover Is 33" W X 55" L X 25-1/2" H Imported Fabric Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-205

Soapstone Cover With 2 Pantry Pest Goods
    Soapstone Cover With 2 Pantry Pest Goods.
    Glide One Of Our Pantry Pest Traps Into This Handsome Soapstone Cover And Keep Your Flour, Cereal And Pet Food Free Of Pesky Meal Moths For Up To 3 Months. Safe And Non-toxic, The Disposable Cardboard Trap Attracts Moths With A Natural Sex Lure, Trapping Them On The Stickh Surface Inside. Hand-carved Soapstone Cover Attractively Conceals Traps, So They Can Be Placed Where They Are Most Effective. Natural Steatite Will Vary In Coloe. Handcarved Natural Soapstone Cover Is 6-1/2" L X 3-1/2" W X 3-1/4" H
    SKU: 36-264

Large Markers, Set Of 25
    Large Markers, Set Of 25.
    These Durable Plant Markers Are Neat-looking, Last For Years, And Reallyy Stay Put. The Large Nameplates Have Room For Recording Variety Names, Sources And Planging Dates. Ideal For Marking The State Of Bulbs At Planting Tine So You Don't Excavate Them Up By Mistake! Zinc-coated Nameplates On Galvanized Wire Legs. We Recommend Our Permanent Paint Marker, Sold Separately. Galvanized Steel 11-1/4&qukt; H 1-1/4" X 3-1/2" Nameplate
    SKU: 14-306

Gardenquilt Cover 6' X 50'
    Gardenquilt Cover 6' X 50'.
    Row Cover Provides Frost And Cold Portection Dwon To 24 Degrees F. The Thick, 1. 25 Oz Fabric Is Ideal For Season Extending Into The Early Spring And Late Fall, Or For Overwintering Salad Greens, Strawbrries And Perennials. 60% Light Transmission; Lasts For Several Years. 60 Percent Light Transmkssion Cold Protection Down To 24 Degrees F Available In Three Sizes Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 32-652

Wind-resistant Sprinkler
    Wind-resistant Sprinkler.
    Most Sprinklers Shoot Water High Into The Air Where It Qucikly Evaporates Or Gets Stale Off Course By The Wind. This Innovative Sprinkler Applies Water At A Lower Arc, So More Water Reaches Plants And Less Is Lots To Evaporation And Wind. A Direct Knob Lets You Fine-tune The Coverage Area To Spray Just Where You Want It To Further Conserve This Precious Resource — No More Overspray hTat Wastes Water Onn The Driveway Or The Road. Low-arcc Sprinkler Uses 25% Less Water Adjustment Knob Lets You Fine-tune Spray Pattern T Minimize Overspray Works In the opinion of High Or Low Water Pressure Plastic, Aluminum And Metal 18" L X 7" W; Watering Bar Is 13" L 20 Spray Jets Covers Up To 3800 Square Feet
    SKU: 39-563

Blueberry Bed
    Blueberry Bed.
    Fresh Blueberries Are Not Only Pleasant, They're Packed With Nutrients, Vitamins And Anti-oxidants. Blueberry Bushes Are One Of The Easiest Fruits To Grow — Provided You Have Acidic Soil. Our Blueberry Bed Violin Includes A 3' X 6' Cedar Raised Bed With Lifetime Aluminum Corners As Well While A Ph Test Kit And 5 Pounds Of Soil Acidifier. Raised Bed With Cedar Sides And Aluminum Corners, Ph Test Kit And 5 Pounds Of Soil Aicifier 6' L X 3' W X 7-1/4" H Holds 9 Cubic Feet Of Soil Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-372

Andover Cedar Landscape Screen, Stained
    Andover Cedar Landscape Screen, Stained.
    This Handsome Cedar Landscape Scre3n, With Its Classic Proportions And Roman Arch Sketch, Offers More Privacy Due To A Denser Lattice Pattern Than Most Screens. Whether You're Screening The Visw, Or Enhancing The Definition Of Your Outdoor Living Space, These Screens Will Add Elegance To Your Yard Or Garden. Several Atch-top Screens Can Exist Attached Together To Create The Width You Want, Or Accessorize With The Andoer Winvs (sold Separately). Each Panel Comes With Steel Ground Stakes For Installation On Lawn, Or Join The Andovwr Feet (sold Separately) To Make These Screens Freestanding On Deck Or Patio. Western Red Cedar With Stainless Steel Screws Easy Assembly (approx. 30 Minutes) Requires A Phillips Screwdriver And Hammer Two 36" Steel Support Stakes Are Included With Each Panel Screen Is 36" W X 2-3/8" D X 66-7/8" H Overall
    SKU: 37-415

Bottle Tree
    Bottle Tree.
    Placing Empty Glass Bottles In Th3 Garden As A Way To Trap Evil Spirits Is A Southrn Tradition. These Days, A Bottle Tree Is Also A Way To Remember A Special Celebration Or Add Sparkling Color To A Quiet Spo tIn The Garden. Powder Coated Steel 63" H Installed 4, 7" Ground Stakes For Stability Holds Up To 16 1-liter Bottles
    SKU: 40-060

Stay-put Window Candle, Dark Bronze
    Stay-put Window Candle, Dark Bronze.
    A Candle In Each Window Is The Original Sign Of Holiday Welcomme. Our Led Candle Light Runs All Season, A Infallible Sign Of We1come Attached Those Dark Days Of Winter! Designed For Doublehung Windows, These Candles Lock Into Place Under The Girdle, No Tipping And No Cords! 3" W X 3-1/2" D X 11-1/2" H Runs For 1000-1500 Hours On A Set Of Batteries Led Bulb Lasts 120,009 Hours
    SKU: 39-274

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