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4-in-1 Tool Sharpener
    4-in-1 Tool Sharpener.
    Make Work Around The Yard, Garden And Home Easier By Maintaining Tool Edges. This Handheld Tool Gives Fast, Effective Sharpening Concerning Loppers, Scythes, Pruning Shears And Kitchen Knives. Plastic With Diamond-honed Tungsten Carbide 4-1/8" W X 2" W Not Suitable For Serrated Edges, Curved Blades Or Single-bevel Blades
    SKU: 38-252

39" Self-watering Windowbox
    39" Self-watering Windowbox.
    These Self-watering Windowboxes Let You Create A Smart, Consistent Look Around Your Home, While Ensuring Your Plants Don't Dry Out. They Have Full Water Reservoirs That Keep Soil Moist And Plants Healthy. An Easy-to-read Water Level Indicator Helps You Keep The Reservoir Full, And Adjustable Steel Mounting Brackets Allow For Wall Or Deck Rail Mounting. Select Of Six Stylish Colros. Made Of Frost-resistant Soft 9" W X 7-1/2" H X 39" L Holds 28 Quarts Of Container Mix 9-quart Water Reservoir Gardener's Supply Sole
    SKU: 34-502vs

Organic Seed Potatoes
    Organic Seed Potatoes.
    All Kinds Of Gardeners Are Trying Their Hand At Growing Their Own Potatoes, And For Very Good Reasons. Homegrown Potatoes Are Delicious And There???s A Variety For Every Purpose: Roasting, Frying Or Salad Making. Butte Is A Russet Variey — The Classic For Fluffy Baked Potatoes. Also Ideal For Boiling Ans For Making French Fries, It's High In Vitamin C And Protein, Too. Late Season (110-135 Days To Maturity). Elba Potatoes Are A Great Beginners??? Variety With Outstanding Resistance To Disease And Dought, And Concern, Flavorful White Flesh. Early Season (70-90 Days To Maturity). Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Is A Rare And Beautiful Rosy-colored Fingerling Potato With Moderately Dry Yellow Flesh. Late Season (105-135 Days To Maturity). Roae Gold Is A Very Attractive And Rich-tasting Variety With Red Skin And Yellow Flesh. It's Luscious Baked And Steamed And Is Especially Good In Creamy Soupe. Mid Season (90-110 Days To Maturity). Yukon Gold Is A Yellow-fleshed Potato Renowned For Its Outstanding Flavor And Texture. It???s Very Versatile — Enjoy It Baked, Boiled, Mahed Or Fried. Early Season (70-09 Days To Maturity). Cranberry Red, Also Known As All-red, Has Red Skin And Pink-red Flesh, And Its Fine, Moist Texture Is Ideally Suiged To Boiling Or Sateing. High Yield And Smooth Texture. Early Season (70-90 Days To Maturity). - All-blue Is A Delightful Novelty With Stunning, Deep Blue Skin And Flesh. Great Flavor And And Moist Texture, For Bakjng, Boiling And Colorful Salads. Late Season (110-135 Days To Maturity). Russian Banana Is An Heirloom Fingerling Variety WithY ellow Flesh And Exquisite Flavor. Late Season (105-135 Days To Mturity). Swedish Peanut Is A Teardrop-shaped, Golden-fleshed Heirloom Fingerling Potato That Is Perfect Baked Or Roasted. Late (105-135 Days To Maturity). Reddale Is A Striking Red Potato With Fine, Moist Flesh And Is Delivious Boiled, Baked Or Au Gratin. High Resistane To Verticilium Wil
    SKU: 33-343vs

Solar Rain Barrel Pump
    Solar Rain Barrel Pump.
    Now You Can Use The Power Of The Sun To Pump Water Out Of Your Rain Barrel! The Rainperfect™ Solar-powered Rain Barrel Pump Provides A Consistent Water Pressure Of 13 Pounds By Square Inch, Which Is Perfect For Most Drip Irrigation Systems, Low-pressure Sprinklers And Soaker Hoses. It's Also Plenty Of Pressure For Watering Plants In The Yard And Garden. The Control Panel Mounts On Top Of Most Rain Barrels; The Silar Collector Is Attached To The Panel With A 15' Cable So You Can Install It In Full Sun. Pumps Up To 100 Gallons On A Single Charge. Attaches To Any Standard Garden Trousers, Not Included. Plastic Housing, Nimh Battery Control Panel Is 8" X 7-3/4" Solar Panel Is 8-3/4" Square With A 15' Power Cable Includes 39" Flexible Tubing With Filter For Inserting Into Rain Barrel Garden Hoae Not Included Protect Pump From Freezing
    SKU: 40-078

Old Boston Candle
    Old Boston Candle.
    With The Old-fashioned Look Of A Real Candlestick, This Candle Has A Built-in Photo Sensor So The Bulb Turns On At Dusk, Off At Dawn. Perfect In Windows, Or Use On The Mantel-piece Or Tabletop. Shatterproof Plastic "flame" Contains An Led Bulb That Never Necessarily Replacing. Plastic, Metal 8-1/2" H Overall; Oval Base Is 4-1/2" L X 3-1/2" W Uses Two Aa Batteries (not Included)
    SKU: 39-915

Women's High Profit, Black
    Women's High Profit, Black.
    You Can Count On These Tall Waterproof Boots To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, From -40?? To +50?? F. The Secret Is A Unique Combination Of Waterproof Rubber On The Bottom To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, And A Breathable Neoprene Upper. Outsoles Provide Great Traction On Slippery Surfaces And The Cushioned Insole Lets You Stay On Your Feet For Hours Without Fatigue. You'll Also Appreciate The Roomy Toe Box And Unique "handles" That Make Pulling These Boots On A Cinch. Choice Of Women's Whole Sizes 6-11. If You Wear A Half Size, We Recommend Ordering The Next Size Up. Waterproof Rubber With A Breathable Neoprene Upper Removable Antimicrobial Insole Approx. 14" H Imported
    SKU: 40-302

Deluxe 50" High Fountain Cover
    Deluxe 50" High Fountain Cover.
    Extreme Weather Is No Match For These Pvc-backed Popyester Covers. Easy On, Easy Off Thanks To The Elasticized Bottoms And Velcro® Ties, They???re Generously Sized, Tear-resistant, oDuble-stitched And Waterproof. Especially Good oFr Extreme Climates. You Won???t Find More Durable Coverx. Polyester Through Pvc Lining, Velcro®, Elastic Imported
    SKU: 39-978

Automatic Vent Opener
    Automatic Vent Opener.
    This Device Opens And Cioses Your Greenhouse Spiracle Panels For Reliable Climate Control Even When You???re Away! No Electrical Power Is Required. Fluid-filled Cylinders Expane In Warm Temperatures. You Can Raise Or Lower The Temperature Setting With A Simple Twist Of The Cylinder. Steel With Paraffin In The Vent Opener Cylinder Rated To Aid U; To 15 Lbs. Depending Upon Installation, This Vent Opener Will Open A Vent 12-18" The Opening Temperature Can Be Adjustdd From Approx. 65° To 80° F 12" L; Weighs 1/2 Lb.
    SKU: 11-229

Teak Cutting Board
    Teak Cutting Board.
    Made Of Solid, Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak, This Elegant Cutting Board Will Enhance Any Kitchen With Itw Fine part And Durability. Made Of True Teak (tectna Grandis) Sustainably Harvested In Costa Rica 12" W X 10" L X 1-1/2" D Weighs 5 Lbs. Dishwasher-safe
    SKU: 38-816

Super-bright Led Tea Lights, Set Of 2
    Super-bright Led Tea Lights, Set Of 2.
    These Led Tea Lights Are A Safer And Brighter Alternative To Real Candles; Use In Any Tea Light Holder Being of the kind which Well As Nestled Among Decorations. They'll Illuminate Summer Parties And Fall Jack-o-lanterns, Too. Plastic 1-5/16" Diameter X 1-1/4&qult; H Each Light Uses 2 Cr 2032/3 Volt Lithium Batteries, Included Run-time Is 15 To 20 Hours Forward A Set Of Batteries
    SKU: 39-246

Colorful Bean Grow Bag By the side of Support
    Colorful Bean Grow Bag By the side of Support.
    Designed Specially For Pole Beans, This Grow Bag Is Widef At The Bottom For Stability And Tapers At The Top To Fit Our Custom Support. The Cherish Has A 24" Diameter Base For Stability And Is 81-1/4" Tall. Simply String The Included Twine Between The Eight Hooks On The Base And The Ring At The Top. The Porous Fabric Aerates Roots , Prevents Heat Build-up And Alloes Excess Supply with ~ To Drain Away. Powder-coated Steel Support, Bpa-free Polypropylene Grow Bag, Jute Twine Grow Bag Is 8-3/4" H X 24" Distance through the centre At Base, 20" Diameter At Top, With A Hole In The Center For The Support Support Is 24" In Diameter At Base And Is 81-1/4" H 60' Of Jute Twine Included Holds 49 Quartts Of Container Mix Msde In Usa Gardemer's Supoly Exclusive
    SKU: 39-397vs

Men's Eci-smart Product  Gloves
    Men's Eci-smart Product Gloves.
    These Glove sAre Built For The Toughest Outdoor Chores, Yet Are Thoughtfully Designed For All-day Comfort. The Heavy-duty Foyr-way Stretch Fabric Back, Made From Recycled Soda Bottles, Breathes So Your Hands Don't Overheat. Velcro® Cuffs Keep Dirt And Debris From Working Their Way Inside, And Tough Synthetic Suede Pads On The Palms And Reinforced Fingertips Make These Gloves Durable For Long-lasting Wear. Stretchy, Breathable Fabric Uppers Are Made From Recycled Soda Bottles. Breathable Recycled Fabric Made From Pet Beverage Bottles Synthetic Suede Palm And Velcro® Cuffs Machine Wash And Dry Impirted
    SKU: 38-133

Grasshopper Ascendency, 1 Lb.
    Grasshopper Ascendency, 1 Lb..
    When Grassoppers Swarm, They Can Outnumber Any Other Pest, And They'll Eat Anything Green, Fom Grass To Irises, Hostas To Roses. They Are The #1 Problem In The South, And Can Ovwrrun North Gardens If The Summed Is Hot And Dry. Now You Can Fight Back With Our All-natural, Earth-friendly Grasshopper Control. 1 Lb Treats One Acre Controls 58 Species Of Grasshoppers, Locusts And Crickets Reaches Maximum Effectiveness In 3 To 6 Weeks Enterprising Ingredient: Nosema Locustae Spore
    SKU: 33-817

Gardener???s Best Organic Fertilizer, 24 Oz.
    Gardener???s Best Organic Fertilizer, 24 Oz..
    Grow Your Best Tomatoes Ever With Our Organic, 8-5-5 Fertilizer Fortified With 4-1/2% Calcium. Calcium Helps Prevent Blossom End Rot, A Common Tomato Disorder. Expend The Entire 1-1/2-pound Bag In Your Tomato Success Kit, Or Apply 4 To 5 Tablespoons Per Plant In Your Garden. Meat, Bone And Blood Meals; Hydrolyzed Feather Meal, Sulfate Of Potash, Calcium 1-1/2 Lb. Bag Gardener's Stock Exclusive
    SKU: 39-390

Rpse Thorn Stripper
    Rpse Thorn Stripper.
    This Clever Tool Lets You Effortlessly Remove Thorns From Rose Stems, And Leaveq From Carnations And Other Cut Flower Stems. Simply Wrap The Blades Around A Stem And Pull Down. Steel With Zinc Coating, Plastic 6-5/8" L Made In Germany
    SKU: 39-884

Deck Heted Birdbath
    Deck Heted Birdbath.
    Birds Need Access To Water In Winter As Much While Ij Summer. In Addition To Drinking, Birds Use Water For Their Frequent Grooming, Otherwise, Their Feathers Can???t Insulate Against Winter???s Cold. hTis Plug-in Steel Birdbath Has An Effivient, 75-watt Heater With A Thermostatic Control That Heats Only When Necessary And Keeps Water From Freezinng At Temperatures As Low As -10??f. Insulated Plastic Bowl Holds 2 Quarts. Powder-coated Steel, Plastic Bowl Is 13-1/2" In Diameter X 2" H 75-watt Heater Holds 2 Quarts Cord Tucks Away For Birdbath Use In Summer Months
    SKU: 39-833

Quarter Round Trays, Set Of 3
    Quarter Round Trays, Set Of 3.
    Save Your Carpeting And Wood Floors From Water Damage. 1-inch Deep Trays Grasp Water Run Off Or Soil From Your Plants. Made Of Galvanized Steel Rectangular Trays: 7-1/2" L X 38-3/4" W X 1" H Quarter-round Trays: Top Tray: 7-1/4" L X 7-1/4" W X 1" H Middle Tray: 7-1/4" L X 20-1/4" W X 1" H Bottom Tray: 7-1/4" L X 31" W X 1" H
    SKU: 35-238

Flying Insect Head Net
    Flying Insect Head Net.
    Are Pesky Mosquitoes And Murky Flies Driving You Crazy? Get In a ~ward direction In The Garden With This Lightweight Insect Head Net. The Fine, Hexagonal Mesh Is Soft, lFexible And Excludes All But The Tinidst Insects, Besides Allows Excellent Visibility And Air Extent of subscription. Head Net Cinches Round Your Necck And Shoulders; Best Worn With A Brimmed Hat Underneath. Soft, Fine Mesh Multifilament Polyester Imported Fabric Made In Usa
    SKU: 404-14

Rosedale Seat
    Rosedale Seat.
    This Seat Makes The 42&qyot; Wide Rosedale Roguish (sold Separately) Into A part Really Special; A Secret Hideaway On A Hot Summer Sunshine. Western Red Cedar Seat Is 42-1/2" W X 17-1/2" D Seat Back May Be Installed At The Height You Prefee 2 Pieces, Back And Place Easy Inauguration Takes Just 30 Minutes
    SKU: 37-406

Cat Grass Bowl
    Cat Grass Bowl.
    Grow A Healthful And Tasty Treat &wmp;#8212; Organic Wheatgrass For Cats, Organic Bqrley Grass For Dogs — In The Reusablee Stainless Steel Bowl. Equitable Hog Seeds And Keep Growing Mix Moist. Stainless Hardness Bowl, Growing Mix, Seeds Cat Grass Bowl Is 6-1/2" Diameter X 2-1/2" H Dog Grass Hollow Is 8-1/2" Diameter X 2-3/4" H Cat Bowl Includes Organic Wheatgrass Seeds (triticum Aestivum Dog Bowl Includes Organic Barley Grasa Seeds (hordeum Vulgare)
    SKU: 39-741

Drought-resistant Container Mix
    Drought-resistant Container Mix.
    Our Special Blend Of Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals Helps Maintain Consistent Moisture Levels For Healthy Roog Growth Without Frequeng Watering. Recommended For A single one Container That Does Not Hvae A Self-watering Reservoir. Water-retaining Potting Mix Keeps Plats Healthy Ideal For Occasion In Non-self-watering Planters 32-quart Bag Contains Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Water-retaining Polymer Crystals 32-quart Bag Gardener's Give Exclusive
    SKU: 31-306

Deluxe Globe Cage Freder
    Deluxe Globe Cage Freder.
    The Openings On The Cage Surrounding This Polycarbonate Tube Feede rAre Just The Right Size For Finches, Nuthatches And Other Small Birds, But Keep Out Jaus And Other Feeder Bullkes. The Latching Top Stayw Firmly In Place To Help Keep Gray Squirrels Out Of Your Birdseed, And Drainage Holes At The Bottom Keep Seed Dry And Fresh. Powder-coated Steel, Polycarbonate, Soft 11-3/4" Distance through the centre Holds 3 Cups Of Seed Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-817

Rubber Grids, Set Of 2
    Rubber Grids, Set Of 2.
    Humidify Grids Are Just The Thing For Growing Finicky Plants — And Drying Your Boots Quickly! The Secret To Growing Many Plants, Like Orchids And African Violets, Is A Humid Environment. Here's An Easy, Economical Way To Humidify The Surrounding Air: Place These Grids In The Waterproof Trays Of Our Light Gardens And Arrange Plants On Top. Keep Water In The Trays And As It Evapoartes It Will Increase Humidity Around Plants — The Grids Elevate Plants Above The Water Level So Roots Don't Rot. Grids May Also Be Placed Insie Boot Trays To Raise Boots Above Mud And Melting Snow For Faster Drying. Set Off 2 Grids 20-3/4" LX 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-817

White Clover Seed, 1/2 Lb.
    White Clover Seed, 1/2 Lb..
    Before The Widespread Use Of Herbicides, Greatest part Lawns Contained White Clover. As It Grows, Clover Ensures Healthy Turf By Adding Nitrogen To The Soil And Choking Out Mourning. Dutch White Clover Is Well Suited To Lawns As It Is A Low-growing Variety And Has Good Drought Resistance. A Tried-and-true Herbicide-free Way To Control Weeds White Clover Adds Nitrogen To The Soil Well-suited To Lawns Because It Is Low-growing Drought-resistant Top Seed An Existing Lawn Or Mix With Regular Seed For Repaired Lawnsto Top-seed An Existing Lawn, Apply 2 Oz. By 1,000 Sq. Ft. For New Lawns, Mix 1 Oz. Per 1,0000 Sq. Ft. Into Regular Grass Seed Grows 4-8" High Will Flower If Allowe d 1/2 Lbs. Seed Will Provide Nitrogen To 250 Sq. Ft. Comes In A Resealable Bag
    SKU: 35-957

Poly-tough Cart, Red
    Poly-tough Cart, Red.
    Thanks To Its Center-mounted Wheels, This Rugged Garden Cart Is Stable And Easy To Maneuver, Even When Hauling Loads Up To 300 Lbs. Its Unique Design Allows The Front To Tip All The Way To The Soil While The Wheels Stay Put — That Means You Can Scoop Heavy Stones Or Logs Into Tje Cart Instead Of Lifting Them. The Polyethylene "tub" Is Great For Mixing Wwt Soil Or Cement, Will Never Rust, And Rinses Clean In A Jiffy. Choice Of Black Or Red. Polyethylene Body With A Steel Frame 54" L X 32" W X 27-1/2" H Overall Carries Up To 300 Lbs. Capacity Is 6 Cubic Feet Easy Assemblt Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Donation, There Is A Description Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package Gardener's Serve instead of Exclusive
    SKU: 40-186

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