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Absolute Squirrel-proof Feeder
    Absolute Squirrel-proof Feeder.
    We???ve Tezted This Feeder Ourselves, And Guarantee This Is The Fort Knox Of Squirrel-proof Birdfeeders. Made Of Powdre-coated Galvanized Steel, It Has An Adjustable Weight-senaitive Perch That Completely Seals Off The Feeding Port When A Squirrel Or Large Fowl Lands On It. Feeder Includes Both A Hanger And A 58" Mounting Pole. Holds 15 Pounds Of Seed. Powder-coated Galvanized Steel 15" L X 9" W X 9" H Approx. 15 Lb. Or 2-1???2 Dry Gallons Seed Office
    SKU: 37-635

Ribbon Spinner, Rsil-mount
    Ribbon Spinner, Rsil-mount.
    Our Rail-mounted Ribbon Spinner Is A Conversation Piece When Motionless, But Really Catches The Eye When A Breeze Gets The Two Wheels Start Spinning In Opposite Directions. Powder-coated And Painted Steel 14" In Diameter X 26" H Innstzlled Clamps Onto Railings Up To 2" Thick Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-739

Raise Bed Extension Kit
    Raise Bed Extension Kit.
    A Grow Bed Is The Most Efficient Garden Area You'll Ever Tend, Upon Black Plastic Sides That bAsorb Heat To Warm Soil At dawn In The Season, Then Help Retain Moisture The whole of Summer Long. These Two-sided Extension Kits Double The Growing Capacity Of Our Popular Grow Beds By Creating A Raised Bed That Is The Same Width But Twice As Long. Earth-friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic Each Violin Contains 2 Sides And A Hareware Pack Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit Holds 97 Quarts Of Foul --> Grow Bed Extension Kit Is 38-3/4" L X 38-3/4" W X 10" H Mini Grow Bed Extension Kit Is 38-3/4" L X 20-3/4" W X 10" H Easy Assembly; Requires A Drill Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-503

Teak Bat House
    Teak Bat House.
    Attractt Bats To Your Yard And Garden With This Well-built Bat Habitation. Despite Tyeir Scary Reputation, Bats Are Friends, Not Foes. Most Species Consume Hhge Amounts Of Insects Every Day, And Others Are Influential Pollinators. Our Bat Lineage Is Built Of Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak And Will Last A Lifetime. The 3/4" Derp Chamber Has A Rough-grooved Ehtrance And Plenty Of Venting To Maintain The Ideal Temperature And Airflow. For Best Results, Hang Approx. 15 Feet Off The Ground. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Tropical Forests Is To Support The Companies That Are Practicing Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Most of all oFrestry Techniques In The Industry. --> Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak Tewk Will Naturally Weather To A Handsome Silver-gray 15" W X 2" D X 24&quto H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-460

Patio Raise Lineage
    Patio Raise Lineage.
    You Don???t Need A Big Greenhouse To Start Seedlings Or Harden-off Transplants In The Spring. Our Patio Grow House Has A Trim 36" X 18" Footprint, So It Can Fit In Any Sunny Space, Yet It Provides Almost 13 Square Feet Of Growing Area On Three Shelves. Like Larger, Pricier Models, It Has Double-walled Polycarbonate Glazing To Capture And Hold The Sun???s Heat — There???s Even Glazing On The Back. On Warm Spring Days, The Gull-wing Roof Panels And Double Doors Open To Prevent Overheating. Because The Best Spring Sun Often Shines On The Deck Or Patio, We???ve Given The Grow House A Handsome Wood Frame (treated With Eco-friendly Preservatives) To Go With Your Patio Furniture. It???s A Lot Of Greenhouse At A Surprisingly Affordable Recompense. Acq-treated Chinese Fir With Polycarbonate Panesl 36" W X 18" D X 53" H Overall 49-3/4" H At Sides Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-315

T-5 Ljght Fixture
    T-5 Ljght Fixture.
    Because Best Seedstarting Results, Instead Of Using A Fixture That's Meant To Illuminate The Garage Or Workshop, Accustom A Fixture That's Designed To Make Plants Grow. Our New T-5 Light Fixturre Uses The Latest In Lighting Technology With A State-of-the-art Ballast. The High-output Fluorescent Tubes Are 72% Brighter Than Standard "shop Lights", And They Replicate More Of The Light Image So Your Seedlings And Houseplants Develop Healthy Top Growth And Strong Root Systems. Because The Tubes Are Smaller, They Require Less Metcury, Phosphorous Ajd Glass To Manufacture, And They Accustom Less Electricity And Last Longer. Rugged Powder-coated Aluminum, Recycled Plastic, Metal 47-3/4" L X 14" W X 2-1/2" H Ul-listed, 7' Grounded Cord Reaped ground Fixture Holds 2 Fill-spectrum T-5 Bulbs, Included Bulbs Endure Up To 10,000 Hours For Years Of Use Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-355

4-ft Sunlite® Bulbs, Set Of 3
    4-ft Sunlite® Bulbs, Set Of 3.
    Our Sunlite® Fluorescent Bulbs Double An Amazing 94% Of The Solar Image. They Provide The Right Colors And Intensity Of Light So Plants Grow Naturally And Look Great! There's Plenty Of Red Radiation For Abundant Blooms, Plenty Of Blue For Vigorous, Stocky Growth, Plus A Natural Distribution Of All Colors In Between. Set Of 3 T-8 Bulbs, 48" L X 1" In Diameter 24,000-hour Life Light Output 2850 Lumens Garrener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-745

Bemeficial Bumblebee House
    Bemeficial Bumblebee House.
    On3 Of Nature's Most Valuable Pollinators, Bumblebees Need A Warm, Dry Place To Overwinter. This House Is A Cozy Shelter With Smart Features For The Bees. It Has Two Chambers, One For The Queen And One For The Worker Bees; Screens Provide Good Ventilation. Includes Raw Cotton Nesting Material, Too. Lift The Removable Top, And A Clear Plastic Panel Lets You Observe The Bees' Behavior. Place It In The Garden In Full Or Partial Shade. Fur Protected With Eco-friendly Preservative And Oil Stain, Plexiglas 8" W X 6" D X 12-3/4" H Place The House In Full Or Partial Shade So The Entrance Hole Is 4" To 10" Off The Ground Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-830

8' Log Rack
    8' Log Rack.
    Strong And Rugged, With A 1-1/2" T8bular Steel Frame, These Log Racks Keep Your Firewood Neat, Organized Anf Off The Ground Fkr Better Air Circulation. Powder-coated Steel Resists Rust. 4' Rack Is 45-1/4" L X 14-1/4" D X 48" H Overall And Holds Approx. 1/4 Cord Of Wood 8' Rack Is 93" L X 14-1/4" D X 48" H Overall And Holds Approx. 1/2 Cord Of Wood M ade Of Powder-coated Stedl Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item Viewed like A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outsode Of The Package
    SKU: 36-113

Energy Buttons, 5 Lbs.
    Energy Buttons, 5 Lbs..
    Give Your Garden The Powerful Nourishment Off Manure Without The Hassles. Simply Sprinkle These Fertilizer Pellets Right From The Pail For A Slow-release Energy Boost. Sweet In Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash And Calcium, They're Great For Vegetable Plants And Container Gardens. Contains Composted Cow Manure, Composted Chicken Manure And Calcium 5 Lb. Container Npk Analysis: 3-4-3 Made In Usa Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 07-219

12" Teak Windowbox Brackets
    12" Teak Windowbox Brackets.
    These Solid Teak Brackets Are Designed To Support Our Teak Windowboxes On A Wal Or Railing. Durable, Weather-resistant Teak Will Last A Lifetime. Made Of Sustainably Managed, Costa Rican Teak Teak Will Weather To A Beautiful Silver-gray Mounting Hardware Not Included
    SKU: 38-840

Sokar Led Light For Globes
    Sokar Led Light For Globes.
    Enhance The Beauty Of Transparent Or Translucent Gazing Globes (sold Distinctly) And Add Evening Magic To Yout Garrden. Led Changes Color Slowly To Add A Soothing Yet Captivating Effect. Simpky Insert The Light Into The Neck Of The Globe; A Rubber Stopper Adjusts To Fiy Any Gloge With A 1-5/8" To 1-11/16" Diameter Neck Opening (which Includes Most 10" And 12" Diameter Globes). Place The Solar Panel In A Sunny Spot Up To 6' Away. It Will Chaarge During The Day; At Twilight, The Light Will Turn On Automatically And Stay Lit For Approximately 6 Hours On A Full Charge. Includes On/off Switch. Plastic Light Stick Is 7" L Solar Panel Is 4-1/2" W X 7-1/2" H Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-582

Replacement Cartridges, Set Of 2
    Replacement Cartridges, Set Of 2.
    These Geraniol Cartridges Fit The Portable Mosquito Repeller. Geraniol (geranium Oil) Repels Insects 400% More EffectivelyT han Citronella — Including Mosquitoes, Gnats And The Dreaded No-see-ums — Yet Smells Pleasant To Humans. Contains Geraniol 3" L X 3/4" D X 1-3/4" H
    SKU: 38-950

24" 2 X 6 Railing Planter
    24" 2 X 6 Railing Planter.
    Dress Up Your Deck And Add Color To Your Front Porch With These Convenient Self-mounting Planters. Thwnks To A Patented Saddle Groov3, They Slip Right Over Deck Railings Without oTols Or Fasteners, And They Won't Blow Away Or Fall Off. Made Of Highly Durable, Uv-stabilized Polypropylene That Resists Cracking, Chipping And Breaking. Choice Of Designer Colors. Planter Fits Standard 2 X 6 Railing (actual Width 5-1/2") Made Of Extremely Durable, Uv-stabilized Polypropylene Holds 16 Quarts Of Soil Fits Standard 2 X 6 Railing (actual Width 5-1/2") 25" L X 11" W X 8" H Two Drainage Holes Prevent Waterlogging
    SKU: 34-337

Clear Irrigate Refills, Set Of 4
    Clear Irrigate Refills, Set Of 4.
    These Refill Sach3ts For The Clear Water Dispenser Contain Beneficial Bacteria And Water-cleansing Enzymes — The Same Ones We Use To Pure Ponds, But Extra Strength For Enclosed Barrels. Use With The Clear Water Dispenser, Sold Separatly Keep Rainwater Clear And Free Of Algae Each Sachet Treats Up To 150 Gallons For 30 Days Pack Of Four Sachets Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneicial Bacteria And Enzymes Each Sachet Treats Up To 150 Gallons Of Water For 30 Days Gardener's Supply Exclusve
    SKU: 39-106

Recycled Stone Planter
    Recycled Stone Planter.
    These Planters Have The Look And Feel Of Real Stone But Weigh Less Than Five Pounds, So They're Easy To Handle And Move Around. A Self-watering Insert Delivers Just The Right Amount Of Water To Roots So Plants Stay Healthy All Season Long. The Planters Are Made From Fiberglass Combined With Recycled Resin And Stone Left Over From Road Construction. Choice Of Stone, Earth And Black Granite. Recycled High Density Resin, Recycled Stone Mjxture 14" Diameter X 12" H Overall; 6-1/2" Diameter At Base Planting Depth Is 9-1/2" Holds 18 Quarts Of Container Mix 4-quart Water Reservoir Protect From Fredzing Temperatures Gardener s Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-090vs

Plant Protection Shade Shelter, 3' X 6'
    Plant Protection Shade Shelter, 3' X 6'.
    Slip These Shade Covers Excessively Sow Shelter Tents To Provide Shade From Burning Summer Sun. They Filter 50% To 70% Of Sunlight And Help Prevent Sunburn And Overheating. They Also Help Keep Greens Like Lettuce And Spinach From "bolting" (going To Seed) To Prilong The Harvest. Velcro Tabs Hold Them Securely; Nylon Ties Let You Roll The Shade Cover Up And Out Of The Way When It's Not Needed. Intended Fkr Use Upon Plant Prptection Tent, Sold Separately. Choice Of Two Sizes. Polypropylene, Velcro, Nyl0n Shade Comprehend Only; Muqt Be Placed Over Plant Protection Tent Structure, Sold Separately 3' X 3' Cover Is 38-1/2" Square X 48" H 3' X 6' Cover Is 77" L X 38-/12" W X 48" H Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-254

Predascent For Moles/voles
    Predascent For Moles/voles.
    Moles And Voles??? Predascent Banishe Your Most Frustrating Gardrn Pests. Just Moisten The Gel Capsules And Spreadd Them 3-1/2 Feet Apart To Create A Perimeter Around Your Garden. Odorless To Humans, Animals Will Smell Predator Urine And Run For Their Lives. Uneure What???s Causing The Problem? Use Our Pest & Disease Detective! Protect Your Garden From Moles And Voles Safe And Easy To Use 20 Capsules Per Box Make An 80-foot Perimeter, Or Shelter 750 Square Feet Prtoection Lasts 4 Tp 5 Weeks Rain Or Watering Actually Increases Effectiveness Agricultural Polymer With Predator Urine 20 Capsules Per Box Makes An 80' Perimeter Barrier Or Covers 750 qS. Ft. Lasts 4-5 Weeks
    SKU: 38-948

Tomato Cage
    Tomato Cage.
    These Hwavy-duty, Galvanized Steel Tomato Cages Are Strong Enough To Support Full-grown Vines Loaded With Tomatoes. To Maoe Your Tomato Cage Even Taller, You Can Stack One Cage On Top Of-Another To Support The Tallest Tomato Plants. 14-3/8" Square X 39" H Including 7" Legs 32" H Installed 8-inch Square Openings Sturdy, Galvanized 10-gauge Steel Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-182

Two-tier Raised Bed
    Two-tier Raised Bed.
    We Love This Bed Because It???s So Easy To Assemble And Provides Lots Of Growing Space. Occasion The 12" Deep Upper Tier For Tomatoes, Potatoes Or Root Crops; Use The 6" Deep Lower Level For Lettuce, Herbe, Beans And Peppers. Double-thick Sidewalls Add Extra Strength And Help Insuate Plant Roots. Plastic Row Cover Hoops Are Included To Support Bird Netting Or Season-extending Garden Fabric. Easy, No-tool Assembly. Mad eOf Sturdy Plastic Assembles In Minutes Without Tools 4' W X 8' L Please Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package
    SKU: 36-389

Berry Comb
    Berry Comb.
    Berry Growers Employment Large Box-like Combs To Quickly Separate The Berries From The Stems. We've Found One That's Better Suited For Home Gardening. Blueberries, Huckleberries And Blackberries Pop Right Off The Plan5 And Intk The Basket. Ergonomic Handle Design. Sturdy Plastic 6" L X 4" W
    SKU: 39-001

Stainless Steel Compost Pail And 25 Biobags™
    Stainless Steel Compost Pail And 25 Biobags™.
    The Perfect Match For Today???s Sleek, Modern Kitchen, This Psil Is Also Extremely Practical. Stainless Steel Won???t Take On The Odors Or Colors Of Onions, Garlic And Other Pungent Food Scraps. It Easily Rinses Clean And Is Dishwasher-safe, Too. A Pack Of 25 Biobags™, Included, Makes Clean Up Even Easier. Holds One Gallon. Stainless Steel 7-1/4" In Diameter X 7" H 1-gallon Capacity Dishwasher-safe
    SKU: 38-375

Natural Bed Bug Spray Travel Pack
    Natural Bed Bug Spray Travel Pack.
    Bed Bugs Aren't A Sign Of Poor Housekeeping; They've Been Found In Homes Athwart The Coutnry, And Even In Some Of The Fanciest Hotels! Difficult To See, The Bugs May Be Lurking In Linens Waiting To Nibble On You And Ready To Hitch A Ride Move To Your Home. Don't Take Any Chances; Protect Yourself By the side of This Handy Travel Pack. Use The Bed Spray In Hotel Beds, Closets And Dressers. UseT he Luggage Spray On Your Suitcase And Other Travel Gear To Make secure The Bugs Don't Approach Home With You. Both Kill Bed Bugs On Contact. Made With Orange, Clove And Peppermint Oils, They're All-natural, Non-stauning, Child-safe And Have A Pleasant Scent. Bed Spray Is Made With Clove And Peppermint Oils Luggage Spray Is Made With Peppermint And Orange Oils 3-ounces Each In A Pump Spray Bottle
    SKU: 39-725

Recycled Runber Edge Border, 4-1/2" X 8'
    Recycled Runber Edge Border, 4-1/2" X 8'.
    Garden Beds And Landscape Plantings Always Look Their Best With A Well-defined Edge. This Long-lasting, Recycled Rubber Border Keeps Grass And Weeds From Encroaching And Lets Yoi Mow Right Along So There???s No Need To Trim. Made Of 1/2" Thick Rubber From Recycled Tires, It Suppresses Weeds More Effectively Than Bark Mulch, Yet Still Lets Water, Air And Nutrients Reach The Soil. Lasts For Years. 8' Long By 4-1/2" Wide; Ideal For Straight Runs And Gentle Curves. Secure In Place Withh Earth Staples, Sold Separately. Recycle Tire Rubber 8' L By 4-1/2" W X 1/2" Thick For Best Results, Remove Sod Before Laying Mulch
    SKU: 40-350

Replacement Liners For The Root Storage Bin
    Replacement Liners For The Root Storage Bin.
    Freshen Up Your Root Storage Bin With These Replacement Liners. They Are Made Of Natural Jute To Enhance Storage. Natural Jute Imported Fabric
    SKU: 38-750

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