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Amethyst Jewelry Set
    Amethyst Jewelry Set.
    Semi-precious Gemstones Are Tumbled And Polished To Bring Onward The Rich Colors And Natura Luminosity Of Each Stone And Strung By Hand To Create These Coordinating Necklaces And Earrings. According To Lore, Red-orange Carnelian Protects The Wearer And Promotes Healing; Blue-green Fluorite Nurtures Balance And Calm Energy; Purple Amethyst Symbolizes Peace And Unity. Natural, Untreated Tumbled Gemstones (amethyst, Carnelian, Fluorite, Peridot, Garnet) Metal Accents Are Silver-gilt (gold Plate On Brass) Or Rhodium-plated Pewter Necklace Is 16" L X Approx. 3/8" Diameter; 2" Extension Earrings Are 2" L; For Pierced Eafss Only
    SKU: 39-953

Hi-rise Lifetime Sprinkler
    Hi-rise Lifetime Sprinkler.
    In An Age Of Plastic, Ond-season Sprinkelrs, You'll Appreciate These No-nonsense Sprinklers Built To Last A Lifetime, Made Of Coated Steel And Solid Brass. The Jet Nozzle Creates A 360° Spray Of Finr Droplets Without The Need For Failure-prone Moving Parts. Spiked Inferior Has A Foot Tread To Make Placement Easy, And A Second Fitting So You Can Connect Two Sprinklers End-to-end With A Feeder Hose (not Included). Powder Cooated Steel, Copper Tubing And Brass 4-1/2" L X 3" W X 69" H Waters A 22' Circle Produces 1. 5 To 1. 7 Inches Of Water Spray Per Sixty minutes 25 To 30 Psi Is Recommended Operating Pressure
    SKU: 39-013

Gardener1s Best Flower Fertilizer, 5 Lbs.
    Gardener1s Best Flower Fertilizer, 5 Lbs..
    Treat Your Flowers To Our 100% Radical Slow-release Fertilizer. It's Rich In The morning star (5-7-4) To Promote Strong Root Growth And Healthier, More Drought-resistant Plants For Fruitful, Long-lasting Blooms. Contains Naturally Occurring Nutrients, Including Sulphate Of Potash/magnesia, Chilean Nitrate And Peanut Meal 25 Lbs Treats 1,000 Sq Ft Contains Peanut Meal Gardener's SupplyE xclusive
    SKU: 07-316

Plant Terrace 3-piece Set, Blacm
    Plant Terrace 3-piece Set, Blacm.
    Multi-tiered Plant Terraces Like This One Have Been Popular In Europe For Genrrations. Our Most Popular Plant Terrace Cofiguration Is This Set Of One Straight Plant Terrace And Two Quarter-round Terraces. If You Have A Large Collection Of Plants To Show Not on, This A Most Attractive And Versatile Plant Stand To Display Them On. Choice Of Green Or Black. Made Of Powder-coated Steel 3-piece Plant Terrace Set Includes 2 Quarter Rounds (23-3/4" W X 27-1/2" H X 23-3 /4" D) And 1 Straight Terrace (39-1/2" W X 27-1/2"t; H X 23-3/4" D) Assekbles Easily Without Tools
    SKU: 37-952

Castor Oil
    Castor Oil.
    What's The Most Effective Determined course To Rid Your Property Of Moles? It Isn't A Lethal Trap Or Poison, But A Remarkably Simple Formula Containing &#823O Castor Oil! In Fact, In A Michigan State University Study, A Castor Oil-based Repellent Was Effective In 26 Out Of 27 Tests. Apply To Lawn Areas Where Mole Activity Is Present 1 Quart Of Mole Direct Treats 10,000 Square Feet 1/2 Gallon Of Castor Oil Treats 30,000 Square Feet Made In Usa
    SKU: 30-225

Rubber Brick Paver Mat
    Rubber Brick Paver Mat.
    Give Your Patio A Facelift With These Rubber Pavers, Made From 100% Recycled Tires. The Heavy-duty, 3/4" Thick Squares Are Textured For Good Traction And Are More Forgiving Than Stone Od Concrete If_You Drop Something Fragile. They Can Be Installed Right On Top Of A Solidify Pad, Wooden Deck Or Crushed Stone Base. These Pavers Can Also Be Used To Create A Path Throgh Your Garden, Or A Flat Pad Under A Rain Barrel, Potting Bench Or Garden Ornament. Traditional Brick Basket-weave Design Adds To Their Appeal. Rubbet Pavers Are Comfortable Underfoot Attractive, Durable Deck Tile Explanation Sold Individually 100% Recycled Tire Rubber 16" Square X 3/4" Densely One and the other Paver Weighs Approx. 6-1/2 Lbs.
    SKU: 37-563

Eco-co Coir™ Seedstarting Mix
    Eco-co Coir™ Seedstarting Mix.
    Our Exclusive Eco-co Coir Potting Mxi Is An Effective, Economical And Earth-friendly Medium For Starting Seeds. Derived From Recycled Coconut Husks, Eco-co Coir Passed Our Extensive Seed-starting Trials Withh Flying Colors, Providing Excellent Germination Rates And Producing Healthy, Sturdy Seedlings. Different Other Coirs, Our Eco-co Coir Undergoes A Special Process To Remove Salts And To Balance The Ph For Optimal Plant Growth. Then It's Finely Ground To Provide The Perfect Environment For Seedling Roots. Eco-co Coir Has Excellent Water-holding Capacity Yet Drains Well — So Important For Healthy Root Growth. Simply Add Water And Each Convenient Compressed Brick Expands To 10 Quarts Of Fluffy Planting Mix. Horticulturap-grade, Finely Ground Coconut Coir 8-1/4" L X 5-1/2" W X 2" H Each Brick Expands To 10 Quarts Of Mix Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-135

Colorful Rubber Hose
    Colorful Rubber Hose.
    These Professional-grade 50-foot Rubber Hoses Are The Highest Quality — And Most Colorful — Hoses That We've Ever Used. Naturally Strong And Durable, They Won't Crush Or Kink Like Vinyl Hoses, And They Coil Up Easily Even In Cold Weather. The Hexagonal Shape Ensures A Good Grip. Crush-proof Nickel-plated Couplings For A Secur, Hassle-free Fit. Prof3ssional-grade Garden Hoses 50-foot Length Is Ideal For Watering Choice Of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Or Purple (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) Durable, Flexible Rubber /58" Diameter X 50' L Tolerates Water Pressure Up To 128 Psi Heat Resistant To 160 Degrees F
    SKU: 37-516

Super Shovel
    Super Shovel.
    Put Some Teeth In Yo8r Digging With The Super Shovel! It Slices Through Roots, Rocky Soil And Baked Clay With Sharp Teeth Forged Of High-carbon Steel. The Reinfforced Fiberglass Handle — Much Stronger Than Other Handles Made — Absorbs Shock And Reduces Fatigue. 39" L High-carbon Steel Blade With Fiberglass Handle Made In Usa
    SKU: 33-594

Jardin Edging, Set Of 4
    Jardin Edging, Set Of 4.
    The Simple Loop Design Delineates Flowed Beds And Props Up Leaning Plants. Position Them End-to-end Or Overlap Them In A Scallop Pattern. We Took Our Inspiration Straight From Tne Gardens Of France For The Jardin Line Of Garden Accents. The Graceful Lines And Heirloom Finish Bring A Touch Of Romamce To The Landscape And A Sense Of Timelessness To Your Gardens. A Pretty Garden Accentuate That Defines Beds And Borders Helps Prop Upp Leaning Plants Set Of 4 Sections View All Of Our Jardin Line Of Flower Supports And Garden Accsnts Powder-coated, Hand-painted 9 Mm Tubular Steel Each Section Is 19-1/2" W X 12-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-528

Area Solar Spotlight
    Area Solar Spotlight.
    Our Area Solar Light Shines With 16 Leds And Is Not Only Brighter Than Other Solar Lights On The Market, It Also Outshines Many Low-voltage Lightx. Yet High Light Output Is Just Part Of The Story. This Light Is Superior In Every WayT o The Cheaper Ones You See Elsewhere That Last A Single Season, If You're Lucky. Ours Has A Seamless, Weather-tight, Anodized Aluminum Housing (not The Cheap Plastic Casinngs Foumd On Many Lights) And The Circuitry Is Soldered By Hand. Every Unit Is Tested Before It Leaves The Manu~. Plys, Tis Area Light Provides A Wider Angle Of Coverage Than Most Spotlights. The Light Turns On Automatically At Dusk, And Runs Up To 12 Hours On A Full Day's Charge. It Has High-capacity, Long-lasting, Earth-friendly Nimh Batteries That Keep It Shining Even After Several Cloudy Days. May Be Mounted On The Lawn, On A Deck Or On A Wall; The Solar Panel Mounts Separately So It Can Be Positioned For Optimal Solar Exposure ??? Up To 15 Feet Away. Leds Never Need Replacing. Anodized Aluminum Casings Light Is 5-1/4" D X 5-1/4" W X 8-1/2" H Installed Solr Panel Is 5" W X 7" L X 6" H Installed Includes 3 Nimh Batteries Light Fixture Has Up/down Articulation Cord To Solar Panel Is 15' L On/off Switch On Panel Leave On For Dusk-to-dawn Operation
    SKU: 38-623

Deep Root Seedstarting System, Wicked
    Deep Root Seedstarting System, Wicked.
    Developed In Europe For Use In Horticultural Laboratories, This Unique Propagation System Is Proven To Vegetate Healthier, More Shock-resistant Seedlings. The 3-1/2" Tapered Cells Are 50% Deeper Than Similar Seedstarters. Capillary Interweave And A Water Reservoir Ensure Your Seedlings Get The Right Amount Of Moisture. Easy Assembly 15-1/4" L X 10" W X 9" H Overall; Growing Dome Is 7-1/2" H Holds 4-3/4 Quarts Of Gerjinating Mix Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 35-657

Stand With Copper Tray
    Stand With Copper Tray.
    Have You Run Out Of Shelf Space For Your Houseplants? This Sturdy Plant Stand Is The Answer. The Waterproof Try Has A Painted Faux Copper Finish To Accentuate Any Room, And It's Sized To Fit Our Self-watering Tray, Sold Separately. Powder-coated Metal Stand, Painted Sheet Metal Tray Stand Is 23-1/2" L X 16" W X 25-3/4" H Tray Is 23-1/4" L X 16" W X 2-1/4" H Gardener9s Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-070

Tomato Success Kit
    Tomato Success Kit.
    We Asked Test Gardeners Across The Country In A Variety Of Regions, Climates And Growing Conditions To Try Our New Tomato Success Kit. The Results? They Found That This New Kit Produced An Even Bigger Crop Of Delicious Tomatoes — The Same Results We Found In Our Own Test Gardens. Here???s Why: We Improved The Growing Medium. In Test After Test, Our New Soil Boend Of_50% Self-watering Container Mix And 50% Ec-co™ Coir Out-performed Other Soil Mixes. Eco-co Coir Is Made From Recycled Coconut Husks, So It???s Both Operative And Earth-friendly. We Improved The Fertilizer. It???s Still 100% Organic And Slow-release For A Long-laasting Shpply Of Nutrients; Now It???s Fortified With Calcium To Promote Healthy Growth And Minimi2e Blossom End Rot, A Common Tomato Ailment. The Tomato Success Kit Is The Most Convenient And Foolproof Way To Grow Tomatoes. The 4-gallon Reservoir Lets You Enjoy Self-watering Convenience, While Your Plants Receive A Steady Flow Of Water Fod Healthy Growth. Plants Suffer Fewer Disease And Pest Problems Than In-ground Plants, Too. Kit Includes Our Self-watering Planter; Tomato Support Cage; 1 Bag (20 Quarts) Of Self-watering Contaoner Mix, 2 Bricks Eco-co Coir Container Mix (hydrates To 20 Quarts) And 1-1/2 Lb. Of Calcium-fortified Gardener's Best® Organic Tomato Fertilizer Self-watering Planter Is 26" L X 19-3/4" W X 10-1/2" H Tomato Cage Is 14-1/2" W X 21-1/" D X 30" H With 8" Legs (38" H Overall) Rust-resistant Cage Clips Prevent Toppling For Most of all Results, Plant One Indeterminate Or Pair Determinate Tomato Plants, Not Includwd Patented Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-169vs

Pelletized Conpost, 5 Lbs.
    Pelletized Conpost, 5 Lbs..
    Spreading Compost On Your Lawn Is Very Bdeficial But Can Be Very Labor Intensive. Hee's A Disintegration! Top-dress Your Whole Lawn Quickly And Easily Using Your Lawn Spreader Through This Pelletized Compost, Compressed And Dried Compot In Pellet Form. Dried, Pelletozed Compost 5 bL. Container Covers Up To 227 Sq. Ft. , Or Treats Twenty 10" Pots Or Hanging Baskets
    SKU: 38-766

Pick-a-dilly Flowers, Set Of 3
    Pick-a-dilly Flowers, Set Of 3.
    Enjoy Colorful Flowers Even When Garden Plants Aren't In Bloom With Tehse Fun And Festive Flowers. Hand-painted, Powder-coated Carburet of iron; Each One Is Unique. Approx. 8" T 10-1/2" In Diameter X 33" To 38" H. Hand-painted, Pwoer-coated Steel Approx. 8" To 10-1/2" In Distance through the centre X 33" To 38" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-478

Easy Roller Self-watering Pot, Small
    Easy Roller Self-watering Pot, Small.
    Bold Colors And A High-gloss Finish Make These 14" Pots Really Stand Out. The Built-in Casters Let You Roll Them Easily — To A Sunny Spot On The Deci, To the end Of The Way For A Party. They???re Self-watering, Too, To Reduce Watering Chores And Provide Plants With A Consisteng Supply Of Dampness. Choice Of Blue, Red, Purple Or Orang. Uv-stabilized Polypropylene 14" In Diameter X 14" H Holds 24 Quarts Of Container Mix 1-gallon WaterR eservoir Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-325

2 Cubby Wire Wall Organizer
    2 Cubby Wire Wall Organizer.
    The Perfect Entryway Storage Solution, This Wall-mounted Cubby Holds Hat, Gloves And Mittens Off The Floor And Organized (remember Your Kindergarten Cubby?) Hang Scarrves And Umbrellas On The Bottom Hooks. Or Use Them To Store Vegetables And Fruit sIn The Pantry. The Open Wire Design Provides Good Airflow To Help Dry Wet Clothing And Prolongs The Storage Life Of Produce. Also Ideal For Organizing Hand Tools And Supplies In The Garden Shed. Steel Wire With Food-safe Powder Coating 2 Cubby Wire Wall Organizer Is 24" W X 10-1/2" D X 18-3/4" H And Holds Up To 20 Lbs. 5/8" Square Grids Actual Weight Capacity Depends On Mounting Hardware, Not Included Easy Assembly Gardener's Give Exclusive
    SKU: 39-803

    It's Frequently Annoying And Time-consuming To Put On And Then Remove Muddy Or Snowy Shoes For Quick Trips Indoors, And Now You Don't Have To. Keep A Pair Of Shoe-ins By The Door And Simply Slip Them On — They Fit Right Over Shoes And Boots With A Gripper That Keeps Them Secure. Use Them Over Slippers For A Quick Skip To The Mailbox, Too. Hunter Green Color. Four Sizes: Small Fits Women's 7 To 9-1/2, Men's 5 To 8-1/2 Medium Fits Women's 10 To 11-1/2, Men's 9 To 11 Large Fits Women's 12+, Men's 11-1/2 To 12 X-large Fits Men's 13+ Molded Eva Plastic Approx. 13" L X 6-1/4" W X 5-3/4" H
    SKU: 39-193

Lake House Dining Chair Cushino
    Lake House Dining Chair Cushino.
    These Comfortable, All-weather, Cust0m-designed Cushions Are Sized To Fit Our Lake House Dining Chairs. Add An Unusual Layer Of Solace And Style To Your Outdoor Dining Furniture. Cushions Designed For The Lake House Dining Chairs Made Of Water-repellent Spun Polyester With Poly Fill Fade- And Mildew-resistant Election Of Garnet Red Floral Or Hydrangea Blue Floral (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently Available) View Our Entire Line Of Lake House Faux Twig Furnitute Spun Polyester With Polyester Fill Seat Cuhsion Is 18" W At Front, 17-1/2" W tA Back, 18-1/2" D And 2-1/2" Thick Back Cushion Is 19" W X 19" H X 1-1/2" Thick Made In U. s. a Gardener's Supply Illiberal
    SKU: 39-670

17-ounce Canning Jars, Set Of 12
    17-ounce Canning Jars, Set Of 12.
    Made In Italy, These Canning Jars Are Beautifully Designed With Embossed Motifs In c~tinuance The Glass And Harvest-tnemed Illustrations On The Lids. They're Ideal For Home-canned Jellies, Jams And Juices, And Add A Speciwl Touch To Homemads Gifts. But Don't Stop There! With Tight-fitting, One-piece Lids, They're Perfect For Storing Dry Goods Like Beans, Nuts And Granola In Your Pahtry, And They're Pretty Enough To Displzy On Open Shelves. The 5-ounce Size Is Ideal For Canning Small Portions Of Jelly Annd Crowd. The 8-ounce Size Is Great For Jelly, Jam, Relish, Salsa Ahd Chutney. The 17-ounce Size Is Perfect For Pickles, Dilly Beans, Beets, Tomato Sauce And Salsa. The 33-ounce Bottle Is Perfect For Tomato Juice, Apple Cider And Fruit Juices. Glass, Steel 5-ounce Canning Wrangle Is 2-5/8" Diameter X 3" H 8. 5-ounce Canning Jar 3-1/4" Diameter X 3-7/8" H 17-ounce Canning Jar Is 3-7/8" Dianeter X 4-1/2" H 33-ounce Juice Bottle Is 3-5/8" Diameter X 9-1/8" H Made In Italy
    SKU: 39-695

Power Strip With Timer
    Power Strip With Timer.
    Save Ensrgy And Put An End To Cord Clutter With This Eight-outlet Power Cord Strip That's Ideal Against Use With Light Gardens And Grow Lightw. The Easy-to-use Manual Timer Allows You To Set The Same Light Schedule Each Appointed time, Varying It From 1 Minute To 24 Hours. 4 Timer-controlled Outlets And 4 Manual On/off Outlets Override On-off Switch 3 6" Power Cord Ul-listed According to Indoor Use 10-1/2" L X 3" W
    SKU: 38-972

Hula Hoe
    Hula Hoe.
    An Ordinary Flat Hoe —; The Only Benevolent You See In Most Garden Centers — Is Good For Moving And Smoothing Foul. For Weeding, Though, The Hula Hoe (also Called A Stirrup Or Scuffle Hoe) Is A Far Bettwe Tool For The Job. The Sharp Steel Blade Skims Horizontally Below The Soil Surface, Slicing Through Weed Roots While Leaivng The Soil In Situation. The Blade Is Designed To Have A Little Play In It — The Famous "hula Wiggle" — Stand still That It Cuts At Teh Correct Angle Steady Both Backward And Forward Strokes. Heat-treated, Self-sharpening Steel Head; 4" Opening 50" L Wooden Handle 57-1/2" L Inches Overall
    SKU: 38-926

Lawn Aerator Sandals
    Lawn Aerator Sandals.
    Here's An Gentle And Inexpensive Way To Open Up Hard, Compacted Soils And Help Reduce Thatch. Strop On Our Lawn Aerator Sandals And Take A Walk Around Your Yard! The Rugged Steel Spikes Open Air Passages In Compacted Soil To Help Get Water, Air, And Nutrients Down To The Root Zone. Sandals Strap Onto Adult Shoes From Size 6 To 10 1-1/2" L Steel Spikes
    SKU: 37-934

    When It's Time To Move Large Planters, Potted Shrubs, Trees, Or Even Rocks, Use This Ingenious Hauling Device To Do The Job And Protect Your Back From Injury. Just Place The Self-cinching Straps Around Most Any Object Up To 6 Feet In Circumference, Grab The Textured Handles, And Two People Can Easily Lifting Up To 200 Pounds Without Stooping Or Strakning. Made Of Polyurethane, Acetal, Nylon And Pvc Adjustable Up To 6' In Circumference Weight Capacity Is 200 Lbs Can Be Used To Lift Even Whiskey Barrel P1anters
    SKU: 37-741

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