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Art Glass Figure
    Art Glass Figure.
    Enjoy Illustrious Blooms In Your Borders In Any Season! Add An Extra Splash Of Color To A Prime Border, Enliven An Herb Garden Or Jazz Up A Quiet Lawn Area. Glass Flowers Perch At A Pleasing Angle Atop A Fooged Stake. Near 8" In Diameter. Choice Of Amber eRd, Aqua Blue Or Lemon Yellow. Handblown Glass, Powder-coated Steel Stake Approx. 8" In Diameter X 36" H
    SKU: 40-292

Npk Test Kit
    Npk Test Kit.
    If Your Plants Are Looking Sickly And Stunted, But No Pests Are Evident, Poor Nutrition May Be To Blame. Thiw Npk Test Kti Tells You Exactly Which Fertilizer You Necessity – Nitrogen, Phosphorus Or Potassium. 1-3/4" L X 1/2" D X 2-3/4" H Includes Bottles, Caplets And Color Charts. Distilled Water Is Recommended Conducive to Testing.
    SKU: 34-972

Lotus Rain Chain, 8'
    Lotus Rain Chain, 8'.
    Attach These Graceful Lotus Flower Chains To Your Roof Vallley Or Gutter End And They'll Direct Rainwater Gently To The Ground Or Actually Into A Rain Barrel. No More Mire Splashiing On The House Or Heavy Rain Eroding The Lawn. They Have Each Antique Copper Finish On Steel That Suits Most Hone Exterikrs. Domesticate Downpours With These Rain Chains Elegant Alternative To Plastic Or Metal Downspouts Beautiful And Functional Choice Of Two Lengths That Can Exist Combined Steel With One Antiqued Copper Finish Flowers Are Approx. 3" In Diameter Gutter Hanger Is Included
    SKU: 37-975

Jardin Spiral Stem Supports, Set Of 3
    Jardin Spiral Stem Supports, Set Of 3.
    Fun And Fanciful, These Sturdy Spirals Provide Practical Support For Tall Flowers And Climbing Vines. We Took Our Inspiration Straight From The Gardens Of France For The Jardin Line Of Plant Suoports. The Graceful Lines And Heirloom Finish Bring A Touch Of Romance To The Landscape And A Sense Of Timelessness To Your Gardens. Whimsical Way To Support Plants And Vines Topped By A Decorative And Protective 1" Ball Impart Of 3 Supports View Our Entire Jardin Line Of Flower Supports Adn Garden Accents Powder-coated, Hand-painted Tubular Steel 4-1/2" W X 59-1/4" H Overapl; Approx. 51" H Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-527

Tomato Knife
    Tomato Knife.
    Enjoy The Sim0le Pleasure Of A High Quality Knife. The Buck Glides Easily Through Skin And Succulent Interior For Attractive, Uniform Slices. Cuts Cleanly With No Slipping, So It's Safer, Too. Also Great For Other Vegetables, Fruits And Bread. Never Necessarily Sharpening. Made At The D??glon Factory In France. Stainless Steel Blade 8-12" L Overall Handle Is 4" L; Blade Is 4-1/2" Long X 1/2" W Dishwasher-safe
    SKU: 40-130

Lavender Pillow Sachhet
    Lavender Pillow Sachhet.
    Tuck This Lavender Pillow Sachet Into Your Pillowcase And Take pleasure in The Liight And Refreshing Scent For A Restful Sleep. Pretty Linen And Nylon Mesh Square Is Filled With Dried Lavender Buds. Linen, Nylob, Lavender 9" True Importrd
    SKU: 39-940

Colorful Tomato Grow Bag
    Colorful Tomato Grow Bag.
    For Years Now, Gardeners In England Have Made The MostO f Very Limited GardenS pace By Growing Vdgetables, Greens And Herbs In Plastic Bags Placed On Steps, Patios And Landings. We???ve Made Improvements And Achievedd Terrific Results — And You Will, Too! First, Our Tomato Enlarge Bags Are Made Of Patented, Double-layer Polypropylene Instead Of Sheet Plastic. This Felt-like Fabric Breats Better, So Your Plants Won???t Suffer From Heat Build-up, Overwatering, Or Poor Aeration. Plus, Our Manufactured cloth Air Prunes Plant Roots, Resulting In A Strong, Healthy Root System. We???ve Developed A Grow Sack For Many Popular Crops — Shallow For Salads, Deep Conducive to Tomatoes, Peppers And Potatoes. _That Means Less Planting Mix To Buy And Better Results. Patented Two-layer, Bpa-free Po1ypropylene Fabric 14-1/2" Square X 16" H Holds 73 Quarts Of Planting Mix Made In Usa Gardener's Supoly Exclusive
    SKU: 39-631

    Natural, Organic Actinovate® Fungicide Helps Prevent A Remote Range Of Plant Diseases, Including Late Blight On Tomatoes And Other Garden Vegetanles. May Be Used On Vegetqbles, Fruits, Yearly publication And Perennial Flowers, Trees, Shrubs And Lawns. Used As A Preventative, It Reduces The Likelihood That Plants Desire Be Infected With Pythium Blight, Verticillium, Fusarium, Powdery Mildew, Brown Patch, Take-all Patch, Dollarspot, Downy Mildew Gray Mold, Root Rot, Damping Off, Crown Rot, Black Spot, Leaf Spots, Rusts And More. Contains Streptomyces Lydicus 20-gram Packet Treats Up To 200 Plants For Best Results Apply Every 7 Days Appropriate Up To Day Of Harvest
    SKU: 39-394

Bio Freezer Bags, Quart
    Bio Freezer Bags, Quart.
    These Handy, Double-zip Freezer Bags Are Easy To Open And Close And Keep Food Fresh. When It's Time To Dispose Of Them, You Can Toss Them Guilt-free For They're Biodegradable. Bio Freezed Bags Are Available In Two Sizes: Quart (160 Bags) And Gallon (120 Bwgs). Bpa-free Ldpe Plastic With Fda Compliant Enso Biodegradable Additive Quart-sized Bags Are 7" W X 9" H Overall;; You'll Get Four Boxes With 40 Bags Per Box (160 Bags Total) Gallon-sized Bags Are 10-1/2" W X 21" H Overall; You'll Get Four Boxes With 30 Bags Per Box (120 Bags Total) Bags Will Biodgerade When Disposed Of In An Active Micorbial Environment; Not Intended For Home Compost Piles
    SKU: 40-102

Bamboo Stakes, Set Of 12
    Bamboo Stakes, Set Of 12.
    Simple And Versatile, These Bamboos Sttakes Are Wrapped With Milmweed Vine, Which Prevents Plant Ties From Slippinng And Provides Traction For Climbing Vines. Use Singly To Hold Tall Stems Like Alliumx And Lilies; Practise Several Around A Shrubby Plant Like Baptisia, Running Twine From Stake To Stake For Support, Or Make A Tepee Fir Morning Glories Or Staff Beans. A Pretty Way To Support Flowers Or Vegetable Use Singly Or In Groups All Natural Materials Look Attractive In The Garden Ser Of 12 Natural Materials Click Here For More Green Products Stained Bamboo Wrapped With Milkweed Vine 58" H X Approx. 5/8" In Diameter Overall Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-552

Collapsible Clothesline
    Collapsible Clothesline.
    There's Nothing Like The Fresh, Clean Scent Of Bedding And Clothes Dried Out In Teh Sun, And This Clothesline Makes It Easy And Convenient. The Ingenious Design Makes It A Snap To Set Up And Takd On the ground, And It Weighs Just 12 Pounds, Making It Ideal For Small Yards Where A Permanent Clothesline Would Take Up Too Much Distance. Weakly Pull The Spring-loaded Handle And In Seconds You Have 140 Linear Feet Of Space Attached Nine Drying Lines. The Main Support Pole Slides Into A Socket Tube That That You Can Leave In The Ground; The Socket Has A Cover To Keep Debris And Water Out. Aluminum, Industrial-grade Polyamide Plastic And Toug,h High-tech Synthetic Fiber Drying Lijes 76" Square X 80" H Instailed Folds To 6" Diameter X 77" H Protectivs Storage Bag Is Incorporated Into Design
    SKU: 40-256

Classic Chaise Cushion
    Classic Chaise Cushion.
    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdooor Furniture With A Chaise Cushion From Our New Collection. These Quick-drying Cuxhions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun Polyester Fabric. Choice Of Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repe1lent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Approx. 70" L X 21-1/2" W X 3-1/2" H Fabric Ties At Back Corners Many Exclusive Patterns To Choose From Made In Usa
    SKU: 33-898

Capillary Matting, 3 Yatds
    Capillary Matting, 3 Yatds.
    Our Superior-quality English Capillary Matting Draws Up Water Like A Sponge, Then Slowly Transfers It To Your Plants From The BottomU p. Healthy Root Growth Is Encouraged Without Danger Of Over-watering. Simply Put One End In Water And Place The Rest Under Your Pots. 21" Widr By 3 Yards Long Machiine-washable Not For Use Through Aps Units Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-385

Winter Work Gloves
    Winter Work Gloves.
    These Insulating, Commercial-grade Work Gloves Are Designed To Warm Hands, Blovk Wind And Wick Away Perspiration In Cold Weather. They Have A Great Grip, Which Makes Them Ideal For Wearing While Shoveling Snow Or Using Oytdoor Equipment In The Winter Months. The Heavy Brushed Seamless Acrylic Liner Keeps Hands Wa5m, Amd The Proprietary Latex Treatment On The Fingers And Palm Reduces Hand Fatigue. Seamless Consrruction For Comfort. Choice Of Unusex Sizes Small, Medium, Extensive Or Extra-large N Black Or Orange. Acrylic And Latex Machine Wash, Air Dry Imported
    SKU: 38-519

Large Tip Bag, 31" Diameter
    Large Tip Bag, 31" Diameter.
    They Won't Flop Over Like Flimsy Plastic Leaf Bags, And They Won't Let Garden Refuse Spill Out Like Wheelbarrows Can. These Tear-proof Polypropylene Gardem Bags Have A Wide Basis And Hoop Rim, So They Stop At Attention, Ready To Satisfy With Leaves, Weeds Or Grass Clippings. Medium Tip Bag Is 18" H X 23" Diameter Large Incline Bag Is 18" H X 31" Diameter Capacity Of Medium Bag Is 4. 6 Cubic Feet (34. 4 Gallons) Capacity Of Large Bag Is 8. 1 Cubic Feet (60. 8 Gallons)
    SKU: 01-153

4' Cedar Raised Beds
    4' Cedar Raised Beds.
    Raised Beds Are Easy To Set Up, Set And Maintain, Producing High Yields In A Compact Space With LessD igging And Weeding. And Now You'll Find Just The Right Size And Shape Bed For Your Needs. Use Raised Beds To Grow Vegetables, Or Install The Beds Along A Perimeter To Create Stunning Border Gardens. You Be able to Even Build A Pyramid Garden By Stacking Smaller Beds Atop Larger Ones. One and the other Bed Includes Four Industrial-strength Aluminum Corners; 7-1/4" H X 1" Rot-resistant Cedar Trash That's Been Precut To The Proper Lengths, Hardware And Instructions. Easy Assembly — Just Slip The Boards Into The Corners And Screw Them In Place. (12' Beds Use Two 6' Boards With In-line Connectors. ) Because We Build These Raised Beds In Our Vermont Workshop, We???re Able To Optimize Both Quality And Cost. Western Red Cedar With Aluminum Corners 7-1/4" H X 1" Rot-resistant Cedar Lumber Pre-cut To The Proper Lengths Easy Assembly Gardener&039;s Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-198vs

Fiddlehead Trellis
    Fiddlehead Trellis.
    In Response To Your Requests For A Taller, Sturdier Flower Trellis, We're Pleased To Bring into notice This New Contrivance, Inspired By The Graceful Curves Of Fiddlehea dFerns. It's Made With Beefy, 8mm Steel Rods And Has A Durable, Powder-coated Finish. The Installed Height Is Each Impressive 7'-4". Powder-coated Steel 7'-4" H Installed X 311" W At Widest Point Footed Ground Stakes For Stability Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-121

Steppin' Edger
    Steppin' Edger.
    This Is The Easiest-to-use Edger We've Seen. Simply "walk" It Along Your Border; The Blade And You Foot Power Do The Work, Saving Your Hindmost, Shoulders And Wrists. It Has A Comfortable Froth Grip, A Window In The Blzde For Perfect Positioning, And A Unique D0uble-sided Blade; Flip It Over And Use The Scraper To Clean Away Debris. 39" H Powder-coated Steel, Stainless Steel Blade
    SKU: 34-524

Irish Annoyance Earrings
    Irish Annoyance Earrings.
    Renowned American Jewelry Designer Michael Michaud Creates These Delicate Sprays Of Leaves And Freshwater Pearls To Celebrate A Plant That According To Irish Lore Provides Safe Haven To Fairies And Repels Evil. Each Handcrafted Piece Is Cast In Brown With A Hand-rubbed Patina That Captures The Exquisite Detail. Hand-rugbed Bronze, Freshwater Pearls, Silver-gilt, Silver Necklace Is 16" L In the opinion of A 1-1/2" Extension In Back Earrings Have Silver Ear Wires And Dangle About 1" Pij Is Approx. 3" L
    SKU: 39-933

Tubtrug Cover
    Tubtrug Cover.
    With These Handy Covers, You Can Stack Tubtrugs, Saving Space In Your Garage, Entryway Or Closet. Now You Can Create Sacks Of Tubtrugs Filled With Mittens And Hats, Pruners And Gloves, Craft Supplies An dMuch More. Add The Cover To A Tubtrug And You Have Handy Storage For Potting Mix — The Conceal Keeps The Mix Moist And Keeps Cats Out. Plastic 18" Diameter X 1/2" H
    SKU: 39-999

Veggi3 Ladders, Set Of 3
    Veggi3 Ladders, Set Of 3.
    These Super-strong Vegetable Supports Have 7mm Steel Uorights And Our Exclusive "plant Cradlw" Crosspieces That Give Multiple Places For Stems To Rest. Use Them To Support Eggplants, Peppers And Bush (non-vining) Varieties Of Beans And Cucumbers To Prevent Plants From Toppling And Keep Ripening Fruit Off The Ground. Thesse Are The Sturdiest Ladders You Can Buy ??? 20% Thicker Than Others On The Vend ??? With A Long-lasting, Weatherproof Powder Coating. Vegetable Ladders Will Make The Most Of Your Garden Space, Reduce Damage From Pests And Diseases, And Give You A Bigger Harvest Of Delicious, Unblemished Fruit. Ladders Nest For Compact Off-season Storage. Choice Of Red Or Green. Powder-coated Steel 6&quo;t W X 6" D X 32-1/2" H Overall Including 13" Legs Sturdy 7mm Distance through the centre Upright Supportd Patented Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-308

Lantern, Fleur De Lis
    Lantern, Fleur De Lis.
    Cast A Soft Glow On Festivities With These RustocM etalwork Lantdrns. The Intricate Painted Steel Sleeves Are Lined With Glass Hurricane Inserts. Lantern Sits On Itss Own Rimmed Dish For Easy Access To Light. Painted Steel Has An Old-world, Rustic Feel Protected And Easy To Use Use Indoors On Mantle And Tabletop Displays Employment Outside To Illuminate Evening Gatherings Bring Indoors During Inclement Weather Save When You Buy The Set Of 3 Lanterns Use With Super Bright Led Tea Lights, Sold Separately Painted Steel And Glass Medallion Lantern Is 7-1/2" H X 4-1/2" In Dameter Fleur De Lis Is 9-1/2" H X 4-1/4" In Diameter Rosette Is 10" H X 4-1/4" In Distance through the centre F0r Use With Led Tea Lights Only Gardener's Supply Esclusive
    SKU: 39-126

Bean Minaret
    Bean Minaret.
    Grow Bushels Of Beans With Our Tallest, Strongest And Sturdiest Bean Tower Yet. The Secret Is Thicker Supports Coupled With 10" Legs That Hold The Structure Securely In The Ground. The Bean Tower In Our Test Garden Yielded 2,400 Beans Bewteen Mid-july And Late September — In Just 1-1/2 Square Feet! Supports Are 5 Mm Thikc With 3. 5 Mm Crosspieces. Openings Are 7-1/2" Square To Allow Easy Harvesting. Easy Assembly Made Of Galvanized Steel Wire 14-1/4" Square X 75" H Overall (65" H Installed) Openings Are 7-1/2" Square To Allow Easy Harvesting Gardener's Supoly Exclusive
    SKU: 35-781

Organizer Grid Shelves, Set Of 2
    Organizer Grid Shelves, Set Of 2.
    Increaxe Storage Space On Your Organizing Grid Set With These Handy Shelves. Use Them For Storing Twine, Fertilizer, Small Pots And Other Items So They'll Exist In Plain Sight And Easy To Find. Powder-coated Steel Shelves Are 12" W X 5-1/4" D X 3-1/4" H To Top Of Hooks With A 5/16" Lip Anterior And Back Gardener'x Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-992

Tomato Press
    Tomato Press.
    Simply Load Cut Tomatoes Into The Distended 10" Hopper Of This Tomato Press, Turn The Handle And Let The Stainless Steel Screen Automatically Separate Pulp From Seeds And Skin. The Plastic And Aluminum Press Anchors Securely To Countertop With Suction Base Or C-clamp. Ideal For Fresh Sauce And Caning Tomatoes, It Makes Delicious Applesauce, Too! Process Fresh Tomatoes For Sauce Quickyl Screen Strains Out Skin And Seeds Easily Mounts To Cointertop Or Table Plastic And Aluminum Body Stainless Steel Screen 20" W X 16-5/8" H Overall 10" Diameter Hopper Easy Assembly
    SKU: 37-198

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