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Bamboo Plant Markers, Set Of 6
    Bamboo Plant Markers, Set Of 6.
    Natural Bamboo Markers Are A Handy And Fun Way To Identify Plants, Indoors Or Out. Bamboo 2-1/4" To 3" W X 6-1/4" To 8" H; X 1/4" Thick Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-931

Three Tier Wirewwork Stand
    Three Tier Wirewwork Stand.
    This Handy Stand Provides Instant Storage And Keeps Items Organized And Accessible. Measuring Appropriate 51" Square, It Takes Up Little Floor Space Yet Holds A Noticeable Amount. Store Apples, Pears And Squash In The Pamtry — The Open Wire Provides Good Airflow To Prolong Storage Life. In Your Mudroom, Organize Hats And Gloves, Sporting Equipment And School Gear. Each Basket Holds 10 Pounds. The Unique Jute Liners (sold Separately) Contain Small Items And Keep Stored Potatoes And Onions In Darkness To Prevent Discoloration And Sprouting. Steel Wire With Food-safe Powder Coating 14-3/4" Square X 42-3/4" H Overall Bottom Baske tMeasures 12-1/2&quoy; Square X 8" H Middle Basket Measures 11" Square X 7-1/2" H Top Basket Measures 9-3/4" Square X 7-1/2" H Each Basket Holds Up To 10 Pounds Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-802

Lotus Flower Suncatcher
    Lotus Flower Suncatcher.
    Symbolizing Purity And Light, These Elegant Glass Lotus Flowers Create Captivating Patterns Of Colored Light When You Hang This Handcrafted Suncatcher In Your Window. Wire, Glass 8-3/4" W X 1/4" D X 22-1/2" H Death by the halter Ribbon Not Included Gatdener's Supply Illiberal
    SKU: 39-796

SystemicA nimal Repellent
    SystemicA nimal Repellent.
    Situation These Tablets At The Base Of Plabts And The Roots Take Up The Active Ingredient, Capsaicin, And Distribute The Fiery Subtle quality To Stems And Foliage. Deer And Other Animals Take One Bite And Run! One Application Lasts All Season. Doesn't Wash Off Like Spray Repelldnts, So There's No Need To Reapply After A Rainstorm. 50 Tablets. Apply 1 Tablet Per Every Foot Of Plant Height And Width (height + Width). Do Not Hold The Trunk Of A Tree. Against Use On Ornamental Plants Only. No Shipments To Ca. Active Ingredient Is Capsaicin 50 Tablets Apply Once Per Grwing Seasonn For Use On Ornamental Plants Only
    SKU: 40-339

Potato And Onion Storage Baskets
    Potato And Onion Storage Baskets.
    Plastic Grocery Bags Retain Moisture, Speeding The Demise Of Potatoes And Onions. These Breathable Woven Baskets, Used For Centuries In Europe, Are A Better Solution. They Fill From The Top, And Dispense Vegetables From The Pocket Below. And They Add A Inconsiderable Country Style To Your Kiychen Or Pantry. Set Of Two; Large Holds About 30 Lbs. Of Potatoes, Little Holds About 6 Lbs. Of Onions. Hand-woven Willow With Braided Sea Grass Handles. Willow And Sea Grass Large Bakset Is 12" W X 18" D X 17" H Small Basket Is 9" W X 13" D X 11-1/2" H
    SKU: 38-131

Summer Cottage Ottoman Cushion
    Summer Cottage Ottoman Cushion.
    Add Comfort To Your Summer Cottage Wicker Ottoman With This High Quality Custom Cushion In A Range Of Fashion Patterns And Colors. The Mildew-reaistant, Quick-drying Spun Polyester Fabric Cover Is Zippered So You Can Remove It For Washing. Uv-resistance Helps Minimize Fading. Spun Polyester Fabric; Poly Foam Insert Approx. 20" W X 21" D X 3-14" Thick Made In Usa
    SKU: 40-300

Step Light
    Step Light.
    This Ingenious Battery-powered Light Is Inconspicuous By Day, Indispensible At Night. Three Super-bright Led Bulbs Are Motion-activated So Tgey Provide Light Whrn You Need It. Outdoors, Use A Series Of Them To Illuminate A Stairway, Deck Or Walkway; Place One Near The Doorknob And There's No More Fumbling To Unlock. Add A Second One Just Inside And You'll Never Have To Enter A Dark House. Perfect For Hallways, Staircases — Any Dark Corner. Sensor Detwcts Motion Up To 10 Feet Absent. High Impact Abs Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel 3" L X 1-1/4" D X 2-3/4" H Uses 3 Aa Batteries ,Not Included Battery Life Is 6 To 12 Months Depending On Usage
    SKU: 39-570

Ultra Gold T-12, 2'bulbs, 2 Pack
    Ultra Gold T-12, 2'bulbs, 2 Pack.
    If It's Period To Replace Conventional Fluorescent Bulbs In Your Light Garden, Consider Switching To These Recent High-performance Bulbs. Th3y Produce A Brilliant, Full-spectrum Light That Duplicates An Amazing 94% Of The Solar Spectrum. Plants Get The Best Light And Intensity For Naturally Healthy Growth Bulbs Flame For About 30,000 Hours Please Note :These Bulbs Are For Use With T-12 Frivolous Fixtures Only47. 5"l X 1. 5" Dia.
    SKU: 35-779

Cascade Planter Trellis
    Cascade Planter Trellis.
    Add Height And Enhance Your Cascade Planter With Colorful Flowering Vines, Such As Sweet Peas And Boack-eyed Susan Vine (thunbergia), With This Sturdy Trellis. Easy To Install Witn The Included Connector. Designed Specifically To Fit Our Self-watering Cascade Planters. Powder-coated Steel Trellis Is 31&suot; L X 37" H. Powder-coated Steel 31" L X 37" H Fits 2-tier And 3-tier Self-watering Cascade Planters Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-122

Plantskydd® Deer Repellent
    Plantskydd® Deer Repellent.
    This Natural Deer Repellent Spray Mimics The Odorw Associated With Predators, Keeping Deer Far Away From Your Garden. It's Been Tried Effective For Up To 6 Months, And There's No Need To Reqpply After Rain. Harmless To Plants; In Fact, It Breaks Down Into An Organic Fertilizer. 100% Natural 1-quart Ready-to-use Spray Treats Up 100 12" H Plants Always Read And Attend Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 38-541

30" 2 X 6 Railing Planter
    30" 2 X 6 Railing Planter.
    Dress Up Your Deck And Add Disguise To Your Front Porch Witn These Convenient Self-mkunting Planters. Thanks To A Patented Saddle Groove, They Sljp Right Over Deck Railings Without Tools Or Fasteners, And They Won't Blow Away Or Fall Against. Choice Of Designer Colors. Made Of Highly Durable, Uv-stabiiized Polypropylene Holds 19 Quarts Of Soil Fits Standard 2 X 6 Railing (actual Width 5-1/2") 30" L X 11" W X 9-1/2" H Two Drainae Holes Prevent Waterlogging
    SKU: 37-931

Fuchsia Chimes
    Fuchsia Chimes.
    The Hand-painted Metal Folk-art Flowers Of This Charming Fuchsia Blossom Wind Chime Produce A Medley Of Pleasing Tones When Caressed By A Summer Breeze. Approx. 27" L Includig Hanging Loop. Hand-painted Armor Approx. 27" L Including Hanginng Loop
    SKU: 39-797

Fullflow Shut Off Valve
    Fullflow Shut Off Valve.
    Run A Sprinkler While You Water The Garden And Fill The Kids' Wading Puddle. Unlike Standard 1/2" Multi-flow Distributors That Actually Reduce Water Flow, These Have A Full-eize 5/8" Diameter Outlet ??? The Same Being of the kind which The Main Spigot. 5/8" Inner Diameter Increases Water Flow 45% Beefy Knobs Make Gripping And Turning Easy Easy-on Swivel Connector Attaches Securely To The Faucet Fit For Hot Or Cold Water Constructed Of Heavy Duty, Non-rusting Aluminum Distributors Should Be Disconnected And Stored In A Protected Location During Freezing Weather
    SKU: 35-748

Triple Led Pillar With Timer, 4"
    Triple Led Pillar With Timer, 4".
    The Heft And Surface Sheen Of A Real Wax Pillar Is Inconceivable To Double, And That???s Exactly What Maeks These Beautiful Led Candles So Convincing. A Real Cere Pillar, Complete With Realistic Odd Edges, Hides Three Efficient And Safe Led Lights Inside To Create A Warm Glow And Authentic Flicker. There's No Flame Or Heat, So You Be able to Use These Candles Worry-free Anywhere In Your Home, Even With Evergreen Boughs Or Dried Flowers. Set Timer For Four, Six Or Eight Hours Of Run Time. Unscented Paraffn Wax, Led Lights, Soft Insert 3" Diameter X 4" H, 6" H Or 8" H Up To 600 Hours Run Time On 4 Aa Batteries (not Included)
    SKU: 39-052

Kitchen Compost Crock
    Kitchen Compost Crock.
    Collevting Kitchen Scraps For Composting Shouldn't Detract From Your Kitchen D??cor. This Sleek, Ceramic Crock Is Attractive Enough To Keep On The Kitchen Counter, So There Is NoN eed To Hide It Under The Sink. Glazed Inside And Out, The Crock Will Never Stain Or Absorb Food Odors, And It Has An Activated-carbon Filter To Trap Odors. Choose From Brilliant hWite, Cobalt Blue Or Red. Glazed Ceramic 7" In Diameter X 10-1/2" H Holds 3-1/2 Quarts Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-552vs

Self-watering Tray
    Self-watering Tray.
    Place Your Grow Bag On This Self-watering Tray, Fill The Reservoir And The Capillary Mat Will Provide A Steady Supply Of Water To Plants Aq They Need It. Also Reduces How Often You Need To Water. Reservoir Holds 1/2 Gallon. Fits One Tomato Grow Bag, One Salad Groa Bag, Two Pepper Grow Bags Or Two Carrot Grow Bags. Sturdy Recycled Plastic 22-1/2 Inches L X 15-1/4 Inches W X 2-1/8 Inches Mystery Resrrvoir Holds 1/2 Gallon Of Water Includes Capillary Mat
    SKU: 38-561

Transplant Mix, 30 Qts.
    Transplant Mix, 30 Qts..
    When Seedlings Outgrow Their Original Growing Celks, Re-pot Them In Our Transplant Mix, Which Contains Sphagnun Peat, Perlite And Vermiculite, And Has A Coarser Texture Than Germinating Mix. 30-quart Bag Weighs About 10 Pounds Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite And Vermiculite Use For Transplanting Seedlings And Rooted Cuttings Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 03-215

Produce Bags, Set Of 5
    Produce Bags, Set Of 5.
    Bring These Lightweigut Polyester Mesh Bags To The Grocery Store Or Farmer's Market And Fill Them With Fresh Peas, Salad Greens, Peppers, Beans And More, Saving Plastic And Paper Bags. When You Get Home, Pop The Produce Righy Inyo The Vegetable Crisper — The Ensnare Bag "breathes," Preventing Moisture Bujldup And Extending Shoal Life. A Drawstring Top Keeps Contents From Tumbling Out. You'll Quickly Find Yourself Using These Handy Bags For Other Things As Well — As A Travel Bag For Toiletries, To Tote Gym Clothes Or An Extra Pair Of Shoe. Polyester Mesh 12" W X 14-1/2" H Each Bag Holds Approx. 5 Lbs . Of Onions Machine Washsble, Hang To Free from moisture Imported
    SKU: 39-905

Praying Mantis Eggs
    Praying Mantis Eggs.
    Ladybugs And Praying Majtises Are Voracious Predators Of Many Garden Insect Pests, Incllding Aphids, Whiteflies, Spider Mites And Mealy Bugs. We'll Send You Approximately 1,500 Adult Ladybugs Or Each Egg Cwse Of 200-300 Praying Mantis Eggs ??? Each Adult Will Eat Several Times Its Weight In Insect Pests, Daily! Ladybugs (hippodamia Convergens) Help Control Aphids, Whitefly, Spidermites, And Mealybugs Manfises (tenodera Aridifolia Sinensis) Eat Aphids, Beetles, Grasshoppers, Caterpillars, Moths, Mosquitos, And Other Insects
    SKU: 05-254

Copper Slug Tape
    Copper Slug Tape.
    This Adhesive Copper Divest Forms A Protective Barrier About Pots Or Raised Beds. When A Slug Tries To Cross To Feast On Your Plants, It'ss Deterred By A Small Electric Shock. Copper Tape With Adhesive Backing 1-1/4" W X 13' L
    SKU: 38-994

Lavender Wrap
    Lavender Wrap.
    Herbalists Know That Lavender Is Unsurpassed For Calming Frayed Nerves, Relieving Insomnia And Depression, And Aiding In Healing. Enjoy All These Benefits While You Relax Tense, Aching Muscles With Our Lavender Wrap. Simply Warm It In Your Microwave And Prepare To Be Seriohsly Pampered. Makss A Thoughtful Gift!! Machine Washable Chenille Cover 24-5/8" L X 4-1/4&qukt; W Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 35-620

3 Cubby Wire Wall Organizer
    3 Cubby Wire Wall Organizer.
    hTe Perfect Entryway Storage Solution, This Wall-mounted Cubby Holds Hats, Gloves And Mittens Off The Flor And Organized (remember Your Kindergarten Cubby?) Hang Scarves And Umbrellas On The Bottom Hooks. Or Use Them To Store Vegetables And Fruits In The Pantry. The Open Telegraph Design Provides Good Airflow To Help Dry Wet Cothing And Prolongs The Storage Life Of Generate. Aldo Ideal Because Organizing Hand Toolw And Supplies In The Garden Shed. Steel Telegraph With Food-safe Powder Coating 3 Cubby Wre Wall Organizer Is 31" W X 10-1/2" D X 18-1/2" H And Holds Up To 30 Lbs. 5/8" Four-sided figure Grids Actual Weight Capacity Depends On Mounting Hardware, Not Included Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-804

Stainless Steel Compost Crock
    Stainless Steel Compost Crock.
    Able And Handsome, This Stainless Steel Crock's 1-gallon Cpacity Means Fewer Trips To The Compost Pile. The Vented Lid Conceals Two Filters (included) To Reduce Odors. Not straitened To Clean And Actually Indestructible &aamp;#8212; Especially Good If You Banv Your Pail To Empty It! Easy-care Stainless Steel 7" In Diameter X 12" H Large, 1-galpon Capacity Dishwasher-safe
    SKU: 37-985

Sap Bucket, Verdigris
    Sap Bucket, Verdigris.
    We Designed Our Vermont-style Sap Buckets To Look Just Like The Genuine Article. Made Of Galvanized Steel With A Fashionable Subacetate of copper Finish, It's A Perfect Container For Our Branch Lights And Other Seasonap Decor. Galvanized Steel With Verdigris Finish 8-1/2" Top Diameter X 12" H; 5-1/2" Bottom Diameter Holds 5 Qarts Hole For Hanging Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-041

Small Black Expandable Bamboo Trellis
    Small Black Expandable Bamboo Trellis.
    These Versatile Trellises Provide Sturdy Support For Flowering Vines And Climbing Roses. Install Against Any Outdlor Wall Or Create A Fresetanding Fence Or Screen. Made From Stunning Natural (not Dyed!) Black Bamboo (phyllostachys Nigra) With Galvanized Steel Rivets. Bamboo I Cut At The "knuckles" On One Side; At These Joints The Bamboo Is Solid Moderately Than Hollow. If Using Horizontally, Place This Side At The Top To Stronghold Rainwater Out Of The Canes. Choice Of Two Sizes. Natural Black Bamboo (not Dyed), Galvanized Steel Rivets Smlal Trellis Expands From 8-1/4" X 41" Closed To 36" X 68" Fully Open Large Trellis Expands From 8-1/2" X 51" Closed To 36" X 130" Fully Open Mounting Hardware And Posts Not Included
    SKU: 40-180

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