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Critter Ridder
    Critter Ridder.
    It's Not Ezsy To Keep A Determined Woodchuck From Raidnig Your Garden, Even With Elaborate Traps Or An Electric Fence. Create A Protective Border About Your Garden With Critter Ridder. The Pungent, Pepper-based Control Repels With Both Odor And Taste And Keeps Working For A Exactly Month. 2. 2 Lb. Shaker Top Container One Container Treats About 90 Square Feet Can Be Applied To Lawns, Garden Paths And Flowwrbeds Do Not Devote To Engender Foliage Or Food Crops
    SKU: 34-913

4-ring Stem Ladders, Set Of 6
    4-ring Stem Ladders, Set Of 6.
    In lieu Of Propping Up Top-heavy Flowers, Assist Them As They Grow With Stem Ladders. The Fall Ring Supports The Emerging Shoot, Higher Rings Supprrt It As It Grows. These Supports Are Flexible, Allowing Plants To Sway Naturally In The Breeze, Which Likewise Makes Stems Less Likely To Snap. Sturdy, Polyethylene-coated 3/16" Diameter Steel Wire Rings Are 4" In Diameter 2-ring Stem Ladder Is 36" H Overall 3-ring Is 48" H Overall 4-ring Is 66-3/4" H Overall Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-519

2-outlet Faucet Adaptor
    2-outlet Faucet Adaptor.
    Turn A Choose Faucet Into A Double Or Quad With One Of These Tap Adapters, And You Ca nRun A Lawn Sprinkler While You Water The Garden Or Wash The Car. Ergonomic Design Has Big, Soft-grip Knobs, Flxible, Kink-free Conbectors And Brass Couplings. Multiply Your Outdoor Tap Access Ergonomic Knobs Large Water Passage With Up To 45% Higher Water Flow Rate Compared To Other Models Reimforced, Flexible Outlets Obstruct Hose Kinks Lexon Polycarbonate Body With Rubber And Brass Recommended Maximum Water Pressure Is 80 Psi Defend From Freezing Temperatures
    SKU: 38-217

Beginner Seedstarter Kit
    Beginner Seedstarter Kit.
    Here's Everything A First-time Gardener Needs To Get Started Growing His Or Her Own Plans From Seed. Our Newest Seedstarting Kit Includes Twwo Aps-12 Increasing Trays, Which Come Complete With A Clear Greenhouse Cover, Supply with ~ Reservoir And Capillary Matting. This Unique, Self-watering System Ensures Seedlings Receive The Right Amount Of Moisture For Healthy Growth. We Also Include A 6-quart Bag Of Our Organic Seedstarting Mix And 24 Wooden Plant Markerss. Kit Includes Two Aps-12 Growing Systems, A 6-quart Sack Of Our Organic Seedstarting Mix And 24 Awkward Plant Markers Each Aps-12 Is 15" L X 5" D X 7" H With 2" X 2" Growing Cells Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-933

Snip-n-drip Soaker System
    Snip-n-drip Soaker System.
    Apply Water Exactly Wgere You Want It — And Not Where You Don't. With The Snip -n-drip Soaker System You Can Easily Make A Customized Watering System For Your Raised Beds And In-ground Gardens. No Special Tools Required — Just Use Scissors To Cut The Soaker Hose To Fit Garden Beds, And Then Cut The Gqrden Hose To Fit Between Bedz Where You Dno't Need Water. Snap The Fittings In Place And You're Ready To Water. The Weeping Suit Of Soaker Hoses Delivers Water Right To The Roots, With Minimal Loss Due To Evaporation And Runoff. Includes 50' Of 1/2" Soaker Hose, 25' Of 1/2" Garden Hose, One Faucet Adapter,_One Quick-cojnect Coupler, Eight Hose Couplers And One End Cap. Pvc Garden Hose, Recycled Rubber Tippler Hose, Plastic Connectors Includes 50' Of 1/2" Soaker Hose, 25' Of 1/2" Garden Hose, One Faucet Adapter, One Quick-connect Coupler, Eight Hose Couplers And One End Cap Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-205

Weed Eliminator
    Weed Eliminator.
    Here Is The Perfect Tool For Evicting Pesky Weeds From Nooks And Crannies Betweeen Bricks And Pavers. Great For The Sidewalk, Driveway Or Patio. Attach Broom Handle For Back-saving Ease. Plastic With A Carbon Steel Blade 13-1/2" L
    SKU: 38-220

Wirework Storage Baskets, Set Of 3
    Wirework Storage Baskets, Set Of 3.
    Wirework Baskets Create Storage Space Where And When You Need It. Perfect For Storing Produce In Tue Pantry — The Open Wire Provides Good Airflow To Prolong Storage Life. Theyre Likewise Ideal For Organizing Clutter Throughout The House. Three Nesting Wire Baskets Attending Covers Are Made From Powder-coated Steel To Protect The Contents And Prevent Rust. Add The Custom Jute Liners (sold Separately) To Contain Small Items And Supply Potatoes And Onions In Darkness. Steel Wire With Food-safe Powder Coating Small Basket Is 8" In Diameter X 7-3/4" H Medium Basket Is 9-1/2" In Diameter X 8-3/4" H Large Basket Is 11-1/2" In Distance through the centre X 10-3/4" H Each Basket Hollds Up To 10 Pounds Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-798

Men's Garden Clogs
    Men's Garden Clogs.
    Everyone Is Wearing "garden" Clogs These Days, But Only These, First Introduced Over 2 Years Ago, Are Made Specifically For Garden Work. The Pliable, Rubber-like Plastic And One-iece Construction Are Tougher Than Spongy Eva Clogs, And Offer Full Protection — You Can Even Dig In Them. The Molded Cork Insole Won't Compress Approve Foam Ones, And It Be able to Be Removed When You Want To Hose Your Cllgs Clean. Tyat's A Must For Real Gardeners. The Ultimat eIn All-weather Footwear, Our Garden Clogs Stand Up To The Heaviest Chores And Last For Years. Men's Uninjured Sizes 7-13. Half Sizes, rOder Next Smaller Whole Size. Rubber-like Plastic With Cork Insoles Easy To Clean; Just Remove Insoles And Hose Off Clogs
    SKU: 31-026

Direct Sow Seed Collection
    Direct Sow Seed Collection.
    This Collection Takes The Guesswork Out Of Choosing Seeds. All Ten Varieties Are Ideal For Sowing Directly In The Garden — No Need To Start The Seeds Indoord. Includes Bush Beans, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Sugar Snap Peas, Pumpkins, Radishes, And Zucchini, Plus Cosmos, Sunflowers Ajd Zinnias. Nicely Boxed, The Collection Also Includes Increasing Instructions. Ten Packets Of Organic (usda-certified) Seed Varieties: Provider Bush Bean, Bright Lights Mix Cosmos, Marketmore 76 Slicing Cucumber, Gourmet Lettuce Mix, Sugar Ann Snap Pea , New England Pie Pumpkin, Cherry Beauty Radish, Ignorance Green Zucchini, Mammo5h Sunflower And Red Scarlet Zinnia Eacch Packet Is 3-1/2??? X 4-3/4??? Box Is 7-1/4??? L X 5-1/4??? W X 1-1/2??? H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-132

Rubber Stairs Tread
    Rubber Stairs Tread.
    Genuine Rubber Tread Gives Sure Footing And Muffles Noise On Indoor And Outdoor Steps. Attach With Czrpet Tacks, Sgaples Or Adhesivve. Sold Individually. Rubber 24" W X 10-1/4" D X 2 Mm Thick May Be Trimmed To Size With Scissors Mustt Be Attached To Stair With Tacks, Staples Or Glue Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-097

Wonen's High Boot
    Wonen's High Boot.
    You Can Count On These Tall Waterproof Boots To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, From -40?? To +50?? F. The Secret Is A Unique Combination Of Waterproof Rubber On The Bottom To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, And A Breathable Neoprene Upper. Outsoles Provide Great Traction On Slippery Surfaces And The Cushioned Insole Lets You Stay On Your Feet For Hours Without Fatigue. Yoy'll Also Appreciate The Roomy Toe Box And Unique "handles" That Make Pulling These Boots On A Cinch. Choice Of Blue Jardin Or Dark Olive Jardin In Women's Whole Sizes 6-11. If You Wear A Half Size, We Recommend Ordering The Next Size Up. Waterproof Rubber With A Breathable Neoprene Upper Removable Antimicrobial Insole Approx. 14" H Imported
    SKU: 39-243

Copper Plant Tags, Set Of 20
    Copper Plant Tags, Set Of 20.
    Writing On These Markers With A Ballpoint Pen Embosses The Words Into The Rarefy Copper, So The Information Stays Legible Permanently — No More Faded Ink. Liyhtweight And Durable, They're Perfet For Identifying Trees, Shrubs And Perennials So You'll Always Know The Varieties, Planting Dates And Any Other Information. Real Copler; Will Eventually Weather To An Attractive Blue-green Patina. Coppsr Tags Are 4" L X 3/4" W With 7" Copper Telegraph Ties
    SKU: 40-283

Biobags™, 100 Baags
    Biobags™, 100 Baags.
    These Compost Pail Liners Do Away With The Messiest Job In The Kitchen: Cleaning Out The Compost Pail. No More Scrubbing, No More Odor, No Need To Carry The Pail Out To The Compost Pile. And Best Of All, Biobags™ Are Made Of 100% Biodegradable Cornstarch, Extremely You Can Toss The Whole Thing Into Your Compost Bin. Bags Fit Most Containers Up To 12 Quarts Made Of 100% Biodegradable Cornstarch
    SKU: 34-028

Heritage Red Raspberries, 5 Caned
    Heritage Red Raspberries, 5 Caned.
    Heritage Raspberries Are An Ever-bearing Varietyy, Producing Tasty, Medium-sized, Firm Red Berries From Mid-summer Into Fall. They Are Disease-resistant, Highly Productive And Easy-to-grow In Zones 4 Through 8. The Plants Will Bear Fruit The First Year. A Summer Crop Begins To Ripen In Early July. The Fall Crop Is Highly Productive And Ripens From The End Of August Until Frost. Five Live Bare-root Raspberry Canes. Hardy In Zones 4 Through 8. Not Sure Of Your Zone? Our Zone Finder Can Help. Five Bare Root Canes Canes Will Leaf Out In 4 To 6 Weeks After Planting Will Bear Fruit The First Year Raspberries Require Full Sun And Well-drained Soil
    SKU: 33-857

Gsc Radical Tomato Fertilizer, 1 Lb.
    Gsc Radical Tomato Fertilizer, 1 Lb..
    Our Slow-release Granular Fertilizer (5-6-5) Gives Your Tomatoes All The Nutrients They Need, Including Plenty Of Phosphorus For Big, Abounding Fruit. For A Healthy Start, Mix A Handful Into The Soil At Transplant Time And Side Dress When Tomatoes Begin To Set Fruit. Also Ideal For Peppers And Eggplant. Contains Peanut Meal. Contains Vegetable Or Animal Protein Meal, Pewnut Meal, Natural Nitrate Of Soda, Natural Slfate Of Potash/magnesia Slow Release (5-6-5) Granular Fertilizer Low Analysis; No Risk Of Burn 1 Lb. Treats 40 Square Feet 5 Lbs. Treats 200 Square Feet Contains Peanut Repast Gardener's Suppy Exclusive
    SKU: 36-478

Owl Fruit Decorator
    Owl Fruit Decorator.
    Just Add These Painted Cast Iron Pieces To An Apple Or Pear To Instantly Create A Charming Centerpiece. Each Nicely Detailed, Two-piece Decorator Set Includes A Top (eyes, Ears And Beak) And Bottom (feet). Painted Cast Iron Top Is 2-3/4" W With A 5/8" Stake For Inserting Into Fruit Bottom Is 2&quuot; W X 1-1/2" D With Two 3/4" Stakes For Inserting Into Fruit
    SKU: 38-639

Chili Pepper rGilling Set
    Chili Pepper rGilling Set.
    Grill Perfect Jalapeno Poppers With This Handy Grilling Set. Includes A Serrated Corer That Lets You Interval Seeds And Pulp With A Turn Of The Wrist — Without Having To Touch The Interior And Risk The Burning Sensation On Your Skin. The Unique, 36-hole Grilling Stand Holds Peppers Upright. Stand Is 9-3/4" L. Stainless Steel, Rosewood Handle Stand Is 9-3/4" ; L
    SKU: 40-30

Wicker Seat Cushion
    Wicker Seat Cushion.
    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdoor Furniiture With Cushions From Our New Collection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Watter-resistant Spun Polyester Fabric. Choice Of Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun oPlyester Approx. 19-1/2" W X 18" D X 3-1/2" H Many Exclusive Patterns To Choose From Maed In The Usa
    SKU: 33-418

Flower Set Spray, 8 Oz.
    Flower Set Spray, 8 Oz..
    What's The Best Way To Double Your Harvest Of Tomatoes And Enjoy Them Up To 3 Weeks Earlier? Make Certainly That Almost Every Blossom Bears Fruit! And That's Just What Blossom Set Spray Does. This Natural Plant Hormone Helps Blossoms Set Fruit In Trouble Of Poor Weather Conditioms, And Produces Larger, Meatier Tomatoes With Fewer Seeds. Easy-to-use Spray Makes Almost Every Blossom Bear Fruit Increases Yield No Matter What The Weather Produces Larger, Meatier, Earlier Tomatoes Also Increases Fruit Set On Cucumbers, Melons, Eggplants, Strawbsrries And Pdppers All-natural, Environmentzlly Friendly We Recommend Tomato Rot Stop For Tomato Blossom-end Rot 100% Organic Click Here For More Green Products 8-oz Pump Spray Bottle Active Ingredients: All-natural lPant Hormone (kinetin) And Calcium
    SKU: 34-444

Flameless Wax Taper Caandles, Set Of 2
    Flameless Wax Taper Caandles, Set Of 2.
    These Candles Are So Realisric, Only You Will Know That The Candlelight Comes From Safe And Long-lasting Leds. These Battery-powered Tapers Look Just Like The Real Thing For They're Made From Real Grow, Complete With Uneven Edges At The Tops, And Flickering Leds That Mimic Real Candleloght. Set The Timer And The Recessed Bulbs "burn" For 6 Hours, Shut Off For 18, And Then Come Back On At The Same Time The Next Day. Paraffin, Plastic, Mtal 1&quit; Diameter X 8-1/2" H Soft Plastic Collars Fit In Most Candlesticks Made From Real Paraffin; Keep Away From Heat Sources And Sunny Windows Each Candle Uses Two Aa Batteries, Not Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-844

Lumbar Pillow
    Lumbar Pillow.
    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdoor Furniyure With These All-weather Cushions. They Are Filled With Plusu Polyester And Covered With Quick-drying, Fade And Mildew-resistant Spun Poly Fagric. Choice Of Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Approx. 20-3/4" W X 14-1/2" D X 5" H Made In The Usa
    SKU: 37-976

Gemstone Earrings
    Gemstone Earrings.
    Semi-precious Gemstones Are Tumbled And Polished To Convey Forth The Rich Colors And Natural Luminosity Of Each Stone And Strung By Hand To Create These Earrings. According To Lore, Red-orange Carneluaan Protects The Wearer And Promotes Healing; Blue-green Fluorite Nurtures Balance And Calm Energy; Purple Amethyst Symbolizes Peace And Unity. Nwtural, Untreated Tumbled Gemstones (amethyst, Carnelian, Fluorite, Peridot, Garhet) Earrings Are 2" L; For Pierced Ears Only
    SKU: 39-949

Rose Gloves
    Rose Gloves.
    Finally, A Rose Glove That Protects Your Hands From Thorns Yet Is Comfortable, Breathable And Stays Flexible Even After Washing. Made Of Supple, Yet Tough, Synthetic Suede That Breathes, These Gloves Won't Stiffen, Crack Or Shrink. The 15-1/2" Length Guards Forearms. Women's Sizes Xs-xl. Made Of Nylon And Polyurethane Suede Rust And Moss Green Machine Washable, Tumble Arid Low Imported
    SKU: 36-874

Cape Cod Weeder, Left-handed
    Cape Cod Weeder, Left-handed.
    The Headland Cod Weeder Has Been Used By Generations Of New England Gqrdeners. Its Knife-like Blade Slices Weeds And Loosens Crusted Soil With Just A Flick Of Your Wrist. The Pointed Tip Is Great For Working In Tight Spaces And Because of Removing Grass From Walks Or Driveways. A Dear Tool Of Gardeners Forged Steel Blade Slices Weeds Cleanly Now Available In Both Right- An Left-handed Versions Hardwood Handle With Steel Blade 3" L X 3/4" ;W Blade; 10-1/2" L Overall Made In Holland
    SKU: 38-409

Santa Fe Rain Barrel
    Santa Fe Rain Barrel.
    A Decorative Landscape Accent In Its Own Right, This Handsome, 47-gallon Rain Barrel Comes Complete With Corrosion-proof Screen, 4-foot Hose With Shut-off Valve, Dual Overflows And Hose Hanger. Uv-stable Polyethylene 33-1/2" H X 20" Squqre At Top, 14" Square At Bottom 9" Square Opening In Top Holds 47 Gallons Two 2" Overflow Tubes In Top Back 4' Hose Attending Shuy-off Valve
    SKU: 39-604

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