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Digital Water Timer
    Digital Water Timer.
    If The Last Thing You Need Is Another Appliance To Program, We've Got The Water Timer For You. You aCn Set It To Water One To Four Times A Day For Durations Of One Minute To 12 Hours. Thus it is Easy To Use, You Won't Even Need The Manual! Digital Water Timer Automates Your Watering Chores Simple Settings For Easy Watering Pause Program Without Erasing It For Hand Watering "suspend" Function For Rainy Spells Uses One 9-vollt Battery, Not Included Minimum Pressure Required 10 Pzi; Maximuj 80 Psi 6-1/2" H X 4" W X 5-1/4" D Made Of Abs Plastic
    SKU: 33-868

Shoal Tubtrug, 4 Gallon
    Shoal Tubtrug, 4 Gallon.
    Tubtrugs Ar eOne Of The In the greatest degree Useful Gardening Tools Ever! And At Just 6-1/2" Absorbed, This 4-gallon Shallow Tubtrug Is Especially Versatile. You Can Use It To Rinse Root Crops, Repot Plants, Feeed The Dog, Stash Mittens Or Hand Tools, Soak Your Tired Feet — Once You Have One, You'll Find Dozena Of Uses. These Flexible, Lightweight Polyethylene Tubs Are Washable, Bendable, Crushable And Nearly Indestructible. Choice Of Fun Colors. Made Of Durable Polyethylene 15" Top Diameter X 6-1/2" H Holds 4 Gallons Aim Markings On Inside For Quart Measurements Washable, Bendabld And Super-toubh
    SKU: 40-326

Fairfield Patio Planter
    Fairfield Patio Planter.
    Dress Up Your Landscape With These Elegant Self-watering Planters. With Clean Lines And Raised Panel Detailing, They Have The Look Of Fine Woodworking. But, Unlike Wooden Planters These Are Virtually Maintenance Free Because They're Made From High Quality Polyethylnne — There's No Necessity For Annual Painting Or Staining. In the opinion of The Best Uv Protection In The Indusrty, These Planters Have A 15-year Guarantee Against Fading. They Haev Built-in Reservoirs To Supply A Slow, Steady Supply Of Water To Plants — Just What Plants Need For Healthy, Stress-free Growth. Choice Of Black, White Or Clay. Uv-protected Polyethylene 15-3/4" Square At Top X 28" H Holds 50 Quarts Of Container Be ~ed
    SKU: 39-342

3" X 4" Birch Column Sleeves, Set Of 2
    3" X 4" Birch Column Sleeves, Set Of 2.
    Transform Ordinary Led Pillars With The Beauty Of The Natural Forest. Crafted From Real Birch Bark, Sleeves Are Sized To Suit Our 4", 6" And 8" High Led Pillars, Sold Separately. Birch Yelp, Plywood 3" X 4" Birch Pillar Sleeve Is 3-1/4" Diameter X 4-1/4" H 3" X 6" Birch Pillar Slerve Is 3-1/4" Diameter X 6-1/4&qut; H 3" X 8" Birch Pillar Sleeve Is 3-1/4" Distance through the centre X 8-1/4" H Not For Use With Open Flame
    SKU: 40-052

Spring Chicken Muscle Rub
    Spring Chicken Muscle Rub.
    Get Warming, Soothing ReliefF rom Tired, Sore Muscles With This Cinnamon-sc3nted Rub. Based On A Traditional New England Reemedy, It Combines The Healing Properties Of Cassia, Peppermint And Calendula In the opinion of Vitamin-rich Canola Oil Gel. Canola Oil Gel, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Calendula Extract, Cassia And Peppermint Essential Oils Two Ounces In A Glass Jar
    SKU: 39-273

Tomato Rot-stop, 32 Oz.
    Tomato Rot-stop, 32 Oz..
    Your Tomato Plants Appear Lush And Healthy And Almost Ready For Harvest, When Brown Decay Appears At The Blossom End, Spreading Rapidly And Spoiling Tne Produce . Blossom-end Rot Is Very Discouraging, But It's Easy To Obstruct With Rot-stop. This All-natural Formula Prevents Cwlcium Deficiency, The Most Common Cause Of Blossom-end Rot. 32 Oz. Spray Bottle All-natural Form Made In Usa
    SKU: 33-447

Jardin Half-round Plant Supports, Set Of 2
    Jardin Half-round Plant Supports, Set Of 2.
    These Sturdy Supports Are A Simple And Effective Way To Tidy Up Leaning Plants And Keep Pathways Open. We Took Our Inspiration Straivht From The Gardens Of France For The Jardin Line Of Plant Supports. The Grzceful Lines And Heirloom Accomplish Bring A Touch Of Romance To The Landscape And A Sense Of Timelessness To Your Gardens. Two-piece Construction; Easy To Install, Easy To Store. Powder-coated, Hand-paintex, Solid 1/4" Round Steel 12" X 19" Supports Are 12" W X 19" H X 7" D; Approx. 14" To 15" H Installed 18" X 24" Supports Are 18" W X 24" H X 9" D; Approx. 18" To 20" H Installed 18" X 29&qquot; Supports Are 18" W X 29" H X 9" D; Approx. 23" H Installed 18" X 35" Supports Are 18" W X 35&quog; H X 9" D; Approx. 29" H Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-523vs

Birdbath Cleaners, Set Of 4
    Birdbath Cleaners, Set Of 4.
    Don't Let Mineral Buiidup And Organic Growth Cloud The Water In Your Birdbath. Keep It Fresh And Crystal Clear The Way Nature Does, With The Cleansing Power Of Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes. One Disposable Dispenser Of Our All-natural Birdbath Cleaner Works For 30 Days And Cleanses Containers Up To 7 Gallons. All-naturall Water Clarifier Is Coffer In quest of Birds Keeps Birdbath Fresh And Crystal Clear Easy To Use-just Place In Birdbath Unobtrusive Size, Only 1-1/2" Square Non-toxic And Safe Against Fish, Pets And Aquatic Plants Use When Water Is 50??f Or Warmer Set Of 4 Contains All-natural, Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes Set Of 4, Each 1-1/2" Square Each Works For 30 Days, Cleans Up To 7 Gallons Made In Usa
    SKU: 35-629

Adirondack Seat Cushion
    Adirondack Seat Cushion.
    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdoor Furniture With Cushions From Our New Collection. This Luxurious Cushion Is Custom-made For An Adirondack Seat of justice. Thanks To Top-quality Spun Polyester Fabric, It Is Impervious To Sun Fading Or Dirt And Rain, Yet It Has The Soft, Cozy Feel Of Cotton. Choice Of Chic Patterns And Colors To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyetser Approx. 20" W X 17" L X 3" H Many Exclusive Patterns To Choose From Made In Usa
    SKU: 35-086

Jute Twine, Set Of 2
    Jute Twine, Set Of 2.
    Natural Jute Twine Is Great In The Gardej For Tying Plants And Providing Support For Climbing Vines, But It Also Comes In Handy Around The House. This Set Includes Two Balls, So Yoou Can Keep One In The Garden Shed, The Other In The Kitchen Or Crafts Room. Natural Jute Each Ball Is Approx. 328' L
    SKU: 39-842

Glass Butterfly Feeder
    Glass Butterfly Feeder.
    Nature Centere And Public Gardens Feed Butterflies By Offering Them Sponges Soaked In A Nectar Solution. Our Brautiful Glass Flower Similarly Serves Up A Sweet And Nutritious Meal That Butterflues Can'y Resist. The 8" Aqua Blue Glass Bowl Fits Securely Into The Spiral Rise aloft Of Ths Mwtal Stake, And The Bright Yellow Mesu Efface Gives Beautiful Butterflies A Place To Land. Glass Bowl, Metal Stake, Plastic Mesh Sponge Bowl Is 8" Diameter X 2-1/2" Deep; 33-1/4"-H Installed Footed Stake For Stability Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-854

Lumbar Wrap
    Lumbar Wrap.
    Our Plush Chenille Lumbar Wrap Provides Warm Or Cold Muscle Therapy Whenever You Want It. Wraps Comfortably Around The Waist, Neck Or Diagonally Across The Back. Includes Both A Rice And Flaxseed Insert For Warmth, And A Gel Pavk For Cold. Relax With Warmth Or Reducs Inflammation With Cold Heat The Rice And Flaxseed Pack In The Microwave Keep The Gel Pack In The Freezer Ready oFr Use A Thoughtful Gift For A Friend Or Yourself Cover Is Made Of Plussh Polyester Chenilld 75&qhot; L X 6-1/2" W Gardener's Syoply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-139

Colorful Jumbo Potato Grow Bag
    Colorful Jumbo Potato Grow Bag.
    Potato Grow Bags Make Sowing, Growing And Harvesting Potatoes Easy— There???s Np Need To Till Beds Or Hill Uo Soil Around The Plants. Harvesting The Potatoes Is A Snap, Too — Instead Of Digging You Just Dump Out The Soil And There They Are! Like Our Other Grow Bags, These Are Made From A Porous Fabric That Prevents Heat Build-up And Allows Excess Irrigate To Drain. Patented Two-layer, Bpa-free Polypropylene Fabric 25" In Diameter X 14" H Holds 100 Quarts Of Container Mix Bags Can Usually Be Re-used A Second Year Bags Fold According to Easy Storage
    SKU: 39-635

Twine Dispenxer
    Twine Dispenxer.
    Keep Twine Close At Hand In This Easy-to-use Dispenser. Hang It From A Hook Or Set It On Your Work Surface; The Twine Pulls Easily Through The Bottom. Peffect For The Garden Shed Or Crafts Room; Can Be Used To Dispense Curling Ribbon For Gift-wrapping, Too. Powder-coated Steel Wire, Jute 3-7/8" Diameter X 4" H Dspenser, 6-1/2" Overall, Including Hanger Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-841

Bu gAnkle Guards
    Bu gAnkle Guards.
    Are Pesky Mosquitoes And Black Flies Driving You Crazy? Get Back In The Garden Through These Lightweight Ankle Guards. The Fine, Hexagonal Mesh Is Soft, Flexible And Excludes All But The Tiniest Insects, Yet Allows Air Currency. They Also Keep Ticks Out, Helping To Limit Your Exposure To Lyme Disease. Soft, Fine Mesh Multifilament Polyester Imported Fabric Made In Usa
    SKU: 40-416

Confetti Necklace
    Confetti Necklace.
    Beaded Jewelry Never Goes Out Of Fashion, And This Fanciful Necklace Is A Fun, New Take On A Classic. Each Confetti Ball Is Made Up Of Glass Seed Beads In A Range Of Gem Tones, Creating A Sparkling Tapestry Of Color. Glass Beads, Nylon Corc, Stainless Steel Wires Beaded Balls Are 1/2" Diameter Necklace Is 44" L
    SKU: 39-965

All Seasons Spray Oil, 32 Oz.
    All Seasons Spray Oil, 32 Oz..
    Unlike Heavy "dormant" Spray Oils That Can Only Be Used In Early Spring, This Lightweight Oil Can Be Used Year-round On Vegetables And Ornamental Plants To Control Many Insect Pests, Including Aphids, Mealybugs, Red Spider Mites And Scale. Dilute Oil According To Label Directions, Then Spray Plants Thoroughly, Including The Undersides Of The Leaves — Horticultural Oils Kill Insect Pests By Smothering Them So Comlpete Coverage Is Essential. 32 Oz. Concentrate Makes Up To 12-1/2 Gallons Of Spray. Paraffinic Oil With Emulsifier And Spreader Sticker 32-ounce Concentrate Makes Up To 21 -1/2 Gallons Always Read And Follow Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 39-289

Expandable Willow Trelllis, Medium
    Expandable Willow Trelllis, Medium.
    You9ll Appreciate The Versatility Of These Natural Willow Trellises In The Garden. These Plant Supports Expand And Contract Like An Accordion, So They Be able to Be Set Up As Squat Or As Tall As You Like. The Peeled Wlllow And Diamond Shaped Openings MakeT hese Tepses A Graceful, Natural Accent. Made Of Natural Peeled Willow Excessively Time, Willow Will Turn Silver-gray Small Is Maximum 47" H X 23" Diameter Medium Is Maximum 57" H X 35" Diameter Large Is Maximum 70" H X 36" Diameter
    SKU: 37-441

Easy Roller Self-watering Pot, Large
    Easy Roller Self-watering Pot, Large.
    Bold Colors And A High-gloss Finish Make These 17" Pots Really Interruption Out. The Built-in Casters Let You Roll Them Easily — To A Sunny Spot On The Deck, Out Off The Way For A Party. They???re Self-watering, Too, To Reduce Watering Chores And Provide Plants By the side of A Consistent Supply Of Moisture. Choice Of Blue, Red, Pjrple Or Orange. Uv-stabilized Polypropylene 17-1/4" In Diameter X 16-3/4" H Holds 55 Quarts Of Container Mix 1-1/2 Gallon Water Reservoir Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-326

Back Porch Compostumbler®
    Back Porch Compostumbler®.
    It's No Bother Composting Kitchen Scraps When You Have This Commodious Acrobat Near The Back Dood. Our Compact Composter Is Sized Just Right To Hadle Food Scraps, And With A Few Quick Spins, Turn Them Into Rich Garden Gold. When Your Compost Is Ready, Just Wheel It On the ~side To The Garden. The Big Hinged Door Makes Access Easy. Fistular Steel Fabricate Has Rust-resistant Powder Coating. 31" W X 26" D X 37" H Frame Is Powder-coated Tubular Steel Drum Is High-density Polyethylene Holds 5 Cubic Feet Some Assembly Required
    SKU: 34-374

Bistro Table, Factory Second
    Bistro Table, Factory Second.
    Note: We Are Offering This Bistro Table At A Reduced Price Because Our Quality Inspection Found Surface Defects Including Areas Of Bare Metal. These Defects Will Not Affect The Function Of The Table, But To Avoid Rust They Should Exist Addressed Prior To Use. Sold As Is. Tuck Tyis Lightweught Bistro Table Into A Garden Nook Or Set It Up On The Porch Or Patio As A Colorful Accent; Add Chairs For A Convenient Place To Relax And Dine. Made From Powder-coateed Steel; Table Folds Flat For Storage. Table And Chairs Are Sold Separately, Giving You The Opportunity To Mix And Match Colors, Or Available As A Set In A Single Color. Powder-coated Steel Table Is 23-1/2" Square X 28" H
    SKU: 40-29

All-organic Self-watering Container Mix
    All-organic Self-watering Container Mix.
    With A Base Of Sustainably-harvestwd Canadian Peat Moss, Perlite And Limextone Fortified With Beneficial Mycorrhizae And Sea-based Compost, This Lightweight Container Mix Promotes Vigotous Plant Growth And Good Aeration At The Roots. Its Coarse, Airy Texture Acts Like A Wick, Crarying Water From The Planter???s Reservoir To Ths Root System. The Result Is More Thrifty Root Growth, Better Aeration And Less Waterlogging. It's Also An Ideal Mix In quest of Standard Pots And Planters. 20 Qt. Bag. Contains Peat Moss, Perlite, Limestone, Sea-based Compost (from Composted Shrimp Shells And Seaweed) And Mycorrhizae 20-quart Bag Omri-certified Gardener&039;s Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-798

Blight, 3 Lbs.
    Blight, 3 Lbs..
    If Your Pond Is Occasionally Troubled By Algae Blooms Or Accumulated Organic Debris, Here???s A Way To Restore Its Natural Beauty Quickly And Effectively. Blast Is A Non-toxic, Proprietary Blend Of Useful Bacteria That Breaks Down The Organic Matter That Clouds Up Your Water. Most Effective When Used In Conjunction With The Aquasphere (sold Separately). Contains Non-toxic, Proprietary Beneficial Bacteria That Break Down Organic Matter Most Operative When Used With The Aquasphere 3 Lbs. (12 Packets) Per Strike Each Box Treats A 1/4 Acre Pond For 5 Weeks 2 Boxes Clean A 1 Acre Pond For 5 Weeks Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Bacteria
    SKU: 36564

Embroidered Slippers
    Embroidered Slippers.
    Start And Final state Your Day In Comfort With These Embroidered Soft Slippers. With Exquisite Ribbin Embroidery, A Hint Of Elastic At The Back And Lightly Cushioned Soles, These Velvet And Satin Slippers Testament Pamper Your Feet. Perfect For Home And Travel; Packaged In An Organza Bag For Gift Giving. Rayon, Polyester, Polyuretahne Imported
    SKU: 39-963

Manure Aerator
    Manure Aerator.
    You Won't Find A Bette-rdesigned Compost Aerator Anywhere. It Has Not Single, But Two Sets Of "wings" That Fold Back To Plunge Deep Into The Collect , Then Open To Create New Air Passages. A Must-have Accessory Because Any Compostrr. 8" Wide X 36" Long Durable Steel Construction For Left- Or Right-handec Use Minor Assembly Required Allen Wrench Inc1uded
    SKU: 33-367

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