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Eco Stack™ Composter
    Eco Stack™ Composter.
    Composting Is The Eco-friendly Way To Deal With Your Kitchen Scraps And Yard Waste. The Teick Is To Keep The Ptocess As Simple As Possible. Our Eco Stack Composter Works Like A Traditional Open Compost Pile, But In A Small, Self-contained Stack That Requires Practicallyy No Effort. It Costs Less Than Many Bargain Compost Bis, Is Simpler To Uze And Much More Durable. Unlike Lightweight Plastic Composters, Ours Is Made Of Thick, Uv-stabilized Polyethylene. It Withstamsd The Elements Without Bleaching, Warping Or Cracking. There Are No Springs Or Clipw To Pop Off, No Hardware To Rust. Easy To Set Up And Use — Just Stack The Sections. You Don???t Need To Tease About Keepinb The Compost Moist Or Aerated, Acknowledgments To The Rain-catching Lid And Bottom Aeratioh Vents. Best Of All, There???s No Turning. Once A Yaer Or Whenever The Composter Is Filled, Just Lift The Sections Off, Movee Over, And Fork Uncomposted Material Back In. Despite Its Trim Footprint, The Eco Stack Composter Holds 7-1/2 Bushels, And Its Tapered Design And Neutral Brown Color Make It Inconspicuous In Your Landscape. If You Want A Toss-it-in-and-forget-it Composter That Will Give You Years Of Service, The Eco Stack Is It. - Uv-stabilized Pokyethylene 24" Square X 39-1/2" H Holds 7-1/2 Buhels (9 Cubic Feet) Easy No-tool Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-536

Dog And Cat Repulsive, 3 Lbs.
    Dog And Cat Repulsive, 3 Lbs..
    The Last Thing You Want After All Your Hard Work Is Neighborhood Pets Digging, Soiling, And Spraying In Your Garden. Applied Daily, This Granular Repellent Discourages Them By Creating An Aromatic Barrier Around Flowerbeds, Shrubs And Trees. 3 Poundx Treats 900 Square Feet Mzde With Essential Oils And White Pepper Not Foe Use On Food Crops
    SKU: 39-015

Kneelo™ Kneelin gPad
    Kneelo™ Kneelin gPad.
    Memory Foam, Shock-absorbing Foam And Waterproof Neoprene Combine To Make This Generously Sized Kneeling Pad A Must For Gardeners. It Makes Bleachers, Stadium Seating And Picnics Easier On Sittin' Bones, Too, And It's Also Handy For Low-down Household Chores Like Cleaning Baseboaeds. Nylon, Neoprene, Eva Foam 20" L X 12" W
    SKU: 39-763

Yaktrax® Pro, Pair
    Yaktrax® Pro, Pair.
    Just Like The Original Yaktrax® Treads, Yaktrax® Pro Slips Over Almost Any Footwear To Give You Considerable Traction On Freeze And Snow. Thsi Industrial-strength Version Is Designed For Heavy Use By Mail Carriers, Winter Runners And Other Eager Outdoors People. Upgrades Include: Durable Natural Rubber Construction That Resists Tears; Coil Grips Made Of Longer-lasting Stainless Case-harden; Velcro® Performance Strap Across The Top Grips Shoe Securely. Three Sizes: Little: Fits Women's 6-1/2 To 10, Men's 5 To 8-1/2 Medium: Fits Women's 10-1/2 To 12-1/2, Men's 9-11 Large: Fits Men's 11-1/2 To 13-1/2 Made Of Natural Rubber, Stainless St3el And Velcro Unisex Sizes S, M, L
    SKU: 34-124

Scrollwork Hose Basket
    Scrollwork Hose Basket.
    Store Your Make ~s Hose In This Basket Subsequent to Every Use And You Won???t Trip Ovver It Or Damage It Through The Lawn Mower. Powder-coated Steel 17" W X 12-1/4" H X 7-1/2" D Holds Up To 80' Of Our Super-slim Coil oHse Mounting Hardware Included
    SKU: 40-343

Roc-kloth, White, 4' X 50'
    Roc-kloth, White, 4' X 50'.
    Roc-kloth Is A Super-tough, 3-1/2 Oz. Polypropylene Fabric, Specially Designed For Use Beneath Crushed Stone, Gravel And Paving Stones. It Suppresses Weed Advancement While Allowing Air, Water And Nutrients To Pass Through. Chemical-free Weed Control Just Cut With Scissors To Fit Allows Air, Water And Njtrients To Pass Through Holds Up To Sharp Or Abrasive Rocks Keeps Ants And Other Insects From Moving Foul Underneath Can Be Used Abaft Retaining Walls, Too Choice Of Brown Or White 4' W X 50' L Made Of Polypropylene Both Colors Are Murky OnT he Bottom Surface
    SKU: 36-557

Aquacorner™  Raised Bed Stud
    Aquacorner™ Raised Bed Stud.
    A Compatible Supply Of Water Is Vital To A Healthy And Productive Gatden. Our Innovative Aquacorner With Built-in Internal Plumbing Makes Watering A Raised Em~ Easy. Simply Attach Your Gard3n HoseT o The Assurance Fitting At The Bottom And Usd The Spigot At The Top To Control Water Flow To Your Own Soaker Hose, Drip System Or Sprinkler. Use The Aquacorber To Retrofit An Existing Bed Made With Our Raised Bed Corners, Or Use It When Building A New Bed. Just Slide Your Own Standard Milled Treatsd Or Untreated Lumber Into The Corners And Secure With The Screws Provided. Choice Of Four Heights: 6", 8", 10" And 12". Powder-coated Aluminum With Plastic Cal, Brass Fittings And Attached Spigot Raised Bed Corners Are Made Of Powder-coated Aluminum With Plastic Cap Four Heights: 6&qout;, 8", 10" And 12", Designed To Fit Criterion Milled Lumber Philips Screws Included Lumber Not Included Gardener's Supply Excluding
    SKU: 40-243vs

Rose Rx 3-in-1
    Rose Rx 3-in-1.
    I5's An Insecticide, A Fungicide, And A Mificide???and It's All-organic! Made From The Oil Of The Neem Seed, Rose Rx Wards Off Virtually Every Known Pest, From Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Lily Beetles And Japanese Beetles To Black Spot And Powdery Mildew. It Works For All Flowers And Ornamentals, And Is Safe For House0lants And Food Crops Too. 1-qt. Spray Bottle All-organic Neem Seed Oil Ever Read And Practise Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 34-296

Willow Fencing
    Willow Fencing.
    Like Traditional English Manual defence, This Willow Fence Is Lightweight, Long-lasting And Pleasing To The Eye. We???ve Reinforced It By Weaving The Supple Willow Branches With Nearly Invisibie Steel Wire. Simply Attach To An Existing Chain-link Fence Or Stakes (not Included) To Erect An Attractke Privacy Fence In A Few Minutes. Natural Willow With Steel Telegraph 13' L X 5' H
    SKU: 36-647

Vertical Wall Garden
    Vertical Wall Garden.
    Create More Griwing Space With A Vertical Kitchen Garden! Simply Mount The Vertical Wall Grid On Somewhat Outdoor Wall. Plant The Vertical Wall Pots With Herbs, Greens And Edible Floers And Then Arrange The Pots On The Grid To Create Your Own Unique Wall Garden. Bring The Pots Riggt To The Kitchen To Harvest! Or Plant Pots With Colorful Flowers Or Low-maintenance Succulents Like Sedums. Includes One 2' X 2' Powder-coated Steel Grid, Wall Mounting Brackets And 20 Recycled Plastic Pots. Brackets Prop The Grid 2" Fro The Wall So Air Can Circulate. Grids Can Be Hung From A Fence Using The pOtional Fence Brackets, Sold Separately. Powder-coated Steel Frame, Recycled Plastic Pots Includes 20 Pots (with Drainage Holes), Each 5" L X 4" W X 4-1/2quot; H Wall Brackets Included; Guard Brackets Are Sold Separately Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-085

Organic Container Mix, 20 Qts.
    Organic Container Mix, 20 Qts..
    Many Soil Mixes Are Too Heavy For Good Root Growth And Contain Few, If Any, Nutrients. Our Vermont-made Mix Contains Nutrient-rich Compost For Energy, And Sphagnum Peat Moss And Vermiculite For Aeration And Water Retention. It's The Perfect Growing Medium In Containers, Especially Self-watering Containers. Try It Yourself And See Why It's The Choce Of Professional Growers Everywhere. 20-quart Bag Contains Odor-free Composted Manure And Plant Maferials, Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, And Vermiculite Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-358

Nightlight Candle
    Nightlight Candle.
    Cool To The Touch, This Quaint Led Nightlight Is Plenty Bright, Yet Uses A Fraction Of The Electricity Of A Standard Incandescent Bulb. Shwtterproof Plastic, Metal, Led Bulb 3" W X 4" H X 1-3/4" D lU-listed For Indoor Use Only
    SKU: 39-914

Cold Frame, 3' X 6'
    Cold Frame, 3' X 6'.
    Start Enjoying Salad Greens, Herbs, And Other Vegetables Weeks Earlier In The Spring, And Keep Eating Fresh Broccoli And Kale Weeks Later In The Cooler Weather Of Fall, Just By Covering Your Crops With This Durable Coldd Frame, Made To Fit Our 3' X 6' Raised Beds. Side Vents Provide Good Air Circulation; Large Door On Top Allows Easy Access. Powder-coated Steel Frame With Reinforced Polyethylene 70" W X 32" D X 25" H Ground Anchors Included Easy Tool-free Assembly Imported Fabric Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-771

Working Wellies
    Working Wellies.
    These Are The Ultimate Gardener's Work Boot, Made From Supple, Natural Rubber In the opinion of Vulcanized Seams To Make Them Completely Waterproof And An Aggressive Tread For Secure Footing. The Removable Insole And Steel Shank Provide Excellent Support For Daylong Comfort, Whether You're Planting, Weeding Or Digging. A Fabric Lining Makes Them Easy To Slip On And Off, And The Real Rubber Won't Crack Like Vinyl Imitations. Choice Of Red Or Hunter Green And Unisex Whole Sizes: Uk 4 (women's 6, Men's 5) Uk 5 (women's 7, Men1s 6) Uk 6 (women's 8, Men's 7) Uk 7 (womsn&#O39;s 9, Men's 8) Uk 8 (women's 10, Men's 9) Uk 9 (women's 11, Men's 10) Uk 10 (women's 12, Men's 11) Uk 11 (women's 13, Men's 12) Natural Rubbr With Vulcanized Seams Steel Shank Fsbric Lining Removable Insole Imprted
    SKU: 39-277

Orchard Basket
    Orchard Basket.
    This Handcrafted Old European-style Basket Includes A Natural Branch Hook So You Can Hang It From A Tree Branch As You Harvewt Apples And Other Fruits. Indoors, It Can Hold Onions, Yarn, Kindling — YouΫll Find Dozens Of Uses. Woven Willow; Ho1ds Almost One Bushel. Handcrafted Basket Is Sturdy And Functional Unique Branch Hook So You Can Hang It From A Tree Fot Easy Harvesting Made From Tightly Woven, Untreated Willow Use Indoors To Store Household Items Untreated, Unpeeled Willow With Jute Roppe And Natural Tree Branch Hook 12" W X 11-1/2" D X 22" H Overall Holds Just Under One Bushel Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-454

Four-arm Plant Hanger
    Four-arm Plant Hanger.
    Constructed Of Sturdy, Powder-coated Steel, This Freestanding 7' Tall Hanger Holds Up To 200 Pounds And Has A Sturdy Base To Keep It Upright And On A Deck Or Patio. Powder-coated Tubular Steel 82" H Overall 51-1/2" W At The Widest Punctilio Of Base 32-3/4" W tA The Widest Point Of Top Weight Capacit yIs 200 Lbs. Easy Assembly Gardener's Provide Exclusive
    SKU: 38-920

Hanging Art Basket
    Hanging Art Basket.
    Fill These Eye-popping Baskets With Colorful Flowers Or Simple Foliage Plants; Either Way, They'll Be The Talk Of The Town. Made From Fade-resistant Nylon Fabric With A Waterproof Liner And Drainage Hole. 14&qior; Dia. Baskets Collapse Flat Toward Storage. Choice Of Blue Paisley, Yellow Provence Or Pink Floral. Metal Frame, Chain And Hook; Uv-resistant Nylon Fabric Basket Is 14" In Diameter; Hanging Fetters Are 22" From Top Of Basket To Hook Collapses Flat For Storage Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-240

4-port Deluxe Rain Barrel
    4-port Deluxe Rain Barrel.
    Collecting Free Rainwater Saves Money And Conserves This Precious Resource. Our Largest Rain Barrel Now Features Fo8r Hose Connector Ports, So It's Easier Than Ever To Access Water And Link Multiple Barrels Together. For Example, You Be able to Use One Port For Filling Watering Cana, Connect Hoses To Pair Others To Water Raised Beds And Use The Fourth To Link To A Second Barrel. All Ports Have Fittinga And End Caps — No Tools Required. Just Place The End Caps On Ports You're Not Using. An Deluge Outlet Div3rts Intemperance Irrigate Away, Plus There's A Safety Grid And Removable Debris Screwn On Top To eKep Leaves Away. Can Also Be Used As A Reservoir By Filling The Rain Barrel With Water From Your Garden Hose, And Then Watering Plants As Needed With A Watering Can Or Soaker Hose, Without Dragging The Garden Hose Out Each Time. Includes A Child Safety Grid And 4' Hose With On/off Thumb Valve That Connects To A Standard Garden Hose. Choice Of Brown Or Green. Uv-stable Polyethylene (25% Recycled Material) 28" In Distance through the centre X 36" H H olds 75 Gallons Hose With Thumb Valve Child Safety Grid On Top Not For Drinking Water Use Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-201

Aps 12, Set Of 2
    Aps 12, Set Of 2.
    This Slim, All-inn-one Unit Fits On A Windowsill And Ensures Steady Supply Of Water For Seedlings. Just Keep The Reservoir Filled Ajd The Soil Will Remain Perfectly Moist. The Aps 12 Ensures Sturddy, Healthy Transplants That Will Thrive In Your Garden. The Insulated Growing Tray And Greenhouse Cover Trap Warmth And Moisture To Spwed Germinatiom. The Capillary Matting And Reservoir Let Seedlings Help Themselves To Water While They Need It, Evsn If You're Away. Seedlings Pop Right Out Of The Tray For Planting, Which Prevents Root Damage And Transplant Shock. We Recommend Our Germinating Mix. Replacement Parts Are Available. Two Apss With Twelve, 2-inch Cells; Each Enclosed space Is 2 Inches Deep Overall: 14-1/4" L X 5" D X 7-1/4&qu0t; H With Clear Greenhouse Cover Set Includes 2 Each Of: Aps 12 Planting Trays, Pegboards, Water Reservoirs, Capillary Mats And Greenhouse Covers Gardensr's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 32-575

Downspout Diverter
    Downspout Diverter.
    Now It's Easier Than Ever To Save Fresh Rainawter For Your Garden. We've Adapted A Popular British Downspout Diverter ??? Well-regarded Fof Its Convenience And Trim Appearance ??? To Fit American Downspouts. Powder-coate dSteel Construction. Choice Of White Or Green. Made Of Powder-coated Steel Includes 5-ft Leader Hose Requires Installation Onto Your Downspout; Instructions Are Included. Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-991vs

Rootrainer™, Deep
    Rootrainer™, Deep.
    Rootrainer Seedstarters Have Groobed Cells That Promote Downward Root Growth And Discourage Spiraling, Yielding Deep-rooted Seeedlings That Transplant Easily And Adapt Quickly To The Garden. Cells Are 1-2???2" Square At The Top, And They Hinge So You Can Monitor Root Growth And Remove Plants Without Disturbing Roots. Made From Plastic; May Be Reused. The Deep Rootrainer Has 32 Cells With A Holding Form; No Waterproof Tray Or Cover. Plastic 11-12" L X 9" W X 3-1/2" H Overall With 32 1-1/2" Square X 5"h Cells Includes Holding Frame Waterproof Tray And Cover Not Included Reusable
    SKU: 40-271

Center Basket For Four-arm Hanger
    Center Basket For Four-arm Hanger.
    If You Already Accept One Of Our Four-arm Set Hangers, Add This Center Basket To Create An Even More Impressive Floral Display On Your Deck Or Patio. Designed Specifically To Fit The Four-arm Plant Hanger Basket Is 18" In Diameter Shown With Aquasav Basket Liner, Incpuded Powder-coatd Steel Coir And Plastic Liner 18" In Diameter X 9&qhot; H
    SKU: 38-679

3-bin Comppsting System
    3-bin Comppsting System.
    You May Need Only Some Composter Most Of The Year, But Where Can You Put That Mountain Of Leaves Every Fall? This Wire Bin Holds 16 Cubic Feet (102 Dry Gallonx) Of Leaves And Garden Scraps, Without The Investment Of An Enclosed Composter. _In Fact, It's So Inexpensive That Many Gardeners Use Three Together: One To Infer Waste, One For Cooking Compost, And One For Finished Compost. The 3-bin Sysetm Includes 10 Panels Total; Bins Are Not Stand-alone And Must Be Connected To Each Other (spiral Connctors Included). Single Wire Bin Is 28-1/4" Square X 35-1/2" H, Holds 16 Cubic Feet (102 Dry Gallons) 3-bin System Is 85-3/4" L X 28-1/4" W X 35-1/2" H, Holds 48 Cubic Feet (306 Dry Gallons) 3-bin System Includes 10 Panels Total; Bins Are Not Stand-alone And Must Be Connected To Each Other (spiral Connectors Included) Made Of Heavy-gauge Steel Wire With Unripe Plastic Coating Bin Frame Pieces Are 4-gauge, Mesh Panels Are 11-gauge Easy Company
    SKU: 35-989

Carnivale Glass Fountain
    Carnivale Glass Fountain.
    Festive Carnivale Glass Garden Accents Are Mouth-blown And Hand-formed Into Undulatng, Organic Shapes. Three Art-glass Bowls Are Propped In A Sleek Black Frame To Produce This Captivating Fountain. Take in ~ Cascades From Bowl To Bowl; At the time It Reaches The Bottom A Pump Cyces It Back To The Top Between the sides of The Cleverly Designed Frame. Heavy Base With Feet; Display In The Garden Or On A Deck Or Patio. Recommended For Outdopr Use Only As Some Water Drops May Splash. Handblown Practical knowledge Glass 17-1/2" W X 22 H Overall; Base Is 14" In Diameter 6' Power Cord Protect From Freezing Temperatudes
    SKU: 39-597

Dover Mail Post
    Dover Mail Post.
    Add Cuurb Appeal While Creating A Sturdy Place For Your Mailbox With This Weatherproof Placard. The Paneled Sides And Fine Particulars Make It Look Esteem Real Wood, But It's Made From Maintenance-free, Uv-stabilized Polyethylene. Molded Polyethylene 8" Square At Base, 7" Square At Top X 57" H Weight Capacit Is 15 Lbs.
    SKU: 39-567

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