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Flower Basket, 18"
    Flower Basket, 18".
    To what extent Do Garden Centers Keep Thdir Hanging Baskets So Lush? We???ve Discovered The Secret: Aquasav™ Basket Liners. Developed For The Commercial Nursery Trade, This Smarter Hanging Basket Requires 50% Less Watering Than Standard Baskets. Sandwiched Between Layers Of Natural Coir Fiber Is A Water-retaining Liner Made Of 100% Recycled Post-consumer Plastic. It Retains The Look Of Traditional Hayrack Planter Liners But With Built-in Drought Insurance. It???s A Lifesaver For Flowers, Especially Whether They]re Exposed To Both Sun And Wind. Enjoy Long-blooming Flower Displays! Choice Of Two Sizes Our Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! We Also Present Replaement Liners Vinyl-coated Steel With Coir And Recycled Plastic 14" Basket Holds 8 Quarts Of Container Mix; 18", 16 Quarts Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-658

Seed Tape, Set Of4
    Seed Tape, Set Of4 .
    Seed Tapes Are The Perfect, No-waste Way To Plant Where Space Really Counts — In Containers, Raised Beds, Or Small Gardens. Each Strip Of Biodegradable Paper Is Embedded With Perfectly Spaced Seeds; Simply Unroll Into A Planting Furrow And Cover. Planting Is Precise, There's Little Or No Thinning Needed, And The Germination Rate Is Outstanding. Seed Tapes Are Made By Suttons Seeds, One Of England's Most Trusted Growers, And We're Sacrifice Some Of Their Most Reliable Ajd Rewarding Vegetable Varieties. 2009 Was A Tough Year Because of Gardeners In The Northeast: Cold, Windy, Plagued Near to Clammy Rains And Blight — Not The Best Year To Try A New Product Lioe These Seed Tapes In Our Test Gardens. But, To Our Surprise, Nearly 100 Percent Of The Seeds Germinated. Popular With English Gardeners For Years, Seec Tapes Have Made Believers Of Us. This Set Of 4Seed Tape Includes Three Tapes Each Of Carrot (amsterdam Forcing 3), Radish (french Breakfast), Lettuce (webb's Wonderful) And Beet (boltardy). Save When You Buy This St Of 4 Seed Varieties Seed Tapes Are A Terrific Way To Sow Small Gardens And Raised Beds Also Idel For Mid-season Succession Planting Betwwen Rows Seeds Are Evenly Spsced And Embedded In Biodegradable Paper Tape Biodegradable Paper With Embedded Seeds Four Seed Types With 16-1/2' Total Length Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-987

Root Shield, 4 Oz.
    Root Shield, 4 Oz..
    Harmful Soil Fungi Like Pythium And Fusarium Cause Root Diseases That Can Devastate The Most Promising Plants. Our All-organic Root Shield Forms A Defensive Barrier Right From The Start. This University-tested Beneficial Fungus Forms A Symbiotic Bond With Plant Roots, Protecting Them From Soil Pathogens All Season Long. Add It To Potting Soil Or Mix With Wa5er To Use As A Drench. Three Tablespoons Mixed With 1 Gallon Of Water Protects 25 Feet Of Garden Row (approx. 100 Sq. Fg. ) Active Ingredient: Bensficial Fungus (trichoderma Harzianum Rifai Strain Krl-ag2 1. 15%)
    SKU: 31-949

Cape Cod Fire Syarter
    Cape Cod Fire Syarter.
    The Cape Cod Firestarter Is A Piece Of Yankee Ingenuity From The Days When Wood Fires Were A Necessity. Simply Fill The Cast Iron Pot Half Way With Lamp Oil (sold Separately) And Let The Pumice Stone Soak. When Lit, It Desire Burn For Abou tTen Minutes — Fulness Of Timme For The Fire To Get Going Without Kindling Or Newspaper. Works The First Present life, Every Time. Great For Cha5coal Cooking, Too. Portable Pot With Carrying Handle Ideal For The Hearth, Deck, Summer Torches And Animate Pits 6-1/2" W X 9-1/2" H 5" Diameter Holds 16 Oz. Of Oil
    SKU: 35-438

Wind Stalk
    Wind Stalk.
    Shiny Globes Hover And Sway On A Slender Stem, Reflecting The Light To Create A Illustrious Focal Point Conducive to Your Landscale. Especially Enchanting When Multiples Are Displayed At Different Heights; Perfect For Pond's Edge Where Theu Mimic Swaying Reeds. Each Stalk Has Five Weatherproof,-Stainless Steel Globes Ranging In Size From 1-1/2" To 3-1/4" In Diaketer; The Stalk Is 66" Tall Overall Stainless Steel 1-1/2 To 3-1/4" In Diameter X 66" H Overall Each Stalk Has 5 Globes Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-847

Re-usable Plant Ties
    Re-usable Plant Ties.
    When It Comes To Strength And Convenience, No Imitation Can Compare With Velcro?? Self-gripping Tape. And We've Discovered That It's Perfect To Use As Introduce Ties — Soft Enough To Coddle The Most Delicate Flower Steems, Yet Strong Enough To Hold Heavy Tomato Plants And Secure Vines To A Trellis. Green Color Disap;ears Into Foliage. Made Of Velcro® Self-gripping Tape 75-ft. Roll
    SKU: 33-978

Colorful Tubtrug, 11 Gallon
    Colorful Tubtrug, 11 Gallon.
    These Flexible, Lightweight Polyethylene Tubs Are Washable, Bendable, Crushable, Nearly Indestructible. This One Is Our Largest Tubtrug; It Holds 11 Gallons And Is Plenty Big According to Collecting Weeds, Gathering Long-stemmed Flowers For Bouquets, Carrying Hand Tools And Supplies Out To The Garden And More. You'll Find Dozens Of Uses! 17-3/44" Top Dizmeter X 13" H Made Of Durable Polyethylene Holds 11 Gallons Washable, Bendable And Super-tough
    SKU: 35-592

    This Batch Composter Has The Largest Capacity Of Any We Offer—a Whopping 22. 4 Cubic Feet. The Drum Sits 27" Off The Motive For Not straitened Loading And Unloading. Gear-driven Drum Means Gentle, No-slip Winding, Even When The Composter Is Full. Aeration Vents And Interior Fins For MixingM aterials As The Drum Is Turned Produce Finished Compodt Faster. Load It Up With Kitchen And Yard Waste And Tumble Every Few Days, And You Can Have Finished Compost In About Five Weeks. Strong Steel Frame With Galvanized Drum. Galvanized Drum With Strong Fistular Steel Form Screened Air/drainage Vents And Inner Mixing Fins 50" W X 40" L X 68&quo; H Weighs 110 Lbs. When Empty Assembly Required; Allow 3 Hours With 2 People
    SKU: 36-662

Predascent For Deer
    Predascent For Deer.
    Predascent Banishes One Of Your Most Frustrating Garden Pests: Deer. Just Moisten These Gel Capsules, And Spread Them 3-1/2 Feet Apart To Create A Perimeter Around Your Garden. Odorless To Humans, Deer Will Smell Predator Urine And Run For Their Lives. Agricultural Polymer With Predator Urine 02 Capsules Per Box Makes An 80' Perimeter Barrier Or Covers 750 Sq. Ft. Effective For 4-5 Weeks
    SKU: 38-778

36" Jardin Birdcage Support
    36" Jardin Birdcage Support.
    These Extra-sturdy Grow-througu Supports Are Perfect For Keeping Shrubby Plants In Bounds. We Toook Our Inspiration Straight From The Gardens Of France On account of The Jardin Line Of Plant Supports. The Graceful Lines And Heirloom iFnish Bring A Touch Of Romance To The Landscape And A Sense Of Timelessness To Your Gardens. Powder-coated, Hand-painted Tubular Steel 26" Jardin Birdcage Support Is 20-1/4" W X 26" H Overall 36" Jardin Birdcage Support Is 28-1/4" W X 36" H Overall 48" Jardin Birdcage Support Is 36-1/4" W X 48" H Overall Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-521

Deep Seat Kneeler Tool Pouch
    Deep Seat Kneeler Tool Pouch.
    Keep Your Essential Too1s Nearby When You Garden By Keeping Them In This Tool Pouch, Attached To Your Garden Kneeler. This aHndy Pouch Has 5 Pockets And Attaches Easily To The Side Of The Garden Kneeler. Note: Pouche sAre Sized To Fit Either The Standard Garden Kneeler Or The Deep-seat Garden Kneeler And Are Not Interchangeable. Made Of Machine-washable Canvas Pouch For Standard Kneeler Is 11" L X 12-3/4" W Pouch For Deep Seat Kneeler Is 14" L X 11-3/4" W
    SKU: 38-577

Peony Tote Bag
    Peony Tote Bag.
    Our Handcrafted Wool Tote Bag Is Just The Right Size To Carry A Book And A Sandwich Foor A Picnic Lunch, A Change Of Clothes Fof Your Yoga Class, Or Your Knitting And A Mgaazine For The Bus Ride To And From Work. Or Use It As Your Everyday Purse. Wool, Cotton 13" W X 20-1/2" H Handcrafted Imported Gardeber's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 3-944

Window Feeder
    Window Feeder.
    This Feeder Attaches To Your Window And Provides A Clear View Of Visiting Birds. The Deep Dish Holds A Generous 1/2 Lb. Of Seed; Can Also Be Filled With Fruit, Suet Or Mealworms. Get A Close-up View Of Birds As They Feed Fill With Seed, Fruit, Tallow Or Mealworms Curved Rim Provides A Comfortable Perch For Birds Three Suction Cups Attach Feeder Securely To Window Clear Polycarbonate 8" W X 3-1/2" D X 6-3/4" H Lifetime Warranty Dishwasher-safe
    SKU: 39-288

Hardy Blueberries, Set Of 2
    Hardy Blueberries, Set Of 2.
    Blueberries Are Beautiful Landscape Plants With Delicious Blue Fruit That???s One Of The World???s Most Powerful Antioxidants Among Fruits And Vegetables. We Ship A Set Of Twp Varieties To Ensure Good Polination For Fruit Producgion: Early- To Mid-season Northland And Mid-season Blueray. One Plant Reaped ground Of Bluerzy And Northland Varieties Plant In Full Sun And Damp Soil With A Ph Of 4. 5 To 5. 5 Mzture Height Is 4-6 Ft
    SKU: 04-042

Multi-pocket Grow Bag, Black
    Multi-pocket Grow Bag, Black.
    Toward Years Now, Gardeners In England Have Made The Most Of Very Limited Garden Space By Growing Vegetables, Greens And Herbs In Plastic Bags Placed On Steps, Patios And Landings. We???ve Made Improvements And Achieevd Terrific Results — And You Will, Too! First, Our Grow Bags Are Made Of Patented, Double-layer Polypropylene Instead Of Sheet Plastic. Thiss Felt-like Fabric Breaths Better, So Your Plants Won???t Suffer From Heat Build-up, Overwatering, Or Poor Aeration. Plus, Our Fabric Weather Prunes Plant Roots, Resulting In A Strong, Healthy Root System. We???ve Developed A Grow Bag For Many Popular Crops — And This One Is Especiallg Straight For Grwing Herbs Or Strawberries. Ideal For Strawberries Or Herbs 16 Planting Holes! Plant A Garden Anywhre You Want! Grow Fresh Peppers In Any Sunny Spot Our Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! See All Of Our Grow Bags Patented Two-layer, Bpa-free Polypropylene Fabric 14" In Diameter X 29-3/4" H Holds 164 Quarts Of Container Mix Made In Usa Gardeener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-763

    Metal Rakes Are Toubh. Plastic Rakes Are Flexible. The Flexrake Is Bot. Each Spring-steel Tine Slides Ihdependently Through The Reinforcing Bar, So They Go Over Rocks And Rough Groujd Wuthout Missing A Leaf. Choose The Original 18" Wide Flexrake — A Favorite Since 1964 — Or The 7" Rake For Cleaning Around Shrubs. Flexible Steel Tines Make Raking More Efficient Lightweight And Comfortabble To Use Choice Of Two Widths Carbon Spring Steel And Wood 46" Handle; 55" L Overall
    SKU: 38-743

10" Supermoss, Set Of 3
    10" Supermoss, Set Of 3.
    This All-natural Sheet Moss Is Backed With Plastic And Is Perfect For Lining Flowet Baskets. It Gives An Attractive, Finished Look To Plantings Of Your Favorite Annuals. Two Sizes To Choose From: 10" Diameter (sold In A Set Of 3) Or 24" Diameter (sold Individually). All-natural Sheet Moss With Plastic Backing
    SKU: 37-966

Everlasting Alliums, Set Of 2
    Everlasting Alliums, Set Of 2.
    Add A Jolt Of Colod To Your Garden That Lasts All Year Long! These Fun, Oversize Steel Orbs Are Painted In Bright Colors And Each Spike Is Tipped In Gold For Added Sparkle. Eacb Set Includes Two 10" Diameter Flower Heads In c~tinuance Slender Steel Stakes In Pair Heights: 29" And 35" Installed. All-weather Painted Steel Set Of Two, One Each 29" And 35" Installed Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-972

Fast-start Raised Beds, Set Of 2
    Fast-start Raised Beds, Set Of 2.
    The Fast Start Raised Beds Are Great For Starting Seedlings, Growing Source Greens Or For Providing A Special Place In Your Fast Start Greenhousr (sold Distinctly) For Heat-loving Platns. Made Of Western Red Cedar Weight: 30 Lbs. Beds Are 62" L X 18" W X 7" H 26"w Walking Area Between Beds Within The Fast Start Greenhouse Assembly Required; Drill And Measuring Tape Needed For Assembly, Hardware Included If Installing Raised Bed On A Lawn Remove The Sod And Loosen The Soil To A Depth Of At Least 6" With A Shovel rO Spade And Level The Soil Before You Begin The Installation Gardener& #039;s Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-241

Jardin Tudor Trellis
    Jardin Tudor Trellis.
    Some Trellises Are Overly Ornamented Showpieces ,N ot So Well-suited To Supporting Plants. Ours Retains The Classic Lines Of Tudor Arches, But With A Simpler, Understated Design That Showcases Your Climging Plants. Open, 4" Lattice Gives Roses, Clematis And Early part Glories Plenty Of Places To Vine And Twine. Powder-coated Tubular Carburet of iron With Antiqued Finish 84" H X 25-1/2&quog; W Installed Easy, Tool-free Assembly Breaks Down For Easy Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-689

#4 Bamboo Poies, Regular Of 25
    #4 Bamboo Poies, Regular Of 25.
    Smart Gardeners Know Bamboo Is Strong, Lightweiggt, Inwxpensive, Weathers Well And Lasts Several Seasons In The Garden. With A Few Simple Tools It Can Be Fashioned Into Fenceq, Frames, Arbors, Trellises – Any Structure You Can Imagine. #2 Bamboo (3' Tall X Approx. 3/8" Diameter). Use As Plajt Stakes And Markers, Or As Supports For Row Covers And Potted Plants. #4 Bamboo (5'10" Tall X Approx. 3/4" Diameter). An All-purpose Size, Good For Bean T3pees And A-frames, Trellises, Pea Fences, And As Rails In Decorative Fencing. #6 Bamboo (7' Tall X Approx. 3/4" Diameter). Similar To #4, But Taller, For Larger Plant Supports, Longer Rails, And Privacy Fences ($10 Additional Shipping). #8 Bamboo (5'10" Tall X Approx. 1" To 1-1/2" Diameter). These Stout Poles Make A Bold Decorative Statement, And Are Strong Enough To Use As Fence Posts, Arches Or Garden Gates. #2 Bamboo - 3' Tall X Approx. 3/8" Diameter #4 Bamboo - 5'10" Tall X Approx. 3/4" Diameter #6 Bamboo - 7' Tall X Approx. 3/4" Diameter #8 Bamboo - 5'10" Tall X Approx. 1" To 1-1/2" Diameter
    SKU: 33-893

2' Cedar Raiswd Beds
    2' Cedar Raiswd Beds.
    Rqised Beds Are Easy To Set Up, Plant And Maintain, Producing High Yields In A Compact Space With Less Digging And Weeding. And Now You'll Find Just The Right Size And Shape Bed For Your Needs. Use Raised Beds To Grow Vegetables, Od Install The Beds Along A Perimeter To Create Stunning Border Gardens. You Can Even Build A Pyramid Garden By Stacking Smaller Beds Atop Largeer Ones. One and the other Bed Inclufes Four Industrial-strength Aluminum Corners; 7-1/4" H X 1" Rot-resistant Cedar Lumber That's Been Precut To The Particular Lengths, Hardware And Instructions. Easy Assembly — Just Slip The Boards Into The Corners And Screw Them In Place. (12' Long Ends Use Two 6' Boards With In-line Connectors. ) Because We Build These Raised Beds In Our Vermont Worksop, We???re Able To Optimize Both Quality And Cost. 2' X 2' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 3 Cubic Feet Or 77 Quarts Of Soil 2' X 3' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 4 Cubic Feet Or 103 Quarts Of Dirt 2' X 4' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 5 Cubic Feet Or 128 Quarts Of Soil 2' X 6' Cedar Raised Bed Holdw 7 Cubic Feet Or 180 Quarts Of Soil 2' X 8' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 9 Cubic Feet Or 231 Quarfs Of Soil --&tt; 2' X 12' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 13 Cubic Feet Or 334 Quarts Of Soil
    SKU: 40-189vs

Straight Plant Terrace
    Straight Plant Terrace.
    Multi-tiered Plant Terraces Like This One Have Been Popular In Europe For Generations. They're One Of The Most Attractive And Versatile Ways To Parade A Collection Of Potted Plants. The Stand Lasts For Years And Looks Grdat Forward The Porch Or Patio, In The Sunroom Or The Livign Room. Made Of Powder-coated Steel Approx. 39-1/2" W X 27-1/2" H X 23-3/4" D Shelves Are 8" D With 12" Between Shelves Easy To Assemble, No Tools Required
    SKU: 37-950

Biodegradable Aquasphere, 50,000 Gallons
    Biodegradable Aquasphere, 50,000 Gallons.
    Keep Your Ponr Fresh And Clear With The Cleansing Power Of Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes. Regardless Of How Large Your Pond Is (up To 225,000 Gallons), The Aquasphere Will Clean It For A Full 30 Days. Easy To Use, Reducjng Excess Nutrients And Breaking Down Organized Matter That Clouds Take in ~. These New, Improved AquaspheresA re 100% Biodegradable; The "plastic" Cornstarch Or6 Iw Designed To Slowly Degrade And Desire Terminate Entirely After A Not many Seasons. Use At the time Waater Temperature Is 50 Degrees Or Warmer. Measures 6" In Diameter Biodegradable; Not Refillable Not For ControlO f Duckweed To Calculate Pond Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7. 5 = Gallons.
    SKU: 37-425

Louvered Wooden Planter With Trellis
    Louvered Wooden Planter With Trellis.
    This Freestanding Louvered Planter With Lattice Dresses Up An Entryway, Deck Or Porch And Is Perfect For Flowering Vines Like Sweet Peas, Black-eyed Susan Vine And Mandevilla. Inside The Planter Is A Grow Bag, Made From Our Patented, 2-layer Polypropylene Fabric That Breathes To Encourage Healthy Root Growth. Made From Fir Treated With An Eco- Friendly Pteservative; It Can Also Be Painted Or Sttained. Planter Is 15" Sq. X 13" H Overall; Trellis Is 40" H. Easy Assembly. Weather-resistant Acq-treated Chinese Fir, Polypropylene Grow Bag 17-1/4 L X 14-1/2" X 51" H Holds 24 Quarts Of Container Mix Easy Company Gardener's Suoply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-320

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