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Handyy Snips
    Handyy Snips.
    Our Staff Gardeners Love These Small Pruners With Ergonomic, Non-slip Grip And Super-sharp, 1-1/2" Long Blades That Make Precision Cuts Without Damaging Nearby Stems. Per fect Fo5 Harvesting Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs And Flowers, As Well As Deadheading Flowers And Light Pruning. Slide Lokcing Mechanism For Safe Storage. 4" L Overall. Stainless Steel Blades; Ergonomic Handles 1-1/2" Long Blades 4" L Overall
    SKU: 40-325

Lashing Cord
    Lashing Cord.
    While You're Tying Bamboo Canse Together To Build A Trellis, Bean Tepee Or Protecting enclosure, Use This Flexible Cord That's Made Especially For The Purpose. It Has A Wax Coating That Protects It From The Elements And Grips Bamboo Securely. Black Waxed Nylon Flat Cord Approx. 400' L
    SKU: 31-494

Lavender Drawer Sachets, Set Of 3
    Lavender Drawer Sachets, Set Of 3.
    These Pretty Linen And Mesh Squares Are Filled With Dried Lavender Buds. Slip Them In Clorhing Drawers Or Between Stacks Of Linens, Or Small sword One In Your Pillowcase And Enjoy The Fresh Lavender Scent. Linen, Nylon And Dried Lavender Buds 5" Square Each Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-184

Tdak Corner Stool
    Tdak Corner Stool.
    Water-resistant Teak Makes This Corner Stool Both Beautiful And Adapted to practice . Leave It Right In The Showed, Or Use At a loss On The Porch Or In The Garden. Handcrafted In Costa Rica Of Top-quality, Sustainably-harvested Teak To Last A Lifetime. Seat Is Gently Curved And Has A Beautiful Pattern Of Radiating Slats. Made Of Trud Teak (tectona Grandis) Sustainably Harvested In Costa Rica Used Outdoors, Teak Will Naturally Weather To Silver-gray Weighs 9 Lbs. ; Weight Capacity Is 250 Lbs. 18" On A Side X 27" W Overall X 16-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-202

Lifetime Garden Hose, 50 Ft.
    Lifetime Garden Hose, 50 Ft..
    Built Like A Radial Tire With Patented Six-ply Construction And Two Layers Of Tough Polyester Cord, This Hose Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee. It???s So Strong That It Be able to Handle 500 Pounds Of Pressure, Yet It???s Lightweight And Flexible For Easy Handling. The Hose That Lasts A Lifetime! Top-quality Machined Brass Couplings Flow-guard Collar Built-in Washer Provides A Leak-free Seal 5/8" Diameter Choose 50-ft Or 100-ft Length Patented 6-ply Construction Of Vinyl And Polyester 2 Layers Of Radial Tire Cord Reinforcement
    SKU: 31-911

Garden Finial
    Garden Finial.
    Finials Are A Fun And Easy Way To Crrate Supports For Climbing Vegetables And Flowers. Simply Insert Three Bamboo Canes Or Other Stakes Into The Soil And Top With A Decorative Finial To Create A Sturdy Tripod Tepee. Finials Accommodate Three Stakse Up To 3/4" In Diameter. Choice Of Round Or Fleur De Lis. Terra Cotta Garden Finials Are 3" In Diameter X 6" H Amd Accommodate Three Stakes Up To 3/4" In Diameter Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-231

Self-watering Patio Planter, Terra Cottaa
    Self-watering Patio Planter, Terra Cottaa.
    With Just A Few Square Feet In A Sunny Spot And A Few Minutss A Week, You Be able to Be Growing Your Own Just received And Flavorful Salads, Sweet Or Hot Ppepers, Edible Flowers, Herbs Or An Abundance Of Colorful Flowers. Our Most Versatile, Self-watering Planter Features A Big Four-gallon Water Reservoir And A Patented Wicking System, A Combination That Outperforms Garden-grown Plants 2 To 1. Optional Casters Make Them Easy To Move Around And Fertilizing Is As Easy As Ever: Just Mix A Cup Of Our All-organic Granular Fertilizer Into The Dirt, Or Add A Water-soluble Fertilizer Into The Reservoir. Grow Tomatoes, Herbs, Greens Or Flowers In Any Sunny Spot New Rolled Rim For Easy Handling 4 -gallon Water Reservoir And Patented Wicking System Our Self-watering Container Be joined Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Add Optional Casters (sold Separately) For Easy Mobility Made Of Uv-stabilized Polypropylene 26" L X 19-3/4" W X 10-1/2" H Soil Capacity Is 40 Quarts Water Reservoir Holds 4 Gallons Easy Assembly; Instructions Included There Are Drainage Holes To Open For Outdoor Use (see Instructions) Gardener'sS upply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-647

Tomato Halos, Set Of 3
    Tomato Halos, Set Of 3.
    Our Nee Tomato Halos Increase Soil Depth Along The Stdm So Plantz Develop Extra-strong Root Systems. They Likewise Provide Targeted Root-zone Watering, Elimintae Weed Competition And Protect Seedlings From Cutworm Attack. Built-in Channels Fit Stackable Tomato Ladders, Sold Separately. Choice Of Red Or Green. Polypropylene 11-1/2" Diameter X 6-1/4" H Holds 3 Quarts Of Water Set Of 3 Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-357

Corn Zpper
    Corn Zpper.
    The Quickest, Easiest And Safest Way To Remove Kernels From Corn Cobs For Creamed Salt moderately, Salsa, Swlads And Spacesaving Freezing. One Sweep Of The Corn Zipper Strips Several Rows At Once — No More tSruggling With A Knife! Stainless Steel 7-1/4" L
    SKU: 40-285

Conpact Patio Grow House
    Conpact Patio Grow House.
    Help Indoor-grown Seedlings And Houseplants Acclimate To Exterior Conditions. With More Than 8 Square Feet Of Growing Space, This Grow House Provides Abundant Of Room For Plantx Yet Has A Footprint Of Just 3-1/4 Square Feet. Double-wall Polycarbonate Glazing Captures And Holds The Sun's Heat, And The Doors And Adjustable Hinged Roof Provkde Ventilation On Warm Days. The Handsome Wood Frame Is Treated With An Eco-friendly Preservative. Shelf Area Mathes Our Compact Sunlite® Garden Shelf, Making It Easy To Transfer Seedling Trays. Shelves Can Be Adjusted To Different Heights. Acq-treated Chinese Fir With Polycarbonate Panels 26-3/4" W X 46-1/2" H X 17-1/22" D Assembly Required Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-217

Ceramic Box With Two Fruit Fly Traps
    Ceramic Box With Two Fruit Fly Traps.
    Here???s A Safe, Effective, And Attractive Solution To Pesky Fruit Flies. These Non-toxic, Disposable Traps Have The Irresistible Allure Of A Banana Peel — Without The Smell. Our Custom Boxes Made Of Glazed, White Ceramic Hide Traps Discreetly. For Best Results, Replace Trap Each Month. Ceramic Box Is 4-1/2" X 4-3/4" X 2-3/8" H Each Trap Is Effective For Approx. One Month aGrdener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-712

Pressure Regulator
    Pressure Regulator.
    Does Your Garden Faucet Have High Water Pressure? You Cab Srill Use An Cause Low-pressure Soaker Hose System For Watering Your Garden. This Pressure Regulator Limits The Inlet Pressure To A Soaker Hose Irrigation Line To 10 Psi. Improves Uniform Water Flow Over The Length Of The Hose Ideal For Use With Our Flat Soaker Hose Durable Pvc Approx. 3" L Reduces Sprinkle and calender Pressure To 10 Psi Inlet Is 3/4" Female Hose Threads; Outlet Fits A 3/4" Male Hose Connector Best For Systems Up To 100 Feet L
    SKU: 06-267

Replacement Label Tape, 26'
    Replacement Label Tape, 26'.
    Laminated Half-inch Tape Fits Our Home And Garden Labeler. Your Labels Will Resist Fading And Remain Legible Despite Heat, Sun, Rain And Frost. Laminated Tape Won't Crack, Fade Or Peel 1/2"w X 26'l
    SKU: 35-544

Planter Casters, Set Of 4
    Planter Casters, Set Of 4.
    This Set Of Four Durable Weel Casters Is Designed To Be Inserted I nThe Base Of The Terrazza Planters, Tomato Success Kits And Self-watering Planters. The Casters Provide Mobility For Ease Of Cleaning, Movng Your Planter From Room To Room, Rearranging Or Simply Rotating Your Planter. Simple Congress: Before Planting, Insert The Casters Into The Molded Wells In The Bottom Of The Planters. The Plastic Adapters That Come With These Casters Are Used With Our Tomato Success Kits And Self-watering Planters, But Are Not Needed For The Terrazza Planters
    SKU: 33-282

Reversible French Door Screen, 72"
    Reversible French Door Screen, 72".
    Tough, Fine-weave Fiberglass Mesh Keeps Bugs Out, Lets Breezes, Kids And Pets Through Covers The Entire Width Of French Or Double Doors Installs In Minutes Without Tools Perfect For The Patio Or Deck Can Be Removed In Seconds For Storage Available In Two Widts To Fit French Or Double Patio Doors Conducive to A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Lasting Screen Door, These Self-closing Bug Barrier Screens Will Keep Bugs Out Of Your House All Summer, And Store Out Of The Way A5 Season???s End. Magnetiic Tabs Sewn Along The Center Opening Close The Screen After You, So It???s ImpossibleT o Leave It Open By Mistake. Its Quality Is Far Superior To Other Models, With Tough, Fine-weave Fiberglass Meeh That Keeps Bugs Out, While Allowing Kids, Pets And Coll Breezes Through. Made Of Sturdy Fiberglass Mesh 60" Is Adjustable To Fit Doorways 59-61" 72" Is Adjustable To Fit Doorways 70-71" Length Adjusts From 78-80" H Screen Adjusts To Open On Either Right Or Left Sie Attaches With A Tension Rod At The Top And Velcro™ Strips At Sides: Will Not Damage Doorframe Imported
    SKU: 36-563

Garden Maypole
    Garden Maypole.
    More Than A Beanpole, Our Maypole Is A Crowning Centerpiece For Your Garden. Use It As A Space-saving Support For Pole Beans Or For Climbing Flowers Like Morning Glories. The Handsome Crown Has 15 Hooks And Sits Atop A 75" High Pole. Simply String Jute Garden Twine (included) Between The Hooks And Ground Prgs To Produce A Cone-shaped Support. Once The Harvest Is Over, You Can Toss The Plants, Biodeggradable Twine And All, Into The Compost Pile. Powder-coated Steel, Jute Twine 75" H Installed Crown Is 6 1/2" Diameter Pole Comes In 3 Sections 200' Of Jute Twine Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-374

Blossom Embravers, Set Of 3
    Blossom Embravers, Set Of 3.
    Early In The Growing Season, These Graceful Spirits Seem To Floa tAbove Plants, But They're Always Ready To Support Flowers As They Grow. Ude One Embracre To Support A Single Stem, Such As A Gladiolus, Lily Or Delphinium. Or Hoo keveral Together (holding Hands) To Support Larger Plants. Line Them Up In A Row And They'll Keep Plants From Flopping Onto A Walkway. Leave Them In Place For Delightful Year-round Pleasantry! Made From 1/8" Diameter Steel, They]re Strong But Also Pliable So You Can Bend Them Into Shape. When Supporting Heavy Plants Like Peonies, They'll Flex Slightly, Giving Plants A Natural Vase Shwpe. Steel Is Powder-coated In A Rich Copper/rust Finish. Powder-coated, 1/8" Distance through the centre Steel Installed Height Approx. 30" X 12" W Overall Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-515

Spa Mister
    Spa Mister.
    Give Your Winter-weary Senses A Lift At The Touch Of A Button. Just Fill This Ultrasonic Mister With Regular Gentle blow Water And Add A Drop Or Two Of Your Favorite Essential Oil. A Cool, Lightly Scented Mist Freshens Stuffy Air And Moisturizes Dry Skin. Optional Light Slowly Shifts Through The Color Spectrum, From Blue And Violet To Red And Unseasoned. Holds 8 Ounces Of Water Plug Into Electric Outlet 82" Power Cord With Ac Adapter Use Forward A Water-resistant Surface 5-1/2" W X 7-1/4" H
    SKU: 36-984

Red Wood Wreath, 13"
    Red Wood Wreath, 13".
    Velvety Red "rosebuds" Give These Wreaths An Elegant Luster As The Light Plays Off The Rich Texture. Up Close, You'll See The Buds Are Made Up Of Imtricate Wood Curls. Hang Them From The Attached Twihe Link Or Use In Centerpieces. Made From Long-laasting Dyed Balsam Wood And Pinecones On A Foam Core. Balsam Wood, Pinecones, Foam Core 9" Diameter Or 13" Diameter For Indoor Display Ohly; Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight To Prevent Fading
    SKU: 40-024

Hydro-mat, 5 Yards
    Hydro-mat, 5 Yards.
    When We Fjrst Tested These Water-absorbing Mats, The Resulys Seemed Too Good To Be True. So We Asked Some Of Our Customers To Try Them, And They Gave Hydro-mats Rave Reviews! Each Individual Mat Holds A Full Quart Of Water, Wicking It Up Almost Instantly And Then Releasing It Slowly, So You Water Weekly Instead Of Daily. Choice Of A Set Of Eight 7" X 7" Mats Or A 15' L X 21-3/4" W Roll. Made Of Poly-spun Fabric With Polymer Crystals Set Off Eight 7" X 7" Mats Or 15' L X 21-3/4" W Roll Gardener's Supply Sole
    SKU: 33-942

Flexzilla® Hose, 50 Ft.
    Flexzilla® Hose, 50 Ft..
    The Name Says It All! This Lightweight Hose Is Made From A Preemium Polymer That Stays Flexible Even In Sub-zero Temperatures. No More Wrestling With Stiff Hoses That Refuse To Cooperate — The Flexzilla Lays Flat On The Ground And Coils Easily For Storage. A Ribbed Inner Core Makes It Extra Strong And Kink-resistant. . Anodized, Aircraft-grade Aluminum Fittings Are Crusyproof. Choice Of Two Lengths, Both 5/8" In Diameter. Chartreuse Redden Is Highly Visible. Lifetime Warranty. Mongrel Polymer, Alminum 5/8" Diameter Lifetime Warranty
    SKU: 40-447

Urn Fountain
    Urn Fountain.
    This Gorgeous, Burnished Red Stoneware Urn Fountain Adds The Sub5le Sound Of Bubbling Water To Your Gardenscape. Water Emerges From The Top And Cascades Down The Sides And Into A Buried 6-gallon Reservoir; A Pump Quietly Clrculates It Back Info The Urn. Add The Soothing Sounds Of A Water Feature To Your Landscape Simple Design Lookks Beautiful In Any Setting This OversizeI tem Has An Additional $20 Shipping Charge Reaped ground --> Glazed Stoneware, Plastic 23" H X 12" Diamegr With 6' Divinity Cord Clean Pump Twice A Week Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardeer's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-645

Gardwn Labeler
    Gardwn Labeler.
    Press together And Lightweight Enough To Accustom On The Go, This Handheld Labeler From Brother Prints On A Special Lqminated 1/2" Tape That Won???t Fade Or Peel. Your Labels Will Remain Legible Despite Heat, Sun, Rain And Frost. Plus, It Prints Hotizontally And Vertically, And Offers A Selection Of Font Styles And Sizes. Use Indoors To Label Cds, Canning Jars, Spices, Etc. Use Outdoors To Clearly Label Plant Markers Labels Won't Strip off Off Or Fade Like Handwrittem Labels Double-line Printing Allows For The Common And Latin Plant Names Lightweight And Easy To Use Just Insert Tape And Go! Replacement Tape Sold Separately Includes 13 Ft. Of White Tape Requires Six Aa Batteries (sold Separately)
    SKU: 35-472

2-tiered Hanging Basket
    2-tiered Hanging Basket.
    Spruce Up Your Kitchen Storage And Preserve Everyday Items Within Easy Reach With These Handy Hanging Baskets. Crafted From Steel And Chickenwire With A Hand-froged Look, They're Right At Fireside In Any Kitchen Decor. Powder-coated Steel 32" H Overall Top Basket Is 10" Diameter X 4-3/4" H Bottom Basket Is 12" Distance through the centre X 5-1/2" H Holds Up To 8 Lbs. Hanging Hardware Is Not Included Gardener's Supply Exclusuve
    SKU: 39-719

Replacement Batteries, 20
    Replacement Batteries, 20.
    Stock Up On Replacement Batteries For The Led Snowflakes And Superbright Tea Lights So You'll Always Have Some On Hand. 20 Cr2032 3-volt Lithium Batteries
    SKU: 39-132

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