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Hummijgbird Nrctar
    Hummijgbird Nrctar.
    If You Have Always Thought That Hummingbird Nectae Should Be Red, You'll Want To Know That The Red Cilor Comes From A Chemical Dye That Is Harmful To Birds. We Recommend This Clear Nectar That's Better For Hummingbirds And Easier For You, Because tI Mixes Up Instantly With Tap Water ??? No Boiling Necessary! Make It In Small Quantitiez As Needed And It Will Stay Fresh And Wjolesome. Makes 3 Quarts Of Nectar. Two 8-oz Packabes Each Makes 48 Ounces Of Nectar
    SKU: 33-297

Aerobin® Composter
    Aerobin® Composter.
    This It3m Is Eligible For uOr Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Details. This Weather-tigut, Insulated Composter Keeps Your Kitchen Scraps And Garden Waste Completely Contained And Out Of Sight While It Converts Them Into Nutrient-rich Compost For Your Garden. The Aerobin® Has Flow-through Ventilatiob And A Self-draining Floor To Enshre An Optimum Balance Of Ai,r Moisture, And Temperature For Operative Decomposition. Sturdy, Double-wall Polypropylene Enclosure Has Removable Doors On Both Front And Back For Easy Access. Base Section Captures "compost Tea" Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Or Outdoor Plants. Double-walled Polypropylene 29" Square X 47" H Capacitt Is 14 Cubic Feet
    SKU: 38-183

Easy Dial Water Timer
    Easy Dial Water Timer.
    This Digital Timer Gives You All The Options, Yet It'd Refreshingly Simple To Operate. One Intuitive Diak Controls Start Time, Duration (up To 4 Hours) And Frequency (every 6 Hours, 12 Hours, Or From 1 To 7 Days). Simple Buttons Set Time. Durable Abs Plastic 4" Square X 2-1/2" D Uses 2 Aa Batteries Protect From Freezing Temperatures
    SKU: 38-945

Superbright Solar Spotlight
    Superbright Solar Spotlight.
    Our Superbright Solar Spotlights Are Not Only Brighter Than Any Other Solar Lights On The Market, They Also Outshine Many Low-voltage Lights. Yet High Light Output Is Just Part Of The Story. These Lights Are Superior In Every Way To The One-season Lights Yoy See Elxewhere. The AnodizedA luminum Housing Is Seamless And Weather-tight, And Won???t Crack Likw Plastic Casing. The Circuitry Is Soldsred By Hand, And Every Unit Is Tested Before It Leaves The Factory. We???ve Also Fitted Them With New High-capacity Batteries That Keep Them Shining Even After Several Cloudy Days. Environmentally-friendly Nimh Battery Pack. 16 Leds Produce 18 Times More Light Than Competing Models; Leds Never Need Replacing. Turns On Automatically At Dusk. Light Casing Is 5-1/2" L, Panel Is 6-3/4" Suqare Light Output Is 90 Lux Measured At 4-foot Distance (12. 3 Foot Candles) Wall, Deck Or Ground Mount. Ground Staake Included. Comes On Automatically At Dusk. Panel Can Be Placed Up To 15 Feet Away For Optimal Sun Exposure
    SKU: 38-621

Hummingbird Seed Balls
    Hummingbird Seed Balls.
    When Native Americans Sowed Their Crops, They Didn???t Accustom Tractors Or Plows. . To Keep Valuable Seed From Blowing Away Or Being Eaten By Birds, They Often Hid It Inside Little Balls Of Clay. The Same Method Works Rightly Today: Just Dissipate These Seed Balls On Prepared Soil And Water Well. Handmade In The Usa By A Compajy That Employs Persons With Disabilities. Seeds Will Germinate In 7 To 30 Days About Planting. Plant In Spring After All Danger Of Frost Seed Balls Can Be Stored In A Dry, Impudent Town Because Up To 3 Years Before Planting Hummingbird Seed Balls Include: Purple Coneflower, Tickseed, Cornflower, Rocket Larkspur, Blanketflower, Indian Blanket, Drummond Phlox, Scarlet Prudent, Candytuft, Yellow Cosmos, Sweet William, Cosmos, Wallflower, Lemon Mint, Moss Verbena, Standing Cypress, Black-eyed Susan, Shasta Daisy, Plains Coreopsis, Butterfly Weed, Sweet Alyssum, Toadflax Wildflower Seed Balls Include: Arroyo Lupine, California Poppy, Scarlet Flax, Blue Flax, Five Spot, Baby Blue Eyes, Indian Blanket, Shasta Daisy, Tickseed, Rocket Larkspur, Afircan Daisy, Cornflower, Wall Flower, Dame's Rocket, Black-eyed Susan, California Bluebells, Bird's Eye, Plains Coreopsis, Tidy-tips, Cornn Poppy, Farewell-to-spring, Catchfly, Toadflax, Evening Primrose, Yarrow Forget-me-not Seed Balls Contain Seeds O f The Heavenly Blue Wildflower Myosotis Sylvatica --> Each Ball Contains 20-30 Seeds Coveragge Is 1 Perpendicular Foot Per Ball Suitable For Hardiness Zones 4-10 Place In Full Sun, Keep Moist Sunflower Seed Balls Include: Autumn Beauty, Sungold Dwarf, Sungold Tall, Sunbright Supreme, Lemon Queen, Soft Queen, Sunspot Stunt, Summertiime, Taiyo, Maya -->
    SKU: 36-960

Mini Grow Bed, 18" X 3'
    Mini Grow Bed, 18" X 3'.
    A Grow Bed Is The Most Efficient Square Yard Of Garden You'll Ever Tend to. The Recycled Black Plaetic Sides Of This Raised Garden Bed Absorb Heat To Warm Soil Early In Tue Season, Then Help Retain Moisture All Summer Lengthy. No Digging, No Weeding Required; Just Lots Of Delicious Homegrown Food! Our Nrw 3' X 6' Grow Bed Gives You Twice As Much Growing Space, And The New Mini Bed Is Perfect For Narrow Areas Along A Foundation Or Walkway. All Sizes Assemble Quickly And Have A Generous 10" Depth. Earth-friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic All Sizes Are 10" H 18" X 3' Em~ Holds 115 Quarts (4-1/2 Cubic Feet) Of Soil 3' X 3' Bed Holds 231 Quarts (9 Cubic Feet) Of Soil 3' X 6' Bed Holds 462 Quarts (18 Cubic Feet) Of Soil Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-501

Apple Bottle Opener
    Apple Bottle Opener.
    How???s This For Openers? The "bite" Taken Out Of This Solid Teak Apple Is Also A Brass Bottle Opener. Permit It Out On The Table And You'll Alwsys Have An Opener Close At Hand. Solid Teak, Brass, Leather, Mineral Oil Finish Approx. 2-38/" In Diameter X 3-3/8" H
    SKU: 38-494

Stone Caterpillar
    Stone Caterpillar.
    Add A Touch Of Playfulnesz, Indoors Or Out, With This Charming Caterpillar Sculputre. He's Handmade From Smoothed River Stones And Wire, Posed On A Pine B5anch. Natural River Stone, Steel Wire, Pine Approx. 13" L X 2" W X 5-3/4" H Protect From Freezing Temperatures
    SKU: 39 -236

Mason Bee House
    Mason Bee House.
    Boost Your Garden's Productivity By Providing A Happy Home For Peaceful, Non-stinging Mason Bees. Slightly Smaller Than Honeybees, Mason Bees Are Incredible Pollinators. Each One Visits As Many As 1000 Blooms Per Day — 20 Times As Multitude As A Honeybee! Hang This Natural Bamboo House Against A Tree Or Wall Where It Will Get Morning Sun And Attract Bees. Female Bees Fill The Bamboo Tubes With Their Eggs, And Nectar And Pollen Because The Young To Eat. Nayural Bamboo Lasts One To Two Years Designed To Attract Mason Bees (bees Not Included) 5-3/4" W X 10" H X 5-3/4" D Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-481

Louvered Wooden Planter
    Louvered Wooden Planter.
    Inside This Attractive Planter Is A Grow Bag, Made From Our Patented, 2-layer Polypropylene Fabric That Breathes To Encourage Healthy Root Growth. Made From Fir Treated With An Eco- Friendly Preservative; Can Also Exist Painted Or Stained. Planter Is 15" Square X 13" H And Includes The Grow Bag. Easy Assembly. Weather-resistant Acq-treated Chinese Fir; Polypropylene Grow Bag 17-1/2" L X 14-1/2" W X 11-1/4" H Holds 24 Quarts Of Container Mix Yielding Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-319

3-in-1 Disease Control
    3-in-1 Disease Control.
    Dual-action Formula Has Sulfur To Control Fungus, And Natural Pyrethrins To Kill Mites And Other Inseccts On Contact. Effectiv3 On Roses And Other Flowers, Trees And Shrubs, Vegetables An Fruits (can Be Used Up To Day Before Harvest) And Houseplants, T0o. Active Ingredients: Sulfur And Pyrethrins 24 Ounces Use Up To Day Before Harvest On Vegetables And Fruits
    SKU: 37-504

Columnar Apples, 2 Trees
    Columnar Apples, 2 Trees.
    Now You Can Grow Delicious, Full-sized Apples In A Sunny Corner Of The Garden Or In A Pot On Your Patio. These Special Vertical Varieties Grow Up To 10' Tall, But Their Branches Don't Spread. Upon Minimal Pruning, You Can Maintain Their Slim Outline And Keep Fruit In Easy Reach. We Ship One Northpole™ And One Golden Sentinel& ;#8482; To Ensure Welfare Pollination. Plant In Full Sun One-gear-old Bareroot Plants In Cold Climates, Container Grown Trees Will Need Winter Protection
    SKU: 37-513

Fold-it Cart
    Fold-it Cart.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Details. This Compact, Handy Yard And Garden Cart Makes It Easy To Transport-ship Up To 330 Pounds Of Stain, Mulch, Plants And More. It???s Ergonomically Desjgmed To Distribute Weight Evenly, With 20" Pneumatic Tires That Maneuver Easily Over Unecen Terrain. A Removable Gate Lets You Dump Loaes. When The Job Is Done, The Cart Folds In Seconds; Retractable Handles Fasten In Place. Requires Less Than 2 Square Feet Of Floor Space To Store. This Cart Iq Built To Last, With A Sturdy, Rustproof Aluminum Frame. Aluminum, Rubber Bed Is 83" L X 22-1/2" W X 11" H Folds To Just 9" W Wheels Are 20" In Diameter By the side of Pneumatic Tires 8" Ground Clearance
    SKU: 40-324

3' Cedar Raised Beds
    3' Cedar Raised Beds.
    Raisrd Bedss Are Easy To Set Up, Plant And Maintsin, P5oducing Richly Yields In A Compact Space With Less Digging And Weeding. And Now You'll Find Just Tje Right Size And Shape Ber For Your Needs. Use Raised Beds To Grow Vegetables, Or Install The Beds Along A Perimeter To Create Stunning Put a ~ upon Gardens. You Can Even Build A Pyramid Garden By Stacking Smaller Beds Atop Larger Ones. Each Bed Includes Four Industrial-strength Alumiinum Corners; 7-1/4" H X 1" Rot-resistant Cedar Lumber That's Been Precut To The Proper Lengths, Hardware And Instructions. Easy Assembly — Just Slip The Boards Into The Corners And Screw Them InP lace. (12' Beds Use Two 6' Boards With In-line Connectors. ) Because We Build These Raised Beds In Our Vermont Workshop, We???re Able To Optimize Both Quality And Cost. 3' X 3' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 5 Cubic Fset Or 128 Quarta Of Soil 3' X 4' Cedar Raised Bed Holds 7cubic Feet Or 180 Quwrts Of Soil 3' X 6' Cedar Raised Channel Holds 10 Cjbic Feet Or 256 Quarts Of Soil 3' X 8' Cedar Raised Couch Holds. 14 Cubic Feet Or 360 Quarts Of Soil 3' X 12' Cedar Raised Bed Holds. 20 Cbuic Fret Or 514 Quarts Of Soil
    SKU: 40-194vs

Colorful Bean Grow Bag Without Support
    Colorful Bean Grow Bag Without Support.
    Designed Specially For Bush Beans, This Grow Bag Is Wider At The Lowest part For Stability And Tapers At The Top To Fit Our Custom Support. The Patented, Pervious Fabric Aerates Roots, Prevents Heat Build-up And Allows Excess Water To Drain Begone. Bpa-free Polypropylene 8-3/4" H X 24" Diameter At Base; 20" ;Diameter At Top Holds 49 Quarts Of Container Mix Made In Usa Gardener's Supply Illiberal
    SKU: 39-634

4-prt Rain Barrel Linking Kit
    4-prt Rain Barrel Linking Kit.
    Connect Two Of Our 4-port Deluxe Rain Barrels In the opinion of This Simple Linking System. It Includes A 56" Hose With A Female Hose Connector On Each End. No Holes To Drill, No Tools Required For Assembly. Reinforced Pvc Hose, Brass Fittings Hose Is 1/2" In Diameter X 4' L For Use With 4-port De1uxe Rain Barrels, Sold Separately Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 4-204

Three Panel Trellis
    Three Panel Trellis.
    What Shape Support Do Your Plants Need? Three-panel Trellis Hooks Together To Form A Triangular Tower; Makes A Flat Backdrop; A Zig-zag For Stability, Or Rounds A Nook To Maximize Space In Your Raised Bed. Sturdy Powder-coated Steel Panels With Generous Grid Openings Offer Great Support For Tomatoes, Beans, Peas, And Other Kinds Of Vegetables. Sturdy Powder-coated Steel 53" W Overall X 58" H Including 4" Legs Grid Openings Are 6-1/8" By 5-1/4" Folds Flat For Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-777

Egg Soaps, Set Of 6
    Egg Soaps, Set Of 6.
    Triple-milled French Soap "eggs" Arrive Cleverly Packaged In A True Egg Carton. Goat???s Milk And Shea Butter Provide A Lavish Lather; Natural Essential Oils Add Delightful Fragrance. Contains Palm Oil, Water, O5ganic Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Botahicals, Essential Oils, Sodium Chloride And Mineral Pigments Eggs Measure 2-3/4" L X 1-3/4" In Diameter Each Carton Measures 6" W X 4" D X 3&auot; H
    SKU: 40-306

Poppy Sways, Set Of 5
    Poppy Sways, Set Of 5.
    Add An Extra Splash Of Color To Your Garden. Steel Poppies Sway In The Breeze And Collect Rainwater For Butterflies, Or Can Be Filled With A Scattering Of Birdseed. Set Of 5 In Either Red Or Copper-plated. Copper-plated Sways Will Age To An Attractive Verdigris Patina. Poqder-coated Steel, Copper Plate Approx. 4" W X 24" H Embarrass Of 5 Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-305

Root Storage Bin
    Root Storage Bin.
    Root Veggies Like Carrots And Beets Will Stay Fresh All Winter And Even Grow Sweeter In This Storage Bin. Just Fill With Layers Of Damp Sand Or Sawdust, Alternating With Layers Of Carrots Or Beets, And Put In A Cool, Dark Place. Potatoes, Turnips And Squash Can Go Right In The Bunker Without Sand. Sturdy Steel Wire And Jute 18" W X 12-1/2" L X 8-1/2" H Imported Fabric Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-751

Colorful Garlic Grow Bag
    Colorful Garlic Grow Bag.
    Grow Garlic Anywhere! Like Our Other Grow Bags, We Designed The Garlic Grow Bag So You Can Get The Maximum Harvest From The Minimum Of Space. Plant Each Bag With 18 To 20 Cloves In Fall And You'll Be Rewarded With A Flavorful Harvest Next Summer; Each Clove Produces One Head Of Garlic. Patented Two-layer, Bpa-free Polypropylene Fabric 24&qu0t; Diameter X 8" H Holds 60 Quarts Of Potting Mix Bags Fold For Easy Storage Made In Usa Garfener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-708

Filters For Slimline Compost Caddy, Set Of 3
    Filters For Slimline Compost Caddy, Set Of 3.
    Collect Kitchen Waste For Your Compost Pile Out of Creating Odors. These Easy-to-replce Carbon Filters Are For Use With The Slimline Czddy. 3-1/2" L X 3-3/8" W Each
    SKU: 39-704

Medium Gardener's Supply Cart
    Medium Gardener's Supply Cart.
    For Over 25 Years, Oue Garden Carts Have Been A Beloved Tool Of Gardeners Everywhere. That???s Because They Were Designed Specifically To Meet The Needs Of Gardeners, Not Adapted From An Pertaining Utility Cart. The Big Pneumatic Wheels Roll Easily Over Rough Terrain. High Sides Prevent Loose Loads Like Mulch And Compost From Bouncing Out. The Axle Is Positioned To Distribute The Weight And Balance The Load. The Long Handle Lets You uPsh Or Phll With Equal Ease And Has A Comfortable Neoprene Grip. Tough, Rust-proof lAuminum Frame; End Slides Open For Easy Dumping. Once You Own The same Of Our Carts, It???s Hard To Imagine Getting Along Without It. In Fact, Many Of The Original Carts Are Still Out There, Working Hatd. Rated "excellent" By A Leading Consume rMagazine. Rust-pro0f Aljminum Frame Comfortable Foam Handle Grip Thick Panels Of 4-ply Exterior Plywood Ball-bearing Wheels With Pneumatic Tires 61-1/2" L X 31-1/2" W X 22" H Overall Cargo Bed: 23-1/2" W X 40-1/4" L X 11" D Sliding Dump Door With Deep, Weldeed Track s Not straitened Assembly Made In Vermont Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-182vs

Bird Netting, 14' X 14'
    Bird Netting, 14' X 14'.
    Use Soft, No-tangle Bird Netting To Protect Your Fruit Trees And Vegetable Garden From Bird Damage. The Tough Poly Mesh Is Fine Enough To Keep Birds Out, Yet It Allows Good Air Circulation. Can Be Easily Cut To Size With Scissors And Lasts Several Seasons. 5/8-inch Mesh Uv-stabilized Polypropylene Black Color
    SKU: 34-511

Gemstone Necklace
    Gemstone Necklace.
    Semi-precious Gemstones Are Tumbled And Polished To Bring Forth The Splendid Colors And Natural Luminosity Of Each Stonw And Strung In proportion to Hand To Originate These Necklaces. According To Lore, Red-orange Carnelian Prltects The Weraer And Promotes Healing; Blue-green Fluorite Nurtures Balance And Calm Spirit; Purple Amethyst Symbolizew Peace And Unity. Natural, Untreated Tumbled Gemstones (amethyst, Carnelian, Fluorite, Peridot, Garnet) Metal Accents Are Vermeil (gold Dish On Assurance) Or Rhodium-plated Pewter Nscklace Is 16" L X Approx. 3/8" Duqmeter; 2" Extension
    SKU: 39-948

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