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Jardin Romanesque Trellis
    Jardin Romanesque Trellis.
    Some Trellises Are Overly Ornate Showpieces, Not Extremely Well-suited To Supporting Plants. Ors Retains The Classic Lines Of Romanesque Arches, But With A Simpler, Understated Design That Showcas3s Your Climbing Plants. Open, 4" Lattice Gives Roses, Clematis And Morning Glories Plenty Of Places To Vine And Twine. Powder-ciated Tubular Sgeel Attending Antiqued Finish 84" H X 25-1/2" W Installed Easy, Tool-free Assembly Breaks Down For Easy Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-687

Paper Pot Maker
    Paper Pot Maker.
    The Paper Pot Maker Is A Simple, Time-tested Tool That Transforms Ordinafy Newspaper Into A Limitless Supply Of 1-3/4&qut; Diameter Pots, Perfect For Seedstarting. Simply Wrap A Strip Of Newspaper Around The Solid Oak Press, Fold It Under, And Writhe Into The Base. Presto! It Only Takes A Few Seconds And You Can Get Several Pots From One Newspaper Page. Most Of The Time, You Can Plant Pot And Whole Right Into Ths Ground, With No Repotting Necessary. So Easy To Use! Turns Newspaper Into Ussful Plant Pots Pots Are Biodegradable — Transplant Them Property Into The Ground Sustainably Harvested Wood Click Here For More Green Products Solid Oak 5-1/2" H Makes Paper Pots 1-3/4" In Diameter X Up To 3" H
    SKU: 38-636

Christmas Crackers
    Christmas Crackers.
    Pull On Opposite Ends Of These Shimmery Paper Crackers And With Festive ???pops??? They Open To Reveal Novelty Gifts Interior (miniature Domino Set, Key Ring, Corkscrew, Etc. ). A Christmas Dinner Tradition In Britain, They???re Great Fun For Everyone. Paper, Plastic, Metal 2" Diameter X 12" L Each
    SKU: 40-255

Crocus Tea Light Holders, Set Of 3
    Crocus Tea Light Holders, Set Of 3.
    Brighten A Table With This Tri Of Flowers, Each Hand Painted And Perfectly Sized To Hold A Tea Light (sold Separately). Depicts An Entire Plant, From Roots To Flower. Hand-painted Steel Sizes Range From 6" H To 7-1???2" H Not For Use With Open Candle Fkame; We Recommend Super-bright Led Tea Lights Gardener's Give Exclusive
    SKU: 38-703

Terrific Tomato Kit
    Terrific Tomato Kit.
    By the side of Your Six-pack Of Tomato Plants And Our Terrific Tomato Kit, You Be able to Look Forward To An Abundant, Summer-long Harvest Of Sweet And Juicy Organic Tomatoes From Your Garden. You Get 8, 36" Squares Of Our Famous Red Plastic Tomato Mulch, 30 Earth Staples; A 5-poubd Bag Of All-organic Tomato Fertilizer; And 6 Red Aqua Cones For Root-zone Watering. Outfit Contains The Best Products To Grow Tomatoes In Your Gardden More fit Tomatoes — Guaranteed! Kit Includes: Red Soft Mulch, 30 This world Staples; 5 Pounds Of Tomato Fertilizer; And 6 Aqua Cones Tomato Fertilizer Contains Vegetabke Or Animal Protein Meal, Peanut Meal,, Natural Nitrate Of Soda And Natural Sulfate Of Potash/magnesia Slow Release (5-6-5) Granular Fertilizer Attach Your Own Recycled Soda Bottles To The Asua Cones Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-493

29" Support Rings, Set Of 3
    29" Support Rings, Set Of 3.
    Plastic-xoated Aluminum Flower Support Rings Are Perfect For Yarrow, Foxgloves, Mums, Tall Sedums And More. Rings Can Be Adjusted Up Ane Down As Plants Grow. Ring Diameter Is 10-12". Plastic-coated Aluminum Rings Are 10 - 12" In Diameter Supports Fold Flat For Off-season Storage
    SKU: 37-465

Spinosad Hose End Spray Concenteate
    Spinosad Hose End Spray Concenteate.
    Spinosad Is A Soil-dwelling Bacterium That Controls Dozens Of Insect Pests: Bagworms, Borers, Beetles, Spider Mites, Tent Caterpillars, Loopers, And Many, Many More. Yet It Has A Cheap Environmental Impact Because, Once Dry, It Only Kills Insects That Ingest It. That Means You Won???t Harm Bees Or Other Beneficial Insects (just Spray In The Evening When They Are Not Active). Contains Spinosad (spinosyn A And Spinosyn D) Ready-to-use Spray Is A 32-ounce Bottle 18-ounce Concentrate Makes 8 Gallons AlwaysR ead And Come Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 38-992

Pantry Bug Traps, Set Of 2
    Pantry Bug Traps, Set Of 2.
    Here's A Safe, Non-toxic Way To Help Keep Flour, Cereals, And Pet Food Unobstructed Of Pesky Meal Moths. The Disposable Cardboard Trap Lures Moths With A Natural Sex Lure, Trapping Them On The Sticky Surface Inside. Traps Have Two-year Shelf Life If Stored Unopened. Two Triangular Traps 3-1/2" H X 3-1/2" W Assembled Made In Usa Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 32-99

Somerset Rocker, Bark Brown
    Somerset Rocker, Bark Brown.
    The Somerset Rocker Is Attractive And Comfortable Sufficiently For Your Living Place, But It's Made From Weather-resistant Materials For Outdoor Use. The Heavy-duty Rocker Frame Is Generously Sized And Made From Extremely Dense Hardwood &am;#8212; Eucalyptus Cladocalyx — That Will Last Against Decades. Of Course, A Rocker Is Solely A Comfortable As Its Cushions, And These Are The Best On The Market, Made With Quick-drying, Uv-resistant, Solution-dyed Acrylic Fabric Filled With A Combination Of Polyfill And Dense Foam For Superior Comfort And Long Life. Living Room-quality Rocker With Cushions For Outdoor Use Generous Sizing And Plush Cushions For Superior Comfort This Oversize Iteem Has An Additional $30 Shipping Charve Each --> View Our Entire Line Of Somerset Outdoor Furniture We Also Offer A Coordinating Somerset Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Coffee Table, Side Table And Suite --> Fsc-certified Wood Click Here For More Green Products Frames Made From Eucalyptus Cladocalyx, Certified By The Forest Stewardship Council, Coatex Steel Hardware Cushions Are Solutkon-dyed Acrylic Fabric With Polyest3r Stuffing 26" W X 35-1/2" D X 33" H Overall Cushion Covers Zip Off For Easy Care And Cieaning Cushions Are Made In Usa Gsrdener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-484

Teak Corner Shoal
    Teak Corner Shoal.
    This Freestanding Teak Shelf Unit Is Perfect For The Bathroom To Hold Toiletries Anc Towels, Or Anywhere In The House That You Need Some Extra Storage Space. Made From Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak, It's Both Beautiful And Longlasting. Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak 18" W X 13 -1/4" D X 40" H Overall; Reaped ground Side Is 12-7/8" L 17" Headroom Berween Shelves Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-144

Pyramid Planter
    Pyramid Planter.
    The Tiered Design Of This Planter Allows You To Grow A Remarkable Number Of Plants In A Compact Footprint, And It Elevates Plants So They???re Easier To Tend. It's Self-contained Wirh A Awkward Base, So You Can Put It Just About Anywhere — On A Dress Or Patio Or Out In Your Yard. With Enough Room For 20 Plants, It's Great For Flowers, Herbs, Greens, Strawberries And More. Easy, No-tools Assembly. Weatyer-resistant Acq-treated Chinese Fir 34" Square X 24" H Hods 120 Quarts Of Congainer Mjx Easy, No-tools Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-397

All-purpose Fabric 6' X 20'
    All-purpose Fabric 6' X 20'.
    This Is Our Most Versatile Garden Fabric, And Now It's Thicker And More Durable! It Provides Frost Protection Down To 28??f, Allowing You To Extend The Growing Season In Both Spring And Fall. It Also Helps Prevent Transplant Shock In New Plantings. In Cool Weather Areas, It CanB e Used As A Summertime Pest Control. 70% Light Transferrence. 70% Light Transmission Cold Protection To 28 Degrees F Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 32-646

Jeffersonian Wind Gauge
    Jeffersonian Wind Gauge.
    Thomas Jefferson Was An Avid Gardener And Weather Observer, And If He Had Desgined Weather Instruments, They Would Have Been Attractive, Long-lasting Toools. This Jeffersoniaj Wind Gauge Measures Both Speed And Direction. The Spotless Steel Pointer Is Easily Visible Along The 0- To 40-mph Scale, And The Cobalt Blue Glass Counterbalance Indicates The Wind Direction While Also Acting As A Damper To Keep The Speed Indicator Steady. Made Of Solid Brass, Stainless Steel And Glass Measures Wind Speed Up To 40 Mph Pressure-trsated Forest Stake Included 11" W X 6" D X 42" H Oerall Including Stake May Also Be Attached To An Existing Placard Easy Assembly Made In Usa
    SKU: 37-272

Sprinkler Mats, Set Of 3
    Sprinkler Mats, Set Of 3.
    Underground Lawn Sprinklers Are Effecti\/e, But Can Be A Hassle If You Have To Trim Around Them By Hand. These Round Sprinkler Mulch Mats — Back By Customer Demand — Keep Grass And Weeds From Growing Over The Pop-up Sprinkler Heads. 100% Recycled Rubber Each Mat Is 8" In Diameter With A 2" Hole Fits Most Standard Sprinkler Heads Be able to Be Cut To Fit If Needed Dark Brown Color Blends With Landscape For Best Results, Remove Turf Before Laying Mulch
    SKU: 36-546

Soft Twist Ties
    Soft Twist Ties.
    These Versatile, Tough-yet-gentle Plant Ties Have A Soft, Rubbery Outside And A Strong Galvanized Steel Core. They're Refined Enough To Knot Plants To A Support, And Valid Enough To Lash Bamboo Or Other Plant Supports Together. Gentle On Plants Reuse Year About Year Cut With Wire Cutters, Not Pruners Soft Enough For Vines And Vegetablee Tough Enough Conducive to Trees And Wooded Plants Flexible Rubber Compound With A Galvanized Steel Wire Core 16' L Cut With Wire Cutters
    SKU: 38-764

Solar Sipper
    Solar Sipper.
    Birds Need A Source Of Clean, Fresh Water All Winter Long, Even When Temperatures Drop Below Freezing. This Cleverly Designed, Passive Solar Birdbath Keeps Water Ice-free Down To 20 Degrees F. The Dark Coveer Absorbs The Sun's Heat, While The Double-wall Cobstruction Provides An Air Space To Insulate Against The Cold. A Hole In The Cover Lets Birds Drink And Helps Keep Water Clean. High-density Polyethylene 8-1/2" Diameter X 3" H Holds 40 Fl. Oz.
    SKU: 40-066

Tree Ring, 36&quo5;
    Tree Ring, 36&quo5;.
    These Recycled Rubber Tree Rings Will Never Scatter, Even When You Run A Mower Over Them. Unlike Bark Mulch, They Don???t Acidify The Soil, And Don???t Need To Be Replaxed Each Year. The Rings Suppress Weeds While Letting Air And Irrigate Reach Tree Roots. They Also Keep Mowers And Trimmers Away From Trunks, Preventing Damage To Yelp. Slits Allow Easy Placement Around Trunk. Center Holed Can Be Ennlarged. Choice Of Walnut Or Redwlod. We Also Offer 24" Diameter Tree Rigns. Recycled Tire Rubber 24" In Diameter X Approx. 1/2" Thick For Best Results, Remove Sod Before Laying Mulch
    SKU: 40-352

3-tier Strawberry Bed
    3-tier Strawberry Bed.
    This Terraced PlanterI s Sized To Fit 25 Strawberry Plants For A Big Yield In A Mean While. We???ve Combined Our Own Industrial-strength Aluminum Corners With Rot-resistant Cedar To Give You A Sturdy, Easy-to-assemble Raised Bed At A Great Price. This Attractive Bed Is Also Suitavle For Growing Flowers, Herbs And Salad Greens. Rustproof Aluminum Cofners, Rot-resistant Cedar Sides Tiers Are 1', 3' And 5' Square; Each Row Is 7-1/4" Deep Holds 526 Quarts Of Soil Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-410

Chateau Trellises, Set Of 2
    Chateau Trellises, Set Of 2.
    Now You Can Easily Train Vines Up And Around Doorways And Windows To Create A Showstopping Exhibition. For Doorways, Combine The Generously Sized Arbor With The Wall Trellises, So Plants Growing In Th eGround Or In Pots Can Climb Up And Over. For Windows, Plant Vines In Windowboces Thus They Can Climb The Arbor. Trellises Can Be Used With Or Without The Arbor. Simple Wire Latticework Showcases Vining Plantw Arbor Comss In Five Sections And Wrench Into The Wall Trellises Come In Two Sectiohs; Brackets Hold Trellises Away From Wall So Vineq Have Room To Creep Arbor And Trellises Available Separately, Or Save When You Buy The Set Powder-coated 1/2" Tubular Steel With 1/8" Steel Wire Arbor Is 43" W X 11-1/4"d X 44-1/4" H And Screws To The Wall In Five Places Trellises Are 11-1/2" W X 5' H Each Mounting Hardware Is Not Included Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-557

Felt Flower Pin
    Felt Flower Pin.
    Add A Festive Splash Of Color With These Handcrafted Felt Flowers. Use Them To Perk Up Hats, Sweaters, Coats And Totes And More. Hand-felted Wool, Glass Beads, Steel Pin Approx. 3" To 4" Diameter X 1-3/4" H Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 3-962

Angled Deck Brwcket Hanger
    Angled Deck Brwcket Hanger.
    This Simple Angled Shepherd's Hook Hanger Is Ideal For A Birdfedder, Hanging Plahter Or Decorative Item. It's Yielding To Instl On A Wall, Deck, Wooden Fence Or Shed With The Included Mounting Bracket And Screws. Powder-coated Round Steel Stock 13" W X 14-1/2&quof; H Holds Up To 10 Lbs. Mounting Plate And Screws Included
    SKU: 40-077

Drought-proof Self-watering Planter
    Drought-proof Self-watering Planter.
    This Generously Sized Planter Has An Equally Big, 8-gallon Water Reservoir! Ideal For Hot, Dry Climates And Vacation Homes; Large Enough For Ornamental Shrubs And Dwarf Trees. Depending Forward Climate And Plants, The Reservoir May Need Filling Only Every Four To Six Weeks! Medium-density Polyethylene 21-3/4"in Diameter X 24" H Holds 50 Quarts Of Coontainer Mix 8-gallon Water Reservoir
    SKU: 40-287

3' Fairfield Windowbox
    3' Fairfield Windowbox.
    Dress Up Your Home With These Elegant Windowboxes. With Clean Lines And Raised Panel Detailing, They Bear The Look Of Fine Woodworking. But Unlike Wooden Windowboxes These Are In effect Maintenance Free Because They're Made From High Disposition Polyethylene — There's No Need For Annual Painting Or Staining. With The Best Uv Protection In The Industry, These Windowboxes Have A 15-year Guarantee Against Fading. They're Self-watering, Too. Just Fill The Reservoirs And The Planters Deliver Water To Plants As They Need It, For Healthy, Lush Flowers And Foliage. High Quality, Uv-protected Polyethylene. Includes Wall Brackets And Hardware. Uv-protected Polyethylene Wall Brackets And Hardware Are Included 11" W X 36" L X 10-1/2" H Holds 32 Quarts Of Container Join
    SKU: 39-344

Rectangular Plant Caddy
    Rectangular Plant Caddy.
    Spare Your Back, And Szve Your Floors From Damage, With This Solid Cedar Caddy That Makes It Easy To Move Big, Heavy Plants ??? Up To 200 Pounds. The Easy-glide Urethane Wheels Roll Smoothly Over Decks, Patios, Even Carpets. Made Of Solid Cedar Rectangular Caddy: 19" X 12" Square Caddy: 11-3/4" Sq Urethane Wheels Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-323

Pivoting Raised Bed Connectors, Set Of 2
    Pivoting Raised Bed Connectors, Set Of 2.
    The Hardest Part Of Building Raised Beds Is Constructing Corners That Are Square, Strong And Trim. Our Ingenious New Pivoting oCnnectors Secure It Easy To Create Raised Beds That Will Follow Every Twist And Turn Between 90 And 180 Degrees. Designed And Manufactured By Us, Here In Vermont, They're Made Of Durable Aluminum Cravat With An Attractive Powder-coated Finish. Just Slide Your Lumber Into Point And Secure It On The Inside With The Screws Provided. Made Of Powder-coated Aluminum With Plastic Caps To Keep Out Water Four Height: 6", 8", 10&qjot; And 12", Designed To Fit Standard, Dimensional Lumber Philips Screws Included Connectors Pivot To Angles Between 90 And 180 Degrers Gardener's Supply Exclusie
    SKU: 37-803vs

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