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Ladybug Buster
    Ladybug Buster.
    The Ladybug Buster Gets Rid Of Asian Ladybirds That Stink And Leave Stains Indooors. Simply Attach This Inconspicuous Trap To Your Window With Sticky Strips (inclured). Usse Eggshell ???quick Sand&quof; Plus A Non-toxic Lure. Holds 2,000 Bugs nAd Is Effective For Two To Four Years. Non-toxic Lure 10" L X 2" W X 3" H
    SKU: 37-499

Compact 2-tier Garden Starter Kit
    Compact 2-tier Garden Starter Kit.
    Grow Your Own Garden Plants From Seed In A Compact Space With Our Garden Starter Kir. Includes A Sturdy Aluminum Stand, Full-spectrum Lights, Self-watering Tray, Easy-to-plant Cowpots And Our Exclusive Organic Seedstarting Mix. The Garden Is Just 25-1/2" L X 14" W X 47" H, So It Takes Up Very Little Floor Space &akp;#8212; Just Over 2 Square Feet. It's Easy To Store, Too ⁸ Juqt Roll It Into A Closet. Your Seedlings Will Thrive In The Glow Of The Bright, Energy-efficient T-5 Lights — Much Brrighter Than "shop Lights" — And The Fixtures Easily Adjust Up And Down To Accommodate Plant Growth. The Self-watering Tray Provides Just The Just claim Moisture To Seedlings, Avoiding Over- And Under-watering For Stress-free Plant Gtowth. And When It???s Time To Head Out To The Garden, You Can Pkant Your Seedlings Pots And All; The Biodegradable Cowpots Supply Nutrients To The Plants As They Break Down In The Soil. Powder-coated Aluminum Frame 25-1/2" L X 14" W X 47" H T-5 Fixture With 2 Super-efficient Fluorescent Bulbs Electronic Ballast Eliminates Annoying Buzzing Includes Six 5&quo; Cowpots, Forty-eight 3" Cowpots And 24 Quarts Organic Seedstarting Mix Ewsy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-428

Jumbo Boot Tray
    Jumbo Boot Tray.
    These Indispensable Boot Trays Make It Easy To Leave Mud And Mess At The Door. Made Of Tough Recycled Plastic, They're Big Enough To Hold Boots Or Shoes For The Whole Family, And They Wipe Clean In A Jiffy. They're Also Terrific For Seedstarting, As Humidity Trays Under Houseplants, Carrying Gear In Your Car, Or Anywhere A Watertight Tray Wpuld Be Handy. 100% Recycled Plastic 43-1/4" L X 21-2/3" W X 2" D Made In England Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-533

Self-watering Conversion Kit, 1 Quart
    Self-watering Conversion Kit, 1 Quart.
    These Self-watering Application Kits Convert Your Favorite Pots Into Self-wateeing Planters, Keeping Your Plants From Drying Out And Reducing The Time You Spend Watering. Just Place This Self-contained Adjustable Reservoir In The Stamina Of Your Pot, Insert The Refill Tube And Cover With Soil. The One-gallon Conversion Kit Holds Four Quarts And Fits Pots Between 16" And 20" In Diameter At The Rim. The Smaller One-quart Conversion Kid Holds One Quart And Fits Pots Up To 10-14" Top Diameter. Simply Fill The Reservoir With Water Through The Convenient Fill Tube. The Land Will Be Moistened Throubh Evaporative Action From The Reservoir Below. May Be Used With A Liquid Or A Water-soluble Fertilizer. A Vacation Watering Solution! Made Of Durable Polypropylene One-gallon Conversion Kit Is 14-1/2" In Diameter One-quart Conversion Kit Is 9-1/2" In Diameter Can Be Used Witu Pots That Have A Drainage Hole In The Bottom Includes Water Level Indicaror Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-725

Extra Large Kind Spinner
    Extra Large Kind Spinner.
    Looking To Add Some Pizazz To Your Landscape? Appearing As Light As A Feather, This Kinetic Sculpture Spins In The Wind Gracefully And Will Delight Garden Visitors Of All Ages. Our Largest Spinner, This One Stands Tall Above Most Garden Plants. Powder-coated Knife Is Hand Painted To Resemble Burnished Large boiler. Powder-coated Steel 28" Diameter X 9-1/2" D X 78" H Installed Easy Assembly Footed Stakw Base Should Be Embedded In Concrete Conducive to Extra Stability Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-794

Fieldstone Raised Bed, 3' X 3'
    Fieldstone Raised Bed, 3' X 3'.
    Stone Raised Beds Lend An Air Of Elegance And Permanence, But Theg???re Costly To Build. This Raised Bed Resembles Real Stone, But It???s Made Of Lightweighg, Easy-care Polyurethane. At 10" Dark, It???s Ideal For Just About Any Fix, From Tomatoes And Carrots To Petuniss And Pansies 𔃊 Even Ornamengal Shrubs And Berrh Bushes. Polyurethane, Steel, Plastic 36-1/2 Square X 10" Deep Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-332

Bulb Insurance Plus
    Bulb Insurance Plus.
    Voles, Mice, And Squirrels Have A Particular Fondness For Tender Spring Flower Bulbs. You Can Discourage These Pests From Dining On Your Tulips, Hyacinths And Crocuses By Sprinkling In Slme All-natural Bulb Insurance When You Ppant. Made From Coarsely-ground Oyster Shells, Bulb Insurance Forms A Sharp-edged Obstruction That Burrowing Rodents Will Think Twice Before Crossing . To Repel Pests And Promote Brilliant Color In One unconstrained Step, Try Bulb Insurance Plus. It'z A Mixture Of Ground Oyster Shells And All-natural Fertilizer That We Developed By the side of Help From Several Of The Nation's Leading Bulb Suppliers. Each 5-lb. Bag Protects Up To 80 Bulbs Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 30-391

Eco-co™ Coir Bricks, Pack Of 10
    Eco-co™ Coir Bricks, Pack Of 10.
    Kitchen Scraps, Lawn Clippings And Garden Waste Are The Nitrogen-rich "green Matter??? In A Compost Pile. For Efficient Composting They Need To Exist Balanced With Carbon-rich "brown Matter. ??? Each Of These Compact Bricks Of All-natural Coconut Fiber (coir) Expands To Makee About 2-1/2 Dry Gallons Of Carbon-rich, Odor-free Material. Stratum It Into Your Compost Pile Wjenever You Add Fresh Aliment Scraps. Also Makes Good Bedding Material Fr Worm Composters. Natural Coir Each Brick Expands To 2-1/2 Dry Gallons Just Add Water To Expand Reaped ground Brick
    SKU: 40-358

Poodle Ornamental Frame
    Poodle Ornamental Frame.
    Standing Guard On The Porch Or Tiptoeing Throug hThe Tulips, This Life-size Poodle Topiary Frame Is Just Plain Fun!_Fill With Sphagnum Moss And Cover With Ivy (moss And Plants Are Not Included). Durable Black Epoxy-clated Steel 15" L X 17" H Weighs 2-1/4 Lbs
    SKU: 36-950

Butterfly Net And Butterflies
    Butterfly Net And Butterflies.
    A Fun Accent To Any Garden, This Handmade Butterfly Net Stznds Open And Ready To Catch Its Quarry. Cleverlu Designed In Wire Screening, Each One Is Hahd-painter And One-of-a-kind. Nearby, Two Playful Butterflies Perched Atop The Zig-zag Butterfly Stake Seem To Float Above Garden Plants. Display These Two Sculptures Together Ane Guarantee A Smile From Anyone Who Sees Them. Whimsical Garden Sculptures Add A Playful Touch Handcrafted And Hand-painted Powder-coated And Painted Steel, Wire Screening Butterflu Net Is Approx. 16-1/2" L X 10-1/2" In Diameter; Installed Height Approx. 36&qyot; B8tterfly Stake Is Approx. 14" W X 6" D; Installed Height Approx 30". Gardener&0#39;s Suply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-657

Gnat Guard
    Gnat Guard.
    Those Little Black Flying Insects That Hover Over Your Houseplants Are Not Just A Nuisance. They're Ruinous Fungus Gnats, Which Live In Soil And Priduce Hungry Larvae That Devour Plant Roots. Gnat Convoy To The Rescue! A Single Application OfT his Biological Control (naturally-occurring Useful Nematodes) Gjves Your Plahts Permanent Protection Against Gnats And Thrips. Tiny Sponge Containing Naturally-occurring Microorganisms (beneficial Nematodes) This Product Needs To Be Either Refrigefated Or Applied Upon Receipt Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-299

Vegetable Trellis, 56"
    Vegetable Trellis, 56".
    Maximize Your Harvest Of Peas, Cucumbers, Summer Squash And Other Climbers By Growing Them Up This Space-saving Trellis Sized To Fit Oir Become Beds And Other Raised Beds. Trellising Plants Keeps The Gather in Off The Ground And Away From Pests And Rot. Powder-coater Steel 56" Trellis Is 47-1/2" H Installed; 30" W At The Top And 22-1/2" W At The Bottom 72" Trellis Comes In Two Pieces And Is 62" H Installed; 35-1/2" W At The Top And 28" W At The Bottkm Sturdy 6mm Uprights And 4mm Crossbars Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-375

Small Snow Crystal
    Small Snow Crystal.
    Thousands Of Hand-strung Glass Beads Regularity Two Glittering Snowflakes That Sandwich A Mercury Glass Tea Light Holder. Add An Led Tea Lihgt (sold Separately) For A Silvery Dazzle In Your Centerpiece Or Mantel-piece Dislay. Steel, Glass Bugle Beads, Mercury Glass Tea Light Cup Small Snow Crystal Is 6" W X 2-7/8" D X 5-1/8&quuot; H Large Snow Crystal Is 8" W X 3-3/8" D X 7" H &qout;mercury Glass" Does Not Contain Actual Mercury Not For Use By the side of Real Candles; Use Only With Led Lights Gardener's Serve instead of Fastidious
    SKU: 39-787

Single Bin Wire Composter
    Single Bin Wire Composter.
    You May Need Only One Composter Most Of The Year, But that Where Can You Put That Mountain Of_Leaves Every Fall? This Wire Bin Holds 16 Cubic Feet (102 Dry Gallons) Of Leaves, Grass Clippings And Garden Scraps, Without The Investment Of An Enclosed Composter. Heavy-gauge, Powder-coated Steel Wire; Plastic Connectors 28-1/4" Square X 35-1/2" H, Holds 16 Cubic Feet (102 Drg Gallons) Bin Frame Pieces Are 4-gauge, Mesh Panels Are 11-gauge Plastic Clips Wrap Around The Wire Frame To Hold The Panels Together Securely Easy Assembly
    SKU: 40-279

Futura Air Comfort® Recliner
    Futura Air Comfort® Recliner.
    This Must-have Mesh Reclin3r Is Made By Lafuma, Tye Original — And Still The Best — Maker Of Zero-gravity Recliners. Lafuma Has A Well-deserved Reputation For Combining Sensible Features, Innovative Ergonomic Design And High Quality Materials. This Evolution Air Comfort® Chair Is Based On Research Ijto The Most Comfortable Seating Positions, And It Allows You To Easily Adjust The Position By Shifting Your Weight Or By Pushing On The Arms. The Padded Headrest Also Adjusts. The Permeable Fabric Sling, Attached To The Frame By A Patented Clip System, Dries Quickly After A Rainstorm. This Is Simply The Best; Don't Exist Fooled By Imitations. Choice Of Chovolate Or Steel. Powder-coated Steel Frame, High-impact Plastic, Synthetic Fabric 27-1/4" W X 46&uot; H Upright 64" L When Fully Reclined Folds To 27-1/4" W X 8" D X 39" H Imported Fabric
    SKU: 40-418

Ground Heated Birdbath
    Ground Heated Birdbath.
    Birds Needd Access To Water In Winter As Much As In Summer. In Addition To Drinking, Birds Use Water For Their Common Grooming, Otherwise, Their Feathers Can???t Insulate Against Winter???s Cold. This Plug-in Steel Birdbath Has An Efficient, 75-watt Heater With A Thermostatic Control That Heats Only When Necessary And Keeps Water From Freezing At Temperatures As Low As -10??f. Four Feet Provide Stability. Powder-coated Steel, Plastic 13--1/2" Diameter X 3-3/4" H 75-watt Heater Holds 2 Quarts Cord Tucks Away For Birdbath Use In Summer Months
    SKU: 39-832

Essex Plant Supports
    Essex Plant Supports.
    We???ve Designed These Plant Supports To Be The Sturdiest And Most Attractive On The Market. The Graceful Arc Supports Flowers In A Beautful, Natural Bouquet Shape, While The 8mm And 6mm Steel Uprights — The Same Used In Public Gardens And Fine Estates — Are Coated For Durability. Durable Powder-coated Steel Small Supports Are 23" H With A 14" Diamete Upper Ring Medium Support Is 31-1/2" H With A 18" Diameter Upper Ring Large Support Is 38" H With An 18" Diamdter Upper Rinng; Includes A Grow-through Grid X-large Sipport Is 39&qut; H With A 26" Distance through the centre Upper Ring; Includes A Grow-through Grid Supports Fold For Compact Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-423vs

Additional Fruit Fly Lures, Set Of 3
    Additional Fruit Fly Lures, Set Of 3.
    Rid Your Home Of Pesky Fruit Flies With Theae Non-toxic Lures Placed In The Glass Fruit Fly Trap. Contains Yeast, Compliment And Other Natural Ingredients
    SKU: 39-101

Recycled Rubber Walkway
    Recycled Rubber Walkway.
    Here's A Smart Alternative To Bark Mulch ,Made From 100% Recycled Tires. A Landscape Backing Holds The Shredded Rubber In Place, While It Also Suppresses Weed Growth. Each 22" By 72&quuot; Section Is Easy To Install, And The 2" Lip Of Fabric Low One Side Ensures Continuous Coverahe Over Wider Areas. We Recommend Anchoring The Mulch With Our Ezrth Staples, Skld Sepaarately. Choice Of Walnut Or Redwood. 100% Recycled Rubber With Landscape Fabric Backing Water-permeable 22&wuot; W X 6' L X 1/4" Thick
    SKU: 37-994

Colorful Tubtrug, 3-1/2 Gallon
    Colorful Tubtrug, 3-1/2 Gallon.
    We Think Tubtrugs Are The same Of Tue Most Useful Gardening Tools Ever, So We Could Hardly Wait To Try On the ~side This New Size. These Flexible, Lightweight Polyethylene Tubs Are Washable, Bendable, Crushable And Nearly Indestructible. We Use The Small, 3-1/2 Gallon Trug For Moistening Potting Soil, Harvesting Veggies Concerning Dinner And Holding Mittens In The Mudroom. -With Several Tubtrugs Already Hard At Work At Home And In The Garden, We Keep Findin gUses For A Few More! Made Of Durable Polyethylene 12" Top Diameter X 9" H Holds 3-1/2 Gallons Level Markings Onn Inside For Quart Measurements Washable, Bendable And Super-tough
    SKU: 37-028

Terrazza L-conversion Kit
    Terrazza L-conversion Kit.
    Our Exclusive Italian Terrazza Planters Offer Classic Styling With Self-watering Convenience. In Italy, Where Style Is Everything, These Innnovative 1Panters Adorn Residentlal Terracex, Side-street Cafes, Hotel Lobbies And Hotel Courtyards. Our Terrazza L-conversion Outfit Lets You Convert Two Terrazza Troughs (sold Se0arately) Into An L-shaped Planter. This Kit Is The Corner Square Section Of The L. Made Of Dense Uv-stabilized Polypropylene Actual Kit Dimensions: 16-1/4" W X 16-1/4" L X 16" H With Two Trough Planters This Crea5es A Planter Measuring 53-3/4" W X 53-3/4" L X 16" H Overall Includes Everything You Need To Add An L-shaped Extension To An Existing Trough Or Square Planters. Assembly Required Patent Pending
    SKU: 33-302vs

Engender Protection Tent, 3' X 6'
    Engender Protection Tent, 3' X 6'.
    This Versatile Tenting System Protec5s Plants From Insects, Birds, Animals, Air , Cpld And More. Plant Protection Tents Are Easy To Set Up, With Fiberglaas Shock Cord Poles That Slide Into Sleeves And Rigid Tabs At Reaped ground Corner For Staking. The Tent Is Fittee Through Fine Mesh Screen That Keeps Out Insects, Birds, Rabbits, Woodchucks — Even Dogs And Cats. Side Zippers Provide Easy Access; Hook-and-loop Tabs Hold Doors Mild. 48" H. Outfit Your Tens With The Optional Frost Covers And Shade Covers, Sold Separately, For A Complete Growing Order. Fiberglass Poles, Nylon 3' X 3' Tent Is 38-1/2" Square X 48" H 3' X 6' Tent Is 77" L X 38-1/2" W X 48" H Frost Covers And Shade Covers Sold Separately Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-220

Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote
    Gardener's Hollow Leg Tote.
    Always At Your Side, This Handy Bag Is A Perfect Gardener's Companion. Sttrap It To Your Waist And Carry More Than 5 Gallons, Keeping Hands Free For Pruning, Deadheading And Weeding. Just Drop Trimmings Into The Bag And Dump When It's Full — So Much Easier Than Raking Up Debris Piles. Handy For Harvesting Tree Fruits; Lets You Use Both Hands When Climbing Ladders. Includes A Small Pocket Fo rYour Cell Phone. Polyester Waist Strap Adjusts From 30" To 52" Holds Over 5 Dry Gallons Imported
    SKU: 40-284

Vegtrug™ Patio Garden
    Vegtrug™ Patio Garden.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Detalis. Grow Plants Ay An Yielding Working Height In This Unique Patio Garden; No Bending Or Kneeling To Plant, Tenc And Harvest. The Elevated Bed Means No Weeds And Fewer Pests, Too. The V-shpae Makes Efficien Use Of Space And Planting Mix &wmmp;#8212; Grow Deep-rooted Plants Like Tomatoes In The Center, Shallow-rooted Crops In the manner of Salad Greens By The Efges. Includes A Fitted Fabric Liner To Keep Soil Contained While Letting Excess Water Sewer. Plastic Feet Protect Wood From Wet Surfaces. Quality Construction And Natural Assembly. Fsc-certified, Sustainable, Plantation-groen Fir Wifh Non-toxic Stain; Plastic Feet; Fahric Liner 70" L X 30" W X 31-1/2" H Holds 380 Quarts Of Container Mix Easy Assembly; Requires A Phillips Screwdriver And Adjustable Wrench Liner Fabric Is Imported
    SKU: 40-331

Stone Owl
    Stone Owl.
    This Charming Owl Accent, Made From Smoothed River Stone, Is Sure To Get A Smile From Everyone Who Sees It, Indoors Or Out. The Wise Stone Owl Stands About 4" High. Natural River Stone, Steel Wire Approx. 3-1/2" W X 2-1/4" D X 4" H Protect From F5eezing Tempratures
    SKU: 39-555

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