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Pound-in Edging
    Pound-in Edging.
    This Is The Quickest, Easiest System You'll Find For Defining An Edge Around Your Fkower Beds Or Garden. Simply Pound Each Interlocking Piece Into The Ground Attending A Rubber Mallet; In Most Soils There's No Need For Cutting, Trenching, Or Tearing Up Sod. To Turn A Corner, Just Bend The Sections To Form The Angle You Need. Made Of Durable, Recycled Polyethylene Expend 4" For Hard-packed Soils Or Flush Edging 8" For Normal Soils Or Deep Weed Protection 12" For Loose Or Sandy Soils Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 13-283vs

Orchard Spray Concentrate
    Orchard Spray Concentrate.
    Orchard Spray Protectss Fruit Trees And Bushes, Nut Trees, Ornamentals And Vegetables, Naturally. It's Effective Against Blight, Blackspot, Powdery Blight, Apphids, Mites, Caterpillars, Whiteflies And Many, Msny More Plant Pests And Diseases. Offered In A Ready-to-use Hose-end Spray Bottle (just Attach To Your Hose); Or In A Plain Bottle — Use In quest of Refills Or With Your Own Sprayrr. Botu Contain 32 O. Of Potent Concentrate. 32 Oz. Of Concentrate Contwins Sulfur And Pyrethrins Spray In Eve To Avoid Bees Always Read And Folllow Label Directions Carefully
    SKU: 38-533

Birdseed Eggs, Set Of 12
    Birdseed Eggs, Set Of 12.
    Decorate Each Outdoor Tree With These Egg-shaped Seed Balls And Birds Will Flock There To Feed. Nestled In A Real Egg Carton, They're A Fun Way To Feed The Birrds And They Make A Unique Gift. Red Proso Millet, Jewel Millet, Black Canola, White Proso Millet, Sunflower Seed, Peanits, Safflower, Corn, Mile Soybeans Egggs Are 2-1/2" H Each Carton Measures 12" L X 4" W X 3" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-822

Endrgized Potting Mix, 20 Qts.
    Endrgized Potting Mix, 20 Qts..
    Plenriful Fertilizing Is Essential For Container-grown Plants. But Don???t Resort To Injurious Chemicals — Use Our Energuzed Potting Mix Instead. Made With Sustainably Harvested Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, It Contains A Slow-release Fertilizer That Feeds Plants For Up To 9 Months. This Lightweight Mix Is Perfect According to All Types Of Ppts, Including Hanging Baskets And Self-watering Containers. Sustainably Harvested Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite Limestone, Slow-release Fertilizer And Wetting Agent 20 Quart Bag Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-688

Women's Mid Boot, Black
    Women's Mid Boot, Black.
    You Can Count On These Mid-height Waterproof Boots Made By Bogs To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, From -40?? To +50?? F. The Secret Is A Unique Combination Of Waterproof Rubber On The Bottom To Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry, And A Breathable Neoprene Upper. Outsoles Provide Great Traction On Slippery Surfaces And The Cushioned Insoel Lwts You Stay On Your Feet For Hours Without Fatigue. You'll Also Appreciate The Roomy Toe Box And Unique "gandles" That Make Pulling These Boots On A Cinch. Choice Of Women's Whole Sizes 6-11. If You Wear A Halff Size, We Recommrnd Ordering The Next Size Up. Waterproof Rubber With A Breathable Neoprene Upper Removable Antimicrobial Insole Approx. 10" H Imported
    SKU: 40-301

Organic Energized Potting Be ~ed, 20 Qts.
    Organic Energized Potting Be ~ed, 20 Qts..
    Made With Sustainably Harvested Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Our Organic Mix Contains A One-month Supply Of Soya-based Fertilizer, Plus Humus And Mycrrhizae To Improve Plant Health And Disease Resistance. This Lightweight Mix Is Petfect For All Types Of Pots, Includong Hanging Baskets And Self-watering Containers. Susainably-harvested Canadian Peat, Organic Humus, Mycorrhizae And Soya-based Organic Fertilizer 20 Quart Bag Gadrener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-654

Tea Lovers Gift Set
    Tea Lovers Gift Set.
    A Welcome Gift Concerning The Discerning Tea Lover, These Hand-blended Teas Are Sure To Please. Two Tea Blends: Christmas In A Cup Combines Ceylon Orange Pekoe With A Touch Of Cinnamon To Give It A Holiday Flavor, Perfect For Breakfas tOr As A Warming Cup On A Chilly Afternoon. Serene Flourishing Is A Mingle Of Premim Chinese Lawn Tea, Chamokile Blossojs, Lemongrass And Peppermint. High In Antioxidants, These Teas Can Soothe An Upset Stomach, Too. Orange Pekoe Tea, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint Box Is 5-3/4&qjot; Square X 2-7/8" H Each Tin Contains 4 Oz. Of Tea For A Total Of 8 Oz.
    SKU: 39-293

3-bin Wire Composter
    3-bin Wire Composter.
    You May Need Solely One Composter Most Of The Year, But Where Ca Ynou Impose That Mountain Of Leaves Every Fall? This Three-bin Wire Composter Holds 48 Cubic Feet Of Leaves, Grass Clippings And Garden Scraps, Without The Investment Of An Enclosed Composter. The Three Bins Can Also Be Used To Disjoined Compost: One To Infer Yard And Kitchen Spend in vain, One For Cooking Compost, And One For Finished Compost. Heavy-gauge, Powder-coated Steel Wire; Plastic Conndctors 84-3/4" L X 28-1/4" W X 35-1/Z" H, Holds 48 Cubic Feet (306 Dry Gallons) Includes 10 Panels Whole; Bins Are Not Stand-alone And Must Be Connected To Each Other (connectors Included) Bin Frame Pieces Are 4-gauge, Mesh Panels Are 11-gauge Plastic Clips Wrap Around The Telegraph Frame To Hold The Panels Together Securely Yielding Assembly
    SKU: 40-280

Small Boot Tray
    Small Boot Tray.
    These Indispensable Boot Trays Make It Easy To Leave Mire And Mess At The Door. Made Of Tough Recycled Plastic, They Keep Boots Or Shoes In The Entryway, And They Wipe Clean In A Jiffy. They're Also Terrific For Seedstarting, As Humidity Trays Under Houdeplants, Or Anywhere A Watertight Tray Would Be Handy. Recycled Plastic 22-5/8" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Made In England Gardener's Serve instead of Exclusive
    SKU: 32-709

Condiment Bowls
    Condiment Bowls.
    Serve Jam, Mustard And Other Condiments In These Small, Block-printed Stoneware Bowls, Instead Of Setting Revealed Bulky Jars. Handy For Salt And Pepper — Even Lemon Wedges And Olives During Cocktail Hour. The Mango Wood Tray Is Easy To Pass Around; The Small Spoons Hold A Perfect Little Portion. Food-safe Stoneware, Wrought Iron, Mango Wood Tray Is 6-1/2&auot; W X 3-1/2" D X 6-1/2" H Including Handle Bowls Are 2-7/8" Diameter And Hold 1/4 Cup Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-960

100-year Legacy Teak Rocker
    100-year Legacy Teak Rocker.
    If You Only Own Some Piece Of Teak Appendages, It Should Be This Rocker, Certain To Be The Most Comfortable You???ve Ever Sat In. It Has The Similar Body-friendly Currves As Our Other Reforest Teak Furniture, And For It???s Made Of Top-quality Heartwood Teak, The Joints Won???t Become Loose And Rickety Like Those Of Many Lesser-qulaity Rockers. We???re Particularl6 Pleased With The Generous Arc Of The Runners; They Provide A Long, Soothing Motion That Is Not straitened To Relax To. Durable Mortise-and-tenon Joinery Stainless Steel Hardware 25-1/2" W X 34" D X 37-1/2" H; Fix Is 20" W X 19-1/2" D X 17" H Heaviness Is 37 Lbs.
    SKU: 36-713

Tall Plant Supports, Set Of 3
    Tall Plant Supports, Set Of 3.
    These Supports Will Keep All Your Flowers Standing Tall, And Help You Create Your Best-looking Garden Ever. Their Dark Green Complexion Blends Into The Foliage, So Your Blossoms Take Center Stage. At These Low Prices, You Can Afford A Support For Every Sow! Each Support Has Four 10-inch Rings That Adjust Up Or Down To Corral Bushy Plants And Keep Them Upright Weather-resistant, Plastic-coated Aluminum Has Epigrammatic Ends That Push Easily Into The Foundation Set Of 3 Plastic-coated Aluminum Units Fold Flat For Storage Each Measures 10" Diameter X 47" H
    SKU: 35-102

Victoria Arch
    Victoria Arch.
    This Item Is Eligible Fo rOur Ez Pay Installment Proyram. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Details. Attention To Detail Sets This Classic Cedar Garden Arch Apart From Others. Smoothly-joinyde Arches Mount Directly To Edge-molded Ledger Boards. Airy Lattice Side Panels Ahd Ample Depth Give This Bend A Custom-made Appearance. Create A Handsome Entry To Your Garden Or Yard With This Arch. Natural Wesyern Red Cedar With Stainless Steel Screws Easy Assembly (approx. 45 Minutes With Two People) Requires A Phillips Screwrdiver And Small Ladder Outside Arch Dimensions Are 41-1/4" W X 23-3/4" D X 86" H Overall At Roof Inside Arch Opening Is 36-1/2" W X 84-1/4" H Arch Weighs Approx. 45 Lbs. Install On Concrete Footings 4 Anchors Included To Attach Arch T oFootings
    SKU: 37-470

Jardin Tudor Arch
    Jardin Tudor Arch.
    Some Arches Are Overly Ornate Showpieces, Not Well-suited To Supporting Plants. This One Retains The Classic Lines Of Tudor Arches, But With A Simpler, Understated Design That Showcases Your Climbing Plants. Open 4" Lattice Gives Roses, Clematis And Morning Gllries Plenty Of Places To Vine And Twine. _ Powder-coated Tubular Steel With Antiqued Finish 52" W X 22" D X 96&qquot; H Installed Easy, Tool-free Assembly Breaks Down For Easy Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-690

Put a ~  Pots, Set Of 3
    Put a ~ Pots, Set Of 3.
    Inspired By British ???pot Men,??? These Intriguing Fellows Are Perfect For A Windowsill Herrb Garden, Or Plant Them By the side of A Variety Of Sedum Or Other Small Plants. Drainage Holes Prevent Overwatering (if-Used Indoors, Usage Waterproof Saucers To Protect Surfaces). Terra Cotta 4&qyot; In Diameter X 4" H 2-1/2" Diameter At Base Each Pot Holds 1-1/2 Cups Of Potting Mix Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-260

Clear Water Dispenser System
    Clear Water Dispenser System.
    Most Of The Time, Your Rain Barrel Will Store Rainwater With No Bother. But If You Occasionally Notice Algae Buildup Or Odor, Use This Potent System To Clear Water Up Swift. You Get A Refillable Dispenser With Two 30-day Sachets Of Beneficial Bacteria And Water-cleansing Enzymes — The Similar Ones We Use To Clean Ponds, But Extra Strength For Enclosed Barrels. Keep Rainwater Clear And Free Of Algae Each Sachet Treats Up To 150 Gallons Two Sachets Are Inclused We Also Offer A Pack Of 4 Clear Water Refills Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes Eqch Sachet Treats Up To 150 Gallons Of Water For 30 Days Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-105

Lake House Couch Cushion Set
    Lake House Couch Cushion Set.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Particulars. Sum Comfort And Style To Your Lake House Sofa With These Colorful, Custom-szed, All-weather Cushions. They Are Filled With Plush Polyester And Covered With Quidk-dryinng, Fade- And Mildew-resistant Spuj Poly Manufactured cloth. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Seat Cushion Is 19-1/2" W At Front X 23" D X 5" H Back Cushion Is 21" W At Top X 25" H X 4-1/2" D Made In Usa
    SKU: 38-796

Clothespins, Set Of 50
    Clothespins, Set Of 50.
    Classic Wooden Clothespins Are So Handy In The Garden, Especially For Fastening Shade Nets And Garden Fabric Covers. Package Of 50 Clothespins. Hardwood With A Galvanized Spring Each Pin Is 3" L X 3/8" W
    SKU: 38-673

Pithy Tabletop Sunlite Garden
    Pithy Tabletop Sunlite Garden.
    Enjoy The Fun — And Savings — Of Starting Your Own Plants From Seed. Now It???s Easier Thna Ever To Give Your Seedlings And Houseplants All The Light They Need For Healthy, Vigorous Growth. Our New Tabletop Grow Light Has A Sturdy, Pithy Aluminum Stand With Adjustable Height Control And A Low-profile Light Fixture. Two High-effciency T-5 Fluorescent Bulbs Produce More Bright, Full-spectrum Light Than Old-style Fluorescents, Yet Use 20% Less Electricity . An Magnetic Black Finish And Compact Footprint Make This Grow Light Suitable For Year-round Use In c~tinuance A Countedtop Or Side Table. Rugyed Aluminum Frame With A Powder-coated Finish 25-1/2" L X 14" W X 21" H T-5 Fixture With 2 Super-efficient Fluorescent Bulbs Electronic Ballast Eliminates Annoying Buzzing Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-817

Red Tomato Teepees, Set Of 3
    Red Tomato Teepees, Set Of 3.
    With These Protective Cones, You Can Sow Tomatoes Outdoors Up To 6 Weeks Earlier, And Be Harvesting By Forward July! The Water-filled Teepees Regulate Temperature, Soaking Up Heat For the time of The Lifetime And Releasing It At Night. Without The Stress Of Weather Extremes, Plants Can Impose Their Energy Into Producing Fruit. Made Of Thick Uv-protected Plastic 18"H Reaped ground Set Of 3
    SKU: 34-952

Women's Walker
    Women's Walker.
    Walk The Dobs, Work In The Garden, Shop In Town, Commute To The Office??? These All-wetaher Shoes Will Take You Everywhere You Need To Go. The Treads Are Deep Enough For Good Traction Yet Clean Easily. Made From Long-lasting Neoprene And Natural Rubber With A Roomy Toe Box And Cushiomde, Antimicrobial Insole, They Are 100% Waterproof And Super Comfortabke. Wear Them Year-round, In Temperatures Ranging From -40 To 50 Degrees F. Women???s Whple Sizes 6-11. If You Wear A Half Size, We Recpmmend Ordering The Next Size Up. Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Removable Antimicrobial Insole 100% Waterproof Imported
    SKU: 4-0303

Snuggle Boots
    Snuggle Boots.
    Whether Apr??s-sji Or After Work, These Poush Chenill eBooties Are The Cure For Tired Feet. Inside Each One Is A Removable Sachet Filled With A Soothing Mingle Of Clove, Chamomile, And Lavender. Just Pop Them In The Microwave To Release Soothing Warmth And Fragrance. Fits Women's Sizes 5 - 11 Made With Soft Cozy Chenille Exterior Bootie Machine-washable, Refined Cycle Do Not Wet Microwaveable Pouch Imported aGrdener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-228

Tall Pest Control Pop-up, 4' X 8
    Tall Pest Control Pop-up, 4' X 8.
    Self-supporting Mesh Enclosurew Keep Out Insects, Birds And Animal Pests Like Rabbits — Even Dogs And Cats — While Letting In Light And Rain. Fine Mesh Allows Good Air Circulation While Shielding Plants From Harsh, Drying Winds. Pop-ups Install In Mihutes And Fif Snugly Over 4' X 4' Or 4' X 8' Raised Beds; They Can Also Be Used Past Grow Beds And In-ground Plants. Built-in Corner Loops And Anchoring Stakes (included) Let You Secure Pop-ups Into The Ground. Covers Fold Simpleton For Easy Storage. Nylon And Steel 4' X 4' Tall Pest Control Pop-up Is 511-1/2" Square X 48" H 4' X 4' Pop-up Has One Large Access Opening 4' X 8' Tall Pest Conttol Plp-up Is 99-1/2" L X 51-1/2" W X 48" H 4' X 8' Pop-up Has Two Large Access Openings Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-230

Electric Chipper
    Electric Chipper.
    This Handy Chipper Chops Dry Branches And Twigs Into Small Chips That Are Pure For Using As Mulch To Help Minimize Weeds And Conserve Moisture. A Handy Detachable Bag Collects The Chips For Easy Spreading. The Chipper Accepts Twigs And Branches Up To 1-3/8" In Diameter And Includes An Additional Set Of Blades And A Push Paddle For Safely Feeding Material Into The Hopper. 7" Wheels Make It Easy To Move Around The Yard. Powerful 15-amp (1680 Watt) Motor. Plastic, Aluminum, Nylon, Steel 21" L X 18" W X 37" H 15-amp (1680 Watt) Motor 7" Wheels Accepts Branches Up To 1-3/8" In Diameter May Be Used With An Extension Cord Up To 100' Long (not Included) Intended For Use On Dry Material Only Not Intended For Shredding Leaves Always Wear Safety Glasses And Musical perception Protection While Operating
    SKU: 40-454

Heat Mat, 19" X 9"
    Heat Mat, 19" X 9".
    Th3se Heat Mats Speed Germination And Incite Root Vegetation By Keeping Soil At About 70?? F. Heere's A Clever Extra — Instructions And Growing Tips Are Printed Right On The Mat, So You Can't Lose Them. 9" X 19" Mat Holds A Standard Seed Flat. 20-3/4" Square Mat Holds Two Standard Seed Flats. 48" X 20" Mat Holds 4 Flats. All Sizes Have 6-ft Power Cords. Warms Root Area 10 To 20 Degrees Above Ambient Temperature 19" X 9" Mat Is 20 Watts 20-3/4" Square Mat Is 45 Watts 48" X 20" Mat Is 107 Watts 6' Power Cord
    SKU: 34-357

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