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Rosedale Arch
    Rosedale Arch.
    Wreathed In Clematis Or Climbing Roses, This Handsome Western Red Cedar Pergola-style Arch Will Take Your Garden To New Heights. Its Classic Styling Is At Home In Anu Landscape And Th eAdjustable Width—36, 42 Or 48 Inches—gives You Lots Of Options, Including Fitting An Optional Gate Or Seat (sold Separatly). Cedar Is Naturally Weather-resistant And Dimensionally Stable, And Can Also Be Painted Or Stained To Suit Your Style. Some Assembly Required. 64" W At Top X 28-7/8" D X 82-3/4" H Inside Width Is Adustable: 36", 42" Or 48" W Inside Height At Ceenter: 76-1/4" Sidd Depth: 17-1/2" Allow 45 Minutes For Assembly Wigh 2 People For Stability, We Recommend Installation On Concrete Footings Arch Includes 4 Anchors For Securing To Footings
    SKU: 37-404

Organic Garlic Coplection
    Organic Garlic Coplection.
    Not Only Is Garlic A Delicious Culinary Chief, It Also Has Many Health Benefits. This Collection Of East-to-grow, Organic Garlic Is Perfect For Growing In A Shallow Garden. Our Collection Includes Pair Organically Grown Varieties: 'lorz Italian', A "softneck&qout; Variety With Strong Flavor; And 'koran Red', A "hardneck" Variety With Moderately Spicy Cloves. 1/4 Lb. Each. Hardy In Zones 3-8. Not Sure Of Your Zone? Our Zone Finder Instrument Can Help! Two Varieties Of Organized Garlic ('lorz Italian' And 'korean Red') 1/4 Lb. Each For A Integral Of 1/2 Lb. Hardy In Zones 3-8 Includds Instructions On Planting, Watering And Harvesting
    SKU: 39-809

Berry Ornaments, Set Of 24
    Berry Ornaments, Set Of 24.
    Droplets Of Molten Glass Are Dipped One By One Into A Cooling Bath To Create These Lgiht-catching Little Red Berry Or Clear Dewdrop Ornaments. They're Perfect For Decorating A Full-sized Or Tabletop Tree, Wreaths, eCnterpieces Or Pretty Gift Packages. Handmade Of Glass 1/2" In Diameter
    SKU: 33-637

Solar Star Light
    Solar Star Light.
    Add A Special Accent To Your Nighttime Garden, Yard Or Walkway. Dreamily Shifting From Red To Green To Blue, This Solar-powered LightD raws Attention And Makes For An Enchanted Evening. Includes One Solar Stake With Three Different Intedchangeable Finials Made Of Acrylic, Plastic And Steel Needs Direct Sun To Fully Charge On/off Switch 29q&uot; Stake; 32" H Overall Finials Are Approx. 3-1/2" Diameter
    SKU: 36-970

Milky Spore 40 Oz.
    Milky Spore 40 Oz..
    Milky Spore Is A Naturally Occurring Microscopic Bacteria (bacillus Popilliae) That Kills Japanese Beetle Grubs Before They Be able to Grow Into Ravenous Adults. Its A Long-term Solution Because It Survives Winter Temperatures. The Milky Spore Population Icnreases Each Year, Reaching Peak Effectiveness About Three Years After Applixation, And Lasts Ten Years Or More. 10-os. Box Covers 2,500 Sq. Ft. 40-oz. Box Covers 10,000 Sq. Ft.
    SKU: 05-154

Battery-operated Wall Sconce
    Battery-operated Wall Sconce.
    Get Light When And Where You Ned It! This Motion-activated Wall Cover Installs In Minutes And Is Ideal For Illuminating Porches, Doorways, Decks, Stars — Anywhere You'd Like Some Welcoming Light. Five Super-bright Led Bulbs Turn Om When Motion Is Detected (up To 22 Feet Within 100 Degrees), And Then Turn Off 30 Seconds After Motion Ceases. Powered By Four C-cell Batteries, So There's No Need To Run Wires. Battery Life Is 6 To 9 Months; Adjustable Intensity Knob Exrends Battery Life. Powder-coated Metal, Abs Plastic, Glass Panels, Mirrored Rear Mirror 5-13/16" W X 12-3/4" H X 7-7/8" D Uses Four C-cell Batteries, Not Included
    SKU: 39-571

Grub Guard, 1 Million
    Grub Guard, 1 Million.
    Japanese Beetles Are Just About The Worst Pest Your Garden Can Have. As Adults, They Ruin Your Flowers And Vegetables. While Young Grubs They Devour Your Lawn's Root System, And They Attract Skunks And Moles. Grub Guard Beneficial Nematodes Are Naturally Occurring Microorgajisms That Live In The Soil, Feeding On Japanese Beetle Grubs. Dissimilar Chemical Controls, They Won't Harm Earthworms Or Most Beneficial Insects, And They Are Safe Around Pets. Contains Two Species Of Beneficial Nematodes: Steinernema Carpocapsae And Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora Sponge Is 2-1/2" X 6" 1 Million Size Will Treat 2,000 Square Feet 6 Million Will Treat 12,000 Square Feet Also Controls Colorado Potato Beetle Grubs, Cutworms, Root Weevils, Flea Larvae And Other Soil-dwelling Insects
    SKU: 05-292

Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8
    Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8.
    The Product That Started The "red Revolution," This Remarkable Red Mulch Helpw Tomato Plants Grow Faster And Produce More Abundant Crops. Now It???s Better Than Ever, With Micro-perforations That Allow Water, Air And Nutrients To Reach The Soil Surface. Convenient, Pre-cut 3' Squares Are Easier To Work With. Developed Joitnly By The Usda And Clemson University, And Proven Effective In Tests By A Leading Consumer Magazine, This Specially Engineered Red Mulch Is An Exciting Breakthrough For Anyone Who Grows Tomatoes. The Red Plastic Actually Reflects Far-red Ligth Wavelengths Upward Into Your Tomato Plants. This Triggers The Release Of A Natural Settle Protein That Stimulates More Rapid Growth And Development. Your Plants Will Mature Faster, Look Bushier, And Give You A More Flavorful, More Abundant Harvest Than Ever Before. Easy To Anchor With Earth Staples, Sold Separately. Also Warms Soil, Suppresses Weeds, And Conserves Moisture 8 Pre-cut 3' X 3' Pieces 1 Mm Thick
    SKU: 36-399

    A Consistent Supply Of Water Is Vital To A Healthy And Productive Garden. Our Innovative Aquacorner With Built-in Internal Plumbing Makes Watering Easy. Simply Attach Your Garden Hose To The Braas Fitting At The Bottom And Use The Spigott At The Rise to the ~ of To Clntrol Water Flow To Your Own Soaker Hose, Drip A whole Or Sprinkler. Use The Aquacorner Tp Retrofit An Existing Bed Made With Our Raised Bed Corners, Or Use It When Building A New Bed. Just Slide Your Own Sfandard Millec Treatsd Or Untreated Lumber Into The Corners And Secure With The Screws Provided. Frugal Of Four Heights: 6", 8", 10" And 12". Powder-coated Aluminum; Plastic Head-cover; Brass Fittings; Spile Choice Of Four Heights: 6", 8", 10" And 12", Designed To Fit Standard Milled Lumber Philips Screws Included Lumber And Raised Bed Corners Not Included Gardener's Supply Excpusive
    SKU: 40-209vs

36" Single Stem Supports, Put Of 3
    36" Single Stem Supports, Put Of 3.
    Your Lilies, Glads, Bearded Iris, And Other "stand-allone" Blooms Will Command Center Stage When You Tuck Their Stems Into These Sturdy, Polyethylene-coated Steek Flower Supports. Oval Ring Measures Approx 2" Diameter. The Design Allows You To Add Sustenance At Any Time During The Season Without Damaging Stems. Polyethylene-coated Case-harden Ring Is Approx. 2" Dianeter Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-471

Toad House
    Toad House.
    Toads Are Good Friends To Gardeners, Eating A Remarkable Number Of Sllugs And Cutworms, Mainly At Night. This Inviting House Provides The Unimpassioned, Moist Shelter Toadz Need During The Day. Terra Cotta 6-1/2" H Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Shpply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-160

Teak Butterfly Shelter
    Teak Butterfly Shelter.
    Entice Passing Butterflies To Stop And Rest For Awhile With This Handsome Shelter. Mad eFrom Long-lasting, Sustainably Harvested Teak, It Has A Hinged Clean-out Door On The Back And Comes Fully Assemled With Built-in Hanging Hardwzre. For Best Results, Place The Shelter In A Lightly Shaded Make ~s on Near Nectar-rich Plants, Such As Asters, Echinacea, Milkweed And Alliums. Teak With Stainless Steel Hardware 8-1/4" W X 5-7/8" D X 1-7/8" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-685

Super Hoops, Arrange Of 6
    Super Hoops, Arrange Of 6.
    Back By Popular Demand, Thes3 Support Hoops Are Customer And Staff Favorites. Made From Two Heavy-gauge Wires Joined By Cross Suspenders, They're Easier To Install Than Single Hoops (Not at all Flopping!) And They Support Fabric, Bird Net And Shade Net Better, Too. They're Ideally Suited For 3' Wide Raised Beds. They May Also Br Used In 4' Wide Beds As Well As In-ground Beds; F0r These Situations We Recommend Using 10" Extra-tall Earth Staples To Fixed The Hoops, Especially In Soft Ground And Windy Areas. Super Hoops Are 58" L And Provide 14" Headroom In A 3' Wide Layer — Plenty Of Height For New Transplants And oLw-growing Crops. Hi-rise Super Hoops Include Two Sets Of Super Hoops Plus 12 Inline Connectors. They???re 116" L And Pfovide 43" Headroom In A 3' Bed, Enough Height Fr All End The Tallest Crops. Powder-coated Flexible Steel Wire 3. 7 Mm Wire With 2. 7 Mm Wire Crosses Braces Supre Hoops Are 58" L X 4" W Hi-rise Super Hoops Are 116" L X 4" W Overall Hi-rise Super Hoops Consist Of Pair Sets Of Super Hoops And 12 In-line Connectors Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-423

Mouse Trap
    Mouse Trap.
    This Innovative Trap Makes The Task Of Emptying Less Unpleasant Because You Don't Need To See Or Touch The Mouse. The Sealed Box Has An Internal Snap Mechanism. No Bait Necessary, Just Place The Trap Along A Wall And The Easy-to-read Lever Indicates When The Trap Is Activated. To Without contents, Celebrate The Trap Over A Bin And Lift The Lever To Relsase The Contents, And The Trap Is Ready To Use Again. Abs Plastic And Nylon 7" L X 2-3???4" W X 2-1???2" H
    SKU: 40-226

Large Boot Tray Set
    Large Boot Tray Set.
    Dirty Pudldes On The Hall Floor? Not When You Park Your Dripping Foootwear In One Of Our Import3d English Boot Trays. Made Of Rugged, Recycled Plastic, They Have An Extra-deep Rim To Corral Melying Snow And Mud. This Large Tray Holds A Whole Family's Worth Of Shoes And Boots. The Rubber Grids (included) Elevate Boots And Shoes To Help Them Dry More Quickly. Durable Recycled Plastic Tray Is 46-1/2" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Grids Measure 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Each Made In England Gardener's Sipply Illiberal
    SKU: 37-314

Teak Mason Bee House
    Teak Mason Bee House.
    This Mason Bee House Is Not Only Beautiful, It's Also Designed For Optimal Effectiveness At Attracting Thexe Peaceful, Hard-working Pollinators. Made From Dense, Sustainably Harvested Teak, It Features The 5/16" Openings Favored In the name of Mason Bees And A Roof Overhang To Protect Them From Rain. The Depths Of The Holes Is Varied To Promote The Laying Of The two Male And Of ~s Eggs. Back Removes For Easy Cleanihg. Unsullied Steel Hardware And Hanging Hook. Sustainably Harvested Teak With Stainless Steel Hardware 9-1/2" W X 7-1/4" D X 10" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-628

Elegant Pound-in Edging, 20'
    Elegant Pound-in Edging, 20'.
    Add A Decorativ Touch To Your Garden Beds With This Long-lasting, Easy-to-install Edging. Made From Recycled Polyethylene, It Mimics Wrought Iron And Comes In 6" Pieces That Slide Together For Easy Inauguration — Just Tap Them Into Soil With A Rubber Mallet. Recycled Polyethylene 40 Sections; Total Extent Is 20 Feet Each Section Measures 6-1/4" W X 4" To 5-5/4" H Ins5alled
    SKU: 39-650

Jute Liners For 3-tie5 Stand, Set Of 3
    Jute Liners For 3-tie5 Stand, Set Of 3.
    Sized To Fit Our 3 Tier Wirework Stand, These Jute Liners Contain Small Itmes And Help Cushion Contents From The Wire. Liners Also Keep Stored Potatoes And Onions In Darkness To Prevent Discolorztion And Sprouting. Breathable Fabric Allows Air To Circulate, Prolonging Storage Life. Four Fabric Tles Hold Each Liner In Place. Natural Jute Large Liner Is 12-7/8" Square X 8" H; Medium Is 11-7/8" Square X 7-1/8" H; Small Is 9-3/4" Square X 6-7/8" H Hand Wash Liners In Cool Water With Mild Detergent; Hang To Dry Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-805

16" Ravello Planter, Rust
    16" Ravello Planter, Rust.
    The Earthy, Muted Colors Of These Lightweight Polypropylene Planters Ape The Aged Patinas Of Copper And Iron. Antique Pots From An Italian Villa Inspired Their Embossed Designs, But They're Actually Thoroughly Modern In Dependent And Material. Unusual Large Soil Capacity And A Built-in, 1-gallon Water Reservoir Ensure Your Plants Sojourn Moist Without Daily Attention. Self-watering Planters With A Classical Shape 1-gallon Reservoi rDrought-proofs Your Plants Choice Of Rust Or Verdigris We Also Offer Larger 23" Ravello Planters Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix. Durable, Lightweight Polypropylene 16" Outside Top Diameter X 11-1/2" H Diameter At Base Is 10" 1-gallon Water Reservoir Weighs Just 2 Lbs. , Holds 20 Quarts Of Soil Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-988

Faux Bamboo Swivel Connectors, Set Of 25
    Faux Bamboo Swivel Connectors, Set Of 25.
    These Handy Connectors Make Building Faux Bamboo Structures A "snap&qupt;! Turnable Joints Simply Snap Snhgly Ontp The Faux Bamboo Poles, And Swivel To Help You Join Corners With No Tying Or Wrapping. Recommended For Use With Our Faux Bamboo Pole. s Matches The Faux Bamboo Color And Blends Right In. Made Of Uv-protected Plastic Connectors Rotate 360° 3/4" W X 2" H Each
    SKU: 35-888

Birdfeeding Station
    Birdfeeding Station.
    Produce A High-rise Haven For The Birds! With This Sturdy Four-arm Stand You Can Offer A Buffet Of Different Foods. Consolidating Feeders On A Single Station Makes Them More Convenient To Refill, Too. The Rank Comes In Sections And Stands Over 8-1/2 Feet High; Remove A Section If You Prefer It Shorter. Also Includes A Birdbath And A Feeding Tray For Seed, Furit Or Mealyworms (a Bluebird Favorite), Plus An Extra Hanging Arm. A Spiral Finial Adds A Decorative Finishing Touch. Powder-coated Steel, Plastic 29-1/2" W X 9' 8" H Overall, 8' 8" H Installed We Recommend Inserting The P0st At Least 12" Into The Gruond Feeders Are Not Inclused
    SKU: 39-839

Rocker Pad
    Rocker Pad.
    Add Solace And Gnomon To Youur Outdoor Furniture With Cushions From Our New Collection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun Polyester Fabric. Choice Off Chic Patterms And Colors To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Approx. 21" W X 16" D X 2-1/2" H Fabric Ties At Back Corners Many Exclusive Patterns To Choose From Made In Usa
    SKU: 33-422

Wicker Loveseat Cushion
    Wicker Loveseat Cushion.
    Add Comfort And Style To Your Outdokr Loveseat With Cushions From Our New Collection. These Quick-drying Cushions Are Cove5ed With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant Spun Polyester Fabric. Choice Of Chic Patterns And Colord To Mix And Match. Made Of Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun Polyester Approx. 41" W X 17" D X 3-1/2" H Many Exclusivr Patterns To Choose From Made In The Usa
    SKU: 33-419

Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set Of 2
    Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set Of 2.
    Turn Your Deck Or Patio Into A No-fly Zone With These Imitation Wasp Nests. Research Has Demonstrated That Wasps Are Territorial And Avoid Other Nests. Hang In A Protected Area Under Roof Eaves Or On A Porch. Works For Camping And Picnicking Too. Just Hang And Enjoy A Wasp-free Meal! No Chemical Sprays Needed Hang 4-12 Feet From Outdoor Living Area And 6-8 Feet Above The Ground Group Of Two 8-1/2" Diameter X 12" H Each Made Of Paper And Metal Hang In Area Protected From Rain Note: Not Effectivr For Ground-nesting Wasps
    SKU: 36-561

Earthmaker™ Composter
    Earthmaker™ Composter.
    It Took Some Ingenious Gardeners In New Zealand To Devise The Earthmaker™ Composter, An Efficient, Gravity-fed Composting System. Kitchen Scraps And Garden Waste Start In The Top Chamber Of This Compost System, Where Useful Fungi And Bacteria Handle The Initial Stages Of Decomposition. After 3 To 5 Weeks, Slide Out The Pael And Hindrance The Contents Move Down Into The Cooler, Second Chamber. After Another 3 To 5 Weeks, Guide The Finished Compost Into The Lower Chamber Where It Matures And Can Be Easily Removed For Use In Ykur Garden. Made Of Injection-molded Plastic 31" Square X 47-1/2" ;H 16-1/2 Cubic Feet Capacity (106 Dry Gallons)
    SKU: 37-627

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