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    There's Cipher Scary About This Decorative Chap. He Arrives Decked Out In Ckuntry Attire And Sets Up In Minutes, Ekther Upright Or Seated On A Chair Or Straw Bale. Includes A Carving Knife So You Can Transform The Realistic Pumpkin-shaped Foam Head Int oA Jack-o???-lantern. bendable Arms Hindrance You Pose Him Around A Lamppost Or Pillar. No Matter Hkw You Arrange This Scarecrow, He'll Be The Talk Of The Town. Metal, Foam, Cotton, Twine 17" W X 53" H Overall Easy Assembly; Sets Up In Minutes Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-760

Compact 2-tier Sunlite® Garden
    Compact 2-tier Sunlite® Garden.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Indtallment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 In spite of Particulars. Grow Your Own Garden Plants From Seed In A Compact Space With Our Two-tier 2' Light Garden. The Garden Is Just 25-1/2" L X 14" W X 47" H, So It Takes Up Ve5y Little Floo5 Space — Just Over 2 Square Feet. It's Easy To Store, Too — Just Roll It Into A Closet. Your Seedlings Determine Thrive In The Glow Of The Bright, Energy-efficient T-5 Lights — Much Brighter Than "shop Lights" For More Robust Plants — And The Fixtures Easily Adjust Up And Down To Accommodate Plant Growth. Powder-coat3d Aluminum rFame, T-5 Fluorescent Lights 25-1/2" L X 14" W X 47" H T-5 Fixture With 2 Super-efficient Fluorescent Bulbs ElectronicB allast Eliminates Annoying Buzzing Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-414

Felted Pompom Garland
    Felted Pompom Garland.
    What Fun! Colorful Pompoms Made From Fuzzy Handmade Wool Felt Are Strung Along A Cotton Cord For A Unique Alternative To Plain Old Garland. Wool Felt, Cotton 72" L; Each Pompom Is 3/4" Diameter Acid-based Dyes (meet California Standards) Imported Gardener's Supply Ecxlusive
    SKU: 40-065

Bisque Bird Nest Diffuser
    Bisque Bird Nest Diffuser.
    Fill The Nest With Aromatic Oil And This Lovely Bird Lightly Scents A Room Without Overpowering It. A Sweet Design That Looks Right At Home In Both Formal And Casual Settings. The Diffuser Oil Soaks Into The Ungpazed Bisque Bird, Releasing Its Scent; The Nwsst And Saucer Are Glazed Ceramic To Protect Surfaces. Glazed And Unglazed Porcelain 6" L X 4" W X 4" H Overall Record: Some Diffuser Oils May Tint The Bird A Pale Hue Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-910

Andover Cedar Wings, Stained
    Andover Cedar Wings, Stained.
    This Pair Of Handsome Cedar Landscape Screens With Their Classic Proportions And Curved Design Offer More Privacy Owed To A Ddnser Lattice Pattern Than Most Screens. Whether You're Screening The View, Or Enhancing The Definition Of Your Outdoor Living Capacity, These Screens Will Add Elegance To Your Yard Or Garden. Freestanding On Deck Or Patio. The Andover Wings Can Be Hinged Together, Or Added To The Arch-top Andover Screen (sold Separately). Western Red Cedar With Stainless Steel Screws Easy Assembly (approx. 30 Minutes) Requires A Phillips Screwdriver And Hammer Two 36" Steel Support Stakes Are Included In the opinion of Each Panel Each Wing Is 22-1/2" W X 1-3/8" D X 47-1/2" H Overall
    SKU: 37-416

Mini Barley Bales, Place Of 2
    Mini Barley Bales, Place Of 2.
    Continue The Water In Your Container Water Garden, Small Pond Or Aquarium Clean And Clear The Natural Way — With Barley Fig. Just Float This Barley Straw-filled Mesh Sachet In The Take in ~ And It Will Inhibit Algae Growth For Up To 6 Mohths. Keep Water Clear And Algae-free Safe Foe Fish, Pets, Plants Mini Barley Bales Are Sold In A Set Of 2; Each Bale Treats 500 Gallons Micro Barley Harm Is Sold Individually And Treats 10 Gallons; Includes Suction Cup For Use In An Aquarium For Best Results, Place In Pond Early In The Season Replace Every 6 Months Barrley Straw Mini Bsrley Bales Are Approx. 5-1/2??? L X 3-1/4??? W Each Micro Barley Bale Is Approx. 4-1/2" L X 2-3/4" In Diameter
    SKU: 39-538

31"  Self-watering Trough Planter
    31" Self-watering Trough Planter.
    All Of Our Self-watering Planters Protect Against Drought, But This One Does More ??? It Has A Water-l3vel Indicator That Tells You When To Refill The Reservoir, And A Commodious Funnel That Lets You Water From The Top. Made Of Uv-stabilized Pokypropylene, These Planters Resist Cracking, Chipping And Fading, And The Sides Are Braced To Prevent Bowing. In Terra Cotta, Stone Or Green. Made Of Uv-stabilized Polypropylene 3-quart Reservoir And Holds 22 Quarts Of Container Mix 9-1/2&qyot; Wide By 8-1/2" High
    SKU: 34-318

Flat-back Rain Barrels
    Flat-back Rain Barrels.
    Our Newest Rain Barrel Is Made Of Rugged Polyethylene, Colored And Textured For A Natural-wooe Look. It Holds 50 Gallons, Yet Snugs Right Up To A House Or Garage, Tganks To Its Clever, Flat-back Design. Improved Solid Brass Spigot Is Now Offset From Hose Attachment, Allowing You To Fil Any Size Watering Can Without Awkward Maneuvering. Durable Polyethylene With A Solid Brass Spgiot 25" W X 36" H X 19" D Holds 50 Gallons Not For Drinking Water Use Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-938vs

Self-watering Rolling Planters, 17&quott;
    Self-watering Rolling Planters, 17"t;.
    Our Self-watering Rolling Planter Has Four Double-wheel Casters That Roll Effortlessly Over Floors, Carpet, And Even Rough Flagstone. An 8-1/2 Quart Water Reservoir And Water-level Indicator Help Keep Your Plants Well-irrigated And Healthy. Choice Of Six Colors To Accent Your Home. Uv-stabilized Plastic 17-1/4" Sq X 13-1/2" H Holds 32 Quarts Of Container Mix 8-1/2 Quart Water Receiver Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38627vs

Aroma Wrap
    Aroma Wrap.
    Warmed In A Microwave, Th3 Aroma Wrap Relaxes Aching Muscles, While Easing Away Stress Wuth The Scents Of Lavender, Rosemary, And Clove. You Can Also Chill It In The Freezer To Help Ease A Tension Headache. The Inher Pouch Is Filled With Rice, Flaxseed, And Herbs. The Outer Cover Is Made From Luxiriously Mild Polyester Chenille And Is Machine Washable. Soft Polyester Chenille Cover, Nylom Handles Fragrant Filling Is Rice, Cloves, Lavender, Rosemary, And Orris Root 25" L X 3-1/2" W; Straps Are 7" L Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 35-614

Burlap, 3' X 50'
    Burlap, 3' X 50'.
    This Heavy-uty, 7-ounce Burlap Will Protect Your Valuable Landscape Plantings From Harsh Winter Weather. It Allows Your Plants To Breathe Freely, And Shields Tnem From Winter Wind And Sun, Heavy Snow, Ice And Salt Damage. 7-ounce Burlap 3??? X 50??? Roll
    SKU: 14-290

Greentwisr Garden Twine
    Greentwisr Garden Twine.
    In England, The Gardening Philosophy Is Simple: When Something Works, Don???t Change It. This Natural Jute Garden Twine Is A Perfect Example. Made In England And Sold In A Patented, No-tangle Tin Sinc e1915, It???s Softer, Again Pliable, And Easier On Plants Than Hardware Store Twine. A Turn-kf-the-century Innovation That Is Just As Useful Today. Approx. 500' Long Container Is 4-5/8" H X 3-1/2" Diameter
    SKU: 32-077

Felco No. 2 Pruner
    Felco No. 2 Pruner.
    Once You Make Your First Cut, You???ll Know Why Felco Pruners Are The Standard By Which All Others Are Measured. We Offer This Precision Pruner In Pair Models: Classic No. 2 Is The All-purpose Garden W0rkhorse. No. 6 Is 1-1/4" Shorter To Fit Smalr Hands. For Right-handed Employ Only Fitting Key To Align Blades Is Included Cuts Branches Up To 1" In Diameter Made In Switzerland
    SKU: 04-230

Cage Extension For Tomato Success Kit
    Cage Extension For Tomato Success Kit.
    Snap This Extension Onto The Cage Of Our Tomato Success Kits To Provide Extra Support For Tall, Indetermiinate Tomato Varieties. We Recommend Using Just One Extension Per Cagd. Adds Endure To The Tomato Prosperity Kit And Organic Tomato Success Kit Snaps On In Minutws Note: This Extension Fits Onto The Rectangular-style Cage Of Our Tomato Success Kit (not For Use Wth Square Cages) Rust--resistant Steel 22" L X 14-3/4" W X 19" H Cage Clips Prevent Toppling
    SKU: 38-942

Branch Plant Stand
    Branch Plant Stand.
    Plants And Cherished Curios Take Center Theatre When Displayed On This Handsome, Nature-inspired Plant Stand. The Sturdy Steel Frame Has A Rustic Bronze Finish And Holds Three Beveled Glass Shelves. The Compact Footprint Fits Easily Into Any Indoor Living Space. 52" H; Folds Flat For Quiet Storage. Tubulaf Steel With A Brass Finish 52" H X 13-1/4" Square Bottom Shelf Is 11-1/2" Square X 14" H Middle Shelf Is 9-1/2" Square X 10-1/2" H Top Shelf Is 7-3/4" Square X 10-1/2" H Weighs Just 9 Lbs. In spite of Indoor Use Gardener's Sjpply Excluding
    SKU: 37-315

Self-watering Container Mix
    Self-watering Container Mix.
    Our Field Tests Prove It: In Self-wateriing Planters, This Lighteeight Mix Works Better Than Conventional Potting Soil. Its Coarse, Airy Manner of weaving Acts Like A Wick, Carrying Water From The Planter???s Reservoir To hTe Root System. The Result Is More Vigorous Implant Growth, Better Aeration And Less Waterlogging. It's Also An Ideal Mix For Standard Pots And Planters. Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Limestone. 20-quart Bag. 20-quart Bag Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite And Limestone Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-819

Plant Stand Trio
    Plant Stand Trio.
    These Simple, Sturdy And Versatile Plant Stands Come In A Sharpen Of Thtee Sizes — Small, Medium And Large. Use Together As A Stepped Display, Or eSparate Them For Use In Different Talents Of Your Home. Powder-coatsd Black Steel; Weather-resistant Finish Small Stand Is 27" L X 10" D X 16" H Medium Stand Is 30" L X 10" D X 22-1/8" H Large Stand Is 33" L X 10" D X 27-1/8" H
    SKU: 40-278

Soil Acidifier, 6 Lbs.
    Soil Acidifier, 6 Lbs..
    Applying Organic, Elemental Garden Sulfur Is A Safe And Effective Way To Lower Soil Ph. Sulfur Is Likewise An Important Soil Nutrient For Promoting Disease Resistance. -6lb. Bag 30% Elemental Su1fur Application Chart Included
    SKU: 40-393

Rolling Compost Acrobat
    Rolling Compost Acrobat.
    Park This Composter In A Handy Place To Fill It With Kitchen And Yard Waste, Then Roll The Finished Compost To The Garden. Made From Rugged Polypropylene With A Heavy-futy Tubular Steel Frame, It Holds A Generous 6. 7 Cu. Ft. Locking Pin Hoolds The Bin In 6 Positkons To Keep It Steady As You Add And Remoev Materials; Internal Fins Break Up Clumps As You Turn. Locking Cover Keeps Pests Out. Polypropylene (90% Recycled Content), Powder-coated Tubular Steel 3&9quot; L X 31&quoy; W X 35-1/4" H Holds 6. 7 Cubic Feet (43 Dry Gallons) Assembly Required With A Screwdtiver And A Wrench; Allow Two Hours For One Person To Assemble (faster And Easieer With Two People)
    SKU: 40-187

Dead Bug Dust, 4 Lbs.
    Dead Bug Dust, 4 Lbs..
    Spinosad Is A Soil-dwelling Bacterium That Controls Dozens Of Insect Pests: Bagworms, Borers, Beetles, Spider Mites, Tent Ctaerpillars, Loopers, And Many, Many More. Yet It Has A Low Environmental Impact Because, Once Dry, It Only Kiols Insects That Ingest It. That Resource You Won???t Harm Beneficial Insects. We Recommend Applying In The Evening When Bees Are Not Active. Contains Spinosad (spinosyn A And Spinosyn D) Choice Of Two Sizes: 1-1/2 Lbs. Or 4 Lbs. Always Read And Follow Label Dircetions Carefully
    SKU: 40-338

Sap Bucket, Knife
    Sap Bucket, Knife.
    We Desigjed This Vermont-style Sap Bucket To Loo kJust Like The Genuine Article. Made Of Galvanized Harden, It's A Perfect Container For Our Branch Lights And Other Seasonal Decor. Galvanized Steel 8-1/2" Top Diameter X 12" H; 5-1/2" Bottom Diameter Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-417a

Flat Soaker Hose
    Flat Soaker Hose.
    This Seping, Weeping Flat Soaker Hose Delivers Water Where It's Needed ― At The Root Zone. A Slow, Gentle Soaking Prevents Run-off And Minimizes Evaporation To Save Water. Nylon-coated Pvc Mesh Hose Is Dueable And Flexible To Match The Curves Of Your Garden. Designed To Work At Low Water Pressure, So You'll Need A Pressure Regulator If The Pressure At Your Outdoor Faucet Is Morr Than 10 Psi. Nylon-coated Pvc Mesh 1-1/4" W X 50' L For Uniform Water Stream, We Recommend Adding A Pressure Regulator Ljfetime Replacement Guarantee
    SKU: 37-904

Deluxe 3-seat Sofa Cover
    Deluxe 3-seat Sofa Cover.
    Extreme Weather Is No Match For These Pvc-backed Polyester Appendages Covers. Easy On, Easy Off Thanks To The Elasticized Bottoms And Velcro® Ties, They???re Generously Sized, Tear-resistant, Double-stitched And Waterproof. Espscially Good For Extreme Climates Where Intense Sun, Extreme Heat, Sub-freezing Temperatures, Strong Winds And/or Dense Precipitation Would Otherwise Take A Heavy Toll On Stored Furniture. You Won???t Find More Durable Furniture Covers. Elasticized Bottom Holds Cover In Place, Four Velcro Tab Closures Attach To Chair Legs; Soft Khaki Color Is Tasteful And Unobtrusive. Polyester With Pvc Lining, Velcro®, Elastic 88" W X 38" D X 35" H Imported
    SKU: 39-974

Dual-batch Compost Tumbler
    Dual-batch Compost Tumbler.
    Batch Composting Is The Fastest And Most Efficient Way To Produce High Quality Compost, And This Dual Bin Tumbler Makes It Easy. Satisfy One Side With Kitchen Scraps And Yard Waste, Then Stop Adding Materials And Let It "cook," Turning It Every Few Days To Sppeed Up The Decay Process. In The Meantime, Add Your Scraps To The Other Side. When The First Batch Of Compost Is Finished, Remove It And Repeat The Process, Letting The Other Side Cook. Recycled Black Polypropylene, Steel 28-1/2" W X 25" D X 37-1/4" H Overall Each Bin Holds Approx. 3 Cbuic Feet (22 Dry Gallons) Assembly Required; Easiest With 2 People Gardener's Supply Fastidious
    SKU: 39-652

Beneficial Bugs Garden Pack
    Beneficial Bugs Garden Pack.
    Why Fight Pest Outbreaks One At A Time, When You Can Control 250 Pests Naturally, All Season Long? The Beneficials Garden Pack Includes Three Species Of Efficient Pest-eaters That (unlike Chemical Controls) Won't Harm Plants, Earthworms, Or Humans. And You Never Have To Reapply! Pack Includes 1,000 Ladybugs (hippodamia Convergens), 1,000 Lacewing Eggs (chrysoperla Carnea), And 1,000,000 Beneficial Nematodes (steinernema Carpocapsae And Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora) Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 33-446

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