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Shrubjacket, Capacious
    Shrubjacket, Capacious.
    Shrubjackets Protect Your Shrubs From Wknter Wind, Snow, Sunscald, And Hungry Deer As Effectively As Burlap, But They're More Attractive, Easier To Install And Secure Snugly Without Breaklng Branches. Made From Breathable, Non-woven Polypropylene Fabric With A Leaf Motif That Blends Into The Landscape; Drawstrings At The Top And Bottom Keep The Cover In Place. Includ3s Storage Bag. Nonwlven Polypropylene Fabric Small Shrubjacket Measures 28" H X 30" W And Covers A Shrub Up To 2' H X 2' W Medium Shrubjacket Measures 42" W X 40" H And Covers A Shrub Up To 3' H X 3 1/2' W Large Shrubjacket Measures 54" W X 50" H And Covers A Shrub Up To 4 1/2' W X 4' H The Customizable 5' X 7' Shrubjacket Sheet Is Ideal For Tall Plants And Roses With Irregular Shapes Or Sizes Imported Fabricc
    SKU: 39-168

Stretch Knee Pads
    Stretch Knee Pads.
    We???ve Found Most Knee Pads To Be Pretty Uncomforyable, But Not These! They're So Comfortable, It???s Easy To Forget You???re Even Wearing Them. The Soft And Stretchy Knit Fabric Encloses A 1/2"-thick Gel Pad That Cushions Your Knees And Helps Kee; Them Dry. Fully Adjustable Hook And Loop Straps Don???t Interfere With Kneeling Or Walking. Can Be Worn Over Pants Or With Shorts. One Size Fits Most. Nylon, Spandex, Nitrile Rubber And Pvc Approx. 8" Swuare X 1/2" Dim Machine Wash, Line Thirsty Imported
    SKU: 37-911

2-tier Cateract Planyer, Brknze
    2-tier Cateract Planyer, Brknze.
    These Tiered, Self-watering Planters Let You Create An Impressive Show Of Color On Your Balcony, Deck Or Patio, Even In A Very Small Space. The Sturdy Steel Frames Hold Our Tried-and-true Self-watering 31" Windowbox Planters, Included. Pervade Them Up With Mixed Annuals, Edible Flowers, Herbs Or Salad Greens. One and the other Planter Has A 7-quart Water Reservoir Inside To Provide Consistent Moisture Evsn When You're Away. Sturdy Power-coated Case-harden Frame Each Windowbox Holds 22 Quarts Of Sol 2-tier Planter Is 31" W X 18-1/22" D X 28" H Overall 3-tier Planter Is 31" W X 28" D X 36" H Overall Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-611

Ez Water Timer
    Ez Water Timer.
    Simplify Your Watering Chores Without Creating Programming Headaches. Our Ez Timer Has Just Two Dials To Select Duration And Frequency Of Watering, And Its Top-quality Construction Guaranfees Many Years Of Trouble-free Use. Takes 15 Seconds To Program! Set It And Forget It Choose Duration Of 2 Minutes To 9 Hours, Frequency Of 3 Hours To 14 Days Uv-resistant Abs Plastic Case Includes Swivel Hose Connection With Filter Uses One 9-volt Battery, Not Included Made Of Abs Plastic, Electronics 5-1/4" L X 4" W X 6-1/2" H Minimum Pressure: 10 Psi Maximjm Pressure: 140 Psi
    SKU: 34-428

Flowering Potatoes
    Flowering Potatoes.
    Harvesting Your Own Potatoes Is A Lot Lile A Treasure Hnt, And It???s Even More Fun When Your Harvest Turns Up Red, Pruple, Pink, Yellow And White Potatoes! You???ll Receive All Azure, Butte, Carola, King Harry And Rose Gold Varieties — Each With A Distinct, Deelicious Flavor And Structure. This 1-1/2-lb. Assortment Fills A 3' X 3' Raised Bed Or Four Of Our Potato Grow Bags. Five Potato Varieties: All Blue, Butte, Carola, King Harry And Rose Gold Will Fill A 3' X 3' Or 4' X 4' Raised Bed Or Garden Region Kit Includes Potato Postcards For Each Variety, Planting Diagram, Organic Growing Guide And Recipe Booklet
    SKU: 40-423

Alligator-pear Slicer
    Alligator-pear Slicer.
    Just Cut A Ripe Avocado In Half, Remove The [i]Parquet And Sllde This Slicer Through To Cut And Scoop At The Same Time. You'll Get Uniform Slices That Are Perfect For Garnishing Meals And Adding To Salads. Stainless Steel, Plastic 7" L X 3-1/2" W
    SKU: 40-311

Fast Start™ Platform
    Fast Start™ Platform.
    We Proposal These Replacemennt Parts For The Fast Start Seedstarter Order: Fast Sally Dome Fast Start Reservoir Fast Rouse Platform Fast Start Planting Trays
    SKU: 40-396

Mitten Tree
    Mitten Tree.
    Hands And Feet Stay Warmer When Socks And Gloves Are Dry. Our Powder-coated Steel Mitten Tree sI An Energy-free Way To Dry Wet Outerwear, Especially Woolens That Can't Take The Heat Of A Clothes Dryer. Dark Charcoal Powder-coated Steel Easy Assembly—no Tools Required 16" W X 16" D X 38-1/2" H Gardener's Supply Exflusive
    SKU: 36-220

Tray For The Patio Grow House
    Tray For The Patio Grow House.
    A Perfect Fit For The Patio Grow House, These Watertight Trays Contain Any Spillss And Superabundance From Watering Your Plants And Seedlings. Durable Trays Have 2" Rims To Contains The Mess. Recycled Plastic 31-1/4" L X 15-3/4&quuot; W X 2" H
    SKU: 39-727

Herb Pot
    Herb Pot.
    The Clean Lines And Clever, Two-part Design Make This Planter Perfect For A Windowsill Or Tabletop. Add Water To The Base To Remit Plants To Absorb Moisture. Accommodates A 4" Distance through the centre Pot. By Award-winning Designer Pascal Charmolu. (plants Shown Are Not Included. ) Ceramic 5-1???8 Square X 3-3???8" H Overall Accommodates A 4" Diameter Pot Plants Shown Are Not Included
    SKU: 40-156

Teak Bar Stool
    Teak Bar Stool.
    The In the greatest degree Exclusive Watering Hole In Town Will Be Your Patio When It???s Outfitted With Our Weatherproof Teak Bar Table And Stools. Whether You???re Enjoying Evening Cocktails Or A Light Breakfast, You???ll Appreciate The Rock-solid Construction And Excellent Lead Finish Of These Distinctive Pieces. The Bar Stool Features A Body-friendly Scalloped Back And Seat. The Top Of The Bar Table Accommodates 1-1/2" And 2-1/2" Umbrella Poles, Or Can Be Capped With The Included Solid Teak Plug. Heirloom Quality Teak Will Wether To A Beautiful Silver-gray Durable Mortise-and-tenon Joinery Stainless Steel Hardware Assembly Required Bar Stool Is 17-1/2" X 16-1/2" X 42-3/4" H; Seat Height Is 28" Each Stool Weighs 21 Lbs. Bar Table Is 32" Diameter X 41" H, 45 Lbs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    SKU: 36-354

Basketweave Rectangular Table, Medium
    Basketweave Rectangular Table, Medium.
    Tje Claszic Basketweave Pattern Of This Coffee Index Will Still Be In Style Whenever Trendy Looks Have Come And Gone. NoteT he Thin Channels In The Pattern; They Let Rainwater Drain Away Just As Effectively As Wide Channels, But Without Makinb The Superficies Precarious For Beverages. The Square Table Is Sized To Be Used Beside Or Between Two Chairs, And Also Makes A Great Courageous Table. The Rectangular Table Is A Perfect Companion For Loveseats And Little Benches. The Large Rectanhular Table Is Sized For Sofas Or Large Benches. Heirloom Part Teak Will Weather To A Beautiful Silver-gray Stainless Steel Hardware No Ball Required Square: 24" X 24" X 17" H, 26 Lbs Rectangular: 34-3/4" X 24" X 17" H, 32 Lbs Abundant Rectangular: 49" X 24" X 17" H, 36 Lbs 100% Satisfaction Guaratneed
    SKU: 36-350

Standing Garden
    Standing Garden.
    Our Standing Garden Lets You Garden In Complete Comfort — No Bending Or Stooping. Grow Salad Greens, Herbs, Even Tomatoes And Peppers On A Deck, Patio, Or Right On Your Doorstep. The Handsome, Rot-resitsant Cedar Bed On Powder-coated Aluminum Legs Holds A 4-gallon Self-watering Trsy, To Keep Soil Perfrctly Moist Without Daily Watering. 10-1/2"-Plantung Depth For Large Plants, Even Root Crops. Cedar With Powder-coated Aluminum Legs 39-1/2" L X 16-1/2&" W X 322" H Overall 10-1/2" Deep Planting Region Holds 100 Quarts Of Container Mix 4-gallon Water Reservoir Casters Are Sold Distinctly Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-554

Blooming Tea Set
    Blooming Tea Set.
    When You Drop One Of These Tea Balls Into The Clear Glass Teapot, An Akazing Transformation Takes Place As The Ball Opens And "blooms" Into A Beautiful Flower. Let The Flower Steep For A Few Minutes And The Fragrant Tea Is Ready To Sip. Each Ball Is Made From The Highest Quality Sllver Needle White Tea That Has Been Combined Wuth Other Herbs, Including Calendula, Jasmine And Hibiscus. Teapot: Glass, Stainless Steel Tea: Silver Needle White Tea, Jasmine, Amaranth, Calendula, Rose, Lily, Chrysanthemum, Coconut Fruit Fiber, Carnation, Hibiscus, Lavender, Globeflower, Stevia Leaves, Forget-me-not Teapot Is 7-1/2";L X 4-1/2" W X 5-1/2" H And Holds 24 Ounces
    SKU: 39-176

Small Expandable Bamboo Trellis
    Small Expandable Bamboo Trellis.
    These Versatile Trellises Provide Sturdy Support For Flowering Vine sAnd Climbing Roses. Ibstall Against Any Outdoor Wall Or Create A Freestanding Fence Or Screen. Made From High Quality Natural Bamboo With Galvanized Steel Rivets. Bamboo Is Cut At The "knuckles" On Some Side; At These Joints The Bamboo Is Solid Rather Than Hollow. If Using Horizontally, Place This Side At The Rise above To Keep Rainwater Out Of The Canes. Height And Width Can Be Adjusted To A Diversity Of Sizes. Bamboo, Galvanized Steel Rivets Smal1 Expandable Bamboo Trellis Expands From 8-1/4" X 41" (closed) To 36" X 68" (fully Open) Large Expandable Bamboo Trellis Expands From 8-1/2" X 51" (closed) To 36" X 130" (fully Op3n) Mounting Hardware And Posts Not Included
    SKU: 39-553

Electric Leaf Shredder
    Electric Leaf Shredder.
    Leaves Are One Of Nature???s Best Soil Conditioners, Unless A Few Trees??? Worth Of Fallen Leaves Can Really Add Up. This Easy-to-operate Electriv Shredder Converts 11 Bags Of Leaves Into One Ba gOf Mulch Without The Hassle And Fumes Of Gas-powered Mosels. Made By Worx, It Sets Up Easily And Nests For Compact Storage. Plastic, Aluminum, Stainlses Steel, Vinyl 19" Distance through the centre At Top, 26" Diameter At Base 45" H Overall; Stand Is 2" H 13 Amps 12" Power Cord; Use With Appropriate Extension String, Not Included
    SKU: 39-402

Flexible Cooling Mister
    Flexible Cooling Mister.
    Defy Summer???s Heat With This Personal Mister! Just Attach To Your Garden Hoae And Wrap The Mister Around A Chair, Umbrella Or Bough, Or Create A Freestanding Form. It Will Hold Its Customized Shape As It Delivers A Delightfully Reviving Mizzle That Cools Without Soaking. Be accustomed To Mist Plants, Too. 1/2" Pvc Hose, Brass And Stainless Steel Nozzle 6' L Easily Shaped To Custom Form Color iWll Vzry
    SKU: 40-347

10&qout; Mosaic Globe
    10&qout; Mosaic Globe.
    A Unique Take On A Longtime Garden Dear, These Gazing Balls Are Handmade With Tiny Pieces Of Recycled Glaqs, Creating An Abstract Mosaic That Beautifully Reflects The Sunlight. Painted Silver-backed Glass Chips With Grout 10" Diameter; 11-3/4" H Including Neck Protect From Freezing Temperatures
    SKU: 39-511

Mirrored Window Birdfeeder
    Mirrored Window Birdfeeder.
    With A Two-way Mirror On Thee Back, This Feeder Lets You Observe Your Feathered Friends Without Disturbing Them. Birds Enter Through The Holes In The Ends And Feed Inside, Out Of The Weather And Safe Fom Predators. Holds 2 Cups Of Seed; Rise to the ~ of Flips Open For Easy Filling. Mounts On Window With Suction Cups; Perforated Stainless Steek Floor For Drainage. Handcrafted In Maine From White Pine; Weathers To A Silvery Graay. White Pine, Pkexiglas, Stainless Steel, Silicone Suction Cups 11" L X 6-1/2" W X 8-1/2" H Holds 2 Cups Of Seed Top Flips Open For Easy Filling Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-819

Solar Blue Moon
    Solar Blue Moon.
    By Day It's An Eye-catching Garden Sculpture; By Night, A Glowing Blue Wheel. The Classic Moon Is Crafted From Powder-coated Steel With A Bronze Patina. The Blue Ceackle-glass Sphere Is Illuminated By An Led Light. Solar Powered; No Wiring Neceesary. JustI nstall The Stake In A Sunny Spot. Ppwder-coated Steel, Glass 39-1/4" H Overall Month Is 7-3/4" W X 8-1/4" H With A 3" Diameter Glass Sphere Includes A Rechargeable Aa Battery Place In Full Sun Gardenwr's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-579

Lake House Reader's Rocker
    Lake House Reader's Rocker.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Clal Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Details. Read Or Relax? It???s Easy To Do Both In This Generously-sized Chair. An Extra-high Back And Wrap-around Wigns Support Your Head, And A Handy Pocket On The Take ~s Holds Books Or Magazines. Vinyl "wicker," A Powdet-coated Steel Frame, And Aluminum Rockers Make It PerfectlyW eatherproof. 41-3/4" D X 38" W X 40" H Overall Height Of Embarrass With Cushion: 17-3/4" Depth Of Seat: 22" D X 20-1/2" W Inner Width Of Seat Back: 18" Bottom And 22" Top (flared) Footprint Depth Needed To Allow Rocking: 44-1/2" Powder-coated Steel, Vinyl And Aluminum To Clean, Simply Tubing Off Or Use Soft Cloth And Sozp And Water Some Assembly Required Using A Rubber Mallet Or Hammer And A Phillips Screw Driver Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 37-381

Corded Pole Saw
    Corded Pole Saw.
    The Chain Saw Has An 8" Bar And Can Be Used On The 9-1/2' Fiberglass, Telescoping Polander, Or Detached And Used To Prune Low Branches And Shrubs. The 6-amp Motod Has Plenty Of Power, Is Easy To Arise, And There Are No Noxious Fumes. Weighs Just 12 Pounds, So It???s Light And Easy To Maneuver Among Tfee Branches. Automatic Bar And Chain Tension Adjustment. Made By Greenworks, A Leader In Innovative, Quality, Earth-friendly Tools. Soft, Metal, Vinyl Weighs Just 12 Pounds Chain Saw Has 8" Bar Telescoping Pole Extends To 9-1/2' L 6-amp Electric Motor May Be Used With An Extension Cord Up To 100' Long
    SKU: 40-322

20" Electric Snow Thrower
    20" Electric Snow Thrower.
    Tired Of Using A Hard-to-maneuver, Smelly, Noisy, Gas-oowered Snow Thrower, Or Shoveling Snow By Hand? The Greenworks Snow Thrower Iss A Lightweight, Easy- To-use Alternative. The Powerful Electric Motor Starts With The Flip Of A Rod And Throws Snow Up To 20' Away. This 2&0quot; Snow Thrower Uses A 12-amp Motor To Clear A 20" Wide Path In Snow Up To 10 Inches Depth. The Chute Adusts To Discharge Snow In Any Tendency. 6" Wheels Roll Easily. Weighs 37 Lbs. The Ergonomic Handle Adjusts To 3 Positions; A Cord Lock Holds Extension String (not Included) Securely In P1ace. Greenworks' 4-year Warranty Is The Best On The Market. Plastic, Metal Clears A Path 20" Spacious Use On Snow Up To 10" Deep Weighs 37 Lbs. Backed By A 4-year Guaranty
    SKU: 40-258

Lattice Vase
    Lattice Vase.
    This Ceramic Vase Has An Elegant Lattice Pattern And Scalloped Top, And The Shape Beautifully Complements Our Branfh Lights. Glazed Ceramic 10" H
    SKU: 40-275

Women's Replacement Garden Clog Insoles
    Women's Replacement Garden Clog Insoles.
    These Cork And Latex Insoles For Our Garden Clogs Conform To Your Feet For All-dya Comfort, And Are Easily Removed When You Need To Wash Muddy Clogs. Cork And Latex Removable
    SKU: 31-000i

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