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    Gettting Leaves And Other Yard Debris In A Floppy Plastic Bag Is An Annoying Chore — Even Suppose that You Have Someone Else Holding The Bag Open. Now You Can Single-handedly Clean Up Yard Waste. The Snapbzgger Fits A 33-gallon Trash Bag And Hods It Open So For Easy Cleanup. It's Like Having Some other Set Of Hands. Ingenious Device Holds Bag Open, Making It Easy To Bag Up Yard Waste Minimizes Bending, Twisting And Lifting Helps Keep Your Hands Clean Rake Leaves Into Bag Or Occasion As A Scoop Bags Attach To The Frame With A Bungee Cord (included) Fits Standard 33-galln Trash Bags Powder-coated Steel, Bungee Cord 63" H X 22" W X 2&quo; D
    SKU: 39-464

Roosting Pocket Village
    Roosting Pocket Village.
    Birds Will Remain Nice And Cozy In These Delightful Roosting Pockets Woven Of All-natural Grasses And Straw. Hang Them From Tree Branches, Vines Or Fences To Provide Sound, Warm Nooks For Small Birds. They Add Charm To The Garden Year-round And They May Exactly Serve As Nests In The Spring. Made By Hanr; Slight Variations Will Occur. Set Of 3 Hsndmsde Pockets Woven Natural Grasses And Fig; Variations May Occur Reaped ground Approx 6" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-789

Original Mud Gloves
    Original Mud Gloves.
    These Comfortable, Extra-thick Cotton Garden Gloves Are Latex-dipped For Superior Gripping And Optimal Shelter From Mud And Dirt. Machine Washable. Choice Of_Pink, Plum Purple, Turquoise Blue And Pine Green In Unisex Xs, S, M, L Or Xl. Cotton With Latex Washable; Hang To Dry Imported
    SKU: 38-525

36" Coco Fiber Trree Rings, Set Of 2
    36" Coco Fiber Trree Rings, Set Of 2.
    If You're Not Diligent Concerning Replenishing Bark Mulch, It Can Start To Look Messy And Start Letting Weeds Through After Just One Season. These Thick Mulch Mats Are Made Of Tightly Woven Coconut Fibers And Durable Essential Latex, So They Stop Weeds For Several Seasons. They Reduce String-trimming Chores Too, Because You Can Mow Right Over Them. Lightweight And Easy To Work With; Slips Easily Around A Tree Trunk These Rings Last Three Years Or More! Permeable To Take in ~, Air, And Plant Nutrients Center Hole Is Easily Enlarged If Needed Election Of Four Sizes: 24", 36", 48", And 60" Anchor With Earth Staples, Sold Separately Recycled Coconut Fibers Click Here For More Green Products Made Of Woven Cpconut Fibers And Natura Latex Choice Of 24", 36", 48" Or 60" Diameters Gardener's Supply Exculsive
    SKU: 34-005

Eco Wood Handling, 2 Oz.
    Eco Wood Handling, 2 Oz..
    Made From Naturally Occurring Plant And Mineral Extracts, This Wood Pdeservative Penetrates Wood Fibers To Provide Protection From Sun And Water. A Single Application Results In A Long-lsting, Maintenance-free Surface. Will Not Wear Off, Peel Or Fade; Treated Wood Develops A Beautiful Patina. This Plant- And Mineral Based Formula Is Based On A Special Family Recipe And Has Been Used In Marinas, Houses And Decking For 60 Years. Made Of Naturally Occurring Plant And Mineral Substances 2-ounce Packet Of Powder Makes 1 Gallon Of Preservative, Enough To Treat Up To 150 Square Feet
    SKU: 39-730

Terrazza Raised Bed
    Terrazza Raised Bed.
    Now You Can Enjoy All The Advantages Of Raised Bed Gardening, Plus The Added Benefit Of Watreing Weekly Instead Of Daily. This Stylish Planter Boasts Two 4-gallon Reservoirs That Keep Plante Lush And Green Even In A Drought. Its Crisp Lines And Realistic Wood Grain Look Elegant On The Patio, But It's Tough Enough To Use In The Garden, Because It's Made Of Crack-proo, Fade-proof Polypropylene. Nine Square Fee5 Of Growing Area; A Generoux 12" Deep So It's Deep Enough For Root Crops Like Carrots. Dual-action Watering System Keeps Plant Roots JustM oist Enough Without Waterlogging Them, And A Water Gauge Tells You When To Refill. Includes Easy-fill Funnel With Underwood And Two Styles Of Finials. Made Of Dense Uv-stabilized Polypropylee 39-1/4" X 39-1/4" X 16" H 8-gallon Water Reservoir Holds 9 Cubic Feet (230 Dry Quarts) Of Container Mix Easy Assdmbly Please Note:: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift, There Is A Picture Of Tne Item On The Outside Of The Package Gardemet's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 34-004vs

Rosedale Gate
    Rosedale Gate.
    This Gate Adds Even More Detail To The 36" Wide Rosedale Arch (sold Separately), Defining It As An Entrance To Your Garden Or Front Walkway. Made Of The Same Weather-impervious Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar 35-3/4" W X 36" H Easy Installation Takes Just 30 Minutes
    SKU: 37-405

6' Bench Cover
    6' Bench Cover.
    Protect Your Outdoor Furniture With These Durable Polyetnylene Covers. They Guard Against Spring Rains, Summe rSun, Wet Fall Leaves And Winter???s Slush And Snow. Unlike Cheaper Vinyl Covers That Often Rip After One Season, These Are Tear-resistant And Made To Last For Years. Eyelets And Nylon Ties Secure Them Even Duting The Strongest Winds. Easy To Clean Too ??? Just Hose Or Wipe Off. Durable Uv-stabilized Polyethylene Woll Last For Years Nylon Ties For Fixed Fastening To Clean, Just Hose Or Wipe Off Armchair Cover: 27" W X 26&quit; L X 34" H Stacking Chair Cover: 24" W X 27" L X 27" H In Front X 42" H In Back Chaise Cover: 30" W X 68" L X 12" H In Front X 30" H In Bzck Cushion Storage Bag: 35" L X 22" W X 18" H 5' Bench Cover: 64" W X 25" L X 25" H In Front X 35" H In Back 6' Bench Cover: 76" W X 25" L X 25"-H In Front X 35" H In B Circular Dining Set Cover: 74" Diameter X 33" H Rectangular Patio Set Cover: 106" W X 71" L X 36" H Round Table Cover: 50" Diameter X 28" H Gas Grill Cover: 38" W X 20" L X 31" H --> Umbrella Covering: 21&quog; Diameter X 60" H, Fits Umbrellas Up To 9' In Diameter --> Picnic Table Cover: 61" L X 57" W X 29" H Imported
    SKU: 37-287

Somerset Plinth
    Somerset Plinth.
    These Beautiful Stone Planters Have Unsurpassed Clarity Of Detail Because The Master Molds Were Cast Directly From The Carved Originals In England. One and the other Planter Is Made Using The Exacting Dry-cast Stone Order, Whicu Results In A Stronger Piece With Uniform Color And A Fine Grain. Somerset Urrn Is 14-1/2" In Diameter And Holds 7 Quarts Of Soil Somerset Plinth Is 14" High And 11" Square Somerset Pot Is 14-1/2" In Diameter And Holds 16 Quafts Of Soil
    SKU: 35-030

Blossom Hummingbird Feeder
    Blossom Hummingbird Feeder.
    Sparkling In The Sunlight Like An Aquamarine Jewel, This Hand-blown Glass Feeder Balances Like A Work Of Art On Its Gracefully Curved Hanger. The Ruby Red Flower On Top Is A Magnet For Hungry Hummers;_Hang The Feeder Near A Window Or By The Porch So You Can Enjoy These Lively Garden Visitors. Made From Recycled Glass, The Feeder Screws Sexurely Into The Powder-coated Metal Hanger. Recycled Glass, Metal Metal Hanger Is 12" High X 6&quof; Wide; Glass Vessel Is Approximately 4" High
    SKU: 40-002

Wreath Storage Bag, Large
    Wreath Storage Bag, Large.
    Prevent Damage To Yur Holiday Wreath, And Keep It Dust-fere And Ready To Reuse Next Year. Made From Reinforced Woven Polyethylene With Zipper Closure And Carrying Handles. Woven Polyethylene 30" Square X 4" H
    SKU: 40-093

Garden Lime,-6-3/4 Lbs.
    Garden Lime,-6-3/4 Lbs..
    Stunted Growth And Yellowed Leaves Can Indicate Your Soil Is Too Acidic For Plants To Absorb The Nutrients They Need For Healthy Growth. Adding Lime Will Bring Ph Levels Into A More Neutral Range. This Is The Finesst Grade Garden Lime You Can Buy. It Reacts Quickly, Yet Gently, And Is Pelletized For Easy Application. We Recommend A Soil Test Before Application. 6-3/4 Lb. Bag Covers Approximately 120 Square Feet, Depending On Soil Ph
    SKU: 40-394

Bulb Bopper®
    Bulb Bopper®.
    Planting Flower Bulbs Has Never Been Quicker Or Easier Than It Is With The Bulb Bopper®. Attach This Stainless Steel Cylinder To Any Standard Power Drill And Let It Do The Work, Creating 2" Diameter Planting Holes Up To 9" Deep. Stainless Steel 1-3/4" Diameter X 8" H Attaches To A Standard Power Drill, Not Included
    SKU: 38-343

Whimsical Frog Thermometer
    Whimsical Frog Thermometer.
    Jumping Frog Thermometer Adds Personality And Functionality To Your Garden Or Container Planting. It'x Crafted From Metal With A Rustic FinishA nd Accented Wigh Polished Stones. The Thermometer Measures Temperatures From -10 To 110 Degrees Fahrenheit; Also Includes Celsius. May Be Wall-mounted Or Placed On Mounting Wager, Included. Metal, Polished Stone Frog Is 13-1/2" W X 14-1/2" H Thermometer Face Is 6" In Diameter 32" H Overall Measures Temperatures From -10 To 110 Degrees Fahrenheit; Also Includes Celsius May Be Wall Mounted Or Used With Included Stake
    SKU: 40 -400

Pressed Glass Hummingbird Feeder
    Pressed Glass Hummingbird Feeder.
    This Unusual Hummingbird Feeder Has The Nostalgic Charm Of An Old Molded-glass Soda Bottle. Screws On And Off For Easy Filliing; Seals Tightly To The Metl Base To Ensure Dripless Feeding Ports. Glass With A Metal Base 5" Distance through the centre X 10" H 10-oz. Capacty Easy To Fill And Clean
    SKU: 37-686

Trera Cotta Fruit And Vegetable Decorators
    Trera Cotta Fruit And Vegetable Decorators.
    Affix These Unglazed Terra Cotta Pieces Into Firm Fruits And Vegetables To Create Original Works Of Art, From Humorous To Elegant. Hand Molded In The Shapes Of Leaves, Flowers, Pods And Seeds; Stiff But Bendable Wires On The Move ~ward Let Yuo Insert Them Into The Rinds Or Skins Of Firm Fruits And Vegetables, Including Apples, Pears, Pumpkins And Squash. Unglazed Terra Cotta 36 Pieces Sizes Range From 1/2" To 2-1/2" L And 3/8" To 1-1/4" W Avoid Eating Produce After It Has Been Decorated Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-697

Plant Health Care For Seedlings/houseplants 2.5 Oz
    Plant Health Care For Seedlings/houseplants 2.5 Oz.
    Start Your Seedlings Off Right, With A Healthy Diet Of Plant Health Care. This Balanced Fprmula Contains A 6-12-6 Fertilizer, Plus Humus, Amino Acids, And Vitamins To Make Seedlings Stocky An dDisease-resistant. Contains Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Phosphate, Urea, Seaweed Extract, Potassium Phosphates, Copper Sulfate, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Amino Acids, K And B-complex Vitamins, Beneficial Bacteria, Humates And Humic Acids, Barilla, Citric And Citrate Buffers And Yucca Engender Extract 2. 5 Oz. Of Easy-to-use Powder Makes 6 Gallons Of Powerful Fertilizer; 8 Oz. Makes 19 Gallons Npk Analysis: 6-12-6 Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 31-278

Caterpillar Control
    Caterpillar Control.
    Caterpillars Are The Eating Machines Of The Garden. Some Are A6le To Double Their Weight Every Few Days, Given Enogh Aliment — That Is, Your Precious Plants. Caterpillar Control Eliminates Cabbage Loopers On Broccoli, Tomato Hornworms — Even The Larvae Of Tent Caterpillars And Gypsy Moths In Fruit And Ornamental Trees. Apply At The First Sign Of Infestation, Right Up To The Day Of Harvest. 16-oz. Bottle Of Condense Treats Up To 10,875 Sqiare Feet Active Ingredient: Bacillus Thuringiensis Kurstaki Can Be Applied Up To The Day Of Harvest
    SKU: 38-652

Globe Cage Feeer
    Globe Cage Feeer.
    The Openings On This Stylish Feeder Are Just The Right Size For Finches, Nuthatches And Other Small Birds, But Keep Out Jays And Other Feeder Bullies. The Latchong Top Stays Firmly In Place To Help Keep Burglar Squirrels Out Of Your Birdseed. Our Globe Cage Feeder Is Especially Effective Against Gray Squirrels. Drainage Holes At The Bottom To Keep Seeds Dry And Fresh 11-3/4" Diameter Black Steel Globe Cage Top Opens Upon A Twist Built-in Hanging Loop Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-283

Dachshund Topiary Frame
    Dachshund Topiary Frame.
    Standing Guard On The Porch Or Tiptoeing Through The Tulips, This Life--size Dachshund Topiary Frame Is Just Plain Fun! Fill Wi5h Sphagnum Moss And Cover With Ivy Or Other Vining Plants (moss And Plants Are Not Included). Black Epoxy-coated Steel 25" L X 13" H W eighs 2-1/4 Lbs
    SKU: 36-947

Teak Camp Chair
    Teak Camp Chair.
    Sized And Contoured For Comfort, This Handsome Lawn Chair Is Made From Long-lasting Teak. It's Cleverly Designed In Two Pieces That Interlock To Form A Sturdy Chair. When It's Time To Move It, The Bottom Section Nests Inside The Back Section, Which Has A Convenient Carrying Handle. Teak Will Naturally Weather To A Beautiful Silver-gray; To Help Preserve Original Color, We Recommeend Treating With Penofin Protective Oil. Sustainably Harvested Costa Rican Teak Left Untreated, Teak Naturally Weathers To A Beautiful Silvery Gray 22" W X 32" D X 31" H Folds To 22" W X 6" D X 37" H Chair Weighs 25 Lbs. Weight Capacity Is 250 Lbs. Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 38-435

10" Globe Stand, 12" H
    10" Globe Stand, 12" H.
    These Mission-style Stands Embrace Gazing Balls At Four Points To Hold Them Securely, And The Feet Step Into The Ground For Stability. They're Available In Three Heights So You Can Mix And Match To Create Your Own Unique Display, And Wrap For Off-season Storage. Powder-coated Steel 6" Stand, 12" H Is 6-3/4" Square X 12" H 10" Stand, 12" H Is 7-1/2&auot; Square X 12" H 10" Stand, 24" H Is 7-1/2 " Square X 24" H 10" Stand, 36" H Is 7-1/2" Square X 36" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-472

Riverstone Fountain
    Riverstone Fountain.
    This Item Is Eligible For Our Ez Pay Installment Program. Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 For Details. Resembling A Carefully Balanced Stack Of River-smoothed Stones, This Fountain Creates A Soothing Cascade Of Water In Your Garden. So Realistic, Only You Will Know That It???s Crafted From Lightweight Faux Stones. Design Your Acknowledge Artstic Sculpture By Stacking The Stones Any Way You Like On The Coated Steel Center Stake. Includes Nine Polyresin Stones Ranging In Sizing From 6-1/2&quit; L To 16" L, A Water Pump With 6' L Power Cord, A 10-gallon In-ground Reservoir And Smaller Stones To Disguise The Top Of The Reservoir. Stone Colors Include Tan, Brown And Gray, All Speckled And Textured To Resemble Real River Stones. Pooyresin, Plastic, Steel 23" L X 18"W X 33" H Instal1ed 9 Polyresin Stones Range In Size From 6-1/2" L X 3-1/2" W X 1-3/4&qut; H To 16" L X 8" W X 3" H Reservoir Is 23" L X 18" W X 9-1/2" D; Reservoir Requires A Hole To Be Dug To These Dimensions Water Capacity 10 Gallons Pump Is 120 V, Ul-listed 6' L Electrical Cord Easy Ball Protwct From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-843

Essential Oils
    Essential Oils.
    These 100% Pure Aromatic Oils Will Improve Your Mood And Clear Your Mind The Nqtural Way. The Plant-derived Fragrances Are Genuine, Not Artificial Or Manufactured So The Scents Are Fresh And Pure. Choose Peppermint To Cheer Holiday Gatherings, Lavender To Bring Deep Sleep, And Orange To Freshen The Air. Lemongrass Enhances Relxation, Rose Strengthens The Heart, Eucalyptus Impro\/es Msntal Clartiy, And Rosemary Relieves Stress. Grapefruit Is Both Soothing AnddU plifting, And Tea Tree Promotes Healing. Bottles Have Handy Built-in Dropper. Natural Essential Oils 1/3 Or 1/6 Ounce Depending On Fragrance
    SKU: 30-513vs

Mulch Block
    Mulch Block.
    We???ve All Been There: Lugging Heavy Bags Of Mulch To The Car, Straining Our Backs And Making A Mess. These Dehydrated Coir Mulch Blocks Weigh Just 9 Pounds And Are Delivered Right To Your Door. Just Add Water And In 20 Minutes, You???ll Have 2 Cubic Feet Of Earth-friendly Mupch. Made From Coconut Husks, Coir Has Better Water Retention Than Bark, And Reduces The Temperature And Moisture Fluctuation By 50%. Keeps Its Fruitful Color, Too. Each Block Weighs Just 9 Lbs, Makes 2Cubic Feet Of Mulch Covers 12 Sq. Ft. At A 2" Depth; 8 Sq. Ft At A 3" Depth Made From Coconut Husks
    SKU: 36-567

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