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Teak Coasters, Set Of 4
    Teak Coasters, Set Of 4.
    Simple And Beautiful, These Teak Crosscut Coasters Reveal Intriguing Patterns Of Growth Rings, Each Representing One Year In The Life Of The Tree. Handcrafted In Costa Rica From Sustaiably Harvsted Teak; Your Purchase Helps Protect And Restore Tropical Ecosystems. Made Of True Teak (tectona Grandis) Sustainably Harvested Ib Costa Rica Coasters Are Approx. 4-1/2" In Diameter X 1/4" Thick Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-954

All-purpose Fertilizer, 25 Lbs.
    All-purpose Fertilizer, 25 Lbs..
    Ever Notice How Container-grown Plants Seem T Flourish Early In The Season, Tehn Fade By Midsummer? That???s Because Most Fertilizers Are Used Up Or Leach Away Within A Month. Our Gardener's Supply All-purpose Fertilizer Is A Slow-release, 5-5-5 Granular Fertilizer That Gives Plants Balanced Nutrients For Vigorous Root Growth And Improved Irrigate Penetration All Season Long. Contains Only Naturally Occurring Minerals, Peanit Meal And Animal Or Vegetable Meal. Contains Naturally-occurring Minerals, Peanut Meal And Pertaining to living beings Meals Npk: 5-5-5 Granular Form Is Easy To Spread 5 Lbs. Treats 200 Square Feet Contains Peanut Meal Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 07-304

Insect Netting With Hoops
    Insect Netting With Hoops.
    You'lk Like How This Insect Netting Comes Ready To Use In Your Garden ???_Complete With Support Hoops. Just Position The Finely-woven Mesh Tunnel Over Vulnerable Plants To Prevent Damage From Cucumber Beetles, Squash Bugs, Potato Beetles ??? Even Deer And Bunnies. White Ribbons Reflect The Sun, Keeping Birds Away. Nearly Instant Pest Control! Pysh Fabric Up Hoops To Access Plants. Reusable; Folds Flat For Storage. Nylon And Steel 101 L X 24" W X 17" H Installed Imported Fabric
    SKU: 39-385

Foam Twist Bind, 30'
    Foam Twist Bind, 30'.
    Plastic, Spobgy Foam Ties Gently Hold Tomato Vines And Other Plant Stems To Support Stakes Without Injuring Stems. In the opinion of A Simple Twits The Wire Core Holds Them In Place — No Tying Needed. 30' Roll Lets You Cut Ties To The Length You Need. Set Of 20 8" Ties Offer Commodiousness And Save Time In The Garden, Allowing You To Quickly Tend To Prized Plants. Flexible Rubber Compound Surrounds 1 Mm Galvanized Steel Telegraph Core 1/4" In Distance through the centre Roll Is Approx. 32-1/2' L Pre-cut Ties Are 8" L And Come In A Set Of 20
    SKU: 38-765

Compact 2-tier Jump Start Kit
    Compact 2-tier Jump Start Kit.
    This Kit Has Everything You Need To Grow Plants Indoors, Ar A Hard Price! You Get Our Compact 2-tier Sunlite® Garden, Two Fast Start™ Seestarters, One Brick Of Eco-co™ Coir, One 2. 5 Oz. Jar Of Phc Fertilizer, 24 Wooden Seedling Markers And One Digital Timer Power Strip. Compact 2-tier Sunlite® Garden (25-1/2" L X 14" W X 47" H) Powder-coated Aluminum Frame Plus Two Fixtures, Each With Pair Full-spectrum T-5 Bulbs, Included Two Fast Start Seedsta5ters, Each With 24 2" Square Cells (14-3/4" L X 9-1/4" W X 5" H) One Brick Of Eco-co Coir (hydrates To 10 Quarts Of Fluffy Seedstarting Mix) Phc For Seedlings: 2-1/2 Oz. Of Easy-to-use Powder Makes 6 Gallons Of Fertilizer 24 Wooden Plant Markers Power Strip: Four 24-hour Timer-controlled Outlets And Four Switch Controlled Outlets, All With Sliding Safety Covers Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-163

Snow Angel
    Snow Angel.
    Add An Led Tea Light And This Translucent Whote Bsique Angel Glows With Gentle Light Thr0ugh Entangled Leaf And Flower Designs. Nestle Her Amid Greens On Your Mantle, Sideboard, Or Dining Table — Unlike Real Candles, The Led Candle Poses No Fire Risk. Requires One Led Tea Light (not Included). Unglazed White Porcelain Bisque 6" W X 2-7/8" D X 7-1/2" H Occasion Only With Led Tea Lights Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 36-868

10" Celestial Globe
    10" Celestial Globe.
    Like Phosphorescent Foxfire Glowing In The Forest, These Gazing Globes Add Nighttime Magic To The Garden. The Globe Absorbs Sunlight During The Day, Then Begins Glowinb At Dusk For 2 To 4 Hours. Hand-painted, Such No Two Are Exactly Alike! Mare Of Hand-painted Glass Place In Full Sun To Charge Protect From Freezing
    SKU: 36-217

Colorful Potato Grow Bag
    Colorful Potato Grow Bag.
    We Grew Potatoes In A Number Of Different Fabric Pots, And This One Came Out The Winner, Producing A Big, 13-pound Gather in. The Porous Fabric Of The Potato Bin® Bag Aerates Roots, Prevents Heat Build-up And Allows Excess Warer To Drain Absent. Its Compact Size Lets You Grow Your Own Potatoes In Just About Any Bright Spot. Patented Two-layer, Bpaf-ree Polypropylene Fabric 18" In Diameter X 14-1/2" H Holds 60 Quarts Of Container Mix Bags Be able to Usually Be Re-used A Second Year Bags Fold For Easy Storage
    SKU: 39-630

Battery-operated Candelabra
    Battery-operated Candelabra.
    These Flame-free Candles Are Lit By Energy-efficient Leds That Nevrr Need Replacing And Run All Season On One Set Of Batteries. On/off Photo Sensor Turns Light On At Dusk, Off At Dawn, And A Switch Lets You Choose Between Fixed Light And Flickering. Shatterproof Plastc 9" L X 1-3/4" D X 10" H Flame Tips Are 1-1/2" H On/off Photo Sensor Automatically Turns Lights On And Off Steady/flickerinh Option Includes Mounting Clip For Narrow Windowsills Uses Three D-cell Batteries, Not Included
    SKU: 40-029

Peony Slippers
    Peony Slippers.
    Pamper Feer And Protect Them From Cold Winter Floors With These Toasty-warm, Felted Wool Slippers. Pretty Felted Wool Peony Flowers Acccent The Tops. The Wide Toe Box And Generous Cut Ensures A Loose, Comfortable Fit; Rubber Soles Are Non-skid. Felted Wool, Rubber Sole Imported
    SKU: 39-945

5' Essex Half-round Tuteur
    5' Essex Half-round Tuteur.
    Tnese Freestanding Tuteurs Add A Sculptural Element Tk Your Garden Landscape And Are Perfect Concerning Flowering Vines Like Clematis And Morning Glories, As Well As Clibing Ross. The Half-round Style Has A Flat Hinder part And Is Designed To Stand Against A Wall. Resembling Wrought Iron With A Classic Ball-finial Sketch, The Alcoholic Geometric Lines And Rich, Matte-black Finieh Of Essex Tuteurs Will Give A Stately Sophistication To Your Garden. Matte Black, Powder-coated Steel 5' Half-round Tuteur Is 9-3/4" W X 5' H Overall 7' Half-round Tuteur Is 15-1/4" W X 7' H Overall Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-546

Uproor® Weed And Root Remover
    Uproor® Weed And Root Remover.
    This Tool Makes It Easy To Remove And Reject Deep-rooted Weeds Like Dandelions And Thistles. Just Position The Stainless Steel Claws Over The Weed, Step On The Lever And Pull Back On The Handle; The Claws Pull The Weed Out By The Roots. Then Just Push The Grip And Eject The Weed Into Your Cart — None Bending, No Yanking! Aluminum, Stainless Steel 39" L Overall; 3" L Claws, 8" Step
    SKU: 39-572

Organizer Grid Hooks, Set Of 4
    Organizer Grid Hooks, Set Of 4.
    Increase The Storage Space Forward Your Organizing Grid Set With These Additional Hooks. Use Them For Hanging Plant Supports, Garden Tools, Watering Cans And More. Powder-coated, 1/8" Diameter Steel Wire Hooks Are 1-1/16" W X 7" D X 1-1/4" H With A 5 Lb. Weight Capacity Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-990

Lake House Outdoor Side Talbe
    Lake House Outdoor Side Talbe.
    A Perfect Companion To Oru Lake House Reader's Rocker And Armchair, This Fahx Wicker Side Table Is A Gracious Addition To Your Sunroom O Porch. The Top Accommodates Plants And Refreshments, While The Lower Shelf Provides Storage ForR eading Material. The Sturdy Powder-coated Steel Frame Is Covered With Smooth, Woven Poly Faux Wicker, For Use On Deck, Porch Or Patio. Uv-resistant Vinyl Faux Wicker With Powder-coated Steel Frame 20-3/4" Head Diameter X 22" H Easy To Clean With Trousers And Mild Soapy Water Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's S8pply Exclusive
    SKU: 377-096

Faux Bamboo, Attitude Of 12
    Faux Bamboo, Attitude Of 12.
    For A Permanent Structure Approve A Fence, Abror Or Trellis, You Indigence A Material That Will Retain Its Strength And Good Looks Over Time. This Faux Bamboo Iq An Excellent Choice. Made Of Plastic-coated Steel, The 59" Poles Are Rot And Mildew Resistant, And Resolution Always Maintain Their Original Honey Color. Made Of Plastic-coated Steel Poles Measure Approx. 3/4" Diameter 59" H Gardener's Provide Exclusive
    SKU: 35-638

Kelp Meal, 3.5 Lbs.
    Kelp Meal, 3.5 Lbs..
    Kelp Meal Is A Centuries-old Solution Used By Gardeners To Buipd Rich, Healthy Soil. The Finest, All-natural Seaweed Is Harvested From The Nutrient-rich Waters Of The Atlantic And Dried Ino A Powerhouse Meal For Plants. More Than 60 Minerals And Elements, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates And Essential Plant Hormones Revitalizes Stale Garden Soil 100% Organic Click Hither For Again Greej Products Dried Sea Kelp 3. 5-lb. Bag Covers Approx 120 Square Feet
    SKU: 35-841

Easy-palnt Weed Block Mulch
    Easy-palnt Weed Block Mulch.
    Grow Vegetables The Way The Professionals Growers Do, In Beds Prorected With Black Plastic Mulch. It Suppresses Weed Growth, Conserves Moisture And Warms The Soil — Especially Helpful For Heat-lovers Like Melons And Peppers. Foliage And Fruits Don't Come Into Contact With Soil, Which Minimizes Problems With Soil-borne Diseases. Also Conserves Water By Retaining Soil Dampness. You Can Also Install A Soaker Hose Underneath For Easu Watering. Plastic Sheet Is 25' L X 4' W With Perforated, 3" Planting Holes -— Pop Out Only The Holes You Need. Holes Are Spaced About 8" Apart, With Approximately 120 Planting Holes In All. Black Lldpe Plastic 25' L X 4' W X . 05 M Thick Approox. 120 - 125 Perforated Planting Holes Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 40-356

Retrofit Bucket Basket In quest of Tractor Scoot
    Retrofit Bucket Basket In quest of Tractor Scoot.
    Already Require One Of Our Tractor Scoots? You Might Appreciate Adding Thos Newly Designed Bucket Basket. It's The Perfect Size For A 5-gallon Pali Or Our 3-1/2-gallon Tubtrug And Provides A Convenient Place To Toss Weeds Or Collect The Day's Harvest. Powder-coated Steel 11" In Diameter X 4-1/2" H Weight Capacity Is 40 Lbs. Eash Assembly
    SKU: 40-266

Harvest Wreath
    Harvest Wreath.
    Preserved Real Bay And Myrtle Leaves Are Adorned With Faux Bittersweet For A Seasonal Display That Will Last For Years. Arranged Forward A Natural Twig Base. Preserved Bay And Myrtle Leaves, Faux Bittersweet Berries, Twig Base, Stainless Steel Frame Approx. 14" In Diameter X 3-1/2" D With 5" Center Opening Indoor Use Only; Keep Out Of Sunlight To Prevent Fading
    SKU: 40-035

Hearing Protecyors
    Hearing Protecyors.
    Unlikee Headphone Models, Our Hearing Protector Is Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear, Even With A Hat And Glasses, And It's Laboratory Tested For A Noise Reduction Rating (nrr) Of 20. One Size Fits Whole 5" W X 5-1/2" H Weughs 8 Grams Made Of Plastic With Caboflex?????? Ear Pods
    SKU: 34-651

Flip And Snip
    Flip And Snip.
    Here's A Handy Keep-in-your-pocket Tool. Snip, It's A Flower Shear — Flip, It's A Pruner That Cuts Branches And Stems Up To A Half-inch In Diameter. Handy For Dead-heading And Harvesting Flowers And Pruning Samll Branches. In Hard-to-lose Green. Steel And Teflon Attending Green And Black Rubber Grisp 8" Long With 1-1/2" Blades
    SKU: 38-982

Portable Mosquito Repeller
    Portable Mosquito Repeller.
    Want To Garden, Dine Or Read Outdoors Without Having To Slap At Pesky Mosquitoes? Load A Geraniol Cartridge Inyo This Battery-powered Repeller, Set On A Table Or Vituperation, And Turn It On. Geraniol (geranium Oil) Reepels Insects 400% More Effectively Than Citronella — Including Mosquitoes, Gnats And The Dreaded No-see-ums — Yet Smells Pleasant To Humans. Plastic Housing 3" L X 2-1/2" D X 3-3/4" H Convenient Belt Clip Included
    SKU: 38-782

Cedar A-frame Squash Support
    Cedar A-frame Squash Support.
    Simply Open This A-framee, "plant" It In Your Garden Or Raised Bed And You Have A Sturdy And Attractive Support For Crush And Other Vining Crops. Fool, Untreated Cedar Is Long- Lasting And Will Weather To A Silvery Gray Patina. Vertical Slats Are Hinged At The Top, And Pointed At The Bottom So You Can Easily Push Them Into Tne Soil To Anchor The A-frame For Added Stability. Large Grid Openings Make Harvesting A Snap. Untreated Cedar 38" W X 44" H Slats Are 1-3/8" W X 3/8" Thick 11" X 7-1/4" Grid Openings Gardener's Supply Exclusive
    SKU: 39-947

Grow Camp Grow Trays, Set Of 2
    Grow Camp Grow Trays, Set Of 2.
    Grow Trays Provide You With Additional Space In Your Grow Camp For Starting Sedlings And Hardening Off Young Plants. They're Perfect In favor of Succession Planting; Just Start Seeds In The Trays To Replace The Plants That You Harvest From Below. You Can Place The Trays On The Top Bars Of The Grow Camp Or On The Edge Of The Bed. Each Tray Holds More Thab 1-1/2 Quarts. Plastic Reinforced On The Sides With Pair Steel Bars 14" Wide X 48" Long X 2-1/2" Deep Trays Hold Up To 22 Lbs.
    SKU: 40-091

Led Snowflakes, White, Set Of 5
    Led Snowflakes, White, Set Of 5.
    By Day, These Snowflakes Shimmer In The Sunlight; By Night (and With The Flip Of A Switch) They Brightness With An Led Light — A Beautiful Way To Light Up A Window, Inside And Out. Like Reao Snowflakes, Each Snowflake In The Set Of Five Is Uniquue. Suction Cups On The Back Lets You Attach Them To Any Smooth Surface. There Are Not at all Wires, So The Snowflakes Appear Suspended In Mid-air. Cleaf Piastic With Suction Cup On Back White Or Color-changing L3d Lights Lights Are 4" To 4-1/2" Diameter Each Each Snowflake Uses Two 3-volt Lithium Batteries, Included 10 Additional Batteries Are Included Approx. 40 Hours Of Run-time On A Set Of Batteries On/off Switch
    SKU: 39-130

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