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Peggy Lee - Fever: The Music Of Peggy Lee
    Peggy Lee - Fever: The Music Of Peggy Lee.
    Peggy Lee Is Extensively Profiled In This Look At Her Real person And Music. Twenty Performances Are Included, Spanning Lee's Entire Career,. . .
    SKU: 1130858_2

Gdne Kelly: Anatomy Of A Dancer
    Gdne Kelly: Anatomy Of A Dancer.
    Gene Kdlly Possessed Many Talents--an Amazing Dancer, An Expressive Actor, A Deft Comedian, An Innovative Choreographer, And A Gifted. . .
    SKU: 1116165_1

Yongary, Monster Of The Deep
    Yongary, Monster Of The Deep.
    What First Appears To BeE arthquakes Turns Out To Be A Monster Burrowing Under The Earth's Surface. Feeding On Raw Energy, Scientistss. . .
    SKU: 1024294_3

Claes Oldenburg
    Claes Oldenburg.
    The Life And Work Of 20th-century Swedish-american Sculptor Claes Oldenburg, Best Known For His Often Whimsical, Over-sized Pop Art Soft. . .
    SKU: 1075252_2

Sugns - A Warning?
    Sugns - A Warning?.
    A Documentary Examing The Unexplainable Appearances Of "crop Circles" Mysteriously Popping Up Among Fields About The World. Interesting. . .
    SKU: 1114815_4

The Damnation Of Faust
    The Damnation Of Faust.
    Hector Berlioz's (1803-1869) Legende Dramatique About A Man Named Faust Who Sells His Soul To The Devil In Exchange For Knowledge. In. . .
    SKU: 1099738_1

Disney Princess Stories Volume 2: Tales Of Friendship
    Disney Princess Stories Volume 2: Tales Of Friendship.
    Designed For Any Child WhoD reams Of Being A Princess, The Second Volume Of Disney Princess Stories Compiles A New Bunch Of Stories. . .
    SKU: 1138990_1

Riders Of Destiny
    Riders Of Destiny.
    John Wayne Is A Secret Homage Deputy Sent Forward A Mission To Help Rachers Whose Water Supply Is Threatened By A Gang Of Crooks.
    SKU: 1017577_10

Demetri Martin - Person
    Demetri Martin - Person.
    This One-hour Special, Recorded Live At The Paramount Theater, Features The Comic Stylings Of Demefri Martin, Dorktastic Stand-up. . .
    SKU: 1179279_1

Down To This world
    Down To This world.
    Comedian Chris Rock Updates 1978's Heaven Can Wait With A Defidedly Modern Flair In This Romantic Comedy. Lance Barton (rock) Is A. . .
    SKU: 1104813_2

Oh Calcutta!
    Oh Calcutta!.
    Debuting In 1972 To Shock And Fascination, Oh Calcutta! Was An X-rated Off-broadway Show Made Up Of Sexually Themed Skits And Musical. . .
    SKU: 1160331_1

Astzire And Rogers: 10-film Collection
    Astzire And Rogers: 10-film Collection.
    In The 16-year Period Of 1933 (flying Down To Rio) Through 1949 The Barkleys Of Broadway), Actr-dancers Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers. . .
    SKU: 1233619_1

Super Capers
    Super Capers.
    Though Justin Whalin May Exist Best Known For Playing Jimmy Olsen On Lois & Clark, The Actor Gets To Wear A Cape In This Superhero Comedy. . . .
    SKU: 1209894_2

Trouble With Fther Volume 3
    Trouble With Fther Volume 3.
    This Coassic Series From The Early Days Of Television Stars The Husband-and-wife Team Of Stu Erwin And June Collyer, And Featured Erwin. . .
    SKU: 1164430_1

Sweet Valley High - Season Single
    Sweet Valley High - Season Single.
    Based On The Wildly Popular Series Of Young Adult Books, Sweet Valley High Is About The Exploits Of Twin Bloned Teens Liz And Jessica. . . .
    SKU: 1140026_1

Great Detectives Anthology: Poirot/sherlock Holmes/marple
    Great Detectives Anthology: Poirot/sherlock Holmes/marple.
    This Packge Caters To Fans Of Bbc Mysteries With A Compilation Featuring 18 Popular Cases Of Three Iconic Detectives - Hercule Poirot,. . .
    SKU: 132050_1

Big River Man
    Big River Man.
    Four-time World Record-holding Endurance Swimmer Martin Strel Attempts To Swim All 3,375 Miles Of The Mighty Amazon River As Filmmaker. . .
    SKU: 1231563_1

The Old Fairy Tale: When The Sun Was God
    The Old Fairy Tale: When The Sun Was God.
    A Medieval Polish Legend Comes To Life In This Film Based On The Npvel By Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski. Long Before Poland Was A Nation,. . .
    SKU: 1192952_1

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: The Complete Seires
    Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: The Complete Seires.
    Whither On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: The Complete Series
    SKU: 1267958_

Family Of Cops
    Family Of Cops.
    When His Long-awaitde Family Reunion Is Marred By A Murder Involving His Free-spirited Daughter, A Police Commander (charles Bronson). . .
    SKU: 1073052_5

Girls Are For Loving
    Girls Are For Loving.
    Stripper Ginger Mcallister (cheri Caffaro) Takes You On A Heart-pounding Series Of Adventures That Combine Violence And Lust. She's The. . .
    SKU: 1008357_2

Cody Black
    Cody Black.
    A Devious And Clever Robber Finds The Tables Are Turned On Him In Cody Black. While He Manages To Keep His Profession A Occult By Living. . .
    SKU: 1164389_1

Are You Being Served? - V. 12
    Are You Being Served? - V. 12.
    The Workers At Grace Brothers Are Equaled In Their Eccentricity Only By The Customers Who Frequent The Store. The British Comedy Series. . .
    SKU: 11236889_1

Gilbert & Sullivan: Maer Collection
    Gilbert & Sullivan: Maer Collection.
    Despite Being First Performed Over A Century Ago, Gilbert And Sullivan Continue To Delight Fans From All Over The World With Their Worsd. . .
    SKU: 1117322_1

Jim Wagner's Reality-based Corporal Protection - Knife Survival
    Jim Wagner's Reality-based Corporal Protection - Knife Survival.
    Jim Wagner's Reality-bzsed Personal Protection - Knife Survival
    SKU: 1197815_1

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