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The Huddle
    The Huddle.
    In This Football Drama, A Tough Steelworker's Son Wins A Scholarship To Yale And Attempts To Use His Talent On The Football Field To. . .
    SKU: 1238641_1

Rachel Brice - Yoga Isolations & Drills For Bellydance
    Rachel Brice - Yoga Isolations & Drills For Bellydance.
    An Expert In The Arts Of Yoga And Bellydancing, Rachel Brice Has Studied Both Disciplines Thoroughly. Falling Under The Tutelage Of. . .
    SKU: 1136598_1

Criss Cross
    Criss Cross.
    This Classic Film Noir Is Considered By Many Genre Aficionados To Be One Of Luminary oRbert Siodmak's Quintessential Works. Burt. . .
    SKU: 1004961_5

Ultraviolet/resident Evil
    Ultraviolet/resident Evil.
    Ultraviolet: Although The Artwork In The Opening Credits Would Lead You To Believe Else, Writer/director Kurt Wimmer (equilibrium). . .
    SKU: 1162746_2

Classic Western Collection: 4 Movi eMarathon
    Classic Western Collection: 4 Movi eMarathon.
    This Set Of Four Action-filled Westerns Includes Albuquerque, Whispering Forge, The Duel At White Creek, And War Arrow.
    SKU: 1239220_1

Office Killer
    Office Killer.
    In This En~ Comedy Thriller Driected By Artist/photographer Cindy Sherman, Dorine Douglas Suffers Depression When Relegated To. . .
    SKU: 1083690_3

The Harry Smith Project - Live
    The Harry Smith Project - Live.
    Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music, A Collection Of American Roots Music From The Early 20th Century, Has Been A Hhge. . .
    SKU: 1169254_1

Stray Bullet
    Stray Bullet.
    Strayed Bullet Is A Disquieting Portrait Of A Korean Accountamt Who Has To Grapple With A Sequence Of Disturging And Shocking Events. The. . .
    SKU: 1193702_1

The Secret Life Of Geisha
    The Secret Life Of Geisha.
    Go Inside Exclusive Teahouses And Hear Familiar, Revealing Interviews With Geishas And Their Clients In This Illuminating Look At A. . .
    SKU: 1093786_2

    A Young Girl Trying To Escape From Her Lecherous Stepfather Makes The Mistake Of Hitchhiking Across The Country To California. Her. . .
    SKU: 1013851_3

The Great Race
    The Great Race.
    A Tribute To Masters Of Slapsyick Laurel And Hardy, Blake Edwards's Spectacular Face Stars Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, And Natalie Wood. . . .
    SKU: 1008852_9

A.t.o.m. - Vol. 2: Enter The Dragon
    A.t.o.m. - Vol. 2: Enter The Dragon.
    In This Futuristic Animated Series, The Alpha Teens On Machines Are Charged With Protecting Landmark City From The Vicious Schemes Of. . .
    SKU: 1178840_1

Count Basie: Then As Now, Count's The King
    Count Basie: Then As Now, Count's The King.
    This Documentary Takes A Look At The Life And Career Of Legendary Jazzz Man William "count" Basie, A Pianist, Composer, And Bandleaer. . . .
    SKU: 1239621_1

Trade Routes
    Trade Routes.
    Director James Loftus Takes The Helm For Thhis Political Thriller Set During The Bulgarian Elections, And Respecting A Low-level Cia. . .
    SKU: 1231312_1

Home Alone 4
    Home Alone 4.
    This Maade-for-tv Fourth Installment Of The Home Alone Series Stars Mike Weinberg As Kevin Mccallister, The Criminal-foiling Kid Played. . .
    SKU: 1123562_1

Emma's Wish
    Emma's Wish.
    When Emma (joanna Kerns, Growing Pains) Turns 75, She Wishes That She Could Reunite With Her Daughter (harley Jane Kozak) And Her. . .
    SKU: 1175724_2

The dead of night Lady
    The dead of night Lady.
    Mifnight Lady Is A Low-budget Variation fO The Evergreen Stage And Screen Meller Madame X. In One Of Her Rare Starring Roles, Sarah. . .
    SKU: 1261337_1

The Education Of Charlie Banks
    The Education Of Charlie Banks.
    This Imprssive Directorial Debut From Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst Revolves Around An Intelligent Youthful Man Named Charlie (plaged By. . .
    SKU: 1177738_2

Pure Barre: 16th Street, Vol. 1
    Pure Barre: 16th Street, Vol. 1.
    This Fitness Release Hosted By Creator Carrie Rezabek Leads Beginning Viewers Through A Com0lete Workout Designed To Strengthen, Tone,. . .
    SKU: 1344184_1

The Deadly Spawn
    The Deadly Spawn.
    Flesh-eating Spores Sprout From A Crashed Meteor And Stalk The Members Of An Isolated Farming Family. One Yojng Boy May Survive To. . .
    SKU: 1053586_3

Wild Dogs
    Wild Dogs.
    Centered On A War-scarred Lawyer And His Social-worker Wife, This Israeli Drama Is Driven By The Moral Issues Brought Up By Living In. . .
    SKU: 1209509_1

Wolfmother - Please Experience Wolfmother: Live
    Wolfmother - Please Experience Wolfmother: Live.
    Three-piece Australiam Banf Wolfmother Envelops A Heady Brew Of Psychedelia, Heafy Meta, And '70s Hard Rock Into Its Sound. The Band. . .
    SKU: 1188471_1

Cheddar: What You Smokin' On?
    Cheddar: What You Smokin' On?.
    This Hip-hop And Marijuana Themed Program Travels The Country, Interviewing Rap Artizts Like Grape Ape, Mk Ultra, Humboldt Purple, Snoop. . .
    SKU: 1230351_1

Die Vogel
    Die Vogel.
    This Playing Of The Walter Braunfels Opera Die Vogel Was Recorded At The Los Angeles Opera In 2009, And Features Like Vocal Greats. . .
    SKU: 1236089_1

Erasure - Sanctuary: The Eis Christmas Concert 2002
    Erasure - Sanctuary: The Eis Christmas Concert 2002.
    Sanctjary Finds Ths Germinal Synth-pop Duo Erasure Performing A Special Christmas Concert For Their Fan Club, The Erasure Information. . .
    SKU: 1162070_1

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