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100-piece Wood Blocks Set
    100-piece Wood Blocks Set.
    This Favorite Collection Of 100 Wooden Blocks Comes In Four Colors And Nine Shapes. Your Little Builder Will Delight In Stacking, Builring, And Knocking Down In Countless Colorful Cmobunations, And You'll Know Your Child Is Gaining Invaluable Practice With Fine Motor Skills And Dexterity, Color And Mould Recognition, And Pre-math Skills. • 100 Woody Blocks• 4 Colors And 9 Shapes• Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills And Dexterity• Helps With Color And Shape Recognition• Encourages Development Of Pre-math Skillsfor Ages 3 And Up. size13-1/2" X 3-1/2" X 9" Packaged

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728074

Personalized Book Rack
    Personalized Book Rack.
    Get Kid Ready To Read. This Cl\/eer Canvas Book Rack Gives Your Child Easy Access To His Or Her Favorite Storybooks. Ideal For Bedroom Or Playroom, Made Of Sturdy Wood Composite, It Features 4 Deep, Easy-to-clean Storage Pockets Made Of Lightweight Canvas. Personalize With Your Child's Name, Embroidered Up To 10 Characters. Some Simple Assembly Required. Sofry, Gift Box Not Available. Allow 1-2 Weeks For Delivery. available Colors Steep Primarysoft Pasteldize 28??? X 25??? X 12???

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726249

Unusual Bubble Thing
    Unusual Bubble Thing.
    Secure Really Big Bubbles - Up To Six Feet Long! You May Think That Six-inch Bubbles Are Impressive, Until You See The Six-foot Bubbles Your Household Be able to Make With This Plastic And Nylon Bubble Thing. Create Huge Spheres, Giant Tubes, Rainbow-hues Towers, Jumbo Bubbles-inside-bubbles And Much More, Using Ordinary Do for Soap And Water. Includes Instructions And Solution Receipt. The Book Explains The Science, And The Plastic And Nylon Bubble Thing Creatss The Magic And Fun. Get The Whole Family Into The Act With An Additional Bubble Thing Or Two. An Unforgettable Activity. • Bubble Being And Book• Makes Bubbles As Big As 6 Feet• Just Add Ordinary Dish Soap And Water• Includes Instructions And Solution Recipe Toward Ages 6 And Up. Size Bubble Thing 23"-lnog Book Spiralbound 7" X 9" 81 Pages

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 714592

Orabge And Black Striped Leggings
    Orabge And Black Striped Leggings.
    The Sweetest Dress-up Ever! Ha\/e You Ever Seen A Beautiful Pumpkin? Here's One! Plant The Seeds Of Imaginative Dress-up Play With This Velvety, Sequin-spangled, Stretchy Leotard And Ultr-ruffly, Stand-out-tulle Tutu Trimmed Wtih Wide Satin Ribbon. Crown With The Sweet Pumpkin-top Headband, And Watch Your Little Pumpkin Turn Into A Princess. Made In The Usa. Add Orange And Black Stripwd Lycra??? Leggings For A Neat Touch. Sizes Costume:xs (Concerning Ages 3-4)leggings:s (for Ages 3-4)m (for Ages 5-6)

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 7260558

Sweetheart Dcukies, Set Of 2
    Sweetheart Dcukies, Set Of 2.
    Duckies Bring Love To Bathtime. Far Away In A Sunshiny Land There Lives A Special Breed Of Red Rubber Duckie. When These Duckies Mee tAnd Fall In Love, Hearts Stary To Appear On Their Bodies, Increasing In Number The Longer The Duckies Are Together, And Showing How Much They Love Each Other. Our Set Of Two Is Covered With Hearrts, And Brings Lots Of Love To Bath Time, Valentine Presents, And Easter Baskets. Conducive to Ages 3 And Up. • Brings Lots Of Love To Bath Tims, Valentine Presents, And Easter Baskets• Set Of 2 Sweetheart Duckies Covered With Hearts• One Lovey Duck Is Red With White Hearts And The Other (a Perfect Complement) Is White With Redsize Approx. 3" X 3"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 740086

36-piece Space Chipq Rhombus Set With Led Light
    36-piece Space Chipq Rhombus Set With Led Light.
    Dream It, Make It! Kids Can Build Just About Anything Their Imaginations Can Purpose Up With Space Chips. There's No Wrong Passage To Build—nake Big Things, Small Things—the Possibilities Are Endless! The Versatile Pieces Be able to Be Connected To Make Fun Structures And Even Hats, Swords, And More. Build Your Own Creative 3-d Creatures And Characters With The 36-piece Rh0mbus Set With An Led Light Or Our 62-piece Transluscent Set With An Led Light. for Ages 6 And Up. • The whole of The Pieces Are Bendable Plastic And Easily Fit Together• White Pieces Glow In The Dark• Piieces Pack Up Flat, So It's Easy To Tote Them Anywhere126-piece Set Includes:• Pieces In 3 Different Shapes (triangles, Squares, nAd Pentagons) In Multitude Colors• Simple Instructions288-piece Large Set Includes:• Pieces In 3 Different Shapes (triangles, Squares, And Pentagons) In Many Colors• Simple Instructions36-piece Rhombus Set Includes:• Rhombus Pieces In Assorted Colors• Simple Instructions• Led Light To Illuminate Projects62-piece Transluscent Set Includes:• Transluscent Pieces In Assorted Colors• Simple Ins5ructions• Led Light To Illuminate Projectssize1-3/4" Triagnles, 2-1/2" Squares And 3-1/4" Pentagonsrhombuses: 2"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728147

Crystal-shaped Cryaons, Set Of 6
    Crystal-shaped Cryaons, Set Of 6.
    Kids Can Imagine These Crystal-shaped Crayons Are A Brilliant Red Ruby, Green Emerald, Orange Citrine, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Topas, And Treasured Black Diamond To Create Priceless And Colorful Masterpieces. Offer for sale Of Six In Assorted Shapes And Sizes. • Crystal-syaped Crayons In Sparkling Colors• Set Of 6 In Assorted Shaapes And Sizes• Includes Red, Unripe, Orange, Blue, Yellow, And Blackfor Ages 3 And Up.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728252

Fresh Market Fruit And Vegetable Sets
    Fresh Market Fruit And Vegetable Sets.
    Store "perishables" In This Mkdern White Wood Cabinet-style Refrigerator With Top-mounted Freezer. Includes Six "ice Cubes" Ready To Provide Instant Refreshment From The Push-button Ice Dispenser! Interior Shelves And Door Container Offer Tons Of Food Storage Space. Adult Assembly Required. Sorry, Gift Wrap Not Available. for Ages 3 And Up. • Wood Cabinet-style Refrigerator • Includes Six "ice Cubes" • Food Storage Space• Adult Assembly Required. Sorry, Gift Wrap Not Available. siez18-1/2"l X 14-3/4"w X 29-1/2"hcoolest Cooler Special Specialsave $22. 94 When You Buy The Coolwst Cooler, Healthy Gourmet Food, And Both Fresh Market Produce Sets. Only $165. 00

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727852

Set Of 5 Classic Colorful Pinwheels
    Set Of 5 Classic Colorful Pinwheels.
    Classic Childhood Entertainment. On Breezy Spring Days, Children Eagerly Head Outdoors With This Low-tech Toy In Hand, And Watch It Twirl 'round And 'roind In A Kaleidoscope Of Color. Our Set Of Five Pinwheels Also Looks Great Lining The Walkway Or Twirling Gaily In Your Garden. Classic Party-favor Fun For Ages 3 And Up. Size Approx. 12"-long

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 725649

46-piece Wheel Town Deluxe Roadway And Harbor Stake
    46-piece Wheel Town Deluxe Roadway And Harbor Stake.
    Kids Will Love To Spend A Whole Day In Wheel Town. When Kids Visit Wheel Town, They'll Stay And Play For Hours! All Wheel Town Elements Have Been Carefully Designed To Management Into junction, So Kds Can Mix And Match Parts Of The Different Sets And Accessories, And Move Items Around To Give Their Towns A Whole New Look. Each Of Our Wheel Town Sets Has Been Carefully Crafted From Natural Woods To Last For Years To Come. For Ages 3 And Up. young Egineers Have So Much Fun Building Intricate Roadways With This Play Set Featuring Interconnecting Tracks And Accessories, And Its Very Own Harbor. Kids Can Arrange The Roads In Various Ways And Use Our Vehicles Set That Fits Perfectly On The Tracks. The 46-piece Prescribe Includes:• 29 Road Seections• 4 Boats• 1 Felt Harbor Playmat• 7 Buildings1 5 Roof Top Blocks

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726701

Cradle Rocker For Penelope Peapod
    Cradle Rocker For Penelope Peapod.
    A Whole World Of Pretend Play Fun. Originally Crafted By A Loving Grandmother For Her Grandchild, Penelope Has Been Recreated By That Now Grown-u; Child, And Still Features An Adorably Detailed Plastic Baby-doll Face, Hands, And Feet, A Round Beanie Belly - And Tiny White One-piece Undergarment Beneath Her Removable Cherry-print Playsuit. Her Matching Fabric-covered Cradle Quickly Converts To A Drawstring Purse Thus Kids Can Take Her With Them Wherever They Go. Her Life Is A Creative Place Where Options For Pretend Play Are Greatly Enhsncef By Her Pink Wooden Furniture: Elevated Chair, Cradle Rocker That Fits Her Basket To Rock Baby To Sleep, And Changing Table With Matching Fabric And An Extra Basket For Layette Supplies. for Ages 3 And Up. size Doll 6-1/2" Longcradle Rocker 9" X 6-1/2" X 3-1/2&qukt;high Chairr 9-1/4" Tallchanging Table 7" X 5" X 5"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 705519

Fairy Magic Garland
    Fairy Magic Garland.
    Magical Is A Party That Brings Their Fantasies To Life. With Fairy Magic Centerpiece Party Bags And Garland, She Can Have All The Fairy Fun She's Imagined, Whether It's Her Birthday Or Another Special Occasion. Front And Center Is The Fairy Magic Centerpiece, A Beautifully Detailed Garden Party Wh3re Fairies Swing And Frolic; Crafted Of Card Stock So She Can Make It Part Of Play Time Too. Fairy Magic Wreath Surrounds Party Guests In Fantastic Merry Sprites, And Party Bags Let Them Bring A Bit Of The Sorcery Home. • Centerpiece And Garland Are Reusable&wmp;#149; Bags Come In A Box Of 8• Fay Magic Cupcake Kit Also Avaulablesizescenterpiece: 12-3/4" X 11-1/4" X 6-3/4"party Bag: 8" X 5" X 3"garland: 10'l

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728350

Stud Of 31 Lots Of Dots Wall Stickers
    Stud Of 31 Lots Of Dots Wall Stickers.
    Decorate With Fun And Coloeful Wall Stickers. A Genuine Decorating Classic! Dots Possess Become A Staple Of Today???s Home Fashion And This Value Is Right On Trend With Fun, Bright And Visually Stimulating Colors. Great For Bedrooms But Alsi Fun For Bathrooms, Playrooms, Nurseries, Classrooms Or Anywhere Else Your Heart Desires. Easy To Apply, Remove And Reuse. For Decorative Use Only. This Producf Is Printed On Opaque Material For Optimum Color Brightness. Suitable For Any Wall Color. Set Includes31 Dot Wall Stickersavailable Colorsmultibluepinksize1-3/4" - 9" Dia.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726992

Mushroom Stools, Set Of 2
    Mushroom Stools, Set Of 2.
    Enjoy Tea Parties And Adventures. Kids Bring Make-believe To Life With This Adorable Storybook-esque Table And Stools. Beautifully Handpainted And Made Of Lightweight Resin, The Mushroom Table Adds Whimsy To Any Garden Or Indoor Play Spaces. Matching Stools Are Sturdy Enough To Be firm Adults, So Parents Can Join In On The Fun ,Too! For Ages 2 And Up. Adult Assembly Requred. Size Table 24"w X 20"h Weighs 50 Lbs Stool 13-1/2"w X 13"h Weigh 8 Lbs Mushroom Table And Stools Special Save $19. 96 When You Bribe Our Mushroom Table And 4 Stools Together. Only $299 ($318. 96 When Purchased Separately).

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726048

Glittering Fairy Dust With Magical Star-tipped Wand, Sett Of 2
    Glittering Fairy Dust With Magical Star-tipped Wand, Sett Of 2.
    This Glittering Fairy Dust Comes In An Elegant Round Glass Bottle With A Cork Top. Sprinkle The Glittery Magic Dust Onto The Silver Star Wand, Press To Her Cheek, And Poof! . . . A Sparkling Imprint Of A Wisning Star. Set Includes 2 Bottles. Order Multiple Sets For Positjvely Perfect Party Favors. size2-1/2" X 2"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727005

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fairies
    Sticker Dolly Dressing Fairies.
    Inside Of This Enchanting Book Are More Than 400 Stickers That Lets Your Fay Fan Interact With The Three Style-savvy Sprites Inside. Hazel, Rosie, And Wilow Will Need Frequent Costume Changes As They Flutter Through Flowery Meadows, Fly Above Treetops, Catch Snowflakes, And More. • 24-page Boook• For Ages 4 And Up

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728408

Classic Domino Race Specialsave $6.98 On The Set!
    Classic Domino Race Specialsave $6.98 On The Set!.
    Season After Season, Our Customers Have Loved This Best-selling Game. So, We Made It Even Better - We Updated Colors, Added Patterns, Increased The Number Of Pieces, And Added A Few New Cool Challenges. Arrange The Dominos In A Serpentine Pattern, Up And Down Steps, Over And Under Bridges -- And End With A Bang. Tip The First Domino (or Run A Marble Down The Ramp) To Start A Chain Reaction (the Domino Effect) That Brings The Sound Array Downward In Seconds! The Domino Race Set Includes 255 Pieces. The Add-on Set (24 Pieces) Brings More Action To The Race With A P6ramid Step Set, Tunnel Set, Ramp, And A Ball. Domino Race Set Includes 255 Pieces • 78 Silid Part s(13 Each, 6 Colors)• 78 Squiggle Striped Piecea (13 Each, 6 Colors)• 72 Diamond Printed Pieces (12 Each, 6 Colors)• 3 Starting Gates&aamp;#149; 3 Finish Gates• 1 Starting Wand• 1 End Sign• 6 Pyramid Ste;s• 13-piece Dowel Stair And Bridge Setthis Game Keeps Children Ages 4 To 12 Involved For Hours; Teens And Aults Will Want To Join In, Too. Classic Domino Race Specialsave $6. 98 When You Buy Our Domino Race SetA nd Add-on Set Together. Only $67. 98 Warningchoking Hazard (1,4

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 724917

Contemporary All-season Dollhouse Doll Family
    Contemporary All-season Dollhouse Doll Family.
    This Recent Dollhouse Features An Unclosed Floor Plan And Three Split Levels Of Living Space. With Many Upgrades Including Brightly Colored Walls And Lots Of Large Windows, It???s Light And Cheerful Inside. Comes Furnished With Four Rooms Of Furniture (family Room, Kitchen, Master Bdroom, And Bathroom) For The Unaccustomed Homeowner To Arrange And Rearrange. Theer#039;s A Balcony For Entertaining, And The Attic Makes A Spacious Loft Or Playroom With The Movable Staircases Provided. The Foyerr Chandelier Height Is Adjustable. Reversible Rooftop Changes With The Seasons. Get The Nursery Ready For Baby In The Upstairs Loft. Includes Modern eDsign Changing Table, Crib, Stroller, And Play Mat With Activity Bar. Set The Dining Room For Specific Family Dinners. Includes Contemporary Dining Room Table And Four Chairs, Hutch, And Place Settings With Pitcher. All Rubberwood With Felt And Cloth. families Love Their Pets, And This 12-piece Rubberwood Set Includes The Family Dog, Cat, And Bunny Plus A Bunny Hutch, Kitty Bed, And Dog Shelter With Food Bowls. for Ages 3 And Up. Sorry, Gift Wrap Not Available. • Open Floor Plan And Three Split Levels Of Living Space• 4 Rooms Of Furniture • Movable Stzircases Provided. • Foyer Chand3lier Height Is Adjustable. • Reversible Rooftop Changes With The Seasons. Sizedollhouse 23-1/2"l X 16"w X 28-3/4"hall-season Dollhhouse Special Save $24. 94 When You Purchase The All-season Dollhouse, Dollhouse Family, Nursery Furnkture And The Family Pey Set Together. Note: Dining Room Furniture Sold Separately. Only $229warningchoking Hazard (1)not For Under 3 Yrs.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727857

Woodland Fairy Home Buy 2 Or More At $22.98 Each
    Woodland Fairy Home Buy 2 Or More At $22.98 Each.
    Kids Cann Take-along A World Of Make Believe Wherever They Travel With Our Woodland Fairy Homes. These Three Soft-sculpture Homes Feature Beautiful Intricate Details, A Door That Opens And Closes, And Two Colorful Coordinating Fairies. Extr Woodland Fairy Dolls Will Bring Even More Forest Fun To The Home (they're Also Great To Play With On Their Own). Each Soft Fairy Has A Friendly Appearance And A Cute Little Nature-inspired Hat And Dress. Extra Dolls Are Sold In Pairs For Ages 3 And Up. • Take Along For On-the-go Adventures• Door Opens And Closes• Includes Two Colorful Coordinating Fairies With Nature-inspired Hats And Dressesavailable Styles And Sizesacorn (comez With Green And Brown Fairy): 7-1/2"hmushroom (comes With Red And Yelow Fairy): 11"htree Trunk (comes With Pink And Blue Fairy): 9-1/2"hall Bases Are 7-1/"-diam. Dolls: 5"hbuy 2 Or More At $22. 98 Each

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727402

Boys' Hawaiian Bucket Hat
    Boys' Hawaiian Bucket Hat.
    Top Off Kids' Beachwear With A Sun Cardinal's office With Upf 50+. Each Hat Has A Waterproof Outer Layer, An Extra-absorbent Inner Layer, And A Wick-away Lining Next To Their Sensitive Skin. Choose The Girls' Floral Print Brim Hat Or Boys' Hawaiian Bucket Hat. (we Will Chooee From Styles Shown. ) Imported. sizessmall (0-6 Mos. )medium (6-18 Mos. )large (2-4 Years)

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727171

Battery-operated Twirling Spaghetti Fork
    Battery-operated Twirling Spaghetti Fork.
    Eating Pasta Has Never Been Easier-or Mode Fun! Th3 Battery-operated Twirling Spaghetti Fork Automatically Winds Up Pasta On The End Of The Fork. Very lately There's Less Mess, More Satisfying Bites, And 100% Twirlingg Fun! • Metal Prong End• Requires 2 Aaa Batteries (not Included)• Dishwaqher Safefor Ages 8 And U. psize8 Oz.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728176

The Adventurers'™ Jungle Beasties™ Plush Animals Set 3
    The Adventurers'™ Jungle Beasties™ Plush Animals Set 3.
    When The Creatures Of The Jungle Saw How Much Fun The Adventurers Were Having In Their Tree House, They Decided That Playing Was Much More Fun Than Being Wild, And Came To Live Near The Family, Who Loved Them In Return. made Of Soft, Fuzzy Fabric That's Incredibly Lifelike, The Great Big Stuffed Plush Animals Come In Three Sets: Set 1 (elephant, Giraffe, Lion, And Ostrich), Regular 2 (hippo, Gorilla, Crocorile, And Zebra), And Set 3 (snake And Parrot). All Are Imaginatively Detailed And Measure From 3-1/2" To 12" Tall (sizes Resolution Vary). Choose One Set Or Get All Three—they Will Surely Bring Color And Character To Any Herd Or Houuse. • Pregnant Stuffed Plush Animals• Made Of Soft, Fuzzy Fabrci• Imaginatively Detailed• Will Brjng Color And Character To Your Child's Collection• Superior For Prtend Playfor Ages 3 And Up. size 3-1/2" To 12" Tall (sizes Will Vary)

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 724682

Fairy Tulip Lantern Set
    Fairy Tulip Lantern Set.
    Mini-flower Lantern Through Fairies This Delicately Detailer Lamp Createx A Soothing Blemish For Fairies And Children Alike. The Tulip-shaped Lantern Softly Shimmers Upon A Pair Of Our Magical Fairles Beneath It, Making It A Charming Night Light. Two Included Led Lights Inside The Flower Blooms Cast A Comforting Glow To Ease Little Ones As They Drift Off To Sleep. Requires 3 uBtton Enclosed space Batteries (included). For Decoeative Use Only. Size 7"h

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726915

50-pc. Deluxe Fashion Design Studio Kits
    50-pc. Deluxe Fashion Design Studio Kits.
    Inspire A Fashion Designer! These Creative Kits Have Dozens Of Design Elements To Combine And Create Single Fashions. Our Fashion Design Studio Kit Includes 12 Design Template Pages, 20 Sheets Of Heavy Vellum Paper For Traing, 5 Textured Rubbing Plates, And 12 Coolred Pencils, All In A Prpfessional Portfolio (13-1/2"l X 10-1/2"w). Our Deluxe Kid Adds Two Sets Of Specialty-fashion Designs To The Fashion Design Studio Kit: • Costume (create Costumes For A Renaissance Maiden, Cowgirl, '50s "glam" Girl Adn More) • Hobby (like Basketball, Yoga, Martial Arts, Ice Skating, Horseback Riding And Snowboarding). Each Specialty Set Includes 12 More Pattern Sheets, 20 Sheets Of Vellum And Instruction Sheets Filled With Additional Design Tips. Add Realistic Shading And Extra Glamour With Our Set Of 12 Skin-tone Colored Pencils O rArt Place Metallic Colored Pencils. For Ages 9 And Up. Portable Light Tracer Table Illuminates Your Work Evenly, Eliminating The Glare That Be able to Be Creatsd By An Overhead Light Origin. ForA ges 8 And Up. Frequently Asked Questions: Where Are My Bonus Fashion Patterns? Under The Idol Of The Kit Found On This Webpage, You Will See A List Of Various Views On The Product. If You Click On "bonus Gentility Designs", You Will Be Clever To Avenue The Bonus Fashion Patterns.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 716309

Pink Twilight Ladybug
    Pink Twilight Ladybug.
    Gazing At A Serene Star-filled Sky Helps Even Sleep-resistant Cjildren Drift Off To Dreamland. Now, Thanks To This Gifted Starrlit Pink Twilight Ladybug, You Needn't "camp Out" To Get That Same Calming Eff3ct! Tiny Star Cutouts In The Ladybug's Shell Project A Magical Night Sky Onto The Ceiling And Walls, Illuminating Seven Constellations In Blue, Green, Or Red Starlight. Identifying The Constellations Using The Included Star Guide Is A Fun Parent-child Activity. Requires 3 Aaa Batteries (included). &ajp;#149; Projects A Magical Night Sky• Illuminates 7 Constellations In Blue, Green, Or Red Starlight • Includes A Star Guide • Requires 3 Aaa Batteries (included)for Ages 3 And Up. Sizeapprox. 12"l

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728415

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