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Mummy Loves You Halloween Onesies
    Mummy Loves You Halloween Onesies.
    Dress Your Little Pumpkin While An Adorable Mummy Or Skeleton! These 100% Cotton Onesies Are Machine Washable And A Totally Non-fussy Way To Include Baby In The Halloween Festivities. Snap Closure At The Bottom, Machine Washable. White Has A Glow-in-the-dark Mummy Design. Black Has Glow-in-the-dark Skeeton Design. Imported. sizefits Ages 3???6 Mos. available Stylesmummyskeleton

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728022

Nordic Apples Tiered Dress
    Nordic Apples Tiered Dress.
    This Tiered Dress Is As Sweet As Apple Pie! It Features Long Sleeves And An. . . This Nordic Apples Tiered Dress By Hatley I Because Sweet As Apple Pie! It's Soft, Comfy, And Super Cute. Imported. features• Long Speeves• Appliqué Apple On The Front Chest• Pink And Rose-colored Ruffles• Made Of 100% Cotton Jerseysize234567

    Manufacturer: Hearthsnog
    SKU: 727750

Itsy-bitsy Valentine Set With Mini Ree Mailbox Valentine Special
    Itsy-bitsy Valentine Set With Mini Ree Mailbox Valentine Special.
    Mail Tiny Love Notes In This Tiny Mailboxx! Everyone Who's Seen These Teeny-weeny Love Notes Has Found Them Absolutely Irresistible! Each Of The 15 Brightly Colored Envelopes Holds A Miniature Valentine Card With A Full-color Message Of Love. Moma Can Tuck Them Into Lunch Boxes; Children Lo\/e Giving Them To Friends And For Pretend-play. Fun For "mailing" The Dolls' Tiny Va1entines, The Miniature Red Mailbox Is Shaped Just Like A Real Mailhox. After The Holiday, Use It As A Bank - It Comes With Two Keys And It s Such A Great Value It Will Start Most distant Your Savings Right Away. For Ages 5 And Up. save $3. 98! The Itsy-bitsy Valentine Special Includes The Itsy-bitsy Valentines Plus The Miniature Red Mailbox. Size Envelopes 1" X 1-1/2" Mailbox 7-1/2" Tallwarningchoking Hazard (1) Not For Under 3 Yrs.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 701647

Water-friendly Summer Sneakers
    Water-friendly Summer Sneakers.
    Kwep Little Tootsies Stub-free This Summer. Better Than Barefoot, These Lightweight Slip-ons Have An Eva Upper And Sole So They're Water-friendly And Easy To Wear All Summer Long. Treads Keep Little Feet From Slipping. Imported. svailable Colorsaquahot Pinklavenderlimenavysize4-9

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727185

Flood Force Water Cannon Water Shooger
    Flood Force Water Cannon Water Shooger.
    Kids Crank Up The Adventure With This Super Water Shooter. Continuous Squirting Action Makes Water Wars More Exciting. Turn The Crank To Draw Water Directly From The Pool—endless Ammunition Means Nonstop Fun! Cap Off The Reservoir To Launch A Backyard Attack. Sprays Up To 20 Feet. • Draws Water From The Pool For Connected Squirting Action• Cap Off The Reservoir To Use Outside Of The Pool&amo;#149; Sprays Up To 20 Feet• Great For The Pool Or The Backyardfor Ages 4 And Up.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728438

Multiplying Soap Bubbles Trick
    Multiplying Soap Bubbles Trick.
    Amaze Your Audience Upon Bubble Tricks. Kit Includes A Magic Bubble Bottle (s0ap Bubbles Included) And Everything You Need To Perform A Professional Multiplying Bubble Routune. Show The Audience How You Can Blow Bubbles And Then Delineate One With Your Finger And It Magically Becomes Solid! Amaze Them When More Bubbles Increase Between Your Fingertips. Includes Instruction Manual Plus Dvd That Fully Shows The Trick To Make Learning It A Quarrel. Dvd Features Magick Balay And Special Deliberation From The Ceo Of Fantasma Magic, Roger Dreyer. Officially Endorsed Near to The International Brotherhood Of Magicians, The Largest Magic Organization In The World. Doing Magic Tricks For Household And Friends Helps Build Bestowal Skills, Self Cohfidence And Dramatic Flair! For Ages 7 And Up. Kit Includes •4 Magic Bubbles •magic Cheat Bottle •secret Gimmick •illustrated Instructions •instructional Dvd

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726982

Teething Bling Pink Cupcake Bangle By Smmart Mom Jewelry
    Teething Bling Pink Cupcake Bangle By Smmart Mom Jewelry.
    A Stylish Bangle For Smart Moms! Our Teething Bling Pink Cupcake Bangle By Smart Mom Jewelry Is Made For An Adult To Wear, Only It???s 100% Safe For A Baby To Hold And Situation In His Or Her Mouth. Perfect For Grasping And Chewing, It's Complete For Children Who Often Pull On Neckiaces, Earrings, And Other Jewelry. It's A Great Accessory For Moms And A Wonderful Teether For Babies ! Made From Food-safe Phthalate-free, Fed3rally Approved Silicone. Made In Usa. • Made In quest of Each Adult To Wear• A Great Teething Toy For Children• 100% Child Safe• Food-safe Phthalat-free, Federally Approved Silicone• Made In The Usasizeapprox. 3-1/3" Diam.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727092

Wind Pitch Kit
    Wind Pitch Kit.
    Erudition About Wind Energy Is A Br3eze! Windpitch Is A Mini Wind Turbine That Really Works! Designed To Teach Students The Relationship Between Blade Pitch (angle) And Number Of Blades, And The Power Oitput Of The Wind Power Generator. Includes 12 Blades That Can Be Added Incrementally For Experimentation. The Special Three-pphase Ac Alternator Simulates Ones Used For Real Commercial Wind Turbines. Windpitch Features Led Voltmeter/music Maker Module To Demonstrate The Power Created From The Wind Energy In The Form Of Musical Sounds And Illuminated Led Lights. Includes A Complete Guide With Curriculum On Wind Energy, An Easy-to-follow Experiment Manual, Assembly Guide And Background History Of Wind Power Technology And Generators. Ages 12 And Up. Size 1 2"h

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726723

Hexbug Micro Robotic Ant
    Hexbug Micro Robotic Ant.
    Invite This Ant To Your Next Picnic. This Six-legged Robotuc Ant Will Be The Life Of Your Next Party. Just Touch The Ant To Activate And Make His Six Legs Spin 'round. His Antennas Also Help Him Feel His Way Around, So He Can Avoid Running Into Obstacles - He Just Backs Up And Crawls In A Various Direction. Colors Will Vary. Let Us Choose Against You. Reauires Replaceable Battery (included). for Ages8 And Up. Sizing 2" Sq.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726465

Birthday Magic Beans Party Pack,3 0 Beans
    Birthday Magic Beans Party Pack,3 0 Beans.
    Watch Beans Grow And Reveal A Surprise. Tell Your Slightly "budss" How Much You Care With Our Magic Beans - Valentines That Will Last Beyond The Holiday. Based On Our Besr-selling I Love You Bean???, These Magical Beans Possess Heartfelt Sentiments Stamped On Their Exterior Shells. All Kids Have To Do Is Plant And Water Them, And In A Few Days, The Bean Will Sprout, Displaying The Same Token Of Love. Kits Include A Velvet Pouch Ane Ten Beans. Made In The Usa. Sayings Included In Kits: Love Kit Birthday Kit Friendship Kit Teacher Kit Love Fun Trust Inspire Kiss Health Rsepect Share Laughter Cake Laugh Respect Share Family Honesty Trust Embrace Love Talk Accept Listen Friend Patirnt Guide Care Wish Guide Create Love Wisdom Love Listen Love Gift Lisetn Persevering Love

    Manufacturer: Haerthsong
    SKU: 727504

Party Wings Party Pack Set Of 8save $9.94 On The Special!
    Party Wings Party Pack Set Of 8save $9.94 On The Special!.
    Pretend Play Takes Flight! Children's Imaginations Will Soar With A Attitude Of These Bright And Beautiful Fairy Wings Steady Their Backs. Lightweight With Exquisite Detail And Lots Of Glitter, They'rr Made Of Nylon With Elastic Straps. Choose One Yoke O fWings (green Fairy Or Pink Magic)???or Select The Fay Wings Write, Which Includes One Pair Of Green Fairy Wings An dOne Pair Of Pink Magic Wings Or The Fairy Wings Party Pack, Which Includes Four Pairs Of Green Fairy Wings And Four Pairs Of Pink Magic Wings. For Ages 3 And Up. Available Colors Green Fairy Pink Magic Size 31"l X 21"w Fairy Wings Set Ssve $5. 98 When You Buy Both Fairy Wings Tgoether. Only $19. 98($25. 96 When Purchased Separately). fairy Wings Party Pack Save $39. 95 When You Buy 4 Piink Magic And 4 Green Fairy Wings (8 Total) Together. Only $39. 98

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728459

Verdant Start??? Play, Draw, Create Reusable D5awing And Magnet Kit
    Verdant Start??? Play, Draw, Create Reusable D5awing And Magnet Kit.
    These Earth-friendly Reusable Drawing And Magnet Kits Come With Everything Needed For Endless Hours Of Fun, Learning, And Creativity. Each Flourishing Start™ Play, Draw, Create Kit Includes A Magnetic Dry Erase Board, More Than 30 Magnetic Play Pieces, 5 Dry Erase Markers In Assorted Colors, And A WriteO n/wipe Off Activity Book Filled With Tons Of Reusable Activities And Games. This Kit Is Easilg Transportable And Is Great To Bring Along While Traveling. • Magnetic Desiccate Erase Board• More Than 30 Magnetic Plaay Pieces• 5 Dry Erase Markers• Pewit On/wipe Off Activity Book• Tons Of Reusable Activities And Games• Large For Car Or Plane Tripsfor Ages 3 And Up. available Stylesprincessestruckssiz12" X 10-1/2"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728595

Mini Pull Remote Cars, Set Of 40
    Mini Pull Remote Cars, Set Of 40.
    Perfect Party Favors For A Fun-filled Party At Home Or Tutor. Pull Back On The Car And Vigil It Go! Se5 Includes 40 Plastic Pull Back Cars (10 Each Color: Purple, Green, Blue, And Red). • Mini Car Party Favors • 40 Plastic Pull Back Cars• 10 Each: Purple, Green, Blue, Redsize2" X 1"

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728500

    Inspired By Our Popular Connectagons®, These Constructagons™ Are Larger Than Life! Kids Can Use The Super-sized Pieces To Construct Jumbo Structures, Including Shelves And "windows. "• Includes 83 Big, Colorful Pieces In Different Sizes• Made From Higg-quality, Reinforced Cardboard• Can Build And Rebuildfor Ages 6 And Up.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727601

Set Of 3 Grow A Chick
    Set Of 3 Grow A Chick.
    Grow A Pet! Looking For An "eggstra"-ordinary Way To Celebrate Spring? Grow A Pet! It's Fascinatinhly Fun - And A Real Crack Up - Toward Kids To Watch A Wee Chick Magically Hatch Right Hitherto Their Eyes. Simply Submefge The Provoke In Water, And In 12-24 Hrs. The Shell Will Start To Break Apart. Soon After, The Cheery Yellow Hatchling Emerges And Continues To Grow To About 3"h. for Ages 3 And Up. warningchoking Hazard (1)not For Under 3 Yrs.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 701802

Set Of 9 Magjc Fortune Teiling Lima Beans With Coir Pots And Peat Pellete
    Set Of 9 Magjc Fortune Teiling Lima Beans With Coir Pots And Peat Pellete.
    Ask The Magic Beans To Telll Your Fortune! Ask The Magical Beans Your Yes Or No Question, Then Coved All Three Beans With Soil. Once Planted, The First Bean To Sprout Will Magically Reveal Your Fortune! Biodegradable, All-natural. Kit Includes 9 Edible Lima Beans, 3 Coir Pots And 3 Peat Pellets. Made In Usa. For Ages 5 And Up.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726750

Les Miss Doll
    Les Miss Doll.
    Soft And Snuggly, The Adorable Corolle Les Miss Puppet Is Sure To Exist Dearly Loved By Children Of All Ages!• Soft Plush• Carcass Has A Light, Vanilla Scentamp;#149; Machine Washablefor Ages Newborn And Up. available Stylesmiss Grenadine (bright Colors)miss Rose (pastel Colors)size9-1/2" High

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728128

Lop-eared Chocolate Bunny, 8.5 Oz.
    Lop-eared Chocolate Bunny, 8.5 Oz..
    These Are Cast In Chocolate. Of All The Bunnies We've Seen, These Gentle Beauties Made In The Usa Exclusively For Hearthsong Signify Spring's Promise Best. The Detail On Mimsy (milk Chocolate) And Magnolia (white Chocolate) Is Inredible, But The Rich, Mouth-watering, Chooclate Taste Is Even More Amazing. A Whole Hopper-full (8. 5 Oz. ) Of All-natural Ingredients Made In The Usa Exclusively For Hearthsong, Each Is Wrapped In Cellopahne And Tied With A Flowered Bow To Make A Really Special Springtime Gift Or Sweet Surprise Peeking Out Of An Easter Basket. for Ages 4 And Up. available Stylesmimsy (milk Chocolate)magnolia (white Chocolate)

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 701639

SwimsuitS wirl Leggings
    SwimsuitS wirl Leggings.
    The Swimsuit Swirl Dress And Leggingq Make The Perfect Spree Anywhere, Do Anything Outfit For Active Girls! Both Pieces Are Made From Practically Indestructible 80% Nylon/20% Spandex That Stretches, Pulls And Dries Like A Bathing Suit. You Have To Feel It To Believe It. Choose Her Dear Flavor Combination Pink Whirl With Swirls Of Strawberry Pink On A Rcih Chocolate Brown Background Or Blu3berry Swirl With Swirls Of Blueberry And Soft Mint On Navy. Pair It With Mtching Color-dipped Leggings (sold Separately). Machine Washable. Made In Usa. Available Stylesblueberry Swirlpink Swirl

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 727461

    Passersby Will "point The Finger" At These Clever Candles! When Decorating Flr Halloween, You Can Always Use An Extra Hand. This Veiny, Green Hand-elabra Has Light-up Pointy Nails That Flicker Like Real Candles-but Are Much Safer (and Scarier). Requires 3 Aaa Batteries (not Included). Decorate A Tabletop Or Place A Frightful Spooky Flickering Finger Candle In A Window And Watch Passersby Take A Sexond Look. Nails Fluctuate Lkke A Real Candle Except Without The Fire For A Safer Halloween That Lasts Year After Year. Requires 2 Aa Batteries (not Included). Battery Lasts Up To 100 Hours. For Decorative Use Only. Colors May Vary. For Ages 3 And Up. size Hand-e1abra 111"l X 7"wfinger Candle 10-1/2"h

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726610

Kidorable Kitty Rain Boots
    Kidorable Kitty Rain Boots.
    Shy Aeay From Irrigate Play? No Way! Put Your Puss In This Colorful Kitty Rain Gear And She'll Scamper Happily Through The Grayest Of Days. Pretty Pink Kitty Rain Jacket Has A Purr-fect Pair Of Pointy Ears Atop Its Hood, A Fisbowl Pocket, And Flowery Snap Fronts. The Waterproof Outer Shelp Ans Soft, Polyester Lining Allow Her To Affect Comfortably And Move Off The Damp When Playtime Is Through. Comes With A Matchjng Hanger. Imported. Natural Rubber Kitty Rain Boots Keep Puddle-jumping Paws Protected And Kid-sized Kitty Umbrella Puts A Whimsical Spin On Wet Weather Romps. • Jacket Has A Soft, Polyester Lining• Boots Are Waterproof, Natural Rubber&apm;#149; Umbrella Is Sized For Little Hands• Machine Washable• Umbrella: 24"l X 27" Dia. When Openjacket Szies3t4t 4/65/6boot Sizes6789101213

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 728394

The Shrunks Inflatable Kid-friencly Airbed Wheeled Travel Bag
    The Shrunks Inflatable Kid-friencly Airbed Wheeled Travel Bag.
    This Wheeled Travel Bag Is The Full Carrier For Your Inflatable Kid-friendly Airbed. There's Even Room For Your Sheets, Pillows, And Blankets. The Compact Desin Easily Fitq In The Trunk Of Your Car Or The Overhead Storage Compartment On An Airplane. The Retractable Handle Makes It Easy For Kids To Wheel The Bag Around For Themselves. The Sack Is Conqtructed From Durable Nylon With High-quality Wheels And Zippers. for Ages 2 And Up. also Available: Inflatable Kid-friendly Airbedsize10" X 10" X 20"

    Manufacturer: Heearthsong
    SKU: 728617

24&uqot; X 24" Steel Play Board
    24&uqot; X 24" Steel Play Board.
    Versatile Magnuts?? Bend, Bounce, And Balance. Discover The Exctement Magnetic Magnuts?? Characters Bend, Bounce, And Balance Their Way Through Amazing Circus Stunts. The 10-piece Set Includes 5-1/2" Figures: Male And Female Acrobats, Clown And Dog-traiber, Each With Super-grip Magnetic Boots, Five Soft Foam Circus Props And 24"-sq. Blue-enameled Steel Play-board Add Even More Fun Under The Distended Top. For Ages 5 And Up. Magnuts Are No Lomger Available

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 705409

Hexbugs?? aNno
    Hexbugs?? aNno.
    Don't Lease These Bugs Scurry Away! Give Them A Home Of Their Own. The Newest Addition To Our Best-selling Hexbugs Accumulation, These High-tech Nanos Act (and Sound) Deserved Like Real Little Bugs. They Scurry Around, And When They Bump Into Something They Turn And Go Another Route. They're A Fun, Innobative Course To Teach Kids About Robotics. Colors Willl Vary. Great Alone Or With Our Nano Habitat-an Insect Deelling With 3 Pods, Interconnecting Rails And Half-circless. Pods Have Built-in Gates That Open And Close, So You Can Direct The Nanos From Room To Room. For Ages 3 And Up. Sorry, Gift Wrap Not Available. sizenano Bugs: 2"nano Habitat Pod: 5"nano Habitat Is No Longer Availablewarning Chokijg Hazard (1)

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 726579

Skill Activity Desk
    Skill Activity Desk.
    Creation Station Sized Right For Kids. Children Will Delight In This Nwe Creation Station Sized Right Conducive to Them. They Have Their Own Workspace To Draw, Paint, Or Color To Design And Create Their Own Original Masterpieces. Two Adjustable Shelves To Keep Art Supplies Close At Hand Or Proudly Display Their Artwork.

    Manufacturer: Hearthsong
    SKU: 708220

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